INDIAN PRAIRIE SCHOOL DISTRICT 204MISSION STATEMENTOur Mission Is:To prepare all students to succeed in an ever-changing world through comprehensiveprograms and experiences in collaboration with family and community.We Know:Including and respecting all people strengthens public education;We cultivate a climate charged with enthusiasm for teaching and learning;We challenge all students to reach their potential;Our students must develop the skills to become life-long learners;Students learn best in a safe and caring environment;Education works best when the entire community participates and shares the responsibility.PRINCIPALS' MESSAGEWelcome to the 2009 - 2010 school year.This booklet provides information that is divided into two areas of interest to studentsand parents. The first section contains general school information. Information regardingattendance, student progress, resources, supportive services, school events and activities iscovered. School climate expectations, rule violations and consequences are also includedfor your reference. Although the behavior of District #204 students is generally outstanding,instances do arise in which the disciplinary consequences need to be implemented.Awareness of the violations and consequences does provide a proactive environment forlearning. Please read these violations and consequences. It is the students responsibility tobe knowledgeable regarding the content of this handbook.The second section of the booklet provides students with a valuable study guide andassignment notebook. We believe that this organizational tool is one of the keys to schoolsuccess and we teach students to use it consistently. Parents are encouraged to review thisinformation daily to support good study habits and assignment completion. Throughcooperation of school staff, parents and students, District #204 will continue to provide achallenging environment for learning excellence.Best wishes for a successful and productive school year.Sincerely,Kimmer Cornish, Allan Davenport, Stan Gorbatkin, Mary Kelly, Kathy Kosteck,Jennifer Nonnemacher & Stephen SeversonIndian Prairie District 204—Middle School Principals1

SECTION 1: STUDENT ACADEMIC PROGRESSREPORTING PROCEDURESAs the district has moved to on-line grade reporting, progress reports and report cards will nolonger be mailed unless requested by the parents or guardians. Parents or guardians areencouraged to monitor their student’s progress on a regular basis using the on-linegradebook program. Official cut-offs for report card and progress report dates can be foundon the school and district calendars.Incompletes are given to students who are absent for an extended period of time or whohave extenuating circumstances that require additional time to complete assignments.Parent(s) and the student are to be notified prior to the issuance of the incomplete with thereason for the incomplete, the measures needed to complete the class work, the time frameand consequences of failing to complete the assignments. All incompletes are handled onan individual basis and parent(s) are to be notified when the incomplete is removed from thepermanent record.MIDDLE SCHOOL GRADING GUIDELINESMiddle School teachers in District #204 recognize the wide range of abilities, aptitudes,stages of cognitive development, and levels of maturity of the students they serve.Therefore, they support an evaluation system which encourages the development of workhabits, skills, and attitudes that are necessary for students to become life-long learners.Grading standards developed by individual teachers confirm this belief by promotingevaluation practices that: reflect student’s achievement of curricular goals in respect to their abilities. reflect numerous and varied age-appropriate opportunities for students tosucceed and demonstrate knowledge of subject matter. foster student’s responsibility by considering work quality, effort, and taskperformance. effect good communication with students, parents, staff and community. Grading scale, standards & GPA ValuesAA–B BB–C 673.333.002.672.33CC–D DD–F73–7871–727066–696564 & Below2.001.671.331.000.670.00Demonstrates outstanding progressDemonstrates outstanding participation2

BCDF Is motivated and organizedWorks beyond established goals for achievement and contributionDemonstrates above average progressUsually participatesCompletes class assignments and homeworkIs attentiveDemonstrates average progressOccasionally participatesCompletes most class assignments and homeworkIs attentiveDemonstrates lowest acceptable progressRarely participatesFrequently does not complete assignmentsIs inattentiveDemonstrates no progressDoes not participateDoes not complete assignmentsIs inattentiveCalculating GPA— To calculate your GPA for middle school, assign a grade point valueto each letter grade according to the previous scale then take the total of those valuesand divide it by the total number of classes. EffortO Effort exceeds reasonable expectations for this studentS Effort meets reasonable expectations for this studentU Effort does not meet reasonable expectations for this student Evaluation ComponentsTeachers will use frequent and ongoing evaluation in determining grades. Variouscomponents may include the following:* Participation* Notetaking* Discussion* Performance Evaluations* Cooperative Projects* In–Class Assignments* Quizzes and Tests* Special ProjectsThe middle school honor roll is determined for each nine weeks by the calculations of gradesreceived in all classes according to quality point scale value. Regular Honor Roll is obtainedby maintaining a 3.25 average. The High Honor Roll is obtained by maintaining a 3.60average.ON-LINE GRADE BOOK PARENT/STUDENT VIEWEROnline Grade Book Parent/Student ViewerThe Pinnacle Online Grade Book System allows students and parent to monitor their grades from any computer withinternet access.How do I access the Parent/Student Grade Book Viewer?3

1. Go to http://gradebook.ipsd.org2. Click on the Pinnacle Internet Viewer icon on the left.3. Use your 12 digit student ID number to login. Ex. 000000012345(note: if your ID is less than 12 digits long, add leading zeros)4. Use the student computer password in all lower case. Ex. abcdef5. Choose Fischer Middle School in the school area, then click Login.What Will I see? After logging in, you will see the “Grade Summary” Use the “class reports” drop down menus on the left to createdetailed reports. The grade displayed is the “Current” live grade. Student names are not displayed for security purposes.Q: How often are the grades updated online?A: A general guideline of two weeks should be expected betweenwhen an assignment is turned in and when it is recorded online.Please realize that this system shows a “live” grade and many gradeupdates will be at a work-in-progress status. Larger projects will generally have a longer grading timeline. If you or yourstudent has a question about a grade, they should speak directly to the teacher.Q: Can I be notified when a low grade is posted?A: Yes, click the “Email Signup” link on the left menu bar.Q: What other reports can I view?A: The GB View offers a variety of reports as shown by the image to the right. To view areport, select the class from the pull down menu to on the left side of the screen. Using thesecond pull down menu, select the report you would like to view. Finally, select the markingperiod you would like to view, and click “Get Report.”Q: What do the various grading codes mean?A: The Grade Book Viewer displays several grading codes listed below.Numeric Score Actual points awarded for the assignmentBlank Assignment has not been recorded yet / Does Not affect final gradeX Student has been excused from this assignment / Does Not affect final gradeZ Assignment is missing and zero points have been awarded / Does affect final grade0 Assignment has been turned in and zero points have been awarded / Does affect final gradePARENT CONFERENCESParent conferences are scheduled twice a year, once in the Fall and once in the Spring.Conferences may be teacher or parent initiated. Specific dates may be found in theenclosed school calendar. Final information regarding conference dates and schedules willbe in the school newsletter and communicated to parents by educational teams.Conferences can also be scheduled on non-designated parent/teacher conference dates ifcircumstances warrant.RETENTION/PROMOTION PROCEDUREIndian Prairie School District #204 believes that promotion from one grade level toanother is an endorsement that a student is academically and socially prepared forsuccess in the following school year. As such, it may be improper to socially promotestudents who have not met certain minimum standards. Students who do not achieve4

a yearly 1.5 average (A 4, B 3, C 2, D 1, F 0) for their academic/exploratoryclasses will be given consideration for retention.For the 2009-2010 school year, an extensive summer school program or analternative school placement will be considered for eighth grade students not meetingthe minimum grade standards, if promotion to the high school is to occur. Thissummer school option will only be offered based on prinicpal recommendation. As anextensive summer school program is not an option for sixth and seventh gradestudents, attendance at other special academic support sessions as determined bythe principal, may be required in consideration of promotion to the next grade level.The decision of retention/promotion must be individualized and examine severalsocial, developmental and academic factors unique to each student. It must includeparents, administration and teachers. Although parent support will be solicited, thefinal decision for retention/promotion will rest with the principal.SECTION 2: RESOURCESLIBRARY MEDIA CENTER (LMC)The LMC is open during the school day from 7:30A.M. to 3:00 P.M. To use the LMC before8:00 A.M., a student must get a pass from a teacher or an LMC staff member the previousday. If a student wants to work in the LMC after school, he or she needs to makearrangements with a teacher or LMC staff member to ensure that a faculty member will bepresent. Between 8:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M., students may come to the LMC with their class,with a staff member, or on a pass from a staff member. Students are encouraged to use themyriad of resources available in the LMC for research, to find information, to explore an areaof interest, or to get a book or magazine for personal reading. Parents are also welcome touse the resources of the LMC.MEDICATION POLICYParents will have the option of having district personnel administer the medication orrequesting that the child be allowed to self–administer. If choosing the self–administrationroute, it is recommended that the parent/guardian inform the school nurse in writing when thechild will be taking medication and which medication the child is taking.Parents who elect for their students to self administer should read these procedures andresponsibilities carefully. Students who do not follow these procedures and/or students whoabuse the decision to self administer by improper handling of medications may be liable fordisciplinary consequences under drug abuse rule violations.If the parent chooses self–administration, a one–day dosage of the medicine should be sentand will remain in the possession of the student at all times. The classroom teacher willallow the student time to take the medication, but the child will be responsible for5

remembering the prescribed time. There will be no involvement by school personnelconcerning any student who is self–medicating.Please make a special effort to ask your physician for time release medications and dosageschedules that eliminate medication being taken during school hours. This supports our goalof increasing the individual responsibility assumed by students and their families withoutincreasing the amount of medication that is carried in the school.If choosing to have district personnel administer the medication, the physician must sign thecorrect form and the medication will have to be brought to the school nurse in the appropriatepharmacy container with the appropriate amount of medicine for a one week supply.Medication will not be administered by district personnel during the school day except whensuch doctor prescribed medication is absolutely necessary for the critical health and wellbeing of the student. The use of prescription medication shall be applicable to the abovestated district guidelines. The use of non-prescription drugs in school by students is to bestrictly limited. Only over–the–counter medications which may routinely be appropriate forminor illness will be considered appropriate for school. Any questioned use of prescription ornon-prescription drugs will be investigated by administration and will be evaluated fordiscipline.Copies of this policy are available in the school office. Please call the school nurse if youhave any questions.NURSEA full–time nurse will be available on a daily basis. If a student becomes ill in school he/sheshould secure a pass from his/her teacher prior to reporting to the nurse's office. The nursewill decide what action should be taken. Students may not leave the building because ofillness without authorization.SUPPORTIVE SERVICESThe following resources and supportive services are available to students and their parentsor guardians: conferences with school personnel; counseling services by school counselors,social workers, and psychologists; testing by school psychologists and special educationpersonnel; schedule or program changes; placement in alternative educational programs;special education assessment and placement; and referral to community agencies forappropriate services. Questions and requests for services can be initiated through theschool guidance office.SECTION 3: ATTENDANCEPHILOSOPHY & EXPECTATIONSDistrict 204's educational program is built on the premise that regular attendance is vital to astudent's success in school. Ensuring that a student maintains regular attendance requirescooperative effort by the student, parent(s), and school personnel. The student who is6

frequently absent misses social interaction, and class instruction and discussion, eventhough written work is made up.Consistent with Section 26–1 of the Illinois School Code, District 204 expects parents orguardians to make reasonable efforts to ensure the regular attendance of their children, andto inform the school of any absences and their causes. The school will monitor eachstudent's attendance and inform parents or guardians of any attendance problems. A parentshould call the school between the hours of 7:00 - 8:30 A.M. on each day his/her youngsterwill be absent. In the case of a known extended absence of one week or more, only one callis necessary. If we are not contacted by 8:30 A.M., a parent will be called. If the sickness isinterpreted to be a contagious disease, readmission to school is to be by a back–to–schoolpermit signed by a physician. Pursuant to Illinois School Code, their child’s school mustnotify parents of students that have missed 10% of the previous 180 attendance days ofschool. In addition, students that are excluded from school for non-compliance with thevaccination requirement can be considered as truant if the vaccination requirement is not metwithin five attendance days of the exclusion.The following numbers should be called before 8:30 AM to report absences:Crone428 - 7460Gregory428 - 6316Hill428 - 6231Scullen428 - 7002Granger375 - 3412Still375 - 3902Fischer375 - 3110Students do need to attend a minimum of a half day of school to participate in extra curricularevents. 11:30 AM is considered the mid point for school attendance.District 204 considers absenteeism excessive when it significantly interferes with a student'sacademic performance or social development. Excessive absenteeism includes excessivetardiness.MAKE–UP WORKIf a student is unable to attend school for two or fewer days, he/she will receive make–upwork upon return to school and be given an appropriate due date. For extendedemergencies/illness, a parent may call the guidance office on the morning of the third day ofabsence to request make–up work. A parent may then come in the following morning to pickup the homework. As a general rule, one day of extra time is allotted for each day absentwhen scheduling make–up work.MEDICAL DOCUMENTATIONThe following are considered excused absences: illness, funerals, medical or dentalappointments, and other absences for which permission has been granted in advance. Thefollowing, even with parental consent, are considered as unexcused reasons for absences ortardies: truancies, working, missing the bus, oversleeping, shopping, car not starting,keeping personal appointments, visiting out of town (unless excused prior to absence),needed at home (unless excused prior to absence), and other avoidable absences. If thereis doubt about whether an absence will be considered excused or unexcused, check inadvance with the building office.7

Under certain circumstances, parents or guardians may be required to present medicaldocumentation of physical or emotional conditions causing a student's tardiness or absence.TARDINESSConsistent and regular attendance in all classes is an important component of academicachievement. Tardies to class interrupt this process, may negatively affect performance, andwill receive prompt response. Any student arriving at school after 8:00 A.M. is to reportdirectly to the receptionist to be issued a pass. No student will be admitted to class without asigned pass.Unexcused tardies to school shall follow the step discipline procedures. Teachers shallrecord class tardies and follow the step discipline procedure for students reporting late toclasses following first period.TRUANCYDistrict 204 considers a student to be truant who is absent without valid cause for a schoolday or portion thereof, as defined in Section 26–2a of the Illinois School Code. CHRONIC—District 204 considers a student to be a chronic truant who is absentwithout valid cause for 10% or more of the previous 180 regular attendance days, perSection 26–2a of the Illinois School Code. MINOR –District 204, in keeping with Section 26–2a of the Illinois School Code,considers a truant minor to be a chronic truant to whom the above resources andsupport services have been provided and have failed to result in the remediation ofthe chronic truancy, or have been offered and refused by the parent(s). guardian(s),and/or student. PUNITIVE ACTION—In keeping with Section 26–12 of the Illinois School Code,District 204 will take no punitive action, such as out–of–school suspensions,expulsion, or court action against chronic truants for such truancy unless the aboveresources and support services have been offered to the student and parent(s) orguardian(s). REFERRAL OF CHRONIC TRUANTS—District 204 will refer chronic truants to theDuPage Educational Service Region in accordance with current proceduresestablished by the Will and DuPage County Truant Offices.VACATIONSEvery effort should be made to not have students miss school for vacation purposes. Whenabsence occurs due to vacation, it is not always possible for students to receive allassignments in advance. Prior to their vacation, students may collect any homeworkassignments that are planned to be given during their absence. However, please be awarethat students may receive additional homework upon their return. Due dates for this newwork will be assigned accordingly.SECTION 4: SCHOOL EVENTS & ACTIVITIESPHILOSOPHY & EXPECTATIONSThe Board of Education of District 204 encourages its students to broaden their skills,knowledge and citizenship by participating in school-sponsored clubs, councils,8

interscholastic and intramural athletics, theatrical productions, and oth