THEOKLAHOMANURSEThe Official Publication of the Oklahoma Nurses AssociationQuarterly publication delivered to approximately 64,000 Registered Nurses and LPNs in OklahomaVolume 65 Number 3August 20202020 ONA ANNUAL CONVENTIONThe Oklahoma Nurses Association invites youto attend the 2020 Annual Nurses Convention.This year’s theme is Year of the Nurse:Celebrating Oklahoma Nurses. Although weare coming together in a very different way thisyear, we genuinely want to focus on celebratingnurses, including your dedication and youraccomplishments. This year’s convention eventwill be held virtually on October 1st. During thisevent, attendees will explore how Oklahoma nurseshave dealt with adversity, innovative ways patientcare has been delivered, and how we’ve advancednursing. Attendees are encouraged to explore andunderstand nurse experiences and research in amultitude of ways that will be interactive, fun andeducational. Our virtual convention will have postersessions, brain breaks, and informative breakoutsessions. As part of our celebrating Oklahomanurses, we will be opening a call for nurses to sharetheir personal stories and photos on our websitewith the theme If Flo Could See Us Now, which willbe highlighted throughout the event.We are so fortunate to have nurses share theirexperiences in how they have dealt with adversityand advanced nursing. If Flo Could See Us Now,she would be so proud of the way nurses havePresort StandardUS PostagePAIDcurrent resident orpractice. In addition to posters and breakoutsessions, our virtual exhibit hall will be open onThursday with offering a wide range of exhibitors.The poster sessions will be prerecorded allowing ourPoster Presenters to share their research with you andduring the scheduled time you will be able to ask yourquestions during the live chat. Our brain break sessionswill be live allowing you to participate in a break fromlearning throughout the day. Breakout sessions will bepre-recorded, with the presenter available to answerquestions during the scheduled session time via livechat. Attendees will be able to enjoy all of the sessionssince they will be pre-recorded and be available for ashort time after October 1. However, only on October 1,during the scheduled times, will you be able to chat withthese presenters.You will walk away with a feeling of empowermentand excitement in knowing that Flo would be proudof your work this year during the Year of the Nurse!Don’t miss this opportunity to join us as we discussthese and other important issues. We look forwardto seeing you on the screen in October!ONA Convention Sponsors allow us to continueto offer a post-licensure student rate again this year,along with a new discounted LPN rate. Exhibitorspace and Sponsorships are still available! Go tothe ONA Website, for moreinformation and to register.dealt with this pandemic. Our sessions dealing withthe pandemic include: The COVID-19 Experience:A Survey of Registered Nurses; The Impact andImportance of Nurse Handover in the EmergencyRoom; Hoping for the Best Starts with Planning forthe Worst; Hospital Staffing: A Tiered Approach inthe Midst of a Pandemic; and Comprehensive ERto Covid-19. Sessions dealing with other nursingpractice issues include: The Danger of Silence:Creating Spaces for Psychological Safety inHealthcare, ACEs in the Workplace; and Q-Tips –The Power of Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence.October 1 will kick-off with celebrating ourawards recipients during the session If Flo CouldSee Us Now Awards followed by our openingkeynote with Tena Brown. In her presentation,How to be a Positively Unforgettable Nurse,Tena unpacks the burden of disease and its impacton quality of life, the significant role of the nursein patient experience, and how an empatheticapproach to nursing can change patient outcomes.Tena Brown is an empathy educator and patientadvocate. She speaks to audiences across thecountry about the importance of empathetic andcompassionate patient care. As a patient who haslived with chronic illnesses for a lifetime, Tena’spersonal health experiences place her in a uniqueposition to elevate patient care. In this session,Our second general session, If Flo Could SeeUs Now Informing Our Future, will focus onthe experiences and stories of nurses during thispandemic, how we can support those on the frontlines,lessons learned from nursing leaders and ways tobuild resiliency. This quote by Jean Watson, PHD, RN,AHN-BC, FAAN, (LL -AAN) founding director at theWatson Caring Science Institute defines our desiredoutcome for this session: “What will nursing be andwhat will nursing become when the institutions thathave protected us and defined us no longer exists?”Over 20 poster presenters will be showcased,covering a wide range of nursing research andPermit #14Princeton, MN553712020 ONA Convention RatesFull Convention Rates:ONA & Affiliate Members Full ConventionNon-Member - Full ConventionPost-Licensure Student Rate Full ConventionLPN Rate - Full Convention 150.00 175.00 99.00 175See Schedule at a Glance on page 4INSIDEPresident’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .CEO Report. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Emerging Nurses. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .RN2Leader . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .ONA Candidates to be Elected . . . . . . . .The Oklahoma 2020 LegislativeSession Wrap Up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .234568How Undergraduate Research CourseRevisions Impacted Student ConfidenceRegarding Evidenced-Based Principle. . 10Joining and Creating ONA Chapter. . . . 12Building Nursing Leadership Skills for aPandemic and Beyond . . . . . . . . . . . . 13Educators Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19

2The Oklahoma NurseAugust, September, October 2020Oklahoma Nurses Association Regions and Regional PresidentsRegion 1:President: Lucas RichardsonWalkerRegion 2:President: Donna FeslerRegion 3:President: Julie NevinsRegion 4:Representative: Leslie CollinsRegion 5:President: Nakeda HallRegion 6:President: Viki SaidlemanContact information available at www.oklahomanurses.orgOklahoma Nurses AssociationEditor: [email protected] 2019-2020 BOARD OF DIRECTORS:President – Karen Ann Taylor, DNP, APRN-CNP, PMHNP-BCPresident-Elect – Shelly Wells, PhD, MBA, APRN-CNS, ANEFVice President – Angela Martindale, PhD, RNSecretary/Treasurer – Julia Profit-Johnson, RN-BSNMembership Development Director – Brandi M. Payton,MSHCA, BSN, RNEducation Director – Vanessa Wright, PhD, MSN, RNPractice Director – Michele Bradshaw, BSN, RNPolitical Activities Director – Megan Jester, MS, RNEmerging Nurse Director – Tina Stewart, MSN, BSN, RNRegion 1 President – Lucas Richardson-Walker, BSN, RNRegion 2 President – Donna FeslerRegion 3 President – Julie NevinsRegion 4 President – VACANTRegion 5 President – Nakeda Hall, DNP, APRN-CNPRegion 6 President – Viki Saidleman, RNONSA Consultant – Dr. Dean Prentice, Colonel (Retired),USAF, NC, DHA, MA, BSN, NE-BCONA STAFF:Jane Nelson, CAE — CEOAndrea Starmer — Director of Events and EducationAmber Feldpausch — Event PlannerTaylor Dempsey - Director of CommunicationsMAILING ADDRESS:Oklahoma Nurses Association6608 N Western, #627, Oklahoma City, OK 73116405/840-3476Subscriptions:The subscription rate is 20 per year.PRESIDENT’S MESSAGEKaren Taylor, DNP, APRN-CNP, PMHNP-BCLooking back at the pastsix months, it is easy tosee why nurses are beingcalled “heroes.” Although2020 was initially designatedthe Year of the Nurse andMidwife to celebrate nurses,it soon turned into a globalhealthcarecrisisthatcatapulted nurses into thespotlight. Being identified asKaren Taylorheroes is certainly a befittingaccolade for nurses, but wehave always been heroes! “You see more of us now,but we have been here all along” (Mason, 2020).During this time of devastation and death, thecare provided by nurses caused by COVID-19illuminated the importance of nurses and the expertcare we provide. Mason (2020) commented thatnurses being identified as heroes now is “ironic —and fitting — that it took a global pandemic andnot some bureaucratic declaration to drive homeBefore there was Covid, there was Cholera!Heroes of the1833 CHOLERA EPIDEMICin Lexington, KentuckyA gripping account of the true story, withlessons for our global health today! Researchedand written by Terry Foody, RN, MSN.Buy New from Terry on Amazon or at group rates or speaking: [email protected] nursing faculty at Oklahoma State University areinvestigating the continued impact of the current COVID-19pandemic among Registered Nurses.This follow-up, anonymous, online survey should take approximately10-15 minutes to complete. Participation is voluntary and all data will remainunidentifiable and confidential. To assist in the distributionof the survey, please forward the link to other nursing colleagues.We appreciate your participation as we further explore the experiences ofnurses during this challenging time.IRB-20-249Survey: bdzVIlsiAK639lPthat point and bring nurses into focus.” Despitethe notoriety, for the selfless, expert healthcarenurses provide, we are still not fully recognized ashealthcare leaders. Perhaps, this pandemic will shedlight on the crucial aspect of who we are!I hope you received your buff from ONA andwear it in public to prevent further spread of theCOVID-19 virus. As experts who possess knowledgeand capabilities to provide safe, effective care andwho have been respected and trusted by society forover fifteen years, we can certainly show leadershipby proudly wearing our buff. Being recognized bythe media and community for the selfless care weprovide to the sick and dying is appreciated; let’sset the example and promote a healthy societythrough our leadership and actions. Much like ourpredecessor, we have the power to improve healthand nursing care.Nurses are on the front lines and know the issuesthat are impacting healthcare and nursing. I hopewe are getting actively involved in leadership andlegislation to continue to improve health care andour work environments. Although we have not beenable to meet our legislators face to face, we canuse our virtual voices and continue advocating forchange in healthcare and nursing.Speaking of virtual voices the Board andConvention Planning Committee have discussedthe safest way to conduct our annual ONA nursingconvention. After reviewing the membership surveyresults, the convention planning committee ispreparing for a virtual conference. If you have anabstract for poster or presentation to submit, pleasesend it in. I look forward to seeing you there!In closing, I want to say, THANK YOU for all youdo every day of every year. I know this year hastested nurses in ways never imagined, but youhave shown leadership and resolve in the face ofadversity!Be and stay well!Reference:Mason, D. (June 26,2020). Nurses lack representation inmedia: Recognize them for the leaders that theyare. USA Today Opinion. 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Articlesappearing in this publication express the opinions of theauthors; they do not necessarily reflect views of the staff,board, or membership of ONA or those of the national orlocal associations.CONTACT THE ONAPhone: 405.840.3476E-mail: [email protected] site: www.oklahomanurses.orgMail: 6608 N Western, #627, Oklahoma City, OK 73116Questions about your nursing license?Contact the Oklahoma Board of Nursing at 405.962.1800.Want to advertise in The Oklahoma Nurse?Contact Arthur L. Davis Publishing Agency, 800.626.4081 or email at [email protected] CORE VALUESONA believes that organizations are value drivenand therefore has adopted the following core values: DiversitySafe Quality CareEthical CareHealth Parity Integrity and AccountabilityPractice CompetenceProfessional DevelopmentEducational AdvancementONA MISSION STATEMENTThe Mission of the Oklahoma Nurses Association is to empowernurses to improve health care in all specialties and practicesettings by working as a community of professional nurses.VISIONCreating opportunities through advocacy, education andcollaboration to become the leading voice for the nursingprofession in the State of Oklahoma.BRAND PROMISEEngaging Nurses to make a difference!

August, September, October 2020The Oklahoma Nurse3CEO REPORTONA and YOU!Jane Nelson, CAECEO, Oklahoma NursesAssociationThe Oklahoma NursesAssociation always focuseson nurses, and the work theprofession does for society.This year was no different aswe worked to support andadvocate for nurses duringthis pandemic. Ensuring thatJane Nelsonnurses maintain this socialcontract with society by engaging in legislativeadvocacy that advances the profession, supportsnursing education, influences better health care,and protects patient safety. Nursing’s Social PolicyStatement is about how nursing helps others—thesocial contract—between the nursing professionand society. ONA does this in a variety of ways, letme share some of them with you.We accomplish this work in many ways. One ofthem is our legislative advocacy efforts. In this issue,ONA’s Lobbyist, Vickie White Rankin shares thework done at the State Capitol this year on behalfof nurses and their patients. This legislative sessionwas especially unique with its stops and starts. ONAalso partnered with other health care organizations,including the Oklahoma Hospital Association,Oklahoma State Medical Association, the OklahomaOsteopathic Association and others in advocatingfor health care workers with the Governor onemergency orders, partnering to pass SQ 802, andencouraging Oklahomans to wear masks with theGotMaskOK campaign.The GotMaskOK campaign is a way for nurses,physicians, and others to share why they wear amask, especially on social media. There is botha Facebook page GotMaskOK and website,, where you can submit your photoof you wearing a mask and your reasons. Severalof ONA Board Members have gotten involved! Wehope you do too.Another way ONA represents you is at ANApolicy meetings such as ANA’s MembershipAssembly. The Membership Assembly is the bodythat provides direction to ANA’s policy work andthe ANA Board. ONA representatives included ONAPresident, Karen Taylor, ONA President-Elect, ShellyWells, and Member at Large, Angie Kamermayer.This year’s ANA Membership Assembly wasdifferent as it was virtual via Zoom. Work at thismeeting focused on the adoption of ANA’s duespolicy, allowing us to keep ONA/ANA dues at thesame rate for the next five years. Additionally,several states shared how this pandemic affectednurses in their state and their future work.The ANA Membership Assembly also adopteda Resolution on Racial Justice for Communitiesof Color, calling on nurses to oppose and addressall forms of racism and discrimination everywhere,including within nursing. It also calls upon nurses toconsider the following:- Condemn brutality by law enforcement and allacts of violence- Champion the Code of Ethics for Nurses- Advance institutional and legislative policiesthat promote diversity, equity, inclusion, andsocial justice- Advocate for the ending of health inequities- Promote deliberate and respectful dialogue,active listening, and commitment to changeAnother way ONA assists with this socialcontract is by the agenda-setting members do atthe ONA House of Delegates and the professionaldevelopment we offer. The ONA House of Delegatesmeets as part of the ONA Convention, but this year’sConvention and House of Delegates will look slightlydifferent. The ONA Convention, Year of the Nurse:Celebrating Oklahoma Nurses October 1 virtually.We genuinely want to focus on celebrating nurses,including your dedication and accomplishments, as ithas already been an extraordinary year. Conventionwill be a one-day event featuring the ways youand your colleagues have dealt with adversity, theinnovative ways you’ve ensured patient care, and howyou’ve advanced nursing.If you are an ONA member, you can serve as aDelegate to the ONA House of Delegates.The ONA House of Delegates will not be on thesame day as Convention. There is more informationon the House of Delegates in this newspaper and onthe ONA website, If you arelooking for more details on the ONA Convention, itis also available in this newspaper and on the ONAwebsite.These are some of the ways ONA works to buildupon the social contract between nurses andsociety. ONA works on many more, but we needguidance from our members to focus our efforts. Tohave a voice in providing direction the organizationtakes, you need to be a member.We hope you will be a member and get involvedso that we can collectively make a difference inOklahoma!

4The Oklahoma NurseAugust, September, October 2020EMERGING NURSESAdapting Tina Stewart, MBA, MSN, RNONA Emerging Nurse DirectorSpeaking of adapting to your environment, doyou ever take pause and reflect on that statement?I know that I have, thinking to myself – that's easiersaid than done. It reminds me of a time back in myearly twenties when I studied martial arts. You maybe asking, what in the world does nursing have to dowith martial arts?Martial arts not only taught me self-defenseand self-discipline, but it also taught me a lotabout adapting. I learned to adapt to unknownenvironments, protect myself and others, anddiligently use critical thinking skills. During mytraining, we learned, breathed, and lived by the FiveTenets. In hopes that you can utilize these whileadapting to the environments of the health careindustry, I will share the Five Tenets.1. Courtesy - reflects politeness; it is thegratitude and chivalrous attitudes that we giveothers. Remember that a simple thank yougoes a long way. When one is talking, alwayspay attention, listen with empathic ears, berespectful, and remember that incivility isharmful.2. Integrity - is doing what is right when noone is watching. I like to compare timemanagement skills when it comes to integrity.Remember, short cuts are never the answer.Take your time and do what is right. Whenyou have someone's life in your hands,shortcutting can lead to a simple mistake thatcauses poor outcomes. Have the integrity tocomplete the task by giving quality care.3. Perseverance - I recall a poster as I workeda marat