12 South Neighborhood Association NewsletterJULY 2016Edgehill Bike Club-South Side,Let’s Ride!Terry Key loves bicycles. When he’s ridingaround the neighborhood or talking about bikes,he’s always smiling. It’s infectious.Terry founded the Edgehill Bike Club in 2013to build community by giving kids bikes,teaching them how to maintain them, andorganizing community bike rides. It’s been ahuge success. He’s given away over 700 bikesand is working to plant new neighborhood bikeclubs in Sudekum and East Nashville.Terry has always been excited about bikes. Heopened a custom low-rider bike shop in 2000,the only one in Tennessee at the time. Iteventually closed down, but Terry’s passion forbikes didn’t end with the shop. When his familylost their house in the 2010 flood and moved toEdgehill, Terry was looking for a way to getinvolved in his new neighborhood and keep hiskids out of trouble, so he started fixing bikes atthe Edgehill United Methodist Church. Soonenough, kids were knocking on his door askinghim to help fix a flat tire or put a chain back on their bike. He thought, this was hischance to give back to the community in his own way.With the help of Hands on Nashville, Terry was able to give away the first 40 bikesto Edgehill kids. Trickett Honda gave him a set of tools and Edgehill Village gavehim some space for an office. The Edgehill Bike Club was born.Page 1 of

12 South Neighborhood Association NewsletterBE A GOODNEIGHBORThe 12 South NeighborhoodAssociation holds regularmeetings on the firstMonday of each month.Everyone is invited to attendand get involved!No dues are required to be amember of the 12 SouthNeighborhoodAssociation, but if you’dlike to make a donation,please visit IN THE KNOWWant to know what’shappening in theneighborhood? Check and findus on Facebook and Twitter.Email us [email protected] to beadded to our mailing list.YOUR METRO GUYIf you have any questionsabout District 17, get intouch with Colby Sledge [email protected] give him a call on his cellphone at 615.442.3727.CALL NESReport problems by calling615-234-0000.Page 2 of 7JULY 2016Terry needs your help to keep the Edgehill Bike Clubriding. He’s always looking for donated bikes—youcan contact him at [email protected] or615-568-5465 or find him most mornings at OperationStand Down on 12th Ave. South with his bike trailer.You can make a donation on the club’s website— But what Terry needsmost is a storage space big enough to hold about 100bikes. If you can help out, he’d love to hear from you.Edgehill Bike Club & 12 SouthBack to School Bike RideThe Edgehill Bike Club is organizing aBack to School community bike ride foreveryone in 12 South and Edgehill. Thisis a family event, so bring everyone outto support healthy kids and a positivecommunity.Saturday, August 6th starting at 10amThe Back to School Bike Ride begins atOperation Stand Down on 12th Ave. We'llride as a protected group to Sevier Park,where there will be water and snacks forthe kids. Stay at the park and play, or rideback to Operation Stand Down with thegroup at noon.Bring your bikes and helmets.To get involved, get in touch with Terry Keyvia email: [email protected]

12 South Neighborhood Association NewsletterJULY 2016We've been listeningto your input! Nearly2,000 of youcompleted the first WalknBike, the Metro Public Works-ledsurvey initiative to update the Strategic Plan forSidewalks and Bikeways, is seeking input oncommunity needs surrounding walking andbicycling. The information gathered fromof respondents say surveys, along with reviews of best practices inthat lack of sidewalks/ other cities, input received on the interactivemap, guidance from this plan's Steeringwalkways preventsCommittee, and other inputs will be used tothem from walking plan and guide investment in sidewalks, streetmore often. crossings, bikeways, and other pedestrian andbicycle improvements.83%70%To see the full results of the first survey and hearadditional public comments, goto respondents saythat roadscurrently do notNow we are asking for additional input to help usfeel safe for understand how to prioritize improvements. Pleasebiking. take a moment to complete our second survey. It’savailable in English or Spanish.English: 3 of

12 South Neighborhood Association NewsletterJULY 2016CALLINGALLVOLUNTEERS‘The best way we can face thechallenges and benefits of living in sucha vibrant and growing neighborhood isto do it TOGETHER. Please considerbeing a block captain and help us be apart of the solution to facing thesechallenges.’—Chris Cotton, President,12 South BoardREMINDER!!!SIGN UP TO BEA BLOCK CAPTAIN!To sign up pleasefollow this link: you have anyquestions, pleasecontact us lf- ‐daysheltertraining,thenquarter- his- r,NashvilleAreaRedCrossat615- ‐250- restedingeRnginvolved.CONTACT INFO FOR MIDTOWN HILLSPOLICE PRECINCT1441 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203Phone: (615) 880-1350Email: [email protected] 4 of

12 South Neighborhood Association NewsletterJULY 2016FROM THE WAVERLY-BELMONT PTOWaverly-Belmont Elementary School is less than a month away from starting itssecond year as an elementary building. We had a hugely successful first year. Theimpressive staff educated 300 students and their success has caused a growth of 150additional students for the 2016-2017 school year. Waverly-Belmont is gaining newstaff members to meet the needs of the growing student population.Mrs. Halliburton, our principal, has accepted a position in Washington County Schoolsand Mrs. Susan Blankenship was selected as the new principal of Waverly-Belmont.She began work at the end of June. Mrs. Blankenship is coming from Sylvan ParkElementary and is excited facilitate the growth of our gem of a school.WB PTO reached our fundraising goal so construction on an outdoor classroom andnatural playground is underway. Gardens of Babylon have been busy working sostudents will be able to enjoy the expansion in August. Teachers will have theopportunity to take students outside to conduct class and students will have morespace to run, play and imagine.Waverly-Belmont Elementary School’s staff and families have been so appreciative ofthe support in establishing and growing our neighborhood public school. We want tocontinue an open-door policy and encourage neighbors to use the playground,volunteer at the school and show support with a warm smile when you see studentsheading to and from school.In our first year, we started a tradition of walking or biking to school. This year you willsee a growth in students on the sidewalks heading to and from school so please bemindful during your commute.The PTO has organized and help fund; enrichment assemblies, after school programs,service projects, a backpack food program, a school clothing closet, a mentoringprogram, an angel tree, walk/bike to school program, and a playground addition. Thiswas all accomplished in the first year thanks to the help and support of the familiesand the community. Thank you to all that have shown support and will continue to doso. A great community has a great public school!Page 5 of

12 South Neighborhood Association NewsletterSUMMERCONCERTIN SEVIERPARKJoin us on SaturdaySeptember 10th for 12South’sAnnual Summer Concert inSevier Park brought to you by12South Patrons at Play andpresented by Urban Grub thisyear!This event is free and open toall. The fun begins at 5pmand goes through 9pm—bringyour blanket, folding chairs,cooler, and kids—find a goodspot on the hill to listen tosome good local bands underthe stars. This year we arehaving just one big blowoutconcert and we have somefun surprises planned that wewill be sharing soon!Check our Facebook page orwebsite for updates www.12SouthPatronsatPlay.orgPage 6 of 7JULY 2016We had more than 1000 runnerslast year and we are expectinganother big year in 2016. Thisclosed course race runs throughthe scenic 12South neighborhoodstarting and finishing at SevierPark. The race benefits Hands OnNashville’s Energy Savingsprogram—helping neighbors inneed to make their homes moreenergy efficient and affordable inthe winter.12SouthWinter Warmup Race 2016Saturday December 3Registration is open for the2016 12South Winter Warmup6K, 12K and Kid’s run. Sign upearly before prices go up!www.12Southwinterwarmup.comThis year’s Kids Run will benefitWaverly Belmont, Glendale andJulia Green elementary schools. Theschool with the most kids representingwill win an additional bonus for theirPTO. So sign up your kids, supportyour school and then stick around andrun the 6K or 12K! For moreinformation or questions contactLucie at [email protected]

12 South Neighborhood Association NewsletterJULY 2016S e r v i n g o rg a n i c j u i c e , a ç a íbowls, and specialty coffee.2301 12th Ave. South615.600.4558Page 7 of [email protected]