GROUND BRANCH Trainer DownloadDownload - - - - DOWNLOADAbout This GameIn GROUND BRANCH, you will play as the elite paramilitary arm of the CIA's Special Activities Division/Special OperationsGroup (SAD/SOG) and lead other special operations forces through challenging deniable ops all over the globe. With deliberate,calculated and unforgiving gameplay, GROUND BRANCH aims to be the true rebirth of the tactical realism genre of the late'90s and early 2000s. Powered by Epic's Unreal Engine 4, GB puts the "tactical" back in "tactical shooter"—no compromises.TRUE FIRST PERSONGROUND BRANCH's unique True First-Person System improves world immersion and awareness of your surroundings,providing zero disconnect between your view and your character's physical presence in the environment. See your foot stickingout of cover? Better tuck it in—enemies may be able to see it (and shoot it) too, but only if their line of sight and muzzle are1 / 12

verifiably unobstructed. Cameras are placed at the character's eyes and bullets originate from the weapon's muzzle. InGROUND BRANCH, what you see is what you get.A minimal HUD with multiple optional elements ensures that vital information is available, but never a constant obstacle to eitherimmersion or your field of view.UNPRECEDENTED CUSTOMIZATIONSay goodbye to pre-defined kits and fully customize your character and gear from basic appearance and outfit to in-depth vestand weapon platform customization, down to individual pouch and attachment placement. What you bring to your mission isdetermined only by your loadout choice, with realistic consequences: With the upcoming encumbrance and stamina system, toomuch equipment will impact your character's speed and performance; place a scope too forward on the rail and your sightpicture will be too small; bring a long rifle into CQB and weapon collision may prove a hindrance.Forget unlocks, microtransactions and loot boxes. Ground Branch operators get all the right tools for the job straightaway—courtesy of the Agency.OPERATE, COOPERATEWhether in 8-player co-op or 8v8 adversarial game modes, GROUND BRANCH's unforgiving gameplay makes careful andcalculated teamwork essential. Gather your teammates and practice in full-featured training areas, including shooting rangeswith dynamic targets and customizable killhouses. Integrated VOIP with both 3D positional voice and radio ensures fullcommunication capabilities with no need for third-party software. Text chat and pre-recorded voice messages (commorose-style) also available for the mic-less and the shy.Prefer single-player? Missions with friendly A.I. and a full command system (both in development by industry veteran and A.I.researcher Phil Carlisle) are fully planned.BE IN FULL CONTROL2 / 12

In the tactical shooter realm, movement and weapon handling are king. Take full control of your character with standing,crouching and (soon!) prone stances—each with multiple movement speeds—as well as unique weapon postures (including lowand high-ready), leaning and stepping out, free-look (head movement independent from aim), customizable and optional freeaim (dead zone), dedicated mouse sensitivity sliders for point-shooting/unmagnified/magnified aiming, and all-around highlyconfigurable key bindings.You can also choose between speed reloads (drop magazine) and tactical reloads (retain current magazine) on the fly.ADDITIONAL FEATURES(both working/in-process—marked —and planned)MissionsGROUND BRANCH's unique "campaign" format will deliver smaller, more localized sets of missions based aroundglobal hotspots, with a centralized intelligence interface to monitor them and receive new mission orders over time. Thechoices you make along the way may affect future engagements. Based on unique environments all over the world, the non-linear mission and map designs offer multiple entry pointsand open-ended outcomes. Enemies are spawned at mission start, with a degree of randomization to quantity and location. No "monster closets" ormagic enemy spawns based on player location or mission progress.Multiplayer Ready Room: A physical multiplayer lobby where you can plan your approach, see your teammates' loadouts, testweapon configurations on a firing range and jointly select insertion points. Full—and free—dedicated server support. Host a server wherever you want!Create your own unit patches and attach them to your character's sleeves and headgear.Full support for MP ladders.After-action review (AAR) following each mission/round.Server-side options.MiscellaneousFull mod support. No gear unlocks, hit markers, kill confirmations or score pop-ups.3 / 12

Weapon bracing/supporting. Varied arsenal: Multiple handguns, submachine guns, carbines, assault and battle rifles, machine guns, DMRs, sniperrifles and explosives to choose from, with selectable ammunition type (e.g. full metal jacket, hollow point or subsonicrounds, smoke grenade color etc.). Map variation: In addition to day and night versions as well as weather variation, maps have small details that canchange between rounds, such as doors and windows that may be open, closed or blocked. Unlimited loadout save slots. Item sharing/dropping/pickups. Accurate ballistics with penetration, bullet drop and stopping power simulation.No regenerating health or health packs: Administer first aid to non-lethal injuries for reduced combat effectiveness.Location damage model: Expect visible injuries and consequences, such as limping, reduced arm function, and/or hits tostamina and accuracy. Players immobilized from a non-lethal injury can stay in the fight.Carry teammates to safety to administer first aid—or to safely recover their ammo, gear, cargo or body if they are nolonger alive.Appropriate and realistic playable female characters. Partial controller support (configurable).4 / 12

Title: GROUND BRANCHGenre: Action, Indie, Early AccessDeveloper:BlackFoot StudiosPublisher:BlackFoot StudiosRelease Date: 14 Aug, 2018a09c17d780Minimum:Requires a 64-bit processor and operating systemOS: Windows 7 SP1 64-bitProcessor: Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD FX-8350 or betterMemory: 4 GB RAMGraphics: Geforce GTX 570 or AMD Radeon HD 7850 or betterDirectX: Version 11Network: Broadband Internet connectionStorage: 20 GB available spaceEnglish5 / 12

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Theres literally 15players maximum online at once. Not worth the money in my opinion. this game is not bad but as of writing this the game isstill in an early state but if you want to fell taktickcool and deck out your weapons then this is a good game for that but for like20 your getting a lot you can pick what you where and what camo too and armor, head where, pants , shoes, eye,face andperson but now for the weapons and it is beautiful you can heavily customize your weapons like for example you can flipingpick whare to put your optick and grip, laser and flashlight it is truely amazing you should get this game its not bad. Shame tosee this game be completely dead, refreshed server browser to find 1 server in sydney with 2 people in it.its a good game tho. I don't get new updates. tactical fun. Mixed Good potential, but slim on content currently. Will updatereview in future to reflect any further development. Feels like another takedown red sabre. Save your money. GROUNDBRANCH has the potential to be the hardcore, tactical, oldschool "rainbow six esque" sandbox that we are lacking currently inthe genre.I recommend buying it for this small price, because of support for this great projectidea and the small dev team.I (personally) dont really recommend buying it if you already want to play the hell out of it. Its more of a Techdemo\/Sandbox,but still fun experience atm. There is PVP and PVE. I tend more to the PVE part, because it has this great coop aspect to it, that many games of this typelack. Lots of different Mission types (Ships, Buildingareas, Harbors\/Cargo areas, and more, all of them have Nighttime aswell) thatmight actually take a while to complete Already lots and lots of weapons and customizationfeatures. Its a bit like Tarkov's amount of gunporn, but its much moreunderstandable for people who arent gun nerds. All of those are about to (17.05.19) get a big update in the next patch,improving their usability and customization even more. Performance is great most of the time, for what atmosphere this game achieves. (engine update also in the next patch) Devs are openly communicating with the Community in the forums and seem to have the needed amount of self consciousnessand irony that is needed for such an ambitious project.But GROUND BRANCH is also (to quote the devs in their recent community post) "Indie AF"-There is lots of bugs f.e. with the Animationhandling\/UI. I constantly find myself not be able to shoot and therefore die,because on my screen i have my rifle out, but thats not the case on the server\/the screen of my coop partner.There are countless times where i hold (or not hold) different things on his screen, than on mine.-Quite a lot of Crashes regarding maploadingSo its also a true Early Access title, so please dont expect a nearly finished game. There are lots of bugs and some content isstill missing, its more about the potential and supporting the very small dev team. And for that i can recommend it, especially9 / 12

because the small amount of money doesnt hurt.The Devs might look into making some sort of easily accessible Roadmap on the storepage. Because they are "still" workingon this project, but because its not their mainjob there are times where there is no update for quite a few weeks. You can stillfind them if you search for them, on their Trelloboard, in the forums, if you follow the game on steam in their communityposts. but not showing that to everybody might hurt you guys more than it helps. There are too many Early Access Titles outthere where the Team just disappears, and people are sick of that. So be open about your project and progress, its good workso far and could come out really great. I also hope this gets Workshop support in the future, would love to see communitymade maps f.e. for the PVE mode. Game certainly has a good foundation for what it sets to do.However it's way too dead for any PvP or T-Hunt, no server under 200 ping had a single person near me (EUS), so all I hadto try is the single player. However the Single player itself pleasantly surprised me. Maps are big and asymetrical, some withlots of verticality even, and the night maps in many places don't just get dark, but are PITCH BLACK. The AI, while onlyenemy, is pretty fun to play with. Right now they only have one set of voice lines that I've heard, so the same "CONTACT"every time you get spotted plays, but that leads into the good part. The AI won't just stand around waiting for you, sometimesthey will, but behind a wall or in a dark corner, other times they'll actively hunt for you, and if you've already been spottedrather than shouting "CONTACT", they'll just put you down. The sound design and atmosphere the game already has inplace is amazing, for both the guns and ambient map noise, which really sets the mood for jumpscares, cause when the AIhunts you, they'll often do it in complete silence, and walking down a pitch black corridor slowly approaching an open doorand suddenly hearing a shout or three bullets entering your spine really made me jump. on multiple occasions.Whether a good, but incomplete solo-play is enough for 20 is up to you, but if you could get friends on board with this gameand have a 2v2 or play coop, I would say 100% grab this game. Great concept of a tactical shooter however the game hasbeen in development since 2011 and has barely added much or improved. still feels super clunky and laggy due to the terribleservers. there is barely anyone ever on (max i have seen on recently is 6 players) until they can actually start fixing some onthe issues and bugs, and adding more content i don't recommend buying this game.10 / 12

Fun gameplay Fair price Great customisation Decent map layouts Night combat looks amazing\/has great atmosphere- Clunky controls at times- Strange ai behaviour at times- A little bit more content wouldn't hurt- No real "roadmap" where the project is going (sure we got promises from the ea section on the store etc. but what is thetimeline\/goal for individual points in there?)- No option for weather or dynamic time of day (more weather options are announced to be implemented later. [email protected] for pointing that out)Starting of I pretty much just want to play terrorist hunt in coop. I don't believe this sort of game is the best PVP experience.Sure PVP is a big selling point to most people, but with players you just get a level of complexity that lead to things like pingbeing an issue.I like the game for what it is: a nostalgic tactical shooter with empathise on teamwork and specialised roles. Sure there isreasonable criticism of this game out there. It's not on the level of polish one would like it to be. But for the asking price I'mreally happy with it. This game has been in development hell for nearly a decade. I started following it back in 2011 when itwas being discussed on Kickstarter and had a lot of pledges from avid fans of tactical shooters like Rainbow Six and Arma.Now that the game is publicly available for "Early Access" I have to say that I'm disappointed with how much needs to be donebefore this game is even remotely launchable to a general audience. The game isn't quite half completed by my estimate, and thedevelopers are seemingly more interested in including more AR-platform variants than adding things I would consider a tadmore important -- like variable weapon damage, cover\/concealment mechanics, and bullet penetration. After nearly 60 hours ofsolo and co-op gameplay I have to conclude that this is a "don't buy yet". The potential of this game is amazing, but I'm worriedthat the developers are just too disorganized to ever deliver a completed product. Wow.Much pew pew.Very tactical.11 / 12

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