Sample Detention Sergeant Pre-Employment Test QuestionsThe position of Sergeant is the first-level of supervision at the Doña Ana CountyDetention Center.The Doña Ana County Detention Center strives to hire the best candidate for everyposition. Our goal is to fill each job with a person who is well-qualified, has an interestin the job, and who will be committed to a career in the field.As a Sergeant, you would be responsible for training new Detention Officers,maintaining in-service training, and providing supervision of Detention Officers underyour assigned shift.Test-taking can cause angst for many individuals. To help you conquer any doubts thatyou may have, we have provided the following sample test you may review as manytimes as you need before you take the actual Sergeant’s examination.The sample test questions cover the same five parts that are contained in the actual testyou will take if you meet the minimum qualifications for the Sergeant’s position: Attention to Detail Adult Correctional Procedures Reading Comprehension Human Motivation, Employee Training and Supervision English Usage and Report WritingAnswering the sample test questions will give you an idea of what to expect if youqualify and apply for the Sergeant’s position at the Doña Ana County Detention Center.Let’s get started.

Attention to DetailThis part of the test requires you to study a photo for one minute and then answer fourquestions about the photo without being able to look at the picture again.Scroll down to view the photo.You have one minute to view this photo. When you are done, click to advance to thequestions:

1. The inmate is wearing a striped orange uniform with lettering on the back of theshirt.A. TrueB. False2. There are two officers and one has a weapon drawn.A. TrueB. False, there are three officersC. Neither officer has a weapon drawn3. The inmate has some articles of clothing removed. They include:A. Shirt and jacketB. One sock and two shoesC. Two socks and two shoesD. Orange uniform and tee shirtAdult Correctional Procedures:As a first-line supervisor, it is important that you understand adult correctionalprocedures. The following segment of the test gives you a preview of the proceduralinformation you need to know and understand if selected to be a Sergeant.Questions 4 – 6 are examples of Doña Ana County Detention Center Policy andProcedure. Policy and Procedure in a Detention facility must be strictly upheld inorder to protect the safety of inmates and officers. Please answer each question tothe best of your ability for each Detention scenario.4. During the transport of detainees, the Officer shall:A. never allow anyone near or in the vehicle, unless it is a friend or familymember of the detainee who is being transported to a court hearingB. never make unscheduled stops for personal or other businessC. keep a weapon under the seat, in a glove box, or another area withinreach in order to protect themselves from the detainee in the event ofassault or attempted escapeD. All of the above5. In the event that an emergency situation arises and requires the evacuation ofany or all of the facility, the Fire Department, Sheriff’s Department, and DetentionStaff may conduct an investigation. After reading each of the followingcomponents of the investigation process, select the answer that is incorrect:A. The area shall be treated as a crime scene until the investigation iscompleteB. Alternative housing for detainees from the affected areas may be needed

C. FEMA will be called in for every emergency situationD. In situations involving assaults; detainees and or staff members will begiven the opportunity to bring criminal charges against their assailant(s)6. If a minor disturbance escalates to a major disturbance or a riot situation occurs,the Pod Control Officer must report to Master Control the following:A. The location and the number of detainees involvedB. The names of detainees involved (if known)C. Weapons (if known)D. All of the above

Reading Comprehension:As a Sergeant it is important that you are able to read and comprehend a variety ofdocuments including arrest reports, medical reports and policies and procedures. Thissection of the test will assess your abilities to read and understand information.Read the following selection concerning the purpose and duties of the DispositionOfficer and answer the questions pertaining to what you have read.Purpose of Disposition Officer: The disposition officers are responsible for theaccurate and timely documentation of court dispositions, parole and probationhearings, servicing of criminal summons, scheduling associated court dates, andsentence calculations when applicable.Daily duties include but are not limited to: Ensure all booking paperwork and files are circulated to the dispositions staff Take care of other agency requests for information by phone or by fax Address all incoming faxes from all courts Respond or facilitate court ordered treatment programs with Adult Probationand the Public Defender’s office Circulate Court Order Forensic Evaluation to Medical and Receptiondepartments Serve all incoming documents from all agencies such as: Bench Warrants,Arrest Warrants, Target Notices, Criminal Summons, Temporary Orders ofProtection, Orders to Show Cause, Dissolution of Marriage, and Civil Claims Sentencing calculation on all District Court Judgment and Sentencingdocuments Email commitment reports to the District Attorney’s office, Public Defender’sOffice, and District Court Monitor and address all aspects of fugitives from justice7. Based on the information you have just read, the main subject of this job functionincludes:A. Accurate and timely documentationB. Doing the work of other agenciesC. Spending too much time on email, faxing, talking on the phone, andrunning reportsD. A and C

8. In the last bullet point under daily duties the phrase “fugitives from justice” islisted. Select the best definition for this phrase:A. Any person who is running from the law because they don’t want to becaught and convicted of the crime they just committedB. Any person who has fled from any state to avoid prosecution for a crime orto avoid giving testimony in any criminal proceedingC. Any person who has a criminal past and keeps it secretD. Any person whose identity is kept private by the witness protectionprogram9. According to the duties listed, as a Disposition Officer, you would be expected toserve warrants and other court ordered summons:A. TrueB. FalseHuman Motivation, Employee Training and Supervision:As a Sergeant you will be responsible to supervise and lead a group of DetentionOfficers. You will monitor their performance, correct behavior and provide leadership tothem. See what you already know about leadership.Effective leaders have a focus and a mission for their organization. Effective leaderscommunicate the focus and the roadmap to achieving the mission, and will activelyinclude each part the organization to play a part in the success. The effective leaderwill recognize the strengths of each individual employee and/or team and delegatetasks accordingly.10. The advantage for the employee is:A. Employees have a sense of value when they are asked to participate inthe success of the organization based on their own unique skill setB. Employees can recognize the need for the leader assign the work toothersC. Employees all agree on the roadmapD. All of the above

11. When identifying goals within a team it is reasonable to consider:A. Goals that individuals agree on the mostB. Goals that have attainable and measurable resultsC. Goals that have multiple possible outcomesD. All of the above12. One way to successfully identify the specific tasks on a project is to first identify:A. What the simplest tasks areB. Who on the team is available to do the workC. Where the project stands today and the desired outcome at the endD. The tasks that were done in the past and repeat those tasks13. Leaders must take disciplinary actions when warranted. Discipline in theworkplace could be viewed as:A. Punitive alwaysB. A motivator to improve performanceC. The best way to get the attention of an insubordinate employeeD. The best way to prepare for a performance evaluation usingdocumentationAn effective leader will recognize when an employee is failing at a task by identifyinga skill deficiency or a will deficiency. In other words, the leader may ask herself;“Does the employee know and understand what it takes to complete the task?”indicating that a skill is needed in order to complete the task, and; “Does theemployee have the motivation and drive to complete the task?” indicating that thewill of the employee is a factor in completing the task.14. When the effective leader identifies a skill deficiency, the best solution is:A. To take disciplinary action immediatelyB. To provide training so the employee can successfully learn the skillC. To pay more attention to the employee on all assigned tasks to check formistakesD. All of the above15. When the effective leader identifies a will deficiency, the least effective solutionswould include:A. Find out what the roadblocks are by opening up communication with theemployee in order to solve the issueB. Take disciplinary action immediatelyC. Talk to Human Resources about why they hired the employeeD. B and C

English Usage and Report Writing:This is the last section. You’re almost done with the sample test. At the DetentionCenter you will need to write a variety of short reports that others can understand. Insome cases, those reports can become part of the court process. Errors in reportwriting can not only be embarrassing but could lead to inappropriate processing of adetainee. This section will help you identify your understanding and skills in using theEnglish language and expressing yourself effectively.16. County facility vehicles be for officialonly.A. Can, taking, businessB. Will, use, businessesC. Shall, used, businessD. None of the aboveA report is a formal written presentation of facts. An opinion or judgment can beincluded into a report, although it must be clearly written so that there is no doubt bythose reading the report that it is separated from the fact-based section of the report.17. There are a couple of different ways that this can be accomplished:A. Attach a separate supplemental page entitled “Not for court use”B. Attach a separate supplemental page entitled “Opinions and Conclusions”C. Send the opinions on an email rather than include them with the reportD. A and BSome words seem to have a special appeal to Detention Officers when they arewriting reports. One of the least descriptive and ambiguous words in the Englishlanguage is “indicate”. A person can “indicate” by saying something, shaking theirhead, pointing, and by glancing around. A person can “indicate” directly or indirectlythrough the use of a facial expression or even sign language. For accurate, effectivereport-writing, the word “indicate” and others like it are not descriptive enough. Thekey things to remember with report writing include but are not limited to: how, when, what, who, and where chronological and logical order of events names, numbers, and action-specific words clear and to-the-point sentence structure18. Take a look at the following examples and choose the best sentence for reportwriting:A. Jones indicated that he would not submit to custodyB. The behavior pointed towards hostilityC. When I talked to Jones he wasn’t acting very cooperativeD. Jones said, “You aint taking me, punk”

19. Choose the best sentence for report writing:A. The victim was contacted at his homeB. I felt I should contact Jones that’s why I didC. I called Jones at his homeD. None of the above20. Choose the best sentence for report writing:A. I detected the odor of burning marijuanaB. I smelled burning marijuanaC. It is important to note that there may be illegal drugs in the cellD. I observed that there was what looked like paraphernalia in the cellHow did you do? Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t do as well as you thought. You canreturn to this sample test as many times as you would like to. If there was a particulararea where you had difficulty, check out the local library or online resources forinformation on that topic.

Answer Sheet1. B2. A3. C4. B5. A6. D7. A8. B9. A10. A11. B12. C13. B14. B15. D16. C17. B18. D19. C20. B