A NEWSPAPERPRINTED FORTHE COMMUNITYALL THE NEWSFROM NEARBYTOWNSVOL. XXXIV No. 9ROCKAWAY, N. J,, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1922We buy right and sell rightEDWARD B. HAGANCASH MARKETMAIN STREETTEL. 6 2ROCKAWAYDIRECTORJERSEYMAN CANARDtROCKAWAY WAS PROUDCitizens Protest Against MorrlstownPublication's "Scurlllouo Art!Jcles" and Dt-niund Facts {OF NEW BRICK CHURCH"The New Drick Church" was afanilllur expression ninety years agoand one UBMI with pride by the Pr«Bbyteiiuns of Rockaway nnd vicinity.In fact this new edifice, ot large sizeund Imposing Btnucture, was u centerof mtructlon and' a matter of pridefor miles around. It represented idaring ond reflects yet today crediton building committee, congregationand contractors. So much BO thatthe ninetieth anniversary of Its dedication was celebrated on Sunday. Inthe morning the Sacrament ot theLord's Bupper was administered, a»waa done three days after the dedication, and In the evening u historical address was delivored by tlio pantor, the Ilev. George 8. Mott Doremus, 1.00 PER YEARMAM TICKETS SOLDFOR BIG CLAMBAKEAmple 1'roili.kui Made to EntertainKctord (roivd nt Heiivllle'i)iHccondof Ills second winter In Morrlatown atthe familiar Washington's HeadquarSing a song of nixpence,ditors and owners of,ters, tills being the home Of JacobStomach full of ClamsJerseyman go]Ford, Jr.j tho son and family livingChicken, corn and flali moat;mad?" This is the question that isthero at the time of Iiis untimely:Mlied' with—liquid JauiB.being asked at the county seat amideuth; Gen. Winds, of local revoluOh, no—no, Nobody has the"wilelsewhere in the county, since thetionary fame, representative of Morzeal for Senator Whitney nan led 'tftft,IIH County In the convention that rat- lies" only that is the way a Ilockapublication, it Is alleged, to distort'ified the Constitution of the United way citizen behaved when told thatfacts and to go to limits not reachedStates (Iwo out of three representa- the Denvillo Camp, No. 19, P, O. 8. oteven by Tammany Hall or in Hudsontives were from Rooknway): Cupt. A., was going to hold another clamcounty.Stephen Jackson, friend of Washing- halio on the Donvlllo School groundsIn the IBSUO of Friday, Septum]ton and member ot his body-guard, Saturday «fteril6on, at i o'clock.8, there appeared a weird article,who entertained him here and who You can hardly wonder at It either,eompanled by a photo of Director 1 'used Ills influence, no doubt, in seenr- lot tlicuo clambukcs are about thothe Board ot Freeholders Frankcurlng a post office in Ilockaway, most enjoyable kind of a gathering,Abell, under the caption of "Abell f Washington appointing his son, (Col. one could wish to attend, Plenty otpudiatea the Gang," Among tltoseJoseph Jackson) iioatmadter In 1706. clams, plenty of fluli, plenty pf sweetwho were not well acquainted withJohn Jncob Fuesch, who bought out corn/ plenty of sweet potatoes andplenty of everything—that the recentthe-director the yarn created aly enacted laws will permit,siderable stir. The article w a s j t jIt la expectod that a record crowdfollows;will be at the bake for tickets are"There Is honor even among Froijselling like* gold bricks at o ruralholders! And, be it said, there Iscumpmcotlng. Nearly 300 ticketsmore honorable official In the ton'havo already beon Bold ami Georgehouse today than Frank D. Abell, DlTattorsall and other commuters haverector of the Board, for this counbjcorralled a bunch of uuslnoss menservant of the people hus renouncfrom the cities and will BIIOIV themany and all allegiance to tho galiow nicely tho citizens of Morristhat trumpets Its collective supportcounty can bake clams.FANCY, SWEET POTATOES7 lbs for 25c David Young of Townco for StftjoIt may bo possible that willSenator.A FULL LfojE OF FRESH FISH, CLAMS & VEGETABLESbe a few politicians on the grounds,When the Director so,w withbut talking politics will be barred, exown efe.s ye tei ay a campaign doe:cept among' the womon. No men' onwent published In an afternoon neVaearth would attempt to proyent thepaper, purporting to come from tl)fwomon talking—politics.David Young campaign heaclquartkn,It Saturday attornoon should hapbut which ie said to emanate fro]pen to be ntormy then the bake Is toCounty Clerk's ofllco, andbo held in the Donvlllo townBhlp hall,name linked, with a coterlibut oven BO, there will bo plenty ofWo Offer- For Investmentclans who/were nmde to 'l/HSHMB1*opportunities for amusement. Kvorythey had surveyed the pibody will be welcome and from presand found It growing w h « M m B eYoung grist mill, he g r e w H E i H t portiilylng tho town, times and ac Jacob Ford, Jr. at Mt. IIopo, and who ent indications pretty nearly verytlvllles of tho period closing with n with Oen. Winds and William Wood- body will be thoro.imit of the dedicatory sermon which' hull ropresontod Morris County, atDon't forgot the time nor the place,Due serially; A . 1. 19fc3 to Aug, 1. 1942luted In a manual In 1833,tho Ratification convention; Capt. Joon the Denvillo school grounds ate wan present ot tho services Allen, sort of Jol Allen founder of tl4 o'clock Saturday afts/aooa.Denomination 1,000ho no doubt Jyns present as a Church; numerous other captains a:who .HitoW .'crftaMUiiJtt. rtmitlW tlw.firstsandity\aeiiond yoarT"anTwlios7 fatfiw g i c w i r i i f i t s i«gion, %'as Una ,uiTnx IrSe in Th S State or'Now Jersey, yielding 4.40 per cent.John Mott" and sometimes called "th loft sldo ot (he Deavllle road not furthe deiHratory communion. .\}r.,Mott from "Savngo Oornur;" Moses TuttlovSTART THAT SAVINGS ACCOUNT TO-DAYlias himself been an elder since 1880, of Mt. Pleasant, who secured finanand l« familiarly known as "Undo cial uld from his fathor-lnlaw, Jacob WImrton Han's Vino, Itnldod FellowJohn Mott" arid somotltea called "the Ford, Sr., and othora,lnK Booze FrncaH In Itochii.,1/ old soxton" (having been sexton torIn tho lato twenties tho old mootivujr Iiiwt Jnnunry.,« 'nearly fifty, years) a title (lrst worn ing houso had bocomo too small andby his Erandfathor, Dnvld Gordon.wus In a state of decay This led toJudge Edward K. Mills on FridayTho Church, built of brick mado In an agitation for a now one. However directed Shorlff Eltbdlbort Byram 'toUockaway near "Shady Side," (The at the Parish meeting held Septom- return the last seven barrols of liqShady SIdo mansion was built about bor 19, 1D29, ropalrB were decided uor which was seized on January 130)o same tlnie of brick mado In tho upon—"now weather boards on all from Junes K. Burd's placo nonrsame yard,) was dedicated on ThurB sides, now wlndoWB, &c. Tho dilap- WImrton. nurd was arrested anddnv, September fifh, 1833, by tho Rev. idated oh) stono fence was to bo torn pleaded guilty to Illegal soiling and/1Darnabas King, who had then been down as tar as tho Mt. Hopo road was nnod 200. Six ot tho thirteenpastor of the Church for twonty-flve and to an canal dlstanco on tho other barrels seized contained vinegar andyears and who continued pastor until side of the mooting house, nnd then they woro roturned to Burd, but thohis death In 1802, altho for some a "tight board fenco six feet high" remainder was hold.years hlu non-.ln-law Rev. J. F. Tuttle, waB to be built. Ford Kltchel, StopAftor tho VanNoss law wan declarD. D., had beon associated with him. lion Conger, Win. Ford, Sum'l Palmor, ed unconstitutional Burd claimed thatTho text of tho Bermon was Haggal Joseph Jackson, S. S. Boach and Win. tho remaining seven barrels had not2:9. In it Mr. King reviewed the H. Wiggins wore appointed a commit- contained alcoholic liquors, but woroglory of the "former" house and then too to collect 350 nnd prococd with"What right have they to use my mentioned reasons for feeling that the work. Evldontly tho curront for used for vinegar and tho Ingredientsgood name!" roared the Director. tho "glory of this latter house Bhnll a new church, und a larger one, was for malting vinegar, The court thon .ordered the return of the barrels to"I never surveyed any field, nor havo be greater than of the former."too strong.Burd.OUR STORE is probably more than youI authorized any Interview." At tho time that Burd's stock wasThe original building stood on the A special Parish meeting was heldwould expect to find in a town the sizeThus did Mr. Abell brand as a lie7the press agent production which knoll lust back of the present one. June 28, 1S30. Col. S. S. Beach presid- seized it waB alleged that two Rockaof Dover.lOur departments of variousbearB the label of Young's hoada.uar' It was a wooden structuro, slmllaT-Jn ed and William JnckBon waB clerk. way moo procured uomo llQUor fromMerchandise are as complete as any spectere, now said to be located in the stylo to the-still-standlng "Quaker This meeting appointed Stophon Con- Burd's place with which to colobratoiality shop carrying the same of -Xho Banner. And thus did Meeting House" near Mill Brook gor, John D. Jackson, Jabez Bstlle,, the wedding of a brother. Aftorthe Director repudiate tho meni r«- which was built the same year, 1755. Chlloon Bench, and Matthias Kltchel* drinking the stuff they become inIt was a "landmark" and,its site im- a committee "to draft the plan of a such a condition that they were taken- 11 O IR Coat, Suit and Millinery departsponslblo for such falsification.Yet these men, under the leadership portant because of tho surveys run now meeting house: the spot where to a Morrlatown hospital, whoro theyments are always presenting the latestIt shall be built; th.a probable cost, quickly recovered. Burd's place wasof County Clerk Mott, a member of from It as a starting point.styles.the Republican State Committee, wilNotables of tho period held nnd oc- IBO the plan of tho yard, roads, Ac." then raided and the llauors soizod.fully take the good names of other cupied pews In tho old meeting house: and repert July 10th. It Is to be noHorn nt Italy Havo Oiitlnff .men, without right or conscience, and Lord Stirling (the only American iced thnt Stophen Conge» was the1 OUR Shoe department,carries well-knownItalian Cltlzons, meml)er» ot theuse them as clocks of respectability lord) whose estate was at Basking only mnn of tho old committee whomakes such as*Sons of Italy, from Dover, Notcongin their nefarious sch«mes to under- Ridge, but who was part owner of the got a place on the new.nnd all parts of Morris county willmine Senator Arthur Whitney. With- Hlbernla Minos, and spent time here,DR. KAHLER SHOE for womenTho committee reported, In part, i s go on tlieir annual outing noxt Sunout mercy or feeling they would sear- who also securod a grant ol lapd IrRED.CROSS SHOE for wonienthe flesh of reputable citizens, brand: 17G2 for "parsonage purpoaoB:" Coi. ollows' "That tho south-cast cor- day to Statcn Island. A number ofner of the now church stand on a Invited guoBtn will accompany tlioraBUSTER BROWN SHOE foi childrenJacob Ford, Jr., who llvod at Lake ourBO(Continued on Page Six)distantfrom thoEDMONDS and BEACON SHOES for menDenmark (then an enterprising little enter of tho old church doors (dis- and It Is expected that tho occasioncommunity), built the Btone house at tance to bo determined later): That will bo one of tho blggost dnys in thoMt. Hope In 1770 and for a time oc- the same be built of brick 40X00 foot history of tho order.-\A shoro dlnnor will bo served andcupltM It, and whoso widow was hosontortalnmont provided for tho comtess to Gen. Washington at the time(Continued on Pngo Soven)pany on their arrival at the shorefront.Hudson Monlclpnllty Would A&& !Election ItonrdH Ileirln CnnviiNLocal Schools Are GrowingBcnutlfnl lake to Its WntcrDeath Claims ll r) Nlilro Hun.The 8choolB of tho boro have oponTho district boards of election In allSupply System!Tho funeral of Albert Thoman wasApplication has been made by tSe' municipalities having less than 15- ed this yoar with a total enrollmentJersey City Water Department to ob 000 population will make a house to of 710 Btudents. Of this number m hold Sunday afternoon from his homeat Berkshire Valley. Rov, Nathanielhouso canvass of tti.o votore on Tuosain an additto'nal water supply oare in tho High School, 310 in tho Brooks, of Dover, olllclated. All voterB who did not voto. nt,000,000 gallons dally' from Splitrock Pond, The application was flh the last election, but who arc ellglblo Washington Grammar School, and 2G7 Thomas, who was forty-ninq yours ofago, had boon ill for a year or moroG r a d e A Milk d ered at your door every morning fromd with the Department ot Consorva1 to do so, must reglstor on Tuesday In the Lincoln Grammar School.and died Friday. Besides his tandthisdeBoaldesthosupervising.principal,—.the Beach Glen Dairy which meets theho Is survived by several children,inrtment is to negotiate with Jersey election,twenty-two teachers arc omplbyod. The burial WHB In Orchard Strootstrict requirements of the Dover Board of Health.'City authorities, after which a dateFive are in the High School and sev- Comotary, Dover.The Mt, Freedom Ccmotorjjr/Vssq- enteen In tho grades. Tho now toachor a public bearing will be one the different small lakes ciatlon on Tuesday night held a clam- era this year are: MIBB Anna C. MacThomas Hnnlon has purchasad thoand streams are being gobbled up bjf bake on the grounds 'of tho First PresInerney, High School; Miss Helen IS. bungalow proporty of Andrew Potorthe big cities for water supply, sys-! byterian Church In that village. Thereterns and the. day Is not far distant! was a goodly attendance and all seem- Byram, MIss'Emmn M. Stlobig, Clar- BOD on White Meadow avenuo. Thoo was mado through tho agoncyotwhen there will tie but few of thcao'i ed to know dleposo of baked ence Mullor, dnd Leo Sandora, in thogrades.' Edward W, Kollyr ;: esoria loft open to the public. - Fancy Chuck RoastFresh Ground BeefRound RoastRump RoastCross Rib RoastPrime Rib Roast28cLegs or Rump of Veal7cPlate BeefSirloin SteakPorter House SteakRound SteakRegular Hams v.27cCalifornia Hams.17cDixie Bacon. 17c14c30c25cA GOOD INVESTMENTrough of Rockaway 41-2 School BondsTHE FIRST NATIONAL BANKRbckaway S *z2t New JerseyYOUNGELJSON'SDepartment Store34 West Blackwell St., Dover.Make YQUNGEJLSON'S", Your Department StoreFOR SALEQts. 15cPts. 8c. T.ShawgerRockaway, N. J,JERSEY CITY AFTERSPLITROCK POND

1C 0 (! K A'J'WOCHAIUJSKS A. IIAKKltKi'imbJIciin ('uriiliilnto for Mriulici' oftill! lUllUlt Ot CllllHI'll Klwliolllvl'llOf till! CollIJly llf MolTlUIWllI,(hutwithIIfrliiiid?N n w ImitmiiliiuyhiK."Mightyimrry,"I'lmiiinfni'trlvi'I i H c y , " it'M nliimnll-.lliii,"mo.A tii'VviiUicil-ytiitr-old Hoy fcicout d o 'hi); Inillli' duty ut J'uruippuny o n F r i - 1y nl lit, WIIH I'f'Bpoimlble f o r ufftpi tire of oiui of tlio nontufjt llttlnlutlcKcliie; iutoiuotil(cii y e t fouiid.II; SCIIIII luiltod tlio iimchinu I;IK]fmiiiil n botilo of wlilnlicy In t h o cur,rlii'i'iipon ho li)il ;u(l «i clinrfc'O ugdluiit.he niiin (if ii'iiniipurllns ll'iuor, 'i'htiiictitu'd mini, who Kiivo tlio iiumo of"Kiciloi'lck Kmflli uml Huld tlint Iio l i v ed In New!on, WIIH tulion boforo JUHtlce.(If the Pence II. l'orcy Itolstciil, o ( illodiiliin. w h o e.dimntUed lilnj t o tliu 1eiiiiiily .lull.IIIIIIIIIIIIIM-iilunilliif!or r R(]fIII Illll't (if Illl Illtlil 1(1 Hllllplytnm i y II n'llli llow'oi'B a m il u t MM r u n i h i l i i l i i ' i nKxiiinltiittluii of tlio ttutomoullevonlod II ciijiper limli, Doittly Jltteiinilci ihc iiutoniolillo iiout und c o n iilnlni; thirty i:ulloiin of whltikcy.The lull It WIIH i( iilji H«I \yltli fuucetilMini WIIH (i I'limpact und c o m n l o t o a r -DownaMRSMLDOLANFLORIST.HOTEL DOVER. DOVERPHONE' 131 \Mr.lluhtirIn wellknowne l t l z o i i H of mil" c o u n t y ,furthercxxixnnxxixxmxinixxmPhone Rocknwuy 232liitrodiii'tlon.I" tin1u n d n o o d n IKIl i e IIIIHnI\vnynHiviltli liiformotl County Jail W a r d c n JMi'owii Hint tho contvntn of t h o t u n k fWIIH nil 130 proof lliiuor, n o w l y d l a - Itilled ii iic 1 Kdixl utuff. Tlio c u r i a b « - Ini; holil hy tlio c o u n t y uuthorltlos.w n i ' l u u l f u r till' 1 OH1 IntornntH »( M o v I'IH C o u n t y , m i d him UIHMI e v e r yt ) lfOI'l)tllOO.X IOI1HOHChiropractor10-1:2-0:7-8.110Sundays anil HolklnyOiy Appointmout onlyTat,, Ilinri,, Sit,, lliMikawny Avt.Itoultnwny, N. J.EAT MOREWATIVK UliUF(.„ II)iircil Nm. JIIIIIIH OC HI10c32c'"l'l'llllO Itlll Itl.HNl(HCHt ClltH)l('rcNli ('all HaniNuoyjor luilf)IbHtillcd—WO l'ltOl'IT HAl.KIlXTUAOltlllNAUVKl'i;("Tim JIIIIII What AM"18cArmour Sim 1 Sinolihil llmtiH(In StoolKinuttH)!Nol« tJicse Twoiity-FIvC'Cont WonderII)HnU'sL.:-!1!]]) I)HV.1»I(!KU1 POULTKY (One Carload of ]io fliioHt Mllk-I'od, DryJtoiiNtliif;9Q« II)—PJO PItOFIT HALK—(For salads or Sandwlchos)oyIf you Hhould chanco to moot W l'limn ,). HleliiirdH .lr., UHHliituntlor of tlio Flrut National Mimic ofMr. llulior IH runriltiK nololy on tliullix'hiiwny, on tho Htrcots, don't BoyNwIft'H IHxIo lluconLegs of fancy white Ventfulfill liuitlnnui.morltii of hlu ailiMliilnlnitlnii of county"liliow!"HOIC JIIIIKOH ax to hlu (iiialllUiitloin,17c'CIIUBO that word uwnlto'nn! unpleiiHiint nioniorlcu In Mr. Richards'mind.Dm Inturi'DtH or Dii) tuxptiyvr uml routAs Mr. IllclmrdB vaB soundly nt 2 A. M. Monday thoro occurrodl i e In wlllltiK tlmt tho voters Imn Ii IH hennvry n groat commotion.und uliM'toil, will ciintlnuo t o HiifcKunrdtho"jyj(Wholo or half)20,001) Founds of I lie lines! CornFud Nntlvo Huof, HiU'iiliillj1 )»rlc«MlI1H t o w IIH IHiiffulrn In tlio IIHHI, uml It lo-noiiilimttMlOffice Hours:With llio KciiNon of creiidT incut c(iiisiini]itloii now ut liand, I lie IHrcctoiN ai tint Hutiouul Kief Company have (Icclilitl to forego prollls (or Ililn Hiitiiriliiy, i!H nil Jinldcoi n c u t f u r D i o Consuiiilnf.' P u l t l l c t o o u t m o r e o f flic Jti: 1 ! J l J i t CHAD I] MIOA'I'N.I'llliW!effortoonduelvo to KOIKI (fovoi'ninont undWilliuiu Slcwiirl, D. C.NO PROFIT SALEKt'.HjiccLuml llrhvv ln-vlnns II t o n fuiiUMl "Omul KluiT"O you wi'.nt tn el nil' jjgTHIIltNiUV, NUI'J'KMUIvIt 11, Wl' BOY SCOUT GETSBEST BOOZE WAG01JOutllt IIIIN (iiiii il('lo III iActjBIt i: 0 K I)NATIONAL BEEF CO."Largest Retailers of Meats in America"Mo WIIH uwiikGiicd nnd with his thiB-forpruiivrly lining thin most Imiior- ty Hhepliord due nnd a well nmdo conltiuit »!»«'. 1U« IH not oomiooUMl with HIIIIVU! ho Invantlgatod and found notiiuy private liuHlnoiui, unit nun nnd will u'litpal ahlckon thtof, uut a wisll doKlvo llio I'oiinty lil« ontifu tlmo Bhouldvolopud and vlgorouB B«unk. Shopclosoil In on tho Blainlt nnd tho Blwnktor by Chiw. A. Ilnlior Ciiin- oponod mi on Bhoii. Wlfo warns WillCoinmlUoe.not to eo to closo, Shop nnd tlio coalyliovul ltlll skunk.yStores In NcwjYork, New Joreey, Pennsylvnnln, Connecticut ond Moss.The above Specials at all our New Jersey Stores for Friday-Saturdaytlio (HHUiH no (luniund.FRANK M. HENDERSONl'ulill'rnctlcnl l'nlntor iinil DccorntorFlno WnltnndAutoflBtlnmtou OhoorfullyWnroliouao nnd shop, opp. I), h- & \fBtntlonnotiWcnoo, JofTcruon Btroot,'1'he Mlno Mill llrrmen lire luildlngtlm iioc.ond odltlon of tliolr annualfair on tlio groundH nonr tho llrohwuliiuaitui'B, During novornlflivynofllio fulr hold lust month rain Hpolloiltlio progrnm. Tlio fair will coinmonooand will,continue tomorrowuml Baturduy niglit.V N. XWATKU.HCHIIHH: Ono (load ekiinlt; o n o dlcadchlukon, Shop now Bloopa in an auandonod tool lioiiso. Will tomporftr'llyon tho roof.Tlio Stroot Committed of tjie BoroCouncil la kolng ooinpllmo:placing. Blgm nt tho Bovoralto thg lioro, ffltlnK t l « i tilli*'01 '*»vwo'A. FRIEDMANJ. H, CRANEIcHIROPODISTftrcotfTHE CRANE COMPANYMorrlatown, N. J.SucccBsars to J. II. JnckeonBUlLiDE S r a Taxi callJPel. 177 Rockawayw. II. ORANEMODERN HOMES FOR MODERN'PEOPLEContracting and Jobblno;IAMAX fiM, Shop on Cobb StJ: '. KOCKAWAY. N.4G-ti '" V fREPUBLICAN PROTESTOPPOSINGProhibitionBlue LawsMY OPPONENTYour AHBcinblymiui, Dnvid Barkman,ciindltl