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2015 - 2016 OFFICERSPRESIDENTTaylor FisherWilliamsburg, VAVP OF SERVICEKatie WondersHaymarket, VAVP OF MEMBERSHIPJoe LindsayAlexandria, VAVP OF FINANCESam SeldowitzCentreville, VAVP OF SOCIAL AFFAIRS MUSICIANSHIP CHAIRLucy TrieshmannMatt RiceNewport News, VARECORDING SECRETARY CORRESPONDING SECRETARYHISTORIANALUMNI RELATIONS OFFICERJulia DiOrioElizabeth Harrington Andrew Knuppel Charlie SheehanYorktown, VANewport News, VASaint Johns, FLCharlottesville, VAClifton, VAPARLIAMENTARIANShaw DriggersWoodbridge, VASPONSOR: Dr. William Pease, Director of Bands, University of VirginiaKAPPA KAPPA PSI MISSION STATEMENTKappa Kappa Psi is a fraternal organization that promotes the advancement of college and university bandsthrough dedicated service and support to bands; comprehensive education; leadership opportunities; andrecognition; for the benefit of its members and society.ABOUT BETA CHIOriginally founded on September 23, 1950, and active until 1962, the Beta Chi Chapter ofKappa Kappa Psi was refounded at the University on April 23, 2005. The original chapter supplied thefirst President and Secretary/Treasurer of the Northeast District in 1958 and hosted the first annualDistrict Convention that same year. Today, Beta Chi provides support for the Cavalier Marching Band andother ensembles in the Charlottesville community. The oldest active chapter in the Southern Precinct,Beta Chi has welcomed over 300 well-qualified musicians into the Brotherhood of Kappa Kappa Psi.2BETA CHI CHRONICLE - FALL 2015

BETA CHI CHRONICLEFALL 2015 EDITIONBETA CHI CHAPTER, SOUTHERN PRECINCT, NORTHEAST DISTRICT OF KAPPA KAPPA PSIIn This IssueBack to Blandy4My Journey to the National Convention 6The Semester in Photographs8The Shamrock Progressive10Thanksgiving in the Big Apple12Star Wars Music: Re-Awakened13Alumni Day 201514BETA CHI CHAPTER OF KAPPA KAPPA PSI3

Back to BlandyFall Retreat RecapSome things seem inevitable eachfall: popular University traditions likeTrick or Treat on the Lawn, apple picking at Carter Mountain, and watching(something resembling) football atScott Stadium. Perhaps a few occurrences are less desirable, like a stretchof one-week shows, countless hours atCarr’s Hill Field, and lots of time in the library. Of course, this wasn’t any ordinary fall semesterfor the Cavalier Marching Band or for the Brothers of Beta Chi: preparing for a trip to New YorkCity for the CMB’s first ever appearance in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade added a wholenew layer of responsibilities and considerations to an already demanding semester.Despite all of this, Beta Chi made it out to Blandy Experimental Farm in Boyce, Virginia forFall Retreat: a weekend away from the craziness of school, band, and the like in order to spendtime with each other, learn more about our Fraternity, and reflect on our experiences as Brothers. At Blandy, we had time for scavenger hunts and team-building games with our Houses, pickup football games and hammocking, a dinner prepared by the different membership classes, andactivities to teach us more about Ritual and what it means to be a Brother.It was a great time for all: check out the video (at right) for a peek into our weekend!Left: Hoo’s Hangin? Brothers take advantage of theabundant trees at Blandy to set up their hammocksand (literally) hang out.4BETA CHI CHRONICLE - FALL 2015

Left: Jeff House makes a human pyramid as part of theScavenger Hunt.Right: A letter crafting session during theafternoon.BETA CHI CHAPTER OF KAPPA KAPPA PSI5

My Journey to the KKΨNational ConventionBy: John BrownhillAs a newly inducted brother of Kappa Kappa Psi, I wasexcited to become more involved with the chapter. I wantedto put myself out there and make the most of my time as astudent and a brother. When I first heard about the NationalConvention I was a hesitant. This was a huge commitmentboth financially and timewise. I was working a summer joband had other responsibilities at home. After some personaldebate, I decided to go for it. I figured this opportunity onlycomes once every two years, and I wasn’t sure what my summer after 3rd year would be like. Atthe time I also figured someone else would come with me. A few weeks passed and I began to realize this was going to be a solo mission. Excited and a little apprehensive, I registered and beganpreparing for the trip.The next step in my journey was figuring out where to sleep during this 5 day excursionin Lexington, Kentucky. Normally when you share a hotel room, you know the person or people.However, for five nights in a big city, I was willing to compromise on normativity for the sakeof my bank account. So using contacts from our Corresponding Secretary, Elizabeth, I went onFacebook and asked strangers in KKΨ if they would like to split a hotel with me for five days.I was ignored a lot. But finally, I got in touch with some brothers from Buffalo, New York thatwere looking for a third person for their room. Everything fell into place at the right time.It was the morning of Tuesday, July 28th that I loaded up my car and set forth on a 6 hourdrive to a strange new place. Luckily, I had made a huge playlist beforehand to make the driveeasier. I’ve never minded driving long distances alone. I’ve always liked being able think aboutmy life and the world and enjoy the sights.After a little less than 6 hours, I arrived at the largest convention center I had ever seen. Imet up with my hotel mates, Jess and Shelby. We drove over to our hotel, which was a few blocksdown, and checked in. Jess and Shelby had driven down from Buffalo the day before. They weregreat people and I spent a lot of time with them over the following days.That afternoon we had our first official meeting with all of the representatives. We weresigned in, given an itinerary, and allowed to mingle with different chapters. It was amazing seeing all the different brothers from chapters around the US. Some chapters had travelled all the6BETA CHI CHRONICLE - FALL 2015

way from the west coast. I met brothers from the California Polytechnic Institute. Their chapterflew four representatives to come to Nationals! I also met brothers from Purdue, Ohio State, andOklahoma State.The delegation was set up so that each chapter had one assigned delegate to represent thatchapter’s interests. Chapters that did not send a delegate had their respective delegate seat filledby an active brother or a brother on alumni status from another chapter. The main delegationwas where delegates voted for national representatives,constitution changes, and new legislation. From themain delegation, we were divided up into districts,where we held caucus meetings. These meetings werewhere we talked with our district president to decidehow we felt about particular national board candidatesand legislation changes.The itinerary for the National Convention waspacked with things to do at almost every hour of everyday. The activities were designed to educate and informbrothers across the country so that they could takeinformation back to their chapter. For example, therewere workshops on communicating with your director,making an effective fundraiser, bringing music back toyour chapter, musicianship as service, and leadershipwith the rituals. Additionally, there were numerousconcerts including a few by the Boston Brass. The itinerary kept people engaged, but also allowed for somefree time for making new friends. We actually had afree afternoon built in, so Jess, Shelby, and I drove intothe city and visited the Newport aquarium. From 7amOutside the Newport midnight we were doing activities; it was an amazing and exhausting experience.What I liked most about the National Convention was that I was voting on decisions thataffected the entire fraternity. Getting to learn about the politics of the convention and seeing howthe fraternity operates on a national level was a truly eye-opening experience. I know that as abrother and an individual I gained a lot by attending, and I would highly recommend the experience to anyone who is on the fence about attending.BETA CHI CHAPTER OF KAPPA KAPPA PSI7

The Semester in PhotographsAbove and left: Beta Chi kicked off the schoolyear with a picnic in Garden III.Below, left: Brother Kingsley takes his best shotat a game of cornhole during Family Weekend.Below, right: Before the Notre Dame game,Brothers treated their families to some food andfellowship for Family Weekend.8BETA CHI CHRONICLE - FALL 2015

Above: Exec spent many a sweaty Tuesday evening meeting after marching band rehearsals.Right: Astro House cooks up their dish for theHouse Progressive.Below, right: Brothers dig in at the HouseProgressive, which featured a dish cooked byeach House.Below, left: Once again, Beta Chi helpedto organize the annual CMB Flag FootballTournament, which saw many competitivematchups in 3 different divisions.BETA CHI CHAPTER OF KAPPA KAPPA PSI9

The Shamrock ProgressiveA Thanksgiving Dinner for the CMBBy: Lucy TrieshmannOur performance in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Paradeand subsequent home game against Virginia Tech this fallcaused many band members to miss spending the holiday withtheir families. In light of this, the Beta Chi Social Committeedecided to revive a little holiday spirit and throw a Thanksgiving Progressive for the whole band to enjoy. Collaborating withour Sisters in Iota Kappa, the committee spent many hours thissemester planning, cooking and, eventually, eating.Starting at our very first meeting of the semester, the committee began writing a menu for the big day: turkey, gravy,dressing, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, rolls, sweet tea, and dessert. Before leaving forNew York, we took the massive shopping list to Costco and filled my Jeep to the brim withenough food to stuff 320 people. Two hours and several tough decisions later (applesauce justdidn’t make the cut), we unloaded the food before getting on buses for the Macy’s Parade.After an exhausting week in New York, our work forthe Progressive truly began. Brothers and Sisters hoppedoff the bus, then hit the ground running to get everythingready for the next day’s event. We cooked countless pansof food, distributed supplies and prepared the houses,leaving just enough time to rest up for the next day’sgame. After a close fight against Tech, the Progressivefinally began. The band flocked to Shamrock, ravenousafter a long day, and ate until they were stuffed. Movingfrom house to house, they picked up a different course ateach location. They chatted with fellow band membersand enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving feast together.The event received rave reviews and many requests forit to happen again next year. Overall, the ThanksgivingProgressive was a success and allowed us to celebrate theTwo full carts from Costco, feat.industrial-sized cans of with our band family.10BETA CHI CHRONICLE - FALL 2015

This event would not have been possible without the tremendous support wereceived both within and outside of theband. In addition to funds from both IotaKappa and Beta Chi, we received verygenerous outside donations. Kate Queenand her husband, Dr. Tim Queen (UVaSchool of Medicine, Class of ’90), provided a monetary donation, and Dr. SteveWalters donated his time and resources toprovide all of the delicious turkey we enjoyed at the progressive. He and his wife Kathy own SMOKE, a barbecue restaurant in NewportNews. My mother, Sarah O’Dorisio, drove a trailer full of turkey from Newport News to Charlottesville on the day of the event, ensuring a delicious and fresh meal for our band. She and twoalumni Brothers, Kyle Ruempler and Sarah Cottrell-Cumber, set up all the food stations whilewe played at the football game. We also could not have done this without the generosity of thefive band houses opened their homes for the event. Thank you to everyone who helped make theThanksgiving Progressive an overwhelming success—we could not have done it without you!Band members fill their plateswith turkey (above), hungry‘Hoos come down ShamrockRoad (far left), Snack Pack puddings remind us that presentationis important (left), members ofthe clarinet section enjoy theirdinner on the curb (below).BETA CHI CHAPTER OF KAPPA KAPPA PSI11

Thanksgiving in the Big AppleBy: Claire SoConfession: I am a huge homebody. I love breaks becausethey mean coming home to Northern Virginia, eating Koreanfood, and being able to hangout in my pajamas all day with mychildhood friends and family. It also means getting away fromUVA for a bit, which as much as I love can be overwhelming attimes. So when the CMB’s trip to New York City to march theMacy’s Parade was announced, I was both excited and sad thatan all-expenses-paid trip to New York with some of my favoritepeople came at the cost of missing a major family holiday. Whendeparture day arrived though, any lingering disappointmentdisappeared within a minute of hopping on the bus.I could tell you about all the fun things I did before, during, and after New York but that’dtake me more pages than is probably appropriate and my tendency to ramble would probably popup. So the story I’d like to tell starts with another confession: I’m kind of terrible in the mornings;ask my broomie (brother roommate) Sophie about it. But when another brother posted in theGroupMe about going to the NBC Today Show in the hopes of seeing Adele, I was in the hotellobby at 5:30AM, ready to see one of (in my opinion) the greatest singers around right now.Spoiler alert: we didn’t see Adele. We did however return to the hotel (with donuts and coffee, at least) and sat in the lobby, bemoaning our fate and watching the Today Show (and Adele)from a TV screen. While we were there, another group of brothers came downstairs, and whilewe talked about our failure to see Adele, they mentioned their plans to walk the Brooklyn Bridge.I asked to tag along, and went on to tackle the New York subway (not so scary with friends), theBrooklyn Bridge (beautiful), and Central Park (not what I expected).Walking the Brooklyn Bridgewasn’t something I had anticipated, but it was a beautiful walk with amazing skylines and evenbetter company, complete with a group selfie. Buying an Olaf at the Disney Store (after a round ofLet It Go) later that night was just the icing on my metaphorical cake.What I’m trying to say through this rather disjointed account is: I was so, so sad I wasn’t going home for break, because at UVA, it can feel a lot like I’m always trying to adjust my personalityto fit into UVA culture. My adventures in New York reminded me of the home and family I havewithin the brotherhood of B’tachi, because with these people, it’s okay that I’m kind of (really)dorky and love Disney movies and am cranky in the mornings. It reminded me of my lesson onthe definition of brotherhood, and why I love KKPsi: it’s a place where I’m always welcome with12BETA CHI CHRONICLE - FALL 2015

open arms.P.S.: Thanks Sophie Choi for putting up with all the Frozen in our apartment. (Also, do youwanna build a snowman?)Star Wars Music: Re-AwakenedBy: Matthew RiceEveryone recognizes the Star Wars films by their music, even if they have never seen the movies themselves– and the newest addition of Episode VII is no different.The Force Awakens was marketed as the sequel we alwayswanted; J.J. Abrams was going back to the roots of theOriginal Trilogy by using practical effects instead of CGI,including many physical sets. He also went back to theroots by bringing John Williams back to write the score ofthe new film.In all of the films, Williams took inspiration for thescore from Late Romantic composers, as well as incorporating modernist orchestral writing like that of Gustav Holst. Each track helped to ground thestrange fantasy world with well-known audience-appreciated music. Although the original StarWars movie featured impressive visual effects, relatable characters and an appealing plot, the music may have had an even more important impact on the film’s success. Star Wars can be creditedas beginning a revival of grand symphonic scores in the late 1970s. One particular technique thatWilliams used to help in this revival was called the leitmotif. Often used in operas and older filmscores, the leitmotif is a phrase or melodic cell that signifies a character, place, plot development,mood, idea or other specific part of the film. This technique adds an “anchor” between certainparts of the film to the soundtrack, and allows an audience to follow thematic elements throughout the movie with audio cues.So with the revival of the Star Wars series and these same musical elements being incorporated throughout the new movie, why is the music so recognizable? Probably partly because thewhole series is portrayed in the media so much, but in my experience people who have never seenthe movies may not recognize any scenes or any plot but will still recognize the music. Music isstrongly associated with the striatum in the brain – part of the brain’s reward system. This structure releases dopamine and is activated by listening to music as well as other activities. Music isnot only pleasurable, but can be emotionally driven and interpreted in different ways. In the end,the music of Star Wars is culturally relevant, as well as catchy, innovative and pleasing to the ears.BETA CHI CHAPTER OF KAPPA KAPPA PSI13

Alumni Day 2015Brothers past and present ended Homecomings Weekend 2015 withbreakfast and fellowship on Sunday morning at the Hunter Smith BandBuilding.Click here to listen to theFraternity Hymn fromAlumni Day!About the ChronicleThe Beta Chi Chronicle is a seasonal newsletterthat features articles written by current KappaKappa Psi Brothers and Alumni. Articles arewritten on a volunteer basis and are collectedby the Beta Chi Historian. If you would like towrite for a future issue of the Chronicle, pleasecontact Andrew Knuppel, the Chapter Historian,at [email protected] Up With Beta Chi(Click the link or logo to be directed to the respective site)Kappa Kappa Psi - Beta [email protected]://