November 2018 NewsletterIN THIS ISSUE:PRESIDENT’S LETTERMEMBER NEWS Committee Spotlight: PEG Slate & Election for 2019 Board of Directors Sponsorships invited for 2019 Connect with GAHE Membership Report GAHE by the numbersUPCOMING EVENTSRECENT EVENTS RECAPHEALTHCARE TRENDS Transformation one deal at a time Market Transformation : Strategic Priorities Reimbursement limitations on homehealthcare being loosened Advancing transformation on Capitol HillFROM OUR ACHE REGENT Recertify as Fellow Tuition Waiver Assistance program Take part in The Giving Movement District Meetings and Chapter LeadersConference2018 SPONSORSCALL FOR CONTENTPRESIDENT’S LETTERGolf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get badbreaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots –butyou have to play the ball where it lies.— Bobby JonesI thoroughly enjoy the game of golf. I’mnot great, but I can’t tell you how muchsatisfaction I get from consistently hittinggreat tee shots or sinking a long putt. Ithink my enjoyment of the sport comesfrom the combination of outdoor physicalactivity with planning, strategy andexecution. When I go out onto the course,I have to be prepared for what lies aheadsome of it I anticipate, while other partsare unexpected.I think of this in a similar manner to a career in healthcareleadership today. I’ve heard it said recently that this line of work isa “VUCA” career: Volatile Uncertain Complex AmbiguousSounds about like my golf game, right?!?We all know the volatility and uncertainty in what we do. Not onlyare we working in the most complex and regulated industry in thehistory of the world, but also in a time of the industry’s mostrapidly changing conditions. Whether we are individually inuncertain times in our personal or professional lives and/orleading our organizations through volatile conditions, we are allfamiliar with this today. In some regards, our own careertrajectory is like playing a game of golf: we may start with a

brilliant tee shot, only to use the wrong club on an approach and overshoot our target. We may recover with a fantasticputt, or miss due to misreading the nuances in the green.It’s important that we not let one ‘bad shot’ define our entire round. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve watchedthe world’s best golfers hit a bad shot, only to come back and hit a ball that makes me wonder aloud, “How did he dothat?!?” I think about my colleagues who may have ‘hit into the rough’ in terms of their career, but then made aphenomenal approach shot to put themselves right back on track and ‘save’ the hole.Regardless of our situations, that’s a lesson each of us can learn and embrace: mistakes will be made, but our individualsuccess is determined by how we respond. In these complex and ambiguous times, I challenge and call on all of us toembrace GAHE’s tenets of “Connecting, Leading, and Learning.” Our organizations are looking to each of us in these‘VUCA’ times, and I believe that we will navigate them more successfully by looking forward together. GAHE representsa fantastic venue to do just that, and my hope is that you will avail yourselves to the numerous opportunitiespresented by our organization. Please take a look in the newsletter for more information about those upcoming events,and I’ll hope to see you soon.In a spirit of Connecting, Leading & Learning,Timothy A. Slocum, FACHE, MSHA, MBA2018 President, Georgia Association of Healthcare ExecutivesMEMBER NEWSCommittee Spotlight: PEG (Physician Executives Group)By Committee Chair John Henson, MD, FACHEIn early October ACHE held a national webinar on the topic of “Recruiting and Engaging C-Suite, Physician Executivesand Early Careerists”. The hour-long session featured three speakers, including GAHE’s John Henson, MD. Dr. Hensonreviewed the work undertaken in Georgia to promote GAHE as the professional home for physician executives. Statechapter leaders have access to the tools and material used to develop the Physician Executive Group via the GAHE website. The ‘leave-behind’ shown here is an example of the material on the site. Several chapters have now started a similar approach.2

Notice of Slate and Meeting – 2019 GAHE Board of DirectorsThe Nominating Committee of the Georgia Association of Healthcare Executives (GAHE) has met and offers the following slate of Officers and Directors for your consideration for the 2019 chapter year. Voting will take place at the GAHEAnnual Meeting to be held November 15, 2018, 11:30 am – 2:00 pm at Maggiano’s Atlanta/Buckhead, 3368 PeachtreeRd., Atlanta, Georgia 30326. To attend the meeting please register here. We look forward to seeing you there.CANDIDATES:President – Callie Andrews, MBA, MSHA, FACHE (automatic succession)Vice President – Trent Lind, MBA, MSHA, FACHESecretary – John Kueven, MBA, MSHA, FACHETreasurer – Ty Bozkurt, MBA, FACHEImmediate Past President – Timothy A. Slocum, FACHE, CSSBB (automatic succession)At-large Member – Chet Bhasin MS, MBA, FACHEAt-large Member – Rahul Ghotge, MD, MS, MBA, FACHEAt-large Member – John W. Henson IV, MD, MBA, FACHEAt-large Member – Doug Gregory, RN, BSN, MBA, CCRN, LSSGB, FACHEAt-large Member – Bobby Ryan, MBA, FACHEACHE Regent for Georgia – Jay Dennard, FACHE, FHFMA (ex oficio)With the exception of the Regent Director, President, and Immediate Past President, officers shall be elected by a majority of the voting membership present at the annual meeting of the membership. The Vice President automaticallysucceeds to the office of President and the President automatically succeeds to the office of Immediate Past President.The President and Vice President must be ACHE Fellows or Fellow Designates at the time of election and nominees forother positions must be active GAHE members.GAHE Corporate Sponsorships invited for 2019GAHE thanks our 2018 sponsors:Platinum: Navicent Health; Stegenga Partners; WellStarGold: DTSpade; Grady; Gwinnett Medical Center; HCA Tristar Division; MetroAtlanta Ambulance Service; VeralonSilver: Broadwell Group Inc.; TouchPOINTZ Health LLCThanks to the dedicated, highly experienced healthcare leaders who make up GAHE, we have a strong local presenceand are positioned for further growth in 2019. The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) is a national organization of over 45,000 members from hospitals, healthcare systems, and other related industry partners. As an independent chapter of ACHE, GAHE and its members play a vital role in addressing the healthcare needs of Georgia’spublic.In 2019, GAHE is committed to continuing and expanding its educational and networking opportunities for its membership, this is where we need your help! To provide a superior level of high-quality content and access to top-subjectmatter experts and speakers; sponsorship support from organizations is paramount to GAHE’s success. As a Platinum,Gold, or Silver sponsor, corporations can participate in making a difference in the development and improvement ofprograms and, in turn, potentially the way healthcare is delivered across the state. Some of the benefits based on participation level include, but are not limited to: exposure for your organization to our 1,600 members, complementaryadmission to our events, participation in content creation and panels of specific events, and more.To discuss how GAHE sponsorships work, what membership represents, or to become directly involved in GAHE andour mission, please see the Sponsorship Levels (below) and contact Bobby Ryan, FACHE, GAHE Board Member At Largeand Sponsorship Committee Chair, [email protected]

GAHE SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES 2019PLATINUM 5,000GOLD 2,500SILVER 1,000 *Sponsor logo on Chapter website with link to sponsorwebsite Sponsor name on display at chapter events (12 peryear) Sponsor name on monthly email communications tochapter distribution list (2500 ) Verbal acknowledgements at GAHE events Sponsor advertisement in quarterly chapter newsletter Space to display marketing materials at chapter events Sponsor logo on event fliers and registration pages Sponsor spotlight on GAHE social media platform Submission of a thought leadership piece to the chapternewsletter BENEFITSSR. EXECUTIVEEVENT 5,000 Introduction of speaker for Senior Executive event orACHE chairman event Complimentary registrations20Seat at reserved/VIP table Sponsor ribbon recognition on name tag Co-chair for planning a meeting Moderator for panel 1015 * - Silver sponsorship available to Organizations with 25 or fewer employeesConnect with GAHEGAHE is on social media – so remember to connect with us for the most up to date news and photos Linked In: Twitter: @GAHEConnect -- Facebook:

MEMBERSHIP REPORT(October and November through publication date 11/5/18)Congratulations to these GAHE members who achieved their Fellow of ACHE (FACHE) credential. Please take a moment to congratulate your colleagues for their commitment to advancing their healthcare careers:Matthew T. Enright, FACHEDouglas Gregory, RN, FACHEStephen Kardon, FACHEWe recognize the following members who recently recertified their Fellow status:Catherine C. Andrews, FACHEDonald R. Avery, FACHEEdward J. Bonn, FACHEGraham M. Fox, FACHEJoseph F. John, DSc, FACHEFrank G. Jordan, Jr., EdD, FACHELinda L. Jubinsky, FACHERichard T. Lind, FACHEMarjorie A. Mathieu, FACHEJames A. Mumford, FACHEGlenn E. Pearson, FACHELTC Prentice R. Price, RN, FACHEJack F. Rogers, FACHENinfa M. Saunders, FACHEJane Snecinski, FACHENeal E. Stockmyer, PhD, FACHEMichael R. Yochelson, MD, FACHEWe welcome the following new members of ACHE in the Georgia chapter and hope to meet you soon at one of ourevents:Tanya M. AdcockJulie C. BennefieldRegina Davidson, MBAYolanda DillardMelissa EdensBennett C. Floyd, MHARodney S. Gonzalez, MDKaren B. Grabenstein, MBACharles GravesRico T. HallMaulah HalleyKaty Hedge, MBASchain Irion, MBAChristy JordanChidi O. KanuJosh KingNakia R. LorquetEunice O. Nnakwe, PhD, RNKevin A. PerpetuaSogol Shohoudy, MPHShelia StacksJoseph WachMark N. BradleyAnne QuinnGAHE by the numbersFollowing are our chapter metrics reported by ACHE as part of the standards for all chapters (third quarter, as of publication date11/5/18)Award of Chapter Excellence IndicatorsIndicatorMeasure2017 Actual2018 Actual-to-date 2018 StandardMember SatisfactionChapter Member NeedsSurvey4.04.14.1Education & NetworkingPerformanceIndexed attendee hours25.612.713.7Net Membership GrowthPercent increase in totalchapter membership(1.8)(3.2)7.71715Advancement of EligibleMembersMembers who have passedthe Board of Governor'sExam and advanced toFellow5

UPCOMING EVENTSGet the most current details and register for all GAHE events on the “Events” page at (list belowaccurate as of publication date 11/5/18):Thursday, November 15 - GAHE Annual Meeting:“Industry Transformation and Strategic Partnership Implications”Maggiano’s Little Italy @ 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM Atlanta/BuckheadAt this meeting we will elect the 2019 Officers and BoardCEUs: 1.5 hours ACHE Face To Face EducationSaturday, November 17 - Community service volunteeringMedshare @ 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AtlantaThursday, November 29 - Partner event with GAHIMSS“Artificial Intelligence and The Healthcare of Tomorrow”Maggiano’s Little Italy @ 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Atlanta/BuckheadCEUs: 1 hour ACHE Qualified EducationMonday, December 3 in Macon - Annual GAHE Minicluster, 6 CEUsMercer University @ 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM MaconCEUs: 6 hours ACHE Face To Face EducationWednesday, December 12 – Networking EveningTwisted Taco Johns Creek @ 6:00 - 8:30 PM Johns Creek (N. Atlanta)Joint networking evening with GAHE, GAHFMA and GAHIMSSSaturday, December 15 - Community service volunteeringMedshare @ 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AtlantaComing in 2019: GAHE monthly meetings — Third Thursdays at Maggiano’s BuckheadACHE 2019 Congress on Healthcare Leadership — March 4-7 in Chicago Much more! 6

RECENT EVENTS RECAPGiving back to our community – Community Service/Civic Engagement with GAHEWe are holding monthly community service events this year at the facilities of MedShare in Decatur, Georgia. We had 9attendees on October 20: Brock Beisel, Hugh jackson, Scott Menking, Jeff Whitton, Jonathan Conner, Africa Okoro, Kevin and Samantha Spainhour, and Stephanie Griffin. Our group packed 51 boxes, preventing 1,517 pounds of medicalsupplies from going to a landfill, that will ultimately serve about 638 patients in one or more of the following countries:Armenia, Cameroon, India, Somalia, Guatemala, Sierra Leone, Puerto Rico, and Senegal. More opportunities are comingup in November and December. GAHE members who attend receive a free GAHE “Be The Change” t-shirt! check ourevents calendar to register at Photos courtesy Brock Beisel7

Joint Event: 12th GA HIMSS Annual Conference 2018GAHE was proud to be an community sponsor of this year’s GA HIMSS Annual Conference on October 16. Several GAHEmembers are also active members of GA HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) and werecontributors on the team for this event as organizers and presenters, including Sepi Browning, Jason Lesandrini, GlennPearson, FACHE, Mary Gregg, MD, Patty Lavely, FACHE, Ray Snead, FACHE, and Barry Herrin, FACHE. The conferencewas held at the Cobb Galleria and featured 475 attendees and 55 speakers . Photos courtesy GAHIMSSHEALTHCARE TRENDSThe health care industry is being transformed, one deal at a timeFull article hereBy Thad Kresho, on statnews.comMore than 200 health care deals representing 72.6 billion were announced in the first quarter of 2018, kicking offwhat will be an active year for deal making in the U.S. Consolidation plans, pent up private equity demand, new entrants, and other market forces will continue to motivate industry players to reflect, reevaluate their business models,and make strategic bets on deals and partnerships.New business models are emerging. Their common goal is to drive down costs, create value, and compete more effectively. These deals position major players to transition to a system based on value of care versus the volume of services— a system that better aligns with what consumers have come to expect from their health care experience.Market Transformation 2018: Strategic Priorities for Health SystemsFull article hereBy David G. Anderson, PhD, and Dudley Morris, on www.hfma.orgAmid a major realignment of human and financial assets in health care, industry stakeholders should consider four major priorities as part of their strategic planning in 2018.8

Reimbursement limitations on home healthcare are being loosenedFull article hereBy Shelby Livingston, on www.modernhealthcare.comEvery month, nurses visit Shirley Ehlers' home in Oceanside, Calif., to help care for her multiple chronic medical problems and keep her from having to make an avoidable trip to the hospital.Ehlers is enrolled in a home-based care program through her Medicare Advantage insurer, Blue Shield of California, which began a collaboration with home healthprovider Landmark Health this year to augment the role of primary-care physicians by sending an interdisciplinary careteam to the home to aggressively manage patients' conditions and prevent complications.Home healthcare programs similar to Blue Shield's are proliferating as health plans and at-risk providers look for waysto keep patients out of the hospital or from returning after being discharged. As healthcare costs squeeze patient wallets and company bottom lines, insurers have focused on the savings to be reaped by caring for patients at home. Andby removing some benefit restrictions, Medicare is making it easier for those health plans to do so .Advancing the Transformation of Healthcare on Capitol HillFull article hereOn www.himss.orgPrior to adjourning for the August recess, albeit an abbreviated break for the Senate, Congress was successful in accomplishing several key HIMSS policy priorities.In February, a two-year bipartisan budget deal was enacted into law that raised the budget caps for non-defense (anddefense) discretionary spending. HIMSS worked in close collaboration with our coalition partners, the Coalition forHealth Funding and NDD United to advance this critical increase to support federal spending in key areas like veteran’sprograms and public health and medical research that heavily rely on health information and technology investment.The budget deal also included the CHRONIC Care Act, a bipartisan piece of legislation originating in the Senate FinanceCommittee that contained four key Medicare telehealth provisions, marking the first comprehensive package of policies to be signed into law removing barriers to adoption and use of telehealth for Medicare beneficiaries.Despite these gains, lawmakers return to Washington with several critical legislative issues left to be addressed beforethe end of the 115th Congress. These include passage of fiscal year 2019 spending bills to fund the federal government,completion of a comprehensive opioid package, and reauthorization of the Pandemic All Hazards Preparedness Act.Each of these legislative initiatives contains key health IT priorities, including: Language to clarify Health and Human Service’s (HHS) role in working with the private sector on patient data matching Advances in electronic prescribing of controlled substances and electronic prior authorization under Medicare partD Additional flexibility for the HHS Secretary to waive restrictions on the use of telehealth to treat substance use disorders Building electronic infrastructure to enhance national preparednessHIMSS will continue to work closely with our partners in Congress to ensure our key priorities, which enjoy significantbipartisan support, cross the finish line in 2018.9

FROM OUR ACHE REGENTFall 2018Crowds of beach-goers are thinning, boats are being pulled and the focus turns topreparations for the fall. School is back in session, sports activities begin and peopleshift their mindset from summer to fall schedules. For many, life is starting all overagain and this season is a great opportunity to begin again. This quote from F. ScottFitzgerald reminds us that the fall is a wonderful season of renewal; the change in season can bring a change in focus.RECERTIFY AS FELLOWACHE Regent for GeorgiaJay Dennard, FACHEVice President/COOGwinnett Medical [email protected] ensure Fellows in the 2018 recertification class recertify by their December 31,2018 deadline, the Division of Member Services sends ongoing reminders encouragingFellows to meet the recertification requirements. Please ensure that you meet the recertification requirements of completing either the hard copy or online recertification application available on your respective My ACHE page. As a reminder, Fellows must have 36 hours of Healthcare Management Continuing Education. 12 credits must be ACHE Faceto-Face Education and the remaining 24 credits can be either ACHE Face-to-Face or ACHE Qualified Education – sincetheir advancement or last recertification (Fellows are required to recertify every three years). Fellows can also elect toretake the Board of Governors Examination instead of earning continuing education credit. Additionally, Fellows arerequired to participate in two healthcare and two community/civic activities since their advancement or last recertification.Recertification Waivers Fellows age 60 or older and planning to retire in the next five years may be eligible to receive afive-year recertification waiver. With this waiver, Fellows are exempt from recertifying during their mandatory recertification year and throughout the next four years. Unemployed Fellows can also request a recertification waiver. To beeligible for an unemployed recertification waiver, Fellows must become unemployed while holding an active ACHEmembership, be acti