ProductBriefRingCentral [email protected] from AT&TCloud-based communication service that gives your business more ways to connectNow you can enhance your company’simage, make it easier for customers toconnect to the right employee, and increaseworkers’ productivity whether they’re in theoffice, in the field, or simply on the go. WithRingCentral [email protected] from AT&T, yourbusiness can have a professional cloud-basedcommunication solution that enables voice,text, fax, voice/web conferencing, mobilityand now includes high-definition videoconferencing.RingCentral [email protected] from AT&T is a highlysecure, easy-to-use IP business communicationsolution that frees employees to work virtuallyanywhere, connect seamlessly on almost anydevice, and collaborate more effectively. That’sbecause with [email protected], you only needone number for all of your business voice, fax,and text messages! Plus, you can also enjoyprofessional communication features such asconferencing, auto attendant, advanced callhandling, multiple extensions, voicemail, dialby-name directory, on-hold music, a toll-freenumber, and much more.You get all of this capability in a cloud-basedphone solution, for one affordable monthlyfee. There’s no complicated setup or expensivehardware to buy. All you need to get started isa high-speed Internet connection, a compatiblerouter, and at least one AT&T mobile telephonenumber for service billing. [email protected] workson a wide selection of devices over a variety ofconnections, so employees can be connectedwith broadband, cellular, and Wi-Fi. Use anyof the Plug & Ring ready desktop IP phonesand the [email protected] Desktop App or yourexisting mobile or fixed line desk phone. Thechoice is all yours! Plus, manage your companyor personal settings from your smartphone1or web-connected computer or tabletdevice so control is at hand as your businesscommunication needs change, any time of day.Available in three high-value,feature-rich [email protected] Editions tochoose from – Standard, Premium andEnterprise – you can select the productthat fits your business today and easily upgradeto another Edition as your needs change.Potential Benefits I mprove customer satisfaction– just one number connectscustomers with the right person E nhance your company’s image– advanced calling featureshelp you project a professionalpresence I ncrease efficiency – easyto-use phone, fax, messagingand conferencing system letsyou spend more time servingcustomers, not managingcommunications Increase mobile productivity andcollaboration – employees can worknearly anywhere on the devicesthey prefer: smartphone1, tablet,softphone, or desktop IP phone R ealize real-time savings – single,low monthly fee, simplifiedadministration, and limitedhardware expenseFeatures Simple setup and instant activation,from select web-connected devices1and the webCollaboration V irtually unlimited2 local/longdistance voice calling, conferencecalling3, and tionSystemCloud AppIntegrationChicagoSalesMobilityMulti-Location Easy to set up Easy to maintain Easy to use Multi-level IVR capabilities onPremium and Enterprise Editions Business SMS (text messaging)including group SMSNew YorkOperationsSan FranciscoSupport Toll-free phone, local phone andfax numbers for your business HD Video Conferencing capabilitiesavailable on all Editions Advanced call handling includingcall routing, call screening,specialized greetings, call-park,intercom, and paging

Product Brief - RingCentral [email protected] from AT&T 2Fully Integrated Phone, Fax andMessaging, In One Easy-To-UseCloud-Based ServiceWith RingCentral [email protected] from AT&T,you get up to three company numbersfor your business: a local main number, atoll-free number, and a local number forfaxes. Features such as user extensions,business SMS, dial-by-name directory, andcustomizable greetings make it easy forcustomers to reach the right employee everytime even if your business, offices, or workersare dispersed geographically or remotely.Extensions and ‘All in One’ NumbersYou can give each employee their ownunique extension and direct-dial number forvoice, fax, and text messaging. Create andassign employees to one or more groupextensions to provide one more way forcallers to reach the right person. Plus, userscan create their own customizable rulesfor handling their own calls. For maximumproductivity and flexibility, employees canforward calls to up to 4 phone numbers oftheir choice – for example, mobile, office, orhome phone numbers – and have them ringsequentially or simultaneously.Simple SetupIt takes only minutes to activate and set upa complete cloud-based business phonesystem right from compatible iOS andAndroid devices1 or online. You can doit yourself or take advantage of our freeimplementation service.Desktop IP PhonesOur optional Plug & Ring ready Polycom orCisco desktop IP phones, conference phones,and related accessories come pre-configuredto your account. And you can use yourexisting broadband service and router to beup and running in minutes.Apple Watch [email protected] integration with Apple watchis now available for all editions.13 Receiveand respond to notifications in an instant.Reply directly with text messages quicklyand conveniently. Pair with your iPhone tomake and answer calls, listen to voicemails,and view faxes. With Apple Watch, importantinformation and essential features are alwaysjust a raise of the wrist away.Affordable and PredictableWith RingCentral [email protected] from AT&T,there are no user setup fees to pay, nosoftware to maintain and no complexhardware to install. Instead, you get a fullfeatured business phone system deliveredIncluded FeaturesStandard6,7Premium6EnterpriseCall and management phone systemadministrationXXXAccess, manage, and use onsmartphones1 and tabletsXXXVirtually unlimited Internet faxes andlocal/long distance calls2XXXToll-Free minutes51,000 min/moper account2,500 min/moper account10,000 min/moper accountUnlimited conferencing and BusinessSMSXXXMicrosoft Outlook emailnotifications; Google Drive onlinestorage service, Box from AT&T, andDropbox integrationXXXShared LinesXXXHD multi-point video conferencingUp to4 participantsper conferenceUp to25 participantsper conferenceUp to50 participantsper conferenceXXXXXXXXAutomatic call recording4XXMulti-level Interactive Voice Response(IVR)4XXCall monitoring4XXXXSalesforce integration4Google integrationXZendesk integration4Microsoft Office 365 [email protected] reportsXXas a cloud-based service conveniently billedon your monthly wireless bill. And with all ofyour users on the same [email protected] Edition,your communications costs become morepredictable and manageable.Editions: Choose the Right Solutionthat Fits You BestNow, RingCentral [email protected] from AT&Tis available in three Editions – Standard,Premium and Enterprise – that make iteasy to choose the phone solution with thevalue and features that meet your needs. AllEditions are now available with multi-yeardiscounts at favorable rates.Standard EditionHere are just a few of the advancedcommunications and call managementfeatures make [email protected] Standard Editionthe essential cloud phone system.Internet Fax and CloudFaxTMSend and receive faxes on your selectsmartphone1 from the [email protected] portalor your email. With CloudFax, you can faxdocuments directly from cloud storage apps– including Box from AT&T, Google Drive online storage service, and Dropbox.Everything You Want an IntegratedOffice and Mobile Phone System to Be Quick: With instant activation, fastset up, and no technical expertiseneeded, you can be up and running inminutes. Flexible: Connects multiple officesand employees, letting them useany phone. Mobile: Keep employees connectedon the go. Manage your system fromvirtually anywhere. Scalable: Grows with your business.Add new users and locations with afew clicks. Upgrade features for allusers by moving to another Edition. Affordable: With all users on thesame Edition, communicationsbudgeting becomes simple andpredictable.Business SMSEmployees can send and receive texts to andfrom customers, colleagues and departmentsusing their [email protected] business number. Itis true single number reach for phone, fax,and text.

Product Brief - RingCentral [email protected] from AT&T 3Enhanced VoicemailSeparate business from personal callswith ease. Visual voicemail, included forall extensions and users, provides instantnotification when you receive a message.Listen to, save, forward, or delete messagesfrom a list stored in a separate area on yourcompatible iOS and Android devices1 andonline.Toll-Free Service Included5Your monthly subscription fee includes 1,000Toll-Free minutes per account.International Calling5Optional calling credit plans in auto refillableincrements enable international calling so youcan maintain contact with customers and teammembers virtually anywhere in the world.Voice Conferencing3Each user on your [email protected] phonesystem gets their own conference bridge withhost and participant access codes, enablingeveryone on your team to hold an unlimitednumber of conferences whenever they want.Your single conference bridge number supportssimultaneous hosting and each conference callcan include up to 1,000 attendees, enablingyou to hold large meetings and broadcasts.Shared Lines – Share Calls and LinesAcross DevicesThe [email protected] administrator can createShared Lines groups of any Plug & Ring ready phones or other registered devicesthat share the same number in the samelocation. When that number is called, all ofthe phones in the group ring, and the callcan be answered from any of them. Thisfeature is especially useful in industries suchas retail, restaurants and warehouses. Callscan easily be handed off to other phones inthe Shared Lines group. Calls placed on holdcan use the [email protected] paging feature toalert someone to pick up the call on anotherphone quickly and easily.Call ParkPlace up to 50 calls on hold in the cloud foryou or other users to retrieve from [email protected] desktop IP phones and softphones.IntercomUse your desktop IP phone or softphoneto make short announcements, have quickconversations with colleagues in other officelocations, or tell a co-worker there’s a parkedcall waiting.411 Directory Listing8Establish a strong local presence for yourbusiness by publishing your companyinformation. Within 24 to 72 hours afterentering your primary contact information onthe [email protected] portal, your free businesslisting will be in national local directoriesallowing callers who dial 411 to find yourcontact information quickly and easily.Vanity, True Toll-Free or Extra Fax andLocal Numbers9Customize how customers reach your businesswith optional add-on numbers. Develop a localor national presence in the markets that areimportant to your success or select a vanitynumber to best represent your business identityPremium [email protected] Premium Edition offers theincreased value of including additional TollFree monthly minutes, Salesforce integration,call monitoring, and automatic call recording.Toll-Free service5Your monthly subscription fee includes2,500 Toll-Free minutes per account.Salesforce [email protected] integration with Salesforce enhances your CRM experience withintegrated business communications. Withan [email protected] softphone installed on yourcomputer, you can place calls from withinthe Salesforce application by simply clickingon a contact or an account record. Incomingcalls trigger a pop-up window with thecaller’s account information to view beforeanswering.Call MonitoringIn call center environments, managers canactivate the [email protected] call monitoringfeature in order to access and listen totheir customer service representatives’conversations in real-time. This featureallows supervisors and authorized users tomonitor, join, take over and even instructtheir employees in a whisper tone duringan active call. The call monitoring featureprovides supervisors with additional trainingcapabilities and quality assurance tools tohelp coach their employees.

Product Brief - RingCentral [email protected] from AT&T 4PricingStandard6Premium6Enterprise62 users 56 76 1063 users 84 114 1594 users 112 152 2125 users 140 190 2656 users 168 228 318Up to 8 users 220 300 420Up to 10 users 275 375 525Up to 12 users 330 450 630Up to 14 users 385 525 735Up to 15 users 410 560 785Up to 16 users 436 596 835Up to 18 users 490 670 935Up to 20 users 510 710 970Up to 25 users 635 885 1,200Up to 30 users 760 1,060 1,440Up to 35 users 880 1,230 1,680Up to 40 users 1,000 1,400 1,920Up to 45 users 1,125 1,575 2,160Up to 50 users 1,250 1,750 2,400Up to 60 users 1,500 2,100 2,880Up to 70 users 1,750 2,450 3,360Up to 75 users 1,875 2,625 3,600Up to 100 users 2,300 3,300 4,30030-day free trialavailable7Automatic Call RecordingAutomatic Call Recording offersadministratorsan automatic way of recording inboundand outbound user calls. Recorded callsare stored in the cloud and available forplayback up to 90 days. Listen to recordingsas many times as you would like, to reviewconversations or take notes.Enterprise EditionFor customers whose communications needscall for a comprehensive cloud-based phonesolution, Enterprise Edition offers all of thefeatures and functionality of the Standardand Premium Editions, plus the freedomof 10,000 Toll-Free minutes per month. Inaddition, Enterprise Edition includes multipoint HD video conferencing and screenshare with [email protected] Meetings, fordesktops and web-connected devices.HD Video ConferencingAll [email protected] editions allow users to hostand hold high-definition video conferencesacross desktops and select web-connecteddevices. Conferences can start instantly orbe scheduled in advance. This allows youremployees to hold sales meetings withdispersed teams, make client presentations,and train remote employees.To place an order for more than 100 users, please contact your sales person or AT&T Advanced Solutions CAREat 1-866-563-4703.Additional e911 charge of 2 per user per month in each of the monthly plans. Plans do not include hardware.Desktop IP Phones (list subject to change)Polycom 321 99 (2 line IP phone)Cisco SPA303 119 (3 line IP phone)Polycom 335 139 (2 line IP phone)Cisco SPA525G2 279 (5 line IP phone) 1 side car 409 2 side car 469Optional Add-on Numbers - RecurringAdditional Phonenumbers (local, fax,toll-free, vanity)Starting at 5 pernumber/moOptional – One Time FeesVanity Number Set up 30 per numberTrue 800 number Set up 30 per numberOtherCalling Credit Plans(International andToll-Free overage) 20 or 100auto refillableincrementsToll-Free overage charges 3.9 cents/min.International CountryPer minute RatesVaries by countryPolycom VVX 310 169 (high-resolutionmonochrome, 6 line IP phone)Polycom VVX 410 219 (TFT LCD, 12 line IPphone) 1 side car 419Cisco SPA 508G 199 (receptionist IP phone) 1 side car 269 2 side car 339Polycom VVX 500 299 (color touchscreen, 12 Cisco SPA 514G 169 (4 line Gigabit IP phone) 1 side car 239line IP phone) 2 side car 309 1 side car 499Polycom 5000 599 (conference IP phone)Cisco Linksys SPA 122 79 (Analog adapter)Polycom 6000 699 (conference IP phone)Yealink W52P (Up to 4 headsets) 1 headset 169 2 headsets 279 3 headsets 389 4 headsets 499

Product Brief - RingCentral [email protected] from AT&T 5Advanced Screen [email protected] allows you to deliverpresentations with office documents andshare websites in cloud-based storage,such as Box from AT&T, so with the [email protected] Meetings app, anyone can shareand contribute from their computer ormobile device.12 Web- and video-baseddemonstrations are enhanced with notesand illustrations using mark-up and drawingtools on shared items.12 Finally, integratedchat provides a way to enhance real-timediscussions and have private exchangesbetween meeting attendees.RequirementsWhichever Edition you choose, there are onlya few service and system requirements forusing RingCentral [email protected] from AT&T: At least one AT&T mobile subscriber atyour business. High-speed Internet service withenough bandwidth and connectionquality to provide IP phone and datacommunications to all of your users.The Broadband Capacity and ConnectionQuality Test Tools can confirm whetheryou have sufficient bandwidth to handleyour estimated voice traffic. A router with Quality of Service (QoS)capability, which assures quality of voicecommunications by giving your IP phonecalls priority over other network traffic,especially in times of high usage.Access and manage all of your phonesystem functions from compatible iOS andAndroid devices1 or online from anyweb-connected devices12. Employees candownload our free app or login to theonline site to begin using the service.Specialized Implementation SupportWe are ready to help you set up yourRingCentral [email protected] from AT&T service,assist you with transferring numbers, andanswer any of your questions, all at noadditional charge. We can also help youupgrade from a current [email protected] accountwith users on different levels of service to anew Edition for everyone in your company.Our service implementation team will contactyou within 48 hours of sign up to help youcustomize your RingCentral [email protected] AT&T account to your business needs.AT&T As Your Trusted AdvisorAT&T has an extensive portfolio of mobileservices and a rich history in enterprisecommunications. AT&T is the nation’s mostreliable 4G LTE network.10 AT&T has broadWi-Fi coverage with access to more than402,000 hotspots globally, and has what ittakes to be your mobility provider of choice.Notes1. See for list ofcertified devices.2. Monthly charges include up to 10,000minutes of use per user per month for localand long distance voice calls and faxing.6. A 2 per user license per month 911 feewill be charged monthly for all editions.7. 30-day Free Trial is only available to newStandard Edition subscribers with 2 or moreusers. Hardware and add on services orpackages cannot be ordered during thetrial period.8. Includes one optional 411 directory listingper account.9. Excludes one-time set up fee for True TollFree or Vanity numbers. Volume discount forthe monthly 5 charge may apply.10. Claim based on analysis of independentthird party data regarding nationwide carriers’4G LTE. LTE is a trademark of ETSI. 4G LTE notavailable everywhere.11. Features available on EnterpriseEdition only.12. Web sharing is not currently availablewith Android devices.13. RingCentral service on Apple Watch isavailable when pairing with Apple iPhone 5or later models running iOS 9.1 or later.Available for iOS or Android13. 6-hour limit per conference call with nolimits on number of conference calls.4. Features available on Premium andEnterprise Editions only.5. Prepaid Calling Credits are decrementedusing [email protected] rates for regular andmobile calls; additional toll-free minutes are3.9 cents per minute. When included monthlytoll-free minutes are exhausted, the minimumCalling Credit package (if no Calling Creditshave ever been purchased) or the previouslypurchased Calling Credits package will beautomatically purchased.Download on the App StoreAndroid App on Google PlayFor more information contact an AT&T Representative, visit, or call 800-791-9927.Important InformationGeneral: RingCentral [email protected] from AT&T (“[email protected]”) is available only to enterprise and government customers with a qualified AT&T agreement (“Qualified Agreement”)[email protected] is subject to the Qualified Agreement, applicable Sales Information, and the terms and conditions found at