photo: Michael & Suz KarchmerYule forFuelphoto: Michael & Suz KarchmerPeriod ofAdjustmentthought provoking programming,year-roundThe Houndof theBaskervillesphoto: Michael & Suz KarchmerThe FabulousLipitonesphoto: Michael & Suz KarchmerI Am aCameraphoto: Michael & Suz Karchmer2014 AN N U AL R E PO R T

THE JULIE HARRIS STAGEPO BOX 7972357 Route 6,Wellfleet, MA 02667WHAT FOR KIDS TENT2357 Route 6,Wellfleet, MA(508) 349-WHAT (9428)what.orgEXECUTIVEARTISTIC DIRECTORJeffry GeorgeMANAGING DIRECTOR &ARTISTIC ASSOCIATEChristopher OstromWHAT FOR KIDSIMPRESARIOStephen RussellDEVELOPMENT DIRECTORJoanna Marie RocheSTAGE MANAGER/ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTJamaica JarvisTECHNICAL DIRECTORRichard ArcherWARDROBE SUPERVISORCarol SherrySCENIC ARTISTMike SteersMARKETING DIRECTORSusan BloodBOX OFFICE/FRONT OFHOUSE MANAGERCourtney ReardonCOMPANY MANAGER/ADVERTISING SALESEllen RubensteinHidden below the sand dunes, beaches, ponds and woodlands of Cape Cod there exists a richand nurturing soil. Built over generations, and ever-present even with the shifting topography, thissoil continues to support growth on the surface. While unseen, it is a soil worth paying attention to.Much like this soil which supports the natural landscape of our Outer Cape home, there is an equallyrich soil nurturing the artistic landscape, nurturing the talents of visual artists, musicians, playwrights,and actors. We cultivate this landscape and celebrate its bounty throughout the four seasons. Weare honored to be a part of the year round cultural growth of Cape Cod and have you to thank foryour support. With that, we are pleased to present this annual report celebrating a great 2014. Feature Film: Chasing IceAlive InsideJeffry Georgefilm and panel discussionShark Science: Short FilmsSaturday, January 18, 7 8:30 p.m.Whales Untangled: Short FilmsFour short films on whale conservation and a paneldiscussion with scientists from the Center for CoastalStudies and International Fund for Animal Welfare.Sunday, Nov. 2, 1pmFREESaturday, February 8, 7 8:30 p.m.Chasing Ice: Feature FilmPanel moderator:Sean Corcoran, WCAIPanelists: Ira Wolfson, BarnstableCounty Human Services’ SHINE;Brianna LePage, Music Therapist,Eastham Council on Aging;Dee Lander, Cure Alzheimer’s andthe Alzheimer’s/Dementia RotarianAction GroupA photographer’s journey to document the world’schanging climate followed by a panel discussion.Saturday, March 1, 7 8:30 p.m.A panel discussion featuring Andrew Ashton, Ph.D. (WHOI), JudithPedersen, PhD. (MIT Sea Grant); and Fiamma Straneo, PhD. (WHOI) willfollow. Our host for the evening is WCAI’s Heather Goldstone.Film is 78 min, panel to follow.Alive Inside: A Story of Music & Memory is a documentary that reveals a remarkable, music-based breakthrough that hastransformed the lives of those living with dementia. The 78 minute film demonstrates how songs from a patient’s past canawaken memories and emotions that have been asleep for years, sometimes decades, and can supplement a health caresystem that has difficulty prioritizing interpersonal connections. Winner of the Sundance Audience Award, Alive Insideincludes conversations with renowned neurologist Oliver Sacks and musician Bobby McFerrin, as well as powerful firsthandexperiments conducted by social worker Dan Cohen. kids’ Q&A with shark researcher John ChisholmSunday, January 19, 1 2:30 p.m.Otter 501 kids’ Q&A with Cape Wildlife Center’s Lynn Miller 2014Seasoncontinually adventurous2014WELLFLEET HARBOR ACTORS THEATERThe JulieHarris StageYEARSTickets 20- 45 Seniors 20% DiscountUnder 18 or Student with ID 122357 Rt. 6, WellfleetWORLD PREMIEREThe Trials ofGertrude MoodySPONSORSBerta WalkerPREVIEWS May 22, 23OPENS May 24CLOSES June 21G A L L E R Ywww.BertaWalkerGallery.com2014WELLFLEET HARBOR ACTORS THEATERThe JulieHarris StageYEARSThe JulieHarris Stagecontinually adventurousFor TKTS: or 508-349-94282014Tickets 20- 45 Seniors 20% DiscountUnder 18 or Student with ID 122357 Rt. 6, WellfleetWELLFLEET HARBOR ACTORS THEATERThe JulieHarris StageYEARScontinually adventurousFor TKTS: or 508-349-9428Tickets 20- 45 Seniors 20% DiscountUnder 18 or Student with ID 122357 Rt. 6, WellfleetA NEW SOCIAL COMEDY WITH MUSICTRIBUTE TO JULIEI Am a CameraLipi tonesFor TKTS: or 508-349-94282014Tickets 20- 45 Seniors 20% DiscountUnder 18 or Student with ID 122357 Rt. 6, WellfleetWELLFLEET HARBOR ACTORS THEATERThe JulieHarris StageYEARSTHE TENNESSEE WILLIAMS RELATIONSHIP CONTINUESThe FabulousAn orphaned parrot raised by humansbecomes an international fashionicon. Trudy Moody, the lastof her kind?After 30 years ofsinging together,the FabulousLipitones gettheir big breakand are on theirway to Nationals.Julie Harris won her first TonyAward for her role as SallyBowles, an American livingin Berlin as the decadenceof the Weimar Republic gaveway to the Third Reich.CARETAKERBob JunkerSunday, February 9, 1 2:30 p.m.WELLFLEET HARBOR ACTORS THEATERcontinually adventurousFor TKTS: or 508-349-9428Julie Harris StageFree – advance reservations strongly encouragedPresented in collaboration with SPAT The Shark Riddle Sincerely,Chris OstromShuckerspreview screeningSaturday, October 18, 7:30pm * * RSVP to (508) 349-9428.Walk-ins will be welcome,space-permitting.Jeffry George Christopher OstromManaging Director and Artistic AssociateExecutive Artistic DirectorWellfleet OysterFestFour short films on shark science and a panel discussionwith marine biologists from the MA Shark ResearchProgram.Join the adventure as acclaimed photographer James Balog setsout to capture on film the dramatic retreat of the Arctic glaciers.Sponsored by:Wellfleet Alzheimer’sAssociationand Barnstable CountyHuman Services’ SHINEProgram2357 Rt. 6, Wellfleet Your support has allowed us to plant little seeds of culture that forever bloom in the hearts andminds of those that live here and those that visit for just a short period of time.COMPANYPHOTOGRAPHERSMichael and Suz KarchmerPLAYBILL DESIGNKristen vonHentschela new play (Lost Weekend, or the drug play, by Mike Poe) as part of our WHATEmerging Playwrights Platform, and hosted events for WOMR, Outer CapeHealth, Nauset Regional Middle School, SPAT, Nauset Newcomers, Cape CodInstitute and many others. We love sharing events and ideas with thiscommunity and are thrilled for the opportunity to do it again (and again). 2357 Rte. 6, WellfleetTo ensure our longevity we have invested in our audience and in our programming by embarkingupon Advancing WHAT-our campaign to provide a sustainable business operation that embracescommunity involvement and Cape wide cultural, environmental and economic concerns.Uninterrupted programming year round is our goal. The immediate success of this campaign willhopefully inspire you to work with us on becoming a “go to” arts venue on Cape Cod. It’s not justabout theater anymore but about “thought-provoking programming year round.”VOLUNTEER LIAISONSDick and Val RandCONTROLLERTammy GlivinskiWhat a year! Since last spring we have hosted the Sea Change documentaryfilm series with Mass Audubon and WCAI, Alive Inside with Wellflet Alzheimer’sAssociation, the Met Opera Live in HD broadcasts, two Stratford Festival broadcasts, Shucker’s (part of Oyster Fest), and the Am Hayam Film Series. We’vehad lots of live music (including two record release parties, a celebration ofsongwriting and our own music fest series), presented the first public reading ofOver the years our productions have garnered us awards and accolades from audiences andcritics alike. They have helped foster emerging talent and aided in the growth of establishedartists. Interns from the recent past are now becoming established directors, administrators,designers and technicians carrying the name of Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater with them. Fromthis deeply planted seed, our roots have spread to widen our audience base with the hopes ofcontinued, successful programming year round.BOX OFFICE ASSOCIATEPearl KerberSTAFF ACCOUNTANTRobin Weller-HaenschenCollaborations and Events at WHAT Cultivating Cape Cod Community RelationsDear Friends,TKTS Period of djustmentA2de5ntsStu 10WRITTEN BYTennessee WilliamsDIRECTED BYMichael UngerPreviewsMarch 13This light-heartedstory emulatingthe sign of thetimes in the late1950s bringstogether twocouples on aholiday evening.A comedicdeparture forTennesseeWilliamsThere’sjust oneproblem.WRITTEN BYRunsMarch 14-30Thursdays, Fridays &Saturdays at 7:30pmSundays at 3pmJohn Van DrutenADAPTED FROM“The Berlin Stories”by Christopher IsherwoodWRITTEN BYJohn Markus and Mark St. GermainDIRECTED BYCaitlin LangstaffThe Cape Cod Five Cents Savings BankCharitable Foundation TrustA mind-altering tribute to WHAT’s early yearsWRITTEN BY Kimberly BurkeDIRECTED BY Jef Hall-FlavinPREVIEWS June 26, 27OPENS June 28CLOSES July 19Thursdays through Mondays at 8pmThe Julie Harris Stage PO Box 797, 2357 Rt. 6 Wellfleet, MA 02667The Julie Harris Stage PO Box 797, 2357 Rt. 6 Wellfleet, MA 02667DIRECTED BYJohn MarkusPREVIEWS July 24, 25 OPENS July 26 CLOSES August 23Wednesdays through Mondays at 8pmIllustration by Rene Bouche reproduced from the 1951 souvenirprogram for I am a CameraThe Julie Harris Stage PO Box 797, 2357 Rt. 6 Wellfleet, MA 02667Berta WalkerBerta WalkerBerta WalkerG A L L E R YG A L L E R YG A L L E R comPREVIEWS August 28, 29 ThursdaysOPENS August 30through MondaysCLOSES September 21at 8pmThe Julie Harris Stage PO Box 797, 2357 Rt. 6 Wellfleet, MA 02667and at theTennessee WilliamsFestival in ProvincetownBerta WalkerG A L L E R Y208 Bradford Street Provincetown, MA 02657(East end of Town near Howland St, AMPLE PARKING)508-487-6411 www.BertaWalkerGallery.comSeptember 26-282014Berta WalkerG A L L E R YWELLFLEET HARBOR ACTORS THEATERThe ery.comcover photos:Michael & Suz Karchmer2014 WHAT SPECIAL EVENTSStage Door CanteenHard Travelin’with WOODYWritten and performed byRandy NoojinKrisanthi PappasFor TKTS: or 508-349-9428Eastham Discount Oil & Monomoy FuelTHE SURFSIDE SNOOPS ANDTHE GHOST OF GREAT ISLANDAnnual Players Ballphoto: Michael & Suz KarchmerSummer Music Seriesphoto: Michael & Suz KarchmerVerdi’s MacbethMozart’sLe Nozze di FigaroBizet’s CarmenRossini’sIl Barbiere di SivigliaWagner’sDie Meistersingervon NürnbergLehár’sThe Merry WidowOffenbach’sLes Contesd’HoffmannTchaikovsky’s IolantaBartok’sBluebeard’s CastleRossini’sLa Donna del LagoMascagni’sCavalleria RusticanaLeoncavallo’s PagliacciYEARSWHAT for Kidsphoto: Michael & Suz Karchmer2014-5 SEASONHarris StageThe Julie Harris StagePO Box 7972357 Rt. 6 Wellfleet, MA 02667photo: Michael & Suz Karchmer2015 STAFF

Using our Mission to Support GrowingIssues on Cape CodIt has become apparent that drug addiction on Cape Cod continues to getburied under the sand. It is right under our feet, and yet we continue to walkover it and ignore that it is crippling our thin strip of humanity that juts out intothe ocean. Year after year we see an obvious decline in the health of our friendsand neighbors as they walk down the street, brought on by their addiction tocontrolled and uncontrolled substances; yet we say nothing and we do nothingabout it. Our friends and our neighbors perish – senselessly. The mission ofWellfleet Harbor Actors Theater is clear – to provide thought-provoking theater– so why not make use of that mission to help increase awareness of this issueon the Cape? This play has been specifically written to get you thinking aboutthis devastating illness, and then hopefully to get you talking about it. Perhaps bydoing so, you can help save at least one life from destruction.- Jeffry Georgeby Mike Poedirected by Jeffry GeorgeWHATInternship ProgramPlanting the Seeds for Blossoming CareersIn December, six months prior to the start of thesummer season, we cast a wide net searching forcollege students and emerging professionals whoare eager to deepen their education and sharpentheir theatrical and administrative skills in a professional environment. During the summer WHAT hiresten interns to work in all areas of the theater.Working in collaboration with WHAT’s productionstaff, guest designers, and administrative team,interns are involved in all areas of productionincluding marketing, development, company management, box office, set construction and painting,electrics, wardrobe, stage management and sound,and run-crew for our main stage productions. Theircontribution to the theater is immense, as is thework experience they come away with.In addition to their responsibilities as part ofour team, interns participate in entrance and exitinterviews, are required to keep a weekly journaland complete a self-evaluation at the end of theirexperience. Interns are also required to participatein weekly interactive professional developmentseminars. Topics for these seminars have includedputting together a resume, portfolio and headshot;presenting new work; creating a theatrical environment; creative problem solving; taking the next step;yoga, and managing your online presence.“The poignancy that WHAT brings to the Cape doesn’tjust lie in thought-provoking productions. The dedicationthat is given to young artists is astounding. When I wasan intern at WHAT, I worked with enormously skilledmentors who not only held high artistic standards, butalso showed empathy and compassion. WHAT internslearn not only skill, but passion (and that is huge).”- JACK GOLDEN, AMERICAN PLAYERS THEATRE, WI, FORMER INTERN 8-10 interns enrolled in a post-secondary school whoare recruited locally and nationally Professional development through seminars facilitatedby staff, designers and technicians Hands-on training in their chosen field, plus crosstraining from production to administration to front-of-housethat provides an industry-recognized credential Trained as theater ambassadors through regularinteraction with the board, patrons and donors duringopenings and fundraising events Housing and a weekly stipend Six months after their experience, interns are asked tocomplete an alumni survey to track continuing educationand/or job placement Post-internship supportSUPPORTING ARTS, SUPPORTING COMMUNITY2014 DonorsJulie Harris Society 10,000 AnonymousThe Alec Baldwin FoundationYvette and John Dubinsky Family Charitable FoundationDouglas and Beth FreemanCarol GreenRick GrossmanRick Grossmanin memory of Ellen Grossmanand Noa Hall WilliamsThe Howard Bayne FundArthur and Susan LloydMassachusetts Cultural CouncilJames and Stephania McClennenin honor of Michelle McClennenand Jeffry GeorgeOrleans ToyotaLawrence S. PhillipsPhillips-Green FoundationMargarita RudyakShubert FoundationDonna and Charles Ward IIIExecutive Producer 5,000 Amy and David AbramsChris BeuscherCape AirCape Cod Five CentsSavings BankJay and Christy CashmanAaron FranklinCarol Greenin honor of Jeffry GeorgeThe Hess and Helyn KlineFoundationMichael and Susan KarchmerJohn MarkusSergei and Svetlana Nodelmanin honor of Carol GreenSustainer 2,500 The Angell FoundationAnonymousAnonymousin honor of Jeffry GeorgeAnonymousin memory of Winifred LubellJudy CiceroThe Dunes 102.3Harold Grinspoon and Diane TrodermanMac’s SeafoodMichelle and Andrew McClennenMS Walker Fine Wines and SpiritsNauset DisposalBuddy and Marla Perkelin honor of Jeffry GeorgeSnow’s Home and GardenSouth Shore PlayhouseAssociates, Inc.Laurie Stillwell, CPAMary Wardin memory of Noa Hall WilliamsDan Wolf and Heidi SchuetzWOMRBenefactor 1,000 AnonymousArts Foundation of Cape CodAtlantic ImportingBerta Walker GalleryRalph BevilaquaCape Cod Five CentsSavings Bank CharitableFoundation TrustCape Cod Oil CompanyDavid and Erica DeMarcoEastham Discount OilDouglas and Beth Freemanin honor of Carol GreenGerald GarnickAlan and Sallie Gratchin honor of Carol GreenArthur and Judith Hugein honor of Christopher HugeCarol LazarusMarcey Oil Company, IncMichael and Jennifer MariaKai MaristedEd and Joan MarkElizabeth MellorMonomoy Fuel CompanyRicki NennerNiman RanchEmily L O’ConnellWanda Olson andRobert SilversteinDaisy and David ParadisAdam ParrishJohn Van Rens and Sarah LutzFrank and Helen RischAlix Ritchie and Martha DavisShelley and Nicholas RobinsonSea ClamKathy SharplessDella SpringCharles Steinhorn andElizabeth FrankelStuart VidocklerArend VosKathryn WeillMarie-Helene Weillin honor of Kathryn WeillChristine and Jon WinderDavid WuineeMichael and Renée Zarinin honor of Carol GreenAngel 500 Am HayamAnonymous (2)Elissa Aronsin memory of Daniel AronsEdward and Diane BedrosianGary BergstromChris and Susan BloodThe Bookstore and RestaurantPatricia BradleyMarilyn BruneauChequessett ChocolateJoan Lebold Cohen andJerome Cohenin honor of Carol GreenRoss and Susan CoppelmanJudith DavidsonMary Jane DuttonFred and Sara Epsteinin honor of Carol Greenand John DubinskyMark and Deborah GaunyaJoseph N. 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BallErnest and Patricia BauerAlan and Dorothy BlumbergWilliam and Darby BoggessKathleen BornhorstGeorge and Ruth BournazianRobert and Maria Bradleyin memory of Edmee andCharles BradleyRussell and Nancy BraunJohn BrewerRaymond and Elizabeth BrownSusan and Bertram BruceRita BurkeFelix Cabrese andRichard Newburgerin honor ofSuz and Michael KarchmerDavid Caplan and Bar