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Features of your Minivator Simplicity 950PageIntroduction1Thank you for choosing a Minivatorstairlift. Please read these operatinginstructions carefully. Your Minivatorstairlift has been designed and builtwith careful attention to detail. In orderto obtain many years of trouble free useplease follow the instructions, payingparticular attention to the care andmaintenance requirements. Minivatorrecommend that you do not undertakeany maintenance tasks other than theroutine care and cleaning explained in thishandbook.Please contact your Minivator dealer or ourCustomer Service Department in the UnitedKingdom on 01384 408700 if your stairliftrequires attention and we would bepleased to help you.Introduction123British Standards1Features of yourMinivator Simplicity 9502Operating yourMinivator Simplicity 9503Key switch3on/off switch3Diagnosic display3Operating lever4Hand control5Folding your stairlift5Operating the swivel6Hinged track - powered (optional)74Folding seatSwivel seatInfra red remote controlFolding footrest with safety edges567Simple to operate key switch controlFolding armrestsDiagnostic display32656Emergency hand winding instructions 8British StandardsTrapped articlesMinivator has been accredited asconforming to the international standardof manufacturing, recognised by theaward of ISO 9001.Safety and servicing9Warnings and precautions9Routine care and cleaningAll Minivator stairlifts are built andtested to conform to the British Standardfor stairlifts (BS5776) :1996 as well as ISO9386-2. They also carry the CE mark.810Battery care and charging10Care and cleaning10Appendix 11711– Wiring diagramMinivator are audited regularly toensure we continue to conform toISO 9001 and this provides you withthe assurance of using a high qualityand well manufactured product.Appendix 2412– Certificate of conformityAppendix 313Figure 1– Diagnostic display12

Operating your Minivator Simplicity 950Figure 2Figure 3Key switchOn/off switchYour Minivator stairlift is fitted with a keyswitch (Figure 2).The stairlift cannot be operated unlessthe key is inserted and turned to the onposition.As well as a key switch your stairlift is fittedwith an on/off switch (Figure 3) on thebottom, side panel of the lift.Ensure that this is left in the ‘ON’position. The fault diagnosis displaypanel will be illuminated to indicate this.The keyswitch is provided to enableyou to lock the stairlift to prevent itbeing used by others (for examplechildren).If you intend to be away from home for along period, and decide to switch off themains supply, it is important that you alsoswitch off the lift from this on/off switch.However, it can be left in the on positionif desired.This will ensure that the lift batteries willremain charged while you are away.If you remove your key for safetyreasons, please ensure you put it in asafe place.Diagnostic displayIf the keyswitch is turned off the lift willcontinue to charge.Operating your Minivator Simplicity 950Figure 4Figure 5Operating leverBefore using your stairlift, MOSTIMPORTANTLY please ensure the stairs areclear of other people, pets or any objectswhich may obstruct your stairlift. Thennext, ensure that the arms, footplate andseat are folded down for use to ensureyour safety. (Figure 4).PLEASE NOTE:In the interest of safety, initial activationof the stairlift is delayed by 1 second frompressing and holding the operating lever,to avoid accidental operation. If the switchis released while the lift is in motion, thelift will stop and a delay of 1 second willoccur before the switch will re-start the lift.BEFORE OPERATING YOURSTAIRLIFT ALWAYS FASTENYOUR LAP BELT.When changing the direction of travel thedelay will be 3 seconds before the liftbegins to move.Your Minivator stairlift is operated bysimply pressing and holding the operatinglever in the direction you wish to travel(Figure 5). The stairlift will automaticallystop when the switch is released or thestairlift has reached the end of its travel.The stairlift is fitted with a diagnostic display(Figure 3) that displays a code to helpdiagnose faults. Refer to Appendix 3 for anexplanation of the diagnostic codes. If youshould experience a problem with your liftplease examine the display and make a noteof any codes that are displayed. Pleaseinform the customer services operator ofthese codes when reporting any faults.34

Operating your Minivator Simplicity 950Figure 6Figure 7Hand controlFolding your stairliftThe hand control (Figure 6) is used to callthe lift to either the top/bottom of thestairs or to operate a powered foldinghinge where fitted. The control may alsobe used by an attendant control wherethe user is unable to operate the stairliftthemselves.Your Minivator Simpicity 950 seat,armrests and footrest can be folded toallow easier passage up and down stairswhen it is not in use (Figure 7).SAFETY PRECAUTION!ALWAYS RETURN THE STAIRLIFT TO ITSSTOWED POSITION. I.E. WITH ARMRESTS,SEAT AND FOOTREST FOLDED AND THECHAIR PARALLEL TO THE TRACK ASSHOWN IN FIGURE 7, SO THAT EXITS ARENOT OBSTRUCTED.The attendant should always remain offthe staircase until the stairlift isstationary.Operating your Minivator Simplicity 950Figure 8Figure 9Operating the swivel.A swivel seat is provided to enable you tomount/dismount the seat more easily atthe top of the stairs by swivelling you onto the landing.SAFETY PRECAUTIONSNEVERSwivel the seat without the lap beltfastened.To operate the seat swivel, wait untilthe stairlift has stopped.NEVERMount or dismount the swivel seat unlessit is locked in position.To swivel the seat hold the swivel leverdown (Figure 8). When the seat reaches90 degrees it will lock in position.NEVERTry to operate the swivel seat whilst thestairlift is in motion. (As a safety precaution,should you try to use it whilst the lift is inmotion, it will cause the lift to stop).You should not attempt to leave the seatuntil it has firmly ‘clicked’ into its lockedposition (Figure 9).To swivel in the opposite direction followthe same procedure.5ALWAYSUse the swivel seat to travel up or downthe staircase in the correct position (i.e.facing directly across the staircase).6

Operating your Minivator Simplicity 950Operating your Minivator Simplicity 950Hinged trackpowered (optional)In some installations a hinged track optionmay be necessary, usually to move thetrack out of the way of the doorway atthe foot of the stairs. The hinged track isfully automatic in operation and willfunction as follows:Going up the stairsMount the stairlift as previously directedand push the operating toggle in the updirection. The stairlift will, after a shortdelay, move up the stairs. Once the lifthas passed the hinged track section it willstop – KEEP THE TOGGLE PRESSED INTHE UP DIRECTION. At this time thehinged track will automatically fold itselfaway. When the hinge is fully foldedthe stairlift will continue to the top ofthe stairs.WARNINGGoing down the stairsBEFORE YOU OPERATE THE HINGEDTRACK PLEASE CHECK FOR OBSTACLES.Figure 10Mount the stairlift as previously directedand push the operating toggle in thedown direction. The stairlift will, after ashort delay, move down the stairs. Beforethe lift has reached the hinged tracksection it will stop – KEEP THE TOGGLEPRESSED IN THE DOWN DIRECTION. Atthis time the hinged track will automaticallyopen itself. When the hinge is fully openthe stairlift will continue to the bottom ofthe stairs.Hinged trackmanual (optional)Before raising the manual hinged trackpark the stairlift on the charge points,above the hinge, or at the top of thestairs.Your stairlift will not work unless thetrack has been lowered.Parking the StairliftWHEN THE STAIRLIFT IS NOT IN USE ITSHOULD BE MOVED TO ITS PARK POSITIONSO THAT IT DOES NOT CAUSE ANOBSTRUCTION.Figure 12Figure 11Emergency handwinding instructionsTrapped articlesYour stairlift is fitted with safety edgeson the bottom of the footrest and on thelift itself that will stop the stairlift shouldany article become trapped bythe footrest (Figure 12).In the unlikely event that the lift has atotal power failure or runs on to the finaltrack stops there is an emergency handwinding procedure. Please follow thesesteps:To remove the article reverse the stairliftaway from the object then have theobject removed from the staircase.Proceed on your stairlift as normal.1. Switch off the stairlift with the key.2. Insert the emergency hand windingknob (Figure 11).3. Turn the knob in the directionindicated for the required movement.4. When the desired position is reachedremove the hand winder and switchthe lift on.If in any doubt contact your localMinivator approved dealer or ringMinivator direct on 01384 408700THE STAIRLIFT DOES NOT CHARGE WHEN ITIS PARKED AT THE BOTTOM OF THE STAIRS.To park the stairlift, press and hold theP button on the handset (Figure 10). Thelift will travel up the stairs to its parkposition and the hinge will automaticallyfold itself.78

Safety and servicingWe advise that your stairlift is serviced after the first 12 months and thereafter AT LEAST EVERY12 MONTHS.This work must be carried out by a competent person, i.e. a Minivator approved dealer.If in doubt, please contact the Minivator Service Department on 01384 408700.If you own your stairlift and no longer require it your dealer or Minivator may be interested inpurchasing it.Warnings and precautionsNEVERAllow more than one person to use the stairlift at any one time.The maximum carrying capacity is 120kg (19 stone/265lb).NEVERAllow children to play on or with the stairlift.NEVERAllow water to come into contact with the components in the stairlift. If you have totransport liquids DO SO WITH CARE.Routine care and cleaningBattery careand chargingCare andcleaningYour Minivator stairlift is battery poweredand will continue to work for a period oftime even if you have a power cut. Youshould normally be able to travel up anddown the stairs at least 10 times withoutneeding to charge the batteries, howeveryou should always ensure that there issufficient lighting to allow safe travel,especially at each end of the track whereyou get on and off the lift.Before cleaning any part of yourMinivator stairlift, please ensure you haveremoved the key.The Minivator stairlift is manufacturedfrom a variety of materials, all with easy“wipe clean” surfaces. The seat and bodycovers can be wiped over with a damp,NOT WET, cloth and a small quantity ofwashing up liquid.PLEASE DO NOT use abrasive cleaners,bleach or solvent based cleaners, as thesewill damage the seat.Your stairlift is fitted with a continuouscharging system such that the batterieswill charge at any point that it is parkedat. If the stairlift makes a beeping noisewhen it is not in use IT IS NOT CHARGING.Please check that the power supply forthe stairlift is switched on. If it is switchedon and the beeping continues pleasecontact your dealer or the MinivatorService Department on 01384 408700.To clean the track, first send the stairliftto the top of the stairs. The track can becleaned with a damp cloth. When most ofthe track is clean, move the stairlift to thebottom of the stairs and finish cleaningthe track making sure that none of thecleaning debris falls on to it.To maintain your Minivator stairlift ingood mechanical order, it is recommendedthat regular services are carried out byqualified service engineers.NEVERPlace objects in the track, or leave objects on the stairs, where they could come intocontact with the lift in operation. Your stairlift is fitted with sensitive side edges andundertray on the footplate, which will automatically stop the lift if it detects anyobstructions.NEVERUse the stairlift without using the lap belt, or any other safety belts or harnesses fitted.NEVERUse the stairlift in a standing position.ALWAYSKeep your FEET ON THE FOOTPLATE whilst the stairlift is in motion, and try to avoid yourfeet hanging over the edges of the footplate.NEVERSwivel the seat until the lift has come to a stop at the top or bottom of the staircase.ALWAYSFold the chair when it is not in use, to avoid obstructing exits.910

Appendix 2 – Certificate of conformityDIP 2Appendix 1 – Wiring diagram4321ONMinivator Ltdof82 First AvenuePensnett EstateKingswinfordWest MidlandsDY6 7FJ, England.HINGE ENABLEDIRECTION BFAST RAMPUNUSED4321IF ANY DIP SWITCHES ARE CHANGED, PLEASE TURN OFF LIFT,WAIT 10 SECONDS, THEN POWER THE LIFT BACK ON.BATTERY POSITIVEBATTERY NEGATIVEMOTOR 2 (WHITE)MOTOR 1 (BLACK)NO CONNECTION REQUIREDNO CONNECTION REQUIREDINFRARED/RADIOONKEY:CHARGE BRAKE CONNECTORNO CONNECTION REQUIREDDIP SWITCH 21 2 3 4NO CONNECTION REQUIREDDeclare under our sole responsibility that the productMinivator Simplicity 950 Stairlift1 2 3 4ON7 SEGMENT DISPLAYNO CONNECTION REQUIREDON8 WAY CONNECTOR9 WAY CONNECTORDIP SWITCH 1FULL SPEED UPFULL SPEED ONPING ENABLEUNUSED11HALF SPEED UPHALF SPEED ONPING DISABLEUNUSEDINFRARED/RADIO LEARN BUTTONDIP 1HINGE DISABLEDIRECTIONSLOW RAMPUNUSEDSimplicity Left Hand and Right hand StandardWehas been manufactured in conformity with the followingstandards and specification:BS5776:1996 Powered StairliftsTo which this declaration relates is in conformity with the followingnational standards:Electro Magnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336/EECLow Voltage Directive – 73/23/EECMachinery Directive – 98/37/EECSigned:Name: G. WelchDate:Position: Engineering Manager12

Appendix 3 - Diagnostic displayCode:NoneMeaning:No display.Self help action:Press the toggle switch and see ifdisplay comes on. Check that the mainpower switch on the lift is turned on.If this does not clear the fault, contactyour dealer or Minivator.1Code:1Meaning:Requires charge.Self help action:The stairlift batteries require charging.Drive the lift to the charge contacts –if the 'Okay' code does not showcontact your dealer or Minivator.4Code:4Meaning:Safety edge (up/downdirection) activated –footplate.Code:OkayMeaning:Okay.Self help action:Contact your dealer or Minivator.2Code:2Meaning:Off charge.Self help action:The stairlift is not parked on acharging position. Drive the lift to thecharge contacts – if the 'Okay' codedoes not show contact your dealer orMinivator.5Code:5Meaning:Ends limit activated.Code:7Meaning:Batteries approachingcritical level.Self help action:The stairlift batteries require charging.Drive the lift to the charge contacts if the 'Okay' code does not showcontact your dealer or Minivator.ACode:AMeaning:Hinge open.Self help action:Contact your dealer or Minivator.Code:0Meaning:Final limit activated.Self help action:Check that the keyswitch is on andseat is fully swivelled to the driveposition. If this does not clear thefault, contact your dealer or Minivator.3Code:3Meaning:Ends limit activated.Self help action:Contact your dealer or Minivator.6Code:6Self help action:Contact your dealer or Minivator.Self help action:Contact your dealer or Minivator.70Meaning:A switch is active atpower on i.e. ToggleUp, Toggle Down, IRUp, IR Down or Learn.Code:dMeaning:The main power relayis welded closed.Self help action:Contact your dealer or Minivator.Code:gMeaning:Brake not connected.Self help action:Contact your dealer or Minivator.Code:nSelf help action:If permanently showing contact yourdealer or Minivator.Code:8Meaning:Shows when toggleswitch is activated inup/down direction.Self help action:N/A.Code:bMeaning:A switch is active atpower on i.e. ToggleUp, Toggle Down, IRUp, IR Down or Learn.Self help action:Contact your dealer or Minivator.13Code:9Meaning:Shows when toggleswitch is activated indown/up direction.Self help action:N/A.CCode:CMeaning:The IR address(dip switch) does notmatch.Self help action:Contact your dealer or Minivator.Code:rMeaning:No charge current.Self help action:Make sure that power supply isswitched on from mains. If it iscontact your dealer or Minivator.Code:EMeaning:The main powerrelay did not close.Self help action:Contact your dealer or Minivator.HCode:HMeaning:The main power relayhas closed early.Self help action:Contact your dealer or Minivator.Meaning:Half speed.Self help action:Contact your dealer or Minivator.8ECode:oMeaning:The main controlboard has a memoryproblem.Self help action:Contact your dealer or Minivator.uCode:UMeaning:Faulty power supply.Self help action:Contact your dealer or Minivator.NOTE: If the display isshowing anything but thefault codes above it requiresresetting.Drive the lift off the chargecontacts. Turn the main switchon the unit off for 10 secondsand then back on.14fCode:FMeaning:Brake semi-conductorfailed.Self help action:Contact your dealer or Minivator.lCode:LMeaning:Current limitexceeded.Self help action:Contact your dealer or Minivator.PCode:PMeaning:Powered swivel didnot respond.Self help action:Contact your dealer or Minivator.Code:N/AMeaning:Over current.Self help action:Contact your dealer or Minivator.

Important information about your stairlift whichshould be completed by the installation engineer.Installed by:(Company Name)Serial NoDate of installationFirst service dueDealer Stamp15