Cairns TAFE Community Child Care CentreJUNE 2017REMINDERS FOR MAYOFFICE NEWS Fee Increase Please be advised that after anannual review of our budget wewill increase our fees by 3 perday.Fees are as follows effective as atMONDAY 3rd July 2017DAILY FEESPreschool 85Toddlers 86Nursery 87 DO NOT LEAVE YOURCHILDREN IN THE CARCall the centre if your child isabsentBring in donations for themarket stallCommittee meeting 14th JunePIRATE DAYDon’t forget to come dressed asa Pirate this Friday 9th June tohelp us celebrate Pirate day insupport of the Kids cancerproject.HOLLOWAYS MARKETSDon’t forget to bring in your donations for theHolloways Beach Markets. Please donate by theend of June Toys Clothes – children’s or adults Books – children’s or adultsCOMMITTEE MEETINGSThe next committeemeeting will be onWed 14th June at 6pmMeetings are held in thestaff roomALL WELCOMEAnd child mindingavailableGOLD COIN DONATION

DIRECTOR’S NEWSWORKING TOGETHERCollaboration is about early childhood services and families working well together.Collaboration between home and early childhood services is based upon goodcommunication and respectful relationships. Collaboration supports mental healthand wellbeing Research has shown that when families and staff work well together ithelps to create a positive sense of community, which supports children’s mentalhealth and wellbeing. Research has shown that when families and staff within earlychildhood services work together it helps to improve outcomes for young children.For example, studies have shown that greater family involvement can have a positiveimpact in areas such as children’s early learning skills and behaviour. Familyinvolvement shows children that the service is highly valued, a safe place to be andpromotes feelings of belonging and connectedness. Also, both families and staff havevaluable information about the child and sharing this information helps to make surechildren’s needs are met effectively.What families can do?Families can play a part in supporting collaboration, for example: Get involved Find out about opportunities to help out or take part. Look out for opportunities to play a role in the service program. f Share ideas or offer to help organise events and get togethers. Suggest special experiences you or the service could set up for the children. Talk to other families about your experiences and encourage them to getinvolved too. Share ideas and information that could help staff understand your child’sindividual n 6DONATIONS FROMBUNNINGSUNTIL NEXTMONTH BARBWe were very lucky for Bunnings todonate plants to the centre and forNikki to come in and plant themwith the children. Make sure youstop and have a look at our newsensory garden.

KITCHEN CAPERSSOCIALISING AT MEALTIMESMany generations and cultures use meal times as a time to gather and discuss their day andother subjects of interest, today’s lifestyles are so busy we often miss these littleopportunities to talk to our kids; at daycare we encourage children to talk and sharethoughts during meal times as this often gives educators a chance to discuss food, healthyeating and can also give us insight into individual children’s needs.So next time you sit down to eat try my favourite meal time discussion starter, which isname your best thing of the day and worst thing of the day, you might be pleasantlysurprised by what is shared.RECIPE OF THE MONTHThank you to Miya, Cienna’s mum for this recipe. We trialled it at thecentre and the children loved them.Raw Carrot Cake Bites*1.5 cups desiccated coconut*1/2 cup walnuts*3 small carrots, roughly chopped*10 medjool dates, pitted ( I would soak these in some water to addsome more moisture to the mixture as ours were a little crumbly)*1 tsp cinnamon*1/2 tsp vanilla extract*pinch of salt- Pop all ingredients into your food processor and pulse until smooth- Roll into balls and coat with extra coconut- Pop into the fridge to setYou can also add an extra handfulof pumpkin seeds or sultanas atthe end to add some texture, (weused currants)

Nursery NatterWe have been very busy learningabout ducks. We have beensinging "5 little ducks" and usingone of our felt boards. We havealso been doing some fun activitiesone which was ducks and bubbles,and we gave the babies kitchenwhisks to use to make morebubbles, great for fine motordevelopment and languagedevelopment. With the babiesenjoying bubbles, we have beenblowing bubbles for the babies tofollow and try and catch. The olderbabies have been trying to blowtheir own bubbles and with a littleguidance they now can blow theirown bubbles.Hi, here we are again.Firstly, I would like to welcomeHudson and Robin and their familiesto the Nursery Room, and pleaseremember we have an open-doorpolicy so please feel free to talk tomyself or Rohana if you have anyquestions. Heath has now moved upto the Toddler Room, and we lookforward to saying hello to him at thefence.We have been listening to the song "Ican sing a Rainbow" so we aremaking our own Rainbow, this willhelp encourage languagedevelopment and colour recognition.BIRTHDAYS: Abig HappyBirthday to Alexiswho is turning twoon the 12th JuneSome of our activities can sometimesbecome very messy, just a reminderto always put spare clothes in yourbabies bag and make sure all yourbabies belongings are labelled withtheir name.Until next time,Kathy and Rohana

Toddler TorqueWe are learning aboutcolours and shapesThe toddlers are learning aboutcolours at every opportunity and as atransition routine we are encouragingthe toddlers to begin to recognisecolours.Ahoy there me HartiesEveryone is getting pretty excited andready for the big Pirate dress up day whichis a fundraiser for children’s cancerresearch so don’t forget to dress up onFriday the 9th of June and donate a goldcoin or more to this great cause.Please read the article attached aboutthe importance of learning aboutcolours!To our group Ezekiel, its great tohave you return to the centre asa big toddler! And a bigwelcome to Heath from thenursery who is now officially abig toddler too.RemindersIf you have any queries or ideas forour program, about the toddler roomor your child please don’t hesitate tospeak to me or Miranda at any timewe have an open door policy and arehere to assist in any way that we can.(Or alternately write it in thecommunication book)Cheers from Cheryl and Miranda.We have been preparing ourselves for thebig day by watching dancing and singingwith Captain Feather sword on theinternet so now we know what a piratelooks like!And we have painted and collaged ourown pirate ships that are on display in ourroom. Have a look at them they areamazing. The toddlers were very patientand focused during the whole processinvolved in making their ships.

PreschoolWell once again another month has passed us by and the Preschool has beenlearning central. We have been Pirate crazy as I’m sure you have all noticed.We have learned a lot through this interest especially working on our physicaldevelopment in our pirate ship outdoors and working on numeracy throughour pirate treasures in our pirate area indoors. We’ve also learned smooth andrough surfaces through our bottom of the ocean sensory tubs. We’veexperienced science through making pirate crystals and we are looking forwardto our grand finale Pirate day.We were very lucky to have a visitfrom Felix’s Mum Tara who camein to sing songs and playinstruments with the children. Wereally enjoyed this and we lovewhen our parents get involved inour program! A big Thank you toTara!We’ve really focused on letter recognitionthis month through various literacyactivities such as letter puzzles,independently finding our names on ourbeds at rest time, finding letters we knowin words and just naming letters anychance we can get. We are doing so wellwith this and our ability to recogniseletters has dramatically improved!Literacy is a vital part of children’s overall development. It’s thefoundation for doing well at school,socialising with others, developingindependence, managing money andworking.Until next month Karly, Kathleen, Angie andJelenka. Happy birthday toZenzi and Rafa!!

COLOURS AND SHAPESHave you ever wondered whymost early childhood programsteach children their colours andshapes early in the year? Why notletters and numbers? Why notcats and dogs? It's becausecolour and shape are two verynoticeable attributes of the worldaround us. When you look outyour window, you may not besaying it . but your mind isnoticing and identifying the green trees, brown rectangle buildings,square windows, and blue sky. Colour and shape are ways childrenobserve and categorize what they see. These very recognizablecharacteristics encourage children to define and organize the diverseworld around them.These first teachings in preschool and kindergarten are basics that yourchild needs to know before she learns the "other basics" of reading,writing, and math. Understanding colour and shape is a tool for learningmany skills in all curriculum areas, from math and science to languageand reading. For example, when your child learns to discern thesimilarities and differences between colours and shapes, she is usingthe same skills she needs to recognize the differences between lettersand numerals.When young children are asked to mathematically sort objects (such asleaves, rocks, shells, or keys) they usually use the most obviousattributes of colour and shape, plus size, to categorize the items. Whenyour child plays, he uses sorting and classifying skills as he observessimilarities and differences of colour and shape, makes comparisons,and organizes this information into piles. This seemingly simple process(that we use every week when we sort the laundry or find things in thegrocery aisles) is the foundation for living in a mathematical world.Sorting by colour and shape prepares your child for the futureapplication of these skills in making graphs or searching for a book atthe library.

A special thankyou .To the amazing students and their teachers at TrinityBay High School especially David Otto (Lex’s Dad) fororganising and building our new sandpit play kitchenmade from wood pellets.