WelcomeThank You for Trusting UsAnd welcome. You will be cared for on every step of your journey atJennersville Hospital by dedicated, experienced, caring doctors andhealthcare workers.This Patient Guide will provide answers to many questions that youor your family may have during and following your stay with us.We are dedicated to anticipating individual patient’s personal needsand actively monitoring their well-being so that family and friendscan help their loved one focus on recovery.During your stay, you also have access to a special Emergency RapidResponse Team to provide help before an emergency arises.Our entire staff is committed to providing individualized, quality andcompassionate care during your stay.We are privileged that you have chosen Jennersville Hospital foryour healthcare needs and wish you a speedy recovery.Sincerely,Claire Mooney, DNP, MBA, RN, CCRN, NEA-BCPresident and CEO1

ContentsWelcome.1About Us.3Phone Directory.Our Commitment to Care.5.6.7Emergency Rapid Response TeamFast Facts About Your Stay4MyTowerHealth.10Special Section.11.18Medicine Tracker.197 Tips to Take Charge.20Protect Your HealthPrevent Hospital InfectionsRights & Responsibilities.22.24Notice of NondiscriminationAdvance DirectivesDon’t Ignore PainSafety & Preparation25Be Proactive.26Manage Your Medicines.27Spotlight on HealthAdult VaccinesAfter-Hospital Care.Food & Medicine Safety.2930Contact Us: 1015 W. Baltimore Pike West Grove, PA 19390610-869-1000 jennersville.towerhealth.orgThe editorial content displayed here is the responsibility of PatientPoint. This material is for your educationaluse only. It does not contain, nor should it be construed as containing, medical advice. Talk to your doctorbefore making any lifestyle or treatment changes. Sponsors are responsible for the material provided, and yourhealthcare provider’s participation in the program does not represent an explicit or implied endorsement of anymaterial presented. The people shown are models and are not known to have any health condition. Images arefor illustrative purposes only. Image credits: Getty Images, iStockphoto. 2020 PatientPoint 25 Ways to Fight Infections.Support for CaregiversBefore You LeaveTake Charge ofYour Care

About UsWe Care AboutYour CarePlease speak up and tellus if we can do more. Infact, after your stay, we’llbe reaching out to you tofind out how we did. Pleasebe honest and take a fewmoments to tell us whatyou think. Your responsesto this patient satisfactionsurvey will help improve ourservices.Why We Are the Right Choice for Your CareJennersville Hospital, now part of Tower Health, is a JointCommission-accredited, 60-bed, all-private-room facility offeringinpatient and outpatient, emergency, surgical and diagnostic care.We are the proud recipient of several national awards for qualityand patient care. And we work hard every day to be a place ofhealing, caring and connection for patients and families in thecommunity we call home.QualityThe following represent the awards, accreditations andassociations who endorse us as a quality healthcare provider. Weare proud to offer the level of service they represent. Joint Commission-Accredited Laboratory American College of Radiology Mammography-Accredited Facility Joint Commission Hospital Accreditation American College of Radiology Ultrasound-Accredited Facility American College of Radiology MRI-Accredited Facility American College of Radiology CT-Accredited Facility3

Phone DirectoryHospital ServicesMain Number610-869-1000Billing Office/PatientFinancial Services800-430-3762Case Management610-869-6528Central Scheduling610-869-15554Emergency Room610-869-1042Medical/Surgical Unit North610-869-6843Hospital Financial Counselor610-869-1311Medical/Surgical Unit West610-869-1060Intensive Care Unit610-869-1095Patient Advocate610-869-1220Medical Records/HealthInformation Management610-869-1020Telemetry Unit610-869-1760Volunteer Services610-869-1138

Our Commitment to CareWant to Know HowWe Score?You can review and comparethe quality, care and safetyratings for different hospitalsat: Medicare HospitalCompare, which usesHCAHPS results and otherdata: also can find informationon hospitals at: ealthcare FacilitiesHAccreditation Program(HFAP): DNV GL The Joint Commission:www.qualitycheck.orgPatient Satisfaction Matters to UsHow’s your stay? Are you getting the care you need? Are yourdoctors and nurses listening and responding to your questions orrequests? Our goal is to provide the best quality care. To do so,we ask for feedback from patients like you.During Your StayPlease speak with your nurse or nursing supervisor if you haveany questions or concerns about your care. If your issue is still notresolved, then contact 610-869-1367. You also have the right tofile your complaint with either:Pennsylvania Departmentof HealthRoom 532, Health andWelfare Bldg.625 Forster St.Harrisburg, PA 171201-800-254-5164Office of Quality andPatient SafetyThe Joint CommissionOne Renaissance Blvd.Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181Fax: 630-792-5636Website:, thenclick “Report a SafetyEvent”After Your StayOnce you leave our care, we may ask you to take the HospitalConsumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems(HCAHPS) survey. This survey is a tool to measure and reportpatient satisfaction. It’s made up of simple questions on keytopics, such as:doctor and nurse communicationmedicine and discharge informationstaff responsivenessoverall quality of the hospitalIf you’re selected to receive this survey, please take the time tocomplete it. The results will help us know what we’re doing rightand where we can improve.5

Emergency Rapid Response TeamSpecial Support to Prevent EmergenciesDuring your stay, you have access to a special service called theEmergency Rapid Response Team. You, a family member, visitoror employee can call this service, and the Rapid Response Team(RRT) will check on you or your loved one and provide help beforethere is a life-threatening emergency.When to Call Emergency Rapid ResponseCall for help if you notice: change in heart rate or blood pressure change in respiratory (breathing) rate or oxygen levels change in urine output (much more or less urine)change in mental status or level of consciousness any change in the patient’s condition that needs immediateattention and the healthcare team is not responding, or if youcontinue to have serious concerns after speaking with thehealthcare teamany time you are worried something might be wrong6How to Call EmergencyRapid ResponseStep 1: Dial the hospitaloperator on the bedsidephone.Step 2: Tell the operator:your name, room number,patient’s name and call aRapid Response.Step 3: The RRT will be sentto your room.

Fast Facts About Your StayAn A-Z Guide to the Most Frequently Asked QuestionsATMAn ATM is located in themain lobby.CafeteriaLocation: First floorHours:Breakfast: 7:30 to 10 a.m.Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.We operate a self-servicecafeteria that offers breakfastand lunch. Visitors can enjoytheir meal in our comfortabledining room or use takeoutpackaging so they can dine witha patient.Dietary & NutritionalServicesThese services are providedto patients with a doctor’sorder. Our clinical dietitian worksclosely with our nursing staff toprovide nutrition education andinformation to our patients. Forvisitors, we have a self-servicecafeteria that offers breakfast,lunch and 24-hour vendingmachines.Electrical AppliancesVisiting the Hospital?Thanks for taking thetime to support yourloved one’s care andrecovery. See p. 9for important visitorinformation.Only battery-operateddevices are allowed inpatient rooms. Do not useelectric hairdryers, curling irons,razors, heating pads or portableheaters.Fire SafetyWe conduct fire drillsfrom time to time. If youhear an alarm, stay where youare. In an actual emergency,hospital staff will tell you whatto do.Hearing Impaired &InterpretersTelephone amplifiers,TDDs (telephonedevices for the deaf) and signlanguage services areavailable for the hearingimpaired. You can alsorequest language translationservices for Non-Englishspeaking patients. If you needany of these services, pleasenotify your nurse.Housekeeping ServicesOur housekeeping staffwill clean your roomeach day. Just call theoperator from your room toplace the request.Information DeskVisitors may stop at theInformation Desk, locatedjust inside the main entrance, toget directions to your room. Foryour visitors’ convenience, acourtesy phone is available at theInformation Desk. It can be used todial your room or other areaswithin the hospital.continued on next page7

Fast Facts About Your StaycontinuedInternetPastoral Care6Public RestroomsWe offer guests wirelessinternet access in all areasof the hospital. Click theHospital Guest Wirelessnetwork to connect.During times of illness,many patients arecomforted by a visit fromtheir priest, rabbi, minister orother spiritual advisors. Wewelcome clergy of all faiths.Upon admission, you will beasked whether you choose toidentify with a particularreligion or local congregation.We do this to providepastoral ministry to people ofvarious faiths. If you belongto a local faith community, wewill notify your congregationupon your request.For everyone’s health andsafety, we ask visitors notto use patient restrooms. Publicrestrooms are locatedthroughout the hospital. Ask ahospital staff member to directyou to the nearest publicrestroom.Mail and FlowersVolunteers deliver mail,flowers, gift baskets andnon-latex balloons daily.Flowers and balloons are notpermitted in the Intensive CareUnits or Protective Isolation. Toreduce the possibility of allergicreactions to pollen, we ask thatyou limit the size of floralarrangements delivered topatients’ rooms. Latex balloonsare not permitted anywhere inthe hospital.We will forward any mailreceived after your discharge toyour home address, and returnflowers or other arrangementsarriving after your discharge tothe florist, who will contact thesender for delivery information.MedicinesPlease do not bring anyprescription or over-thecounter medicines to thehospital. All medicines you takein the hospital need to beprescribed, filled and given toyou by hospital staff. Tell yourdoctor about any medicinesyou regularly take. If you stillneed them, hospital staff willgive them to you.8An interfaith chapel, locatedin the ICU waiting room, isopen for your family’s use 24hours a day.Personal Belongingsand ValuablesPersonal care items,such as contact lenses,eyeglasses, hearing aids anddentures, can be stored inyour bedside stand when notin use. Please do not putthem on your bed or foodtray to help avoid them beinglost or damaged. Leavevaluables like jewelry or cashat home, or give them to atrusted relative or friend towatch over. JennersvilleHospital cannot beresponsible for replacingpersonal belongings.SmokingFor our patients, visitorsand staff, we are a smokefree hospital. This includes allelectronic smoking devices,such as e-cigarettes and vapors.You can request a nicotinereplacement alternative fromyour physician.TelephoneAll patient rooms havephones. To place a localcall, dial 9 area code thephone number.For calls outside the localcalling area, dial 9 1 areacode the phone number.Wait for the tone. Follow theoperator’s instructions forspecial payment options. Forlocal and national directoryassistance, dial 9 411.

TVEach patient room hasa television. Please beconsiderate of others bykeeping the TV volumedown and turning off yourTV at bedtime. If you haveany service issues, dial 0 andthe operator will assist you.TV ChannelsLocal: 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10CNN: 4History: 8TNT: 11PBS: 12TBS: 13HGTV: 14TWC: 15Food: 16AMC: 17Univision: 18GSN: 19Telemundo: 20NFL: 21CNBC: 22Fox News: 23National Geographic: 24Vending MachinesVisiting HoursVending machines arelocated off the mainlobby and offermicrowaveable meals, snacksand beverages 24 hours a day.Jennersville Hospital isa patient- and familycentered environment. Patientvisitation is encouraged. Allvisitors may enter through themain entrance from 6 a.m. to 8p.m. Visitors must enterthrough the emergencydepartment from8 p.m. to 6 a.m.Visitor GuidelinesFamily and friends are animportant part of yourhealing process and areencouraged to visit. To providea restful and safeenvironment, we ask that allvisitors comply with thefollowing guidelines: Wash your hands oftenwhile visiting our facility. Itprevents the spread of germsthat can cause infection.I f you have a fever, cold orany infection symptoms,please stay home. ennersville Hospital isJa tobacco-free campus.No smoking is allowedanywhere on the grounds. on’t bring patients food orDcandy unless their attendingdoctor gives permission. atient visitation may bePlimited based on the wishesand needs of the patient.Your RoomJennersville Hospital is anall-private-room facility.For your safety, if your physicianor nurse has instructed you toremain in bed, please do notget up. If you need assistance,please use your nurse callbutton.The side rails on your bed maybe up for your safety. If so, donot attempt to put them downand do not ask your visitors todo so.Cartoon Network: 25In House Music Channel: 309

HOW TOSIGN UP FORThere are a few ways to sign up for your MyTowerHealth account. Instant Activationo Call the MyTowerHealth Help Desk at 484-628-6924 to request an instant activation emailor ask for one during your next office visit.o Click the blue ‘Instant Activation’ hyperlink in your email (your link will expire after 24 hours).o Enter a username, password, date of birth, zip code, and security question.o Accept the terms and conditions by clicking in the box and click the submit button.If you recently had an office visit with your primary care provider or hospital stay, an activation code can befound at the bottom of your After Visit Summary.1. Visit Click the blue Sign Up Now button under New User?3. Enter the activation code, your date of birth, and zip code.4. Enter your desired username, password, and security question.5. Enter your email address and choose whether you would like to receive email notifications when newinformation is available to view in MyTowerHealth. Email alerts will not contain any Protected HealthInformation; they will only notify you that new information is available to view in yourMyTowerHealth account.6. Accept the Terms and Conditions before logging into your account.Once you have successfully activated and created your MyTowerHealth account, you can manage yourhealthcare needs and play a more active role in your healthcare decisions.MyTowerHealth should never be used for emergency or urgent issues. If you are experiencing a medical emergency or need urgent medicalcare, call 911 immediately, go to your local emergency room, or call your doctor.10MTH-709 7.19

Take Charge of Your CareCONTINUED ONCONTINUEDNEXT PAGEON NEXT PAGEYou are the center of your healthcare team. Let this special guidehelp you get the best results from your hospital stay.You’re incharge.Alwaysdouble-check.You are the center of your healthcareteam. Know what’s happening everystep of the way.Pay attention and make sure you are getting theright treatments and medicines from the righthospital staff.Know yourmedicines.Understand whatthey treat, why youneed them and howto take them for thebest results.Educateyourself.Speak up.Ask questions andvoice concerns.It’s your body andyou have the rightto know.PARTICIPATEin yourCARELearn about yourmedical condition,tests and treatmentoptions.Find a supportperson.Pick someone tohelp speak up foryour care and needsduring your stay.Check before you go.Make an informed decision when selecting additional healthcare services.Choose only accredited providers who meet patient safety and qualitystandards. Go to to learn more.S P E C I A LF E A T U R E11

Protect Your HealthTake Charge of Your CareSpeak UpIf you have questions or concerns, you have the right to ask and geta response from your doctor or nurse that makes sense to you. Tohelp, share your answers to these questions with hospital staff.What language would you prefer to speak? Do you need glasses, hearing aids or other devices to help withtalking to hospital staff? Do you prefer to hear, see or read health information? Do you have any cultural, ethnic or religious-based special needs? Who will be your support person who talks with hospital staffabout your healthcare wishes?And, Remember, Take Charge of Your Communication: Ask About Jargon: If you hear a medical term you don’tunderstand, ask what it means. Teach Back: After you get instructions or an explanation, repeatback what you thought you heard so you can double-check thatyou understood. Take Notes: Write down any key facts your doctor tells you so youwon’t forget.Check IDsWhile you are here, many people will care for you (doctors, nurses,aides), and these same people will care for many patients. Toprevent errors in your care: Ask to see the ID of everyone who comes into your room so youknow the name and job of the person caring for you. If you donot see an ID badge, contact your nurse immediately. Speak up if hospital staff does not check your ID. Any time staffenters your room to give you medicine, transport you or performprocedures or treatments, state your name and birth date.Double-checkAlways double-check yourname with staff to avoid errors.12This may seem repetitive at times, but it helps ensure you receivethe correct care.S P E C I A LF E A T U R E