Oil and Natural Gas StimulateLouisianaEconomic and Job GrowthOil and natural gas are driving the U.S. economy through a major energyboom and that boom is rippling through the economy of Louisiana,supporting business activity across the state. This finding grows out ofa new American Petroleum Institute survey of domestic oil and natural gasvendors,1 which offers a glimpse into the job and business creation engine thatis the current oil and natural gas industry. The survey shows that at least 1,711businesses, spread across all six of Louisiana’s congressional districts, are part ofthe larger oil and natural gas supply chain.The survey’s snapshot of state-by-stateactivity reinforces the impressive levelof industry success throughout thecountry that is documented in a recentPriceWaterhouseCoopers study conductedfor the American Petroleum Institute.2The study found that the oil and naturalgas industry in Louisiana supports some412,600 jobs, which is 16.2 percent of thestate’s total employment. The amount ofLouisiana labor income supported by theoil and natural gas industry comes to 24.2billion annually. That’s 19.4 percent of thestate’s total labor income.Another way in which the oil and gasindustry benefits the people of Louisiana,in addition to total employment and laborincome, is in terms of salary.3 While theaverage annual salary in Louisiana acrossall industries and sectors is 44,332, theaverage salary in the oil and gas industry(excluding gas stations) is very significantlyhigher— 87,929 annually.Overall theindustry supports 73.9 billion of theLouisiana economy. That’s 35.5 percent ofthe state’s total economic activity.Louisiana ranks 8th in oil and 2nd in naturalgas production.4 That makes it one of thenation’s top energy-producing states.Louisiana particularly benefits from theproduction of oil and natural gas fromshales and so-called “tight formations,”energy development that uses the proven1. American Petroleum Institute, “API Onshore Oil and Gas Vendor Identification Survey,” Washington, D.C., 2014. The survey wasdistributed to API members in January 2014 to collect information for the period October 2012 to September 2013. Included arecompanies that provide goods and services for onshore oil and natural gas development, whether as operators, contractors, servicecompanies, suppliers, or vendors.2. PriceWaterhouseCoopers, “Economic Impacts of the Oil and Natural Gas Industry on the U.S. Economy in 2011,” Washington, D.C.,July 2013. Prepared for API using the IMPLAN input-output modeling system, based on 2011 U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis data.3. Information cited in this paragraph comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (preliminary data for 2013 accessed July 2014); and PriceWaterhouseCoopers, “The Economic Impacts of the Oil and Natural Gas Industryon the U.S. Economy: Employment, Labor Income and Value Added,” 7/12/13 (based on 2012 IMPLAN database).4. EIA, “Rankings: Crude Oil Production, April 2014 (thousand barrels),” accessed 7/31/2014. UA#/series/46. EIA, “Rankings: Natural Gas Marketed Production, 2012 (million cubic feet),” accessed 7/31/2014. US#/series/47.Visit for more information and follow us [email protected] 73.9 BILLIONTHE INDUSTRY CONTRIBUTESTO Louisiana’S ECONOMY412,600Louisiana JOBSsupported by oil andnatural gas industryAVERAGE ANNUAL SALARY COMPARISON100k 87,92990k80k70k60k50k 44,33240k30kAvg. AnnualLouisiana SalaryAvg. Oil and GasIndustry Salary

State: LouisianaLouisiana Vendors by Congressional DistrictVendors by Congressional DistrictDistrict Location Congressional DistrictTotalCongressional District 1177Congressional District 2141Congressional District 3611Congressional District 4355Congressional District 5102Congressional District 6325Grand Vendor Profile7Safety Management Systems,a division of Acadian CompaniesSafety Management Systems, LLC (SMS) helpsclients and partners in the oil and natural gas industryachieve an injury-free work environment by providing avariety of specialty-skilled personnel solutions. Theseinclude remote paramedics, on-site safety technicians,industrial safety training services, and Health, Safety,and the Environment (HSE) consultants to theupstream, midstream, refinery, and petrochemicalmarkets. Currently, the primary responsibilities ofAcadian’s remote paramedics are on-site health careand pre-hospital emergency medical care.In 2013 alone, the Safety Management SystemsTraining Academy trained more than 34,000 workersand SMS employees performed more than 13,000hours of additional training. SMS can help reduceinjury rates, improve training compliance, and assuresuccessful pass rates of all contractor and complianceaudits. “We aim to make the industry as a whole asafer place.”Safety Management Systems’ parent company,Acadian, has more than 40 years of medical responseexperience. Acadian Ambulance, Acadian MonitoringServices, and Acadian Air Med are sister divisions.Top CitiesLafayette 265Baton Rouge 227Shreveport 162Broussard 102New Orleans 90District01District02Sources: Esri, DeLorme, NAVTEQ, TomTom, Intermap, increment P Corp., GEBCO, USGS,FAO, NPS, NRCAN, GeoBase, IGN, Kadaster NL, OrdnanceSurvey, Esri Japan, METI, Esri China (Hong Kong), and the GIS User Communityengineering technologies of hydraulicfracturing, or “fracking,” and horizontaldrilling. Total jobs supported by theseactivities in Louisiana reached 78,968 in2012. That job total is projected to climb to97,418 in 2020 and to 150,903 in 2035.5And Americans, including the people ofLouisiana, get it. A random interactivetelephone poll of 1,014 registered votersacross the country, conducted on behalf ofthe American Petroleum Institute, found that77 percent of Americans, regardless of partyaffiliation, support increased production ofoil and natural gas resources located in theUnited States.65. “IHS Inc., “America’s New Energy Future: The Unconventional Oil and Gas Revolution and the U.S. Economy,” Washington, D.C.,December 2012.6. “What America is Thinking on Energy e-to-develop-oil-natural-gas” the results of a national poll conducted by Harris for API July 10-13, 2014. Click on“national poll” to see how percentages of voters answered this and other questions.To find out more, visit API.org7. From the 2014 “API Onshore Oil and Gas Vendor Identification Survey” returns.for more information and follow us [email protected]

Vendor Survey Findings ReportLouisiana - VENDOR LISTCongressional District 1Environmental Enterprises USA,IncMG&G Pump & SupplyCompany, IncT Baker Smith, LLCEasterling TruckingEnvironmental ResourceManagementMichael KinsellaT3 Energy Services, IncEDG Consulting EngineeringTagco, IncElectrical Consultants, IncMMR Offshore Services, IncEnergy Data Solutions, LLCAlford Services, IncEnvironmental Safety & HealthConsulting Services, IncTarpon Rental, IncTechniques USA, IncEntergy Gulf States, IncAlpha Rental Tools, IncEquilibrium Catalyst, IncErgonomic AccessoriesArdent Companies, LLCEvergreen Working Capital, LLCTerrebonne Insurance Agency,IncASAP Industries, LLCExecutive Oil Field Services, LLCExpert E&P Consultants, LLCNVI, LLCFastorq, LLCAsap Industries, LLCThomas A Galloway &Associates, LLCATR, LLCExpress Energy ServicesTorq/Lite, IncAudubon Engineering Co, LLCFalck Safety ServicesOccupational Medicine Services,LLCTotal Rentals, IncAWC, IncFelicity Company, IncOffshore SuppliersTrinity Tool Rentals, LLCAxis Oilfield Rentals, LLCFleetcor Technologies, IncOffshore Support Services, LLCTri-Parish SalesB&J Martin, IncFour Star Marine Fuel, IncOMI Environmental SolutionsTri-Star Supply Co, IncB&N Contractors, IncFrancis Torque ServiceOmni Systems, IncV&M Tube-Alloy (Houma)Bags Unlimited, IncFreight Managment Logistics,LLCOrkin Pest ControlVanguard Vacuum Trucks, IncPacific Gulf Wire Rope, IncVision CommunicationsParish Sales Tax FundWechem, IncPerformance Energy Services,LLCWell Control SchoolAcousticommAdministrators of The TulaneAgility Project LogisticsBaker Marine SolutionsBenoit Machine, LLCBenoit Premium Threading, LLCBenton Energy Service CoBilco Intl, LLCBlackhawk Specialty Tools, LLCBluewater Rubber & Gasket CoBorehole Control, LLCBourgeois & AssociatesC Logistics, LLCC Port 2, LLCC&D Prod Specialist Co, IncCajun Cutters, IncCetco Oilfield Services CompanyCheckpoint SystemsChiLLCo, IncCimation, LLCClean Tank, LLCC-Logistics, LLCC-N-O I & E, LLCCortec, LLCCor-Valve ComponentsCouncil DevelopmentCorporationCouncil DevelopmentCorporation, IncCraig ForshagG&W Construction Co, IncGas Measurement Services, LLCGrand Isle Shipyard, IncGreater Lafourche PortGulf Crane Services, IncGulf Island, LLCGulfstream Services, IncH&S Oilfield Services, IncHardin International, IncIMC DesignsIndustrial Safety & RehabilitationInnerfuse Id Welding, LLCISR InstituteIV-Aga, LLCJ B Services, IncJacobs LinderJan Baggerman, LLCJani-King of Lafayette/LakeCharlesJanke & Associates AJaztek Services, LLCJJ TN Enterprises, IncJohn David Malone Iii & PatriciaJ MaloneJPP Enterprises, LLCK&B Machine Works, IncCudd Pressure Control (D/B/AThru Tubing Solutions)Keystone Engineering, IncCudd Pressure Control, IncLA Norm Joint Defense GroupD.A. Melancon & Associates, IncLamp Environmental Industries,IncDanos & Curole MarineContractors, LLCDawson GeophysicalDeligans Valves, IncDirecTV, LLCL&L Oil & Gas Services, LLCLegacy Leader, LLCLightning Elimination Systems,IncLouis Gilbert & Associates, IncMinerals Management ServiceNautical Solutions, LLCNeo Products, LLCNolan Power Group, LLCPetroleum Laboratories, IncPhoenix Safety & LogisticsPersonnel, IncGalloway Johnson TompkinsGeo Tape LtdGieger Laborde & Laperouse,LLCGly-Tech Services, IncGordon Arata MccollamGulf Coast Companies, IncGulf Marine FabricatorsHalliburton Energy Services, IncHammerman & Gainer, IncHandS Machinery Corporation.Hertz Equipment RentalCorporationHornbeck Offshore Services,LLCPlaquemines Parish Sales TaxAcme Freight LogisticsHose Specialty - LafayettePot -O- GoldAcme Truck Line, IncHudson Services, IncPower Torque Services, LLCAction Oilfield Services, IncIndustrial Analyzer Services, LLCPreheat, IncAdams & Reese LLPIndustrial Blasting Services, LLCPriority Energy Services, LLCAdministrators of The TulaneIndustrial Industrial EquipmentPro Oilfield Services, LLCApollo Marine SpecialtiesInsulations, IncProject Consulting Services, IncB&W RealtyIqas, LLCQuality Energy Services, IncBayou Engineering CompanyJacobi Carbons ReactivationQuality Preheat & PressureWashersBlowout Tools, IncJones Walker WaechterBoh Bros Construction Co, LLCJRJ Alum Fab, IncR&R Energy Services, LLCBrand Energy & InfrastructureKing Krebs & Jurgens PLLCRight Hand Oilfield Associates,LLCCarter Chambers, LLCKuchler Polk Schell Weiner andCatalyst Construction, LLCLaborde Marine Management,LLCRJ Tricon Co, LLCRobert A. Schroeder, IncRoberts Repair Rental & Retail,IncRT Casey, IncRWO, LLCRyno Production Service, LLCSaia Motor Freight Line, IncSea Safety & Survival, IncSeal Tite, LLCSOS Survival Craft OffshoreServicesSouthern Fabrication, LLCSouthern Guard Service, IncSouthland Oilfield ServicesSouthland Rental Tools, IncLyons Consulting Services, LLCMaddens Cable Service, IncSouthworth Consulting, LLCDownhole & Design InternationalCorporation.Mandinas Inspection Services,IncSpot, LLCSPT Energy Group, LLCDual Trucking & Transport, LLCMassco, IncSTI, LLCDXP Enterprises, IncMaxx Oilfield Services, LLCStim, LLCEagle Consulting, LLCMechanical Equipment Co, IncStranco, IncEDG, IncMG Automation & ControlsCoporationSupreme Service & SpecialtyCompany, IncEnviro Tech Systems, LLCCongressional District 2Frilot, LLCAccent On Arrangements, IncPipeline Construction &Maintenance, IncDishman & Bennett SpecialtyCo, IncElos Environmental, LLCWorksaver Employee TestingSystemsFalk Renew PragerSwire Oilfield Services, LLCCentral Dispatch, IncCetco Energy Services Co, LLCClean Gulf AssociatesClean Gulf AssociatesLafayette-Pinhook, LLCLanier & Associates, IncLard Oil Company, IncCoastal Cargo Co., IncLiskow & Lewis A ProfessionalLawCommunity CoffeeCompany,LLCLouisiana Machinery Company,LLCComputrols, IncLouisiana Recycled Aggregates,LLCCooling Tower TechnologiesC-Port/Stone, LLCC-Port/Stone, LLCCranford Equipment Company,IncCrescent Drilling Foreman, IncCrossover, IncCSI Inspection, LLCDel Tech Controls, LLCDiversified Well Logging, LLCDixie Mill Supply Co, IncDolphin Energy Equipment, LLCDoyle Land Services, IncDrive Systems, IncDynamic Energy Services, LLCDynamic Industries, IncEagle Consulting, LLCLouisiana WorkforceCommissionM.G. Maher & CompanyMartzell & BickfordMaster Vac Industrial Services,LLCMBLX, IncMcdonough Marine ServiceMichael KinsellaMichael Pisani & Associates, IncMid-South Control Line, LLCMilling Benson Woodward LLPMMR Constructors, IncMMR Group, IncMMR Offshore Services, IncNalco Energy Services LP

Louisiana - VENDOR LISTND3, LLCCongressional District 3Newell Normand Sheriff & Tax111 Airport, LLCNewpark EnvironmentalServices, IncA & E Consulting of La, LLCAuto-Comm EngineeringCorporationChannel Specialty Co., IncDooley & Assoc, IncAutomation USA, LLCChapman & AssociatesDown Hole Pressure, IncChavez Calibrations InternationalDownhole Drilling Services, LLCB&B Janitorial, LLCChemical Waste Management,IncDrill Cuttings Disposal Co, LLCB&M Oilfield SupplyCherokee Services, IncA&P Electrical Service, IncBaker Hughes InteqCintas CorporationDriLLChem Drilling Solutions,LLCA Cajun Answering ServiceBaker PetroliteClassic Petroleum, IncDrilling Services of AmericaAaron Dodge Electrical Service,IncBayou Cajun EnvironmentalSoil andClayton Petroleum LtdDrilling Solutions, LLCBayou Coating, LLCDrinkwater ProductsABL Industries, LLCCoastal Chemical Company,LLCAbney Enterprises, IncBayou Companies, LLCComm Engineering, IncPaleo Data, IncBelaire’s Welding, IncCommercial Coating ServicesDupont Building, IncAcadia Parish Sales & Use TaxDeptPetronyx, LLCBentech, IncAcadian Ambulance Service, IncPhoenix Safety & LogisticsAcadian Contractors, IncBerry Bros General Contractors,IncComplete Oilfld Mgmt & Maint,IncPlanoAcadian Land Services, LLCBeta Land Services, LLCPlatinum ParkingAcadiana Ctr Ortho & OccupMedBill Poole Valves & ControlsPriority Energy Holdings, LLCPriority Production ServicesAcadiana Office ProductsBlanchard Elec. of New IberiaProcess Pumps & Equipment,IncAcadiana Safety AssociationBlue Fin Services, LLCAccel Protection & TechnologiesProduction ManagmentIndustries, LLCBlue Ox Environmental PlanningAce International Machining, LLCBlue Sky Environment, LLCR&D Enterprises, LLCAce Machine Fabrication &Construction, LLCBMRS, IncRieth CorporationACP, LLCRoper Industries, IncAction Specialties, LLCRuelco, IncAdvanced CorrosionTechnologiesNewpark Mats & IntegratedServices, LLCOffshore Oil ScoutsAssociationincOFS, IncOne Shell SquareOtto Candies, LLCOwensby & Kritikos, IncPackard Truck Lines, LLCSAI Gulf, LLCA Gallery of Flowers & GiftsA&B Valve & Piping Systems,LLCAX Energy, LLCBIS Salamis, IncBobby Knott Consulting, LLCComplete Tool Services, LLC.Construction SafetyProfessionals, IncControl Concepts & TechnologyControl Fire & SafetyIncCopy & Camera Technologies,IncCore Process & Compression,LLCCore-Tech Wireline Services,LLCDrill String Services, IncDTS Data Technology SolutionsDura-Splice, IncDwights RestaurantDynamic Industries, IncDynamic Production Services,IncEagle Oilfield InspectionServices, IncEagle Oilfield ServicesEagle Pest Control & Chemical,IncEastern Oklahoma FabricationEaton Oil Tools, IncEBR Services, LLCCornay Lowry Land & Abstract,IncEddie Bowden & Associates, IncCorporate Machine & EquipElectronic ProtectionBourque’s Lawn Service, IncCoy MyersElite Communication ServicesBoyd’s Rental Properties, LLCCraig SimonEnergy Battery CorporationCrown Oilfield ConstructionCrown Oilfield Serv, IncEnergy Solutions Technology,LLCBOP Ram Rentals, IncBourque Petroleum Consulting,LLCEDI Environmental Service, IncSchonekas Evans Mcgoey &Mceachin, LLCAdvanced Fluid TechnologiesScott ArmatureAdvanced Logistics, LLCSeismic Exchange, IncBradley Broussard LandServices, IncAdvanced Machine, LLCSGS Intech, LLCBrask, IncCSI Inspection, LLCEnerjetex Technology, LLCAerion Rental Services, LLCSiemens Industry, IncCST Drilling Fluids, IncEnviro ResourcesAggreko, LLCBrewster Procurement Group,IncSolar Turbines, IncBristow Alaska, IncCudd Pressure Control, IncEnvirochemAGI Industries, IncSouthern Electronics, IncAim Directional Services, LLCBroussard Brothers, IncCustom Automated Controls, IncEnvironmental Drilling Solutions,LLCSouthern Steel & Supply, LLCAir Pollution Controls, IncStewart Construction CoAir Power Services, IncBuilt On The Rock ConstuctionCo.Stone Pigman WaltherWittmann, LLCAirgas USA, LLCSuperior Energy Svcs, LLCTaggart Morton, LLCThe Mud Masters Group, LLCThe Tim Johnson ConsultingThompson EquipmentCompany, IncTidal Tank, LLCTierra Resources, LLCTiger Athletic FoundationTiger Industries, IncUniversal Personnel, LLCUp Professional Solutions, LLCVersa Tech Automation Services,LLCVision CommunicationsAdvanced Legal VideoEnvironmental Sampling, IncBurner Fire ControlD&D Fuel Dock, Inc (D/B/AMiguez Fuel, Inc)EPS Flowback Serivces, LLCBusiness Health PartnersDaigle’s Crane Service, IncButler Inspection, IncESP Petrochemicals, IncDaley Tower Service, IncC&B Sales & Service, IncEssi CorporationDart Energy Services, LLCC&C Technologies, IncData Technology Solutions, LLCEvans Equipment &Environmental, Inc of LafayetteCajun Company, IncDatacom, LLCEvans Rentals, IncCajun Compliance ConsultantsDc International, IncCajun Well Service, IncDealers Electrical SupplyExpeditors & ProductionServices, IncCal Grevemberg & AssocDeep South Chemical, IncCalcasieu ParishDeep South Containers, LLCCal-Tec, IncCameron Measurement SystemDeep South Energy Consulting,LLCCameron Telephone CoDeepwater Rental & SupplyFairway Logistics, LLCAmerican Polymer Products, IncCanal Petroleum ProductsDelahoussaye Water Well DrillingFairway Transport, LLCAmerican Safety & Ind SupplyCapasco, IncDella Resources, LLC.FastenalAngelle & Donohue PartnershipCargill, Inc / Nova InternationalShipping ServicesDelmar Systems, IncFastenal CompanyDelta Gulf Rental Tool CoFire & Safety SpecialistsCasey SimonDevin International, IncFire Boss of Louisiana, IncCDH Rentals, LLCDexcommFire Foam ServicesCE Herpin WeldingDGI SupplyFiretrol Protection System, IncCF&S Tank & Equipment Co, IncDirectional Rentals, IncFirst Alert Sling TestingCH Fenstermaker & Associates,IncDolphin Energy EquipmentFloquipDon Mashburn, IncFlow Control Equipment, LLCAlamo Hydraulics of LouisianaAlert Systems Technologies, LLCAll Phase Electrical Service, IncAllen & Kirmse LtdAlliance Transportation GroupAllstar, IncAlpha & Omega Tent RentalsAlpha Con, IncAmerican Eagle Logistics, LLCAmerican Fire & Safety, LLCAmerican Pollution ControlCorporationWaldemar S Nelson & Company,IncAnna L. SmithWarrior Energy ServicesCorporationAqueos CorporationWeeks & Gonzalez AplcCustom Hydraulic EquipmentCompany (Checo)Appalachian Oilfield ServicesArc Energy Equipment, LLCWild Well Control, IncArthur C. Leblanc Jr & Assoc,IncWilliam S. Nadler Jr, IncAtchafalaya Measurements, IncChalmers Collins & Alwell, IncErso, IncExploration Land Services, LLCExpress Supply & Rental, LLCExtreme Energy Services, LLCExtreme Trucking, LLCFlow Petroleum Services, Inc

Vendor Survey Findings ReportLouisiana - VENDOR LISTFlow Services & Consulting, IncHPS Oil & Gas Properties, IncLafayette Threaded ProductsMikes Pipe Inspection, IncPower Cleaning Solutions, LLCFluid Technology Service Intl,LLCHub InternationalLake Charles Reporting Service,IncMiller Engineers & Associates InPower Rig Rental Tools, IncForce Well Services, LLCPower Specialities, LLCHunter SPSLake City TruckingMilling Benson Woodward