RESTAURANTORIENTATIONHANDBOOKWelcome to the TeamNameNJB OPERATIONS, INC.DBA Taco bell/Taco bell-Pizza Hut/ Taco Bell-KFC/Taco Bell-Long John SilversRevised May 2013

Table of ContentsRestaurant Orientation Handbook Introduction .1At Will Employment .1Purpose of this Handbook .1Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.2Our Policy Against Harassment .2Section 1.Taco Bell’s History & Principles .5Introduction .5C.H.A.M.P.S. AND CUSTOMER MANIACS .6Our “How We Work Together” Principles .7Customer Mania .7Belief in People .7Recognition .7Coaching and Support.7Accountability .7Section 2.The Taco Bell Team .9Introduction .9Your Place on the Taco Bell Team.9Above-Restaurant management .9Your above-restaurant leader .9Name .9Your restaurant’s managers . 10Roles & Responsibilities of Team Members . 11Ways We Communicate at Taco Bell. 11Section 3.Your Employment at Taco Bell NJB Operations, Inc. . 13Introduction . 13Work Schedules & Reporting Your Hours Worked . 14Rules for Rest Breaks, Meal Periods, & Discounted Meals . 15Your Pay . 16Rules for Parking, Telephone Use & Personal Belongings . 18Section 4.Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) Policy . 19Section 5.Workplace Violence . 27Revised May 2013

Section 6.Rules of Conduct . 29Code of Conduct for Health, Safety & Security. 35CERTIFICATE OF RECEIPT . 51Revised May 2013

Restaurant Orientation HandbookIntroductionWelcome to the Taco Bell Team at Taco Bell/NJB Operations Inc., a leading company inthe fast food industry. We are glad you are on our winning team.We are dedicated to delighting our Guests. When our guests are delighted, Taco Bellcontinues to grow and provide more opportunities for our employees. We need your help indelighting our Guests and growing our business.At Will EmploymentYour employment with Taco Bell/NJB Operations, Inc. (the “Company”) is considered“at will,” which means that your employment has no definite term. Therefore, you mayterminate your employment at any time, with or without cause, and with or without notice, andthe Company has the same right. No representative of the Company, other than the President ofthe Company, has any authority, at any time, to enter into any agreement of employment for anyspecified period of time, or to assure any other personnel action relating to you, or to assure anysalary, benefits, or other terms and conditions of employment. In order to be valid, any suchagreement must be in writing and signed both by the President of the Company and by you. Thispolicy supercedes any other communication, assurance, or promise which may have been madeto you at any time whether oral or written.Purpose of this HandbookWe provide this Handbook as an introduction to the Company and a guideline to help youunderstand both your role and that of the Company. This Handbook sets forth our mission,values, benefits, policies, procedures and rules. While we strive for consistency, pleaseunderstand that this Handbook is not a contract of employment or of any other kind, andnothing contained in this Handbook is an enforceable promise of any kind. Rather, it isintended solely for information purposes. This Handbook and the policies and statements itcontains may be revised by the Company at any time, for any reason, without prior notice. Ifchanges are made, we will attempt to notify you promptly. Finally, this Handbook does notdiscuss every matter that may arise or concern you, and those matters not covered in thisHandbook will be dealt with fairly and properly.This Handbook supercedes and/or modifies any and all pre-existing Handbooks, rules,benefits, policies, and procedures, whether written or otherwise.When to usethishandbookThis handbook is yours.·Use it as part of your orientation training in the restaurant·After your orientation training, you may keep this book andrefer to it for on-going information while working at TacoBell/NJB Operations.

If you have questions or cannot find what you are looking for in thishandbook, talk with your RGM.Equal Employment Opportunity PolicyThe Company is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. It is our policy to provideequal employment opportunities to all qualified applicants and employees without regard to theirrace, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, national origin, disability,handicap, citizenship, veteran status, or on any other basis prohibited by law.We make reasonable accommodations when necessary for all employees and/orapplicants with disabilities or handicaps, provided the individual is otherwise qualified toperform the essential functions of the job. Such individuals are encouraged to discuss their needfor a reasonable accommodation with their Restaurant General Manager (“RGM”) or theCompany’s Human Resources office at (847) 955-1000.If you feel that you have been discriminated against in any respect, you shouldimmediately bring the matter to the attention of management through the complaint procedurecontained in this Handbook, or by approaching any member of management with whom youwould feel comfortable discussing your complaint.Our Policy Against HarassmentWe believe that our employees should be able to work in an atmosphere free from allforms of harassment. Therefore, it is our policy to prohibit all types of harassment, including butnot limited to harassment based on: sex, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, national origin,age, disability, handicap, citizenship, marital status, veteran status or any other basis prohibitedby law. This policy extends to each and every level of our operations. Accordingly, harassment,whether by a fellow employee, a customer, a guest, or a member of management, will not betolerated. Activities of this nature are unlawful and serve no legitimate purpose; they have adisruptive effect on your ability to perform your job and they undermine the integrity of theemployment relationship.Harassment is verbal or physical conduct relating to an individual’s sex, sexualorientation, race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, citizenship, marital status,veteran status or other protected status when this conduct: (a) has the purpose or effect ofcreating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment; (b) has the purpose or effectof unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance; or (c) otherwise adverselyaffects an individual’s employment opportunities. Some examples of conduct that mayconstitute prohibited harassment include: slurs, jokes, cartoons, stereotypes, statements, etc.based upon sex, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability,citizenship, marital status, veteran status or any other basis prohibited by law.Specifically, acts considered to constitute SEXUAL HARASSMENT include, but are notlimited to, unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physicalconduct of a sexual nature when: (a) submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or2

implicitly a term or condition of an individual’s employment; (b) an individual’s submission toor rejection of such conduct is used as a basis for an employment decision affecting thatindividual; or (c) the purpose or the effect of such conduct is to substantially interfere with theaffected individual’s work performance or to create an intimidating, hostile or offensive workenvironment. Some examples of unwelcome behavior that can be construed as sexualharassment include, but are not limited to: sexual advances; propositions; sexually suggestivegestures; sexual jokes; off-color language; vulgar language; touching; physical assault;possessing, distributing or posting sexually explicit or suggestive magazines, pictures, posters,objects or material; derogatory comments about gender; references to a person’s body parts,requests for sexual activity; and/or sexually explicit conversation.Although the above defines “unlawful” harassment, it is also a violation of this policy tocommit or engage in any unprofessional or inappropriate conduct based on any protectedcharacteristic, whether or not such conduct rises to the level of “unlawful” harassment.We take allegations of harassment very seriously. If you believe that you are the victimof harassment by anyone (including supervisors, co-workers, customers or visitors), you shoulddo the following:1.If possible, document or otherwise record each incident of alleged harassment, includingthe date, time, place, what was said or done, and the surrounding circumstances.2.If you are comfortable doing so, clearly and directly communicate to the offendingindividual that his/her conduct is unwelcome, and request that the offensive behaviorstop.3.At the same time, you should immediately bring the matter to the attention of RGM. Ifyour supervisor is somehow involved in the harassment, or if you are uncomfortabletalking to him or her, you should report this matter to the Company’s Human ResourcesOffice at (847) 955-1000.4.You may also report incidents of harassment directly to the President of the Company.For additional information regarding employee rights and responsibilities, please see ourposter called “Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law”. No supervisor or manager has theauthority to condition any tangible job benefit on an employee’s putting up with or agreeing toany conduct that may violate this policy. If an employee believes that he or she has beendeprived of any job benefit or that he or she has been threatened, he or she should immediatelyreport it to one of the individuals listed above.Because of their sensitive nature, all complaints of harassment will be investigated withcare, and the privacy of the complaining person and the person accused of harassment will berespected to the extent possible. The Company will actively investigate all harassmentcomplaints, and if it is determined that harassment has occurred, management will takeappropriate disciplinary action against the offending party, up to and including discharge.Retaliation against any person who has complained about harassment, filed a charge ofharassment, or who otherwise participated in an investigation of harassment will not be tolerated.3

Furthermore, no supervisor, manager or officer has the authority to require you to tolerate oragree to any conduct that violates this policy in order to receive any job benefit, includingcompensation, duties, assignments, promotions, etc. Such activities are unlawful and will resultin severe discipline, up to and including discharge.4

Section 1.Taco Bell’s History &PrinciplesIntroductionWe want to share the story and history of Taco Bell. You cancarry on the vision Glenn Bell created. We’ll do it together. Wewant you to be glad you joined Taco Bell, and we want ourGuests to be glad they came to Taco Bell.Orientation VideoYou should have watched the Orientation Video and learned:····Taco Bell’s history.How you can “Carry the Torch” Glenn Bell started.Your role in making our Guests glad they ate at TacoBell.Your next steps.5

C.H.A.M.P.S. AND CUSTOMER MANIACSDelighting Guests is important to us. Guests tell us they are delighted when we deliverC.H.A.M.P.S.C.H.A.M.P.S. stands for the EPRODUCT QUALITYSPEED WITH SERVICEYou will learn more about C.H.A.M.P.S. when you attend C.H.A.M.P.S. training.Customer Maniacs are Team Members who deliver 100% C.H.A.M.P.S. with a Yes,100% of the time. You will learn more about C.H.A.M.P.S. and Customer ManiacCertification during your orientation where you will:····Discuss examples for each part of C.H.A.M.P.S.Define Customer Maniac.Define the role of Service Champions.Define the role of Food Champions.This will enable you to deliver C.H.A.M.P.S. excellence to every Guest.Conduct a C.H.A.M.P.S. Check in your own restaurant.6

Our “How We Work Together” PrinciplesIntroductionAt Taco Bell, we believe that when everyonefollows our “How We Work Together”(HWWT) principles, we will work as a team ina fun, exciting, and safe environment.You are responsible for understanding andusing these principles. You can expect yourmanagement team to demonstrate ourprinciples.How We Work Together PrinciplesCustomer ManiaWe listen and respond to the voice of the Guest; we areobsessed to go to the extra mile to make our Guestshappy.Belief in PeopleWe:····Believe in people.Trust in positive intentions.Encourage ideas from everyone.Actively develop a workforce that is diverse instyle and background.RecognitionWe find reasons to celebrate the achievements of othersand having fun doing it.Coaching and SupportWe coach and support each other.AccountabilityWe do what we say; we are accountable; we act likeowners.We beat last year’s results by continuously improvingand innovating. We follow through with daily intensity.Excellence in ExecutionPositive EnergyWe execute with positive energy and intensity we hatebureaucracy and all the nonsense that comes with it.7

TeamworkWe practice team together, team apart after productiveconflict.Notes:8

Section 2.The Taco Bell TeamIntroductionTo be an effective Team Member, it is important to know what we expect of you. In thissection, you will learn:·Your Team Members’ names and titles.·Team Members’ roles and responsibilities.·Ways Team Members work together.Your Place on the Taco Bell TeamAbove-RestaurantmanagementYou work for Taco Bell in an individual franchise restaurant that is apart of the NJB Operations, Inc. Team.The Taco Bell/NJB Operations Team divides restaurants into districts.Each district has 6 or more restaurants, and is led by an Area Coach.NJB Operations, Inc. is located at 231 Olde Half Day Rd.,Lincolnshire, IL 60069. Phone: 847-955-1000.Your aboverestaurant leaderWrite the name of your restaurant’s Area Coach below.Area CoachName9

Your restaurant’smanagersEach restaurant has its own managers and shift leads. Write down thenames of your store’s managers and shift leads.Service Champion TM Trainer (certified as both)Food ChampionYouarehereTeam MemberEach levelrequiresrecertificationas a CustomerManiac.Team Members10

Roles & Responsibilities of Team MembersIntroductionYOU play an important role within our restaurant. If everyoneknows their role we will work better as a team.Roles and responsibilitiesRestaurant roles and responsibilities are described below:RoleKey responsibility is to put a on each guest’s face by RestaurantGeneral Leading and managing the entire team.Manager (RGM)Senior Assistant Manager Assisting the RGM in performing general management duties.(SAM)andAssistantManager (AM)Shift LeadSupervising and coaching the activities of Team Members on ashift.Manager in Charge (MIC)A manager who is physically present in the restaurant and leadsthe restaurant team in delivering C.H.A.M.P.S. to every Guest.Team MemberBecoming certified as a Customer Maniac in either the role of aService Champion or Food Champion or both. Customer maniacsdeliver 100% C.H.A.M.P.S. with a Yes attitude, 100% of thetime, for each and every GuestWays We Communicate at Taco BellIntroductionCommunication is very important for teamwork. To be effective,communication must happen in two ways.The MessageFeedbackSENDEREffective communicationRECEIVERTaco Bell promotes effective communication in these ways:11

Ways of CommunicatingPerformance Feedback andCoachingIs used to ·Tell you what isexpected of you.·Improve yourperformance.·Recognize goodperformance.·Prepare you for newresponsibilities.Performance FeedbackProgram·The Open Door PolicyGive you a fairperformance appraisal.·Improve yourperformance.·Determine any payincreases.Communicate (confidentially)a concern or problem:·That you are unable todiscuss or resolve withyour immediate.·Without fear or harmto you.Notes:12Through ·Positive Feedback:What you do that’sgood and why it isimportant.·Corrective Feedback:What you did wrong,what you should dodifferently, and why itis important.Performance appraisal(evaluation) discussiongenerally occur twice per year.Talking to your:·Restaurant GeneralManager (RGM).·Area Coach.·Owner.·Human Resources orFranchise officerepresentative at 847955-1000.

Section 3.Your Employment atTaco BellNJB Operations, Inc.IntroductionAs a member of the Taco Bell Team, you are expected to become familiar with ourpolicies and procedures about:·Terms for employment.·Work schedules and breaks.·Your pay and benefits.·Use of restaurant property.13

Work Schedules & Reporting Your Hours WorkedReadpostedschedulework Each work week begins on a Wednesday and ends on a Tuesday.The RGM prepares and posts a work schedule every Friday forthe upcoming workweek. Your manager will show you:··Reporting hoursWhere the schedule is posted.How to read the schedule.You are responsible for reporting your hours by:·“Clocking in” and “clocking out” when you beginworking and when you finish working.Or, if applicable,··Using the “Break/In” and “Break/Out” key when takingrest breaks.Using the “Out/In” keys when taking unpaid meal periods.General Restaurant hoursTaco Bells are generally open from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.Working overti