G C Reddy Technologies ( Class 21 - Introduction toSelenium WebDriveri) Introduction to Selenium WebDriverii) Automated Testing using Selenium WebDriver.Test Level: System TestingTest Type: Functional TestingTest Method: Automated TestingTest Tool: SeleniumNote: We conduct Automated Functional Testing using Selenium at SystemTesting Level.i) Introduction to Selenium WebDriverSelenium Components or Selenium Tool's Suite1) Selenium IDE2) Selenium RC (*Out Dated)3) Selenium WebDriver4) Selenium Grid.G C Reddy Technologies (

G C Reddy Technologies ( of Selenium WebDriver- In 2006 Selenium WebDriver was launched at Google,- In 2008, the whole Selenium team decided to merge Selenium WebDriverwith Selenium RC in order to form a more powerful tool called selenium 2.0Versions of SeleniumSelenium 1.0(Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid)Selenium 2.0(Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid)Selenium 3.0 (Sep 2016)(Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid)Now they are planning to release Selenium 4.0.Selenium WebDriver Features- Selenium WebDriver is a most important tool in Selenium's Tool Suite- Selenium WebDriver has Programming Interface (API), no IDE- Selenium IDE - has IDE (Integrated Development Environment) -ToolfeaturesG C Reddy Technologies (

G C Reddy Technologies ( Programming)- Selenium WebDriver - has Programming Interface but no IDE(No toolfeatures)- UFT/QTP - has both IDE as well as programming Interface- Selenium WebDriver supports various Operating Environments to write &execute Test casesMS WindowsLinuxMacintosh etc.- Selenium supports various Browsers to write and execute Test CasesGoogle Chrome,Mozilla Firefox,MS Edge,Safari,Opera etc.- Selenium WeBDriver supports various Programming languages to writeTest Scripts/Test CasesJava,Python,C#.NET,G C Reddy Technologies (

G C Reddy Technologies (,Ruby,PHP,- Selenium WebDriver supports Batch Testing, Data Driven Testing, CrossBrowser Testing, and Database Testing- Selenium WebDriver is faster in Test Execution over other tools in Selenimsuite- Selenium WebDriver supports Parallel Testing with the help of TestingFramework.Drawbacks of Selenium WebDriver1) Selenium WebDriver has no IDE, only Programming Interface(Takes more time and efforts to create Test cases)2) It doesn't have built-in Result Reporting facility(Using Programming features, Using Testing Framework Assert Methods wecan create Result/s)3) No Other Tool Integration for Test management(We can use Test Management tool separately)4) No Centralized maintenance of Elements/Objects(Using POM - Page Object Model we can create Object Repositories)5) It supports only Web based ApplicationsG C Reddy Technologies (

G C Reddy Technologies ( No reliable Technical support from anybody7) It doesn't recognize Flash Objects, Windows Objects in web pages(Using Sikuli tool integration we can handle Flash Objects and Windowsobjects, Using Programming features (Ex: Alert Class/Object in Java) we canhandle windows objects)8) New Features may not work properly9) Environment Setup is some difficult when it compares to commercial toolslike UFT, RFT etc.Etc.ii) Automated Testing using Selenium WebDriverHow to create Test Cases / Test ScriptsSelenium IDE:Selenium IDE Test Cases can be created using Element Locators andSelenese commands / Selenium IDE CommandsSelenium WebDriver:Selenium WebDriver Test Cases can be created using Element Locators andWebDriver API CommandsG C Reddy Technologies (

G C Reddy Technologies ( Test Cases can be created using Test Objects and Test Methods.Elements / Objects / Software ObjectsSoftware Objects in Web Applications,Edit Box, Text Box, Link, Button, Drop down Box, List Box, Combo Box,Image, Image Button, Image Link, Radio Button, Checkbox, Web Table,Frame etc.Element in Selenium Webdriver is equals to Object in UFT/QTP andCommand in Selenium Webdriver is equals to Test Method in UFT/QTP.Using Element Locator and WebDriver Command we can create SeleniumTest Cases,- Element Locator - to identify / recognize / locate an element in Web Pages- WebDriver Command - to perform Operation on the ElementExample 1:Test Step: Click "Gmail" link in Google Home PageGmail (Link) Element/Object -Element LocatorClick - Operation on the Element -WebDriver CommandExample 2:Test Step: Enter a value into Username edit box in gcrShop Admin interfaceG C Reddy Technologies (

G C Reddy Technologies ( (Edit box) - Element / Object - Element locatorEnter a Value - Operation on the Element - WebDriver CommandParameter - Username value - [email protected] Step: Click "Gmail" Link in Google Home pageUFT Test l").ClickSelenium WebDriver Test ).ClickdriverObject - Browser driver (user defined),findElement - WebDriver Command,By - Selenium predefined Class,linkText - Element Locator (HTML),"Gmail" - Locator value provided by Web DeveloperClick - WebDriver Command,.UFT/QTPObjectButtonEdit BoxPropertytextattached textValueOKAgent ABCDESelenium WebDriverElementButtonEdit BoxLocatoridnameG C Reddy Technologies (

G C Reddy Technologies ( ObjectObject/Element Property/Locator ValueDogColorblackMannameVenkatG C Reddy Technologies (