Vintage Wade Figurine Master ChecklistCanadian, US, and UK Wade FigurinesCanadian Red Rose Tea Promotions (1967 – 1986)Series 1: Animal Figurines (1967 – 1973)FawnRabbit (ears together)SpanielDuckBush Baby (1: largerFoxMongrelCorgiBear CubKittenBeaverOtterTroutHippoLionSquirrelback leg)SetterGiraffe (thick base)OwlChimpHedgehog (2: 2 pads;Alsatian(large: 25x45mm)Bisondark red brown, honeyface, black nose)Wild BoarSea LionFrog (green/yellow)Butterfly (beige,PoodleFantail Goldfishblue-grey tips)Terrapin (beige,brown markings)AlligatorAnimal Variations (Series 1):Rabbit (ears apart)HippoBison(small: 20x40mm)Bush Baby (2: smallerback leg)(small: 28x40mm)Hedgehog (1: 3pads; dark red brown,honey face, blacknose)Terrapin (beige, greyTerrapin (beige, purple-Butterflymarkings)blue markings)(olive/brown, greentips; very rare)Giraffe (no base)Bluebird(large: 32x45mm)Giraffe (thin base)Hedgehog (1: 3pads; light brown,honey face, blacknose)Butterfly (honey;very rare)Wild Boar (brown)Bush Baby, Type 1: larger back legBush Baby, Type 2: smaller back legHedgehog, Type 1: 3 padsHedgehog, Type 2: 2 pads 2021, Garry and Elaine Figurines.htm

Series 2: Nursery Rhyme Figurines (1971 – 1979)Old King Cole (1:Little Jack HornerHumpty Dumptygap; brown body,(honey brown; blue tie,pshoes, pot; blue hat,cloak)JillJack (brown; blueshirt, brown bucket)brown wall)Tom, Tom thePiper’s Son (honeyLittle Boy BlueLittle Miss Muffet(blue hat)brown; blue tam, kilt)Pied PiperDoctor FosterMother Goose(pink/brown coat,green bush)(brown, grey puddle)(brown hat, honeybrown dress)Goosey GanderWee WillieWinkieLittle Bo PeepHouse That JackBuiltHickory DickoryDockLittle Red RidingHoodGingerbread ManQueen of Hearts(overall honey withorange beak)Puss in BootsBaa, Baa BlackSheepNursery Rhyme Variations (Series 2):Queen of HeartsQueen of HeartsOld Woman in theShoe (honey brown;red-brown roof)Three Bears (brown,honey base)(2 large hearts)Cat & the FiddleOld King Cole (1:Old King Cole (2:(8 multiple hearts;very rare)Dr. Foster (lightbrown all over)gap; brown body, bluehat, cloak, shoes, pot)Dr. Foster (lightbrown, yellow tie, bluepuddle)no gap; brown body,shoes, pot; blue hat)Dr, Foster (lightbrown, blue puddle)Mother GooseHumpty DumptyJack (brown; blueLittle Boy Blue(blue hat, honeybrown dress)Three Bears (lightbrown, honey base)(honey brown; brownwall)Pied Piper (lightbrown coat, greenbush)shirt, blue bucket)(brown hat)Goosey GanderOld Woman in theShoe (honey brown)Tom, Tom thePiper’s Son (honeyTom, Tom thePiper’s Son (honeybrown; brown tam,kilt)brown; grey tam, kilt)(2 small hearts)Old King Cole (2:no gap; brown body;blue hat, cloak, shoes,pot)(no beak colour)Old King Cole, Type 1: gap between feetOld King Cole, Type 2: no gap between feet 2021, Garry and Elaine Figurines.htm

Series 3: Whoppas (1981)Set 1Polar BearHippoBrown BearTigerElephantSet 2BisonWolfBobcatChipmunkRaccoonSet 3FoxBadgerOtterStoatHedgehogSeries 4: Animal Figurines (1982 – 1984)Giraffe (thick base)FoxSea HorsePine MartenBush Baby (2: beige;Colliesmaller back leg)LambCorgiZebraRabbit (ears apart)Camel (beige-grey;Langur (1)HorseRhinogreen base)BeaverAngel FishCowLeopardOrangutanTurtle (greenishgrey)Pig (large: 27x44mm)PelicanAnimal Variations (Series 4):Turtle (dark grey)PigGiraffe (thin base)(medium: 25x40mm)Giraffe (no base)GorillaPig (small: 25x35mm)Camel (dark grey;green grass)Bush Baby (1: beige,larger back leg)Langur, Type 1: no gap between stump and head; gap under armLangur, Type 2: gap between stump and head; gap under armSeries 5: Animal Figurines (1985 – 1986)Polar Bear (white;Koala (beige)Tiger (honey)looking over shoulder)Raccoon (brown)Gorilla (dk brown)Camel (beige)Pine Marten (honey)Beaver (brown)Zebra (blue grey)Leopard (honey)Orangutan (brown)Giraffe (beige, thickKangaroo (honeybeige)Langur (1: brown, nogap)Rhino (grey)base) 5 first-time issues, 2 same as previous issues (same one colour glaze as original), 8 aresingle-colour glazes of figurines previously issued in Series 4This set of fifteen also distributed as Series 2 in US Red Rose Tea promotionAnimal Variations (Series 5):Giraffe (no base)Giraffe (thin base) 2021, Garry and Elaine Figurines.htm

US Red Rose Tea PromotionsUS Series 1 (1983 – 1985) AnimalsHare (brown)Elephant (grey) Sea Lion (grey)Owl (brown)Lion (honey)Bush Baby (2: beige,Bear Cub (beige)smaller back leg)Hippo (honey, same asCdn Series 1, small)Squirrel (grey-blue/light blue)Bird (beige)Wild Boar (beige)Otter (beige)Chimp (brown)Bison (dk brown)Turtle (green, same asCdn Series 4)2 of US Series 1 are same as two Canadian figurines: Hippo (honey, RRC Series 1), and Turtle(green, RRC Series 4) – both single-colour glazes3 of US Series 1 were never issued in Canada (originally issued as Tom Smith Crackers: BritishWildlife – Hare, Squirrel – or as a 2nd Whimsies: Elephant) and other 10 are same molds as Red RoseTea Canada Series 1 but single-colour glazesVariations (US Series 1):Bush Baby (1: beige;Squirrel (dark blue)larger back leg)US Series 2 (1985 – 1996) AnimalsPolar Bear (white;Koala (beige)looking over shoulder)Raccoon (brown)Tiger (honey)Kangaroo (honeybeige)Gorilla (dk brown)Camel (beige)Langur (1: brown, nogap)Pine Marten (honey,Zebra (blue grey)Orangutan (brown)Rhino (grey)same as Cdn issue)Beaver (brown)Leopard (honey)Giraffe (beige, sameCockatiel* (green)Kitten* (grey)as Cdn issue)Pony* (beige)Bunny* (brown)Puppy* (honey)* new molds commissioned for Tom Smith Crackers “Your Pets”, then in 1990 added to this US Red RoseTea series (not included in UK Wade Whimsies)Variations (US Series 2):Langur (2: brown, gap)Koala (brown)Langur, Type 1: no gap between stump and head; gap under armLangur, Type 2: gap between stump and head; gap under arm (available only as of 1992 US Red RoseDecaffeinated Tea mail-in promotion) 2021, Garry and Elaine Figurines.htm

US Series 3 (1994 – 1999) Circus AnimalsSitting ElephantFemale MonkeyHorseBear (dark brown)(dark brown)Tiger (ruff beneathchin; slightlysmaller paws)StandingElephant (paleMale MonkeyLionPoodleRingmasterClown with PieStrongmanClown withBucket(pale blue)Seal (light grey)(dark brown)blue)HumanCannonballTen figurines were previously issued as Tom Smith “Circus” Crackers. The last five figurines were newmolds used for the first time in the US series. A porcelain circus ring produced as an extra for displayingthe Wade Circus Whimsies was sold separately.US Series 4 (1998 – 2002) Endangered North American AnimalsPolar Bear (white:Bald Eagle (honey)Spotted Owl (beige)looking forward)Timber Wolf (grey)Peregrine FalconFlorida Panther(honey)Green Sea TurtleHumpback Whale(green)(grey)Manatee (blue-grey)Sturgeon (blue)(beige)The Polar Bear and the Bald Eagle were first issued in the Tom Smith Survival set and the Spotted Owlwas first issued as the Barn Owl in the UK 2nd Whimsies. The last seven figurines (L-R) in this list werenew molds used for the first time in this US series.US Series 5 (2002 – 2006) Noah’s ArkElephantElephant (male)(female)Zebra (Female)Zebra (Male)HenRoosterLionLionessRhino (Female)Rhino (Male)GooseRamNoah and hiswifeGanderEweFourteen male and female animals, representing seven kinds of wildlife, and a single figurine of Noahand his wife made up the set of 15. A separate ceramic Ark was sold by mail, which was used to displaythe Noah Series.US Series 6 (2007 – 2008) Pet Shop cal FishKittensBudgieThese ten figurines were commissioned using new molds. A separate ceramic base with a pet shopstructure at its center was sold by mail for displaying this series. 2021, Garry and Elaine Figurines.htm

US Series 7 (2008 – 2012) CalendarSnowmanCupidMother’s DayGraduationFlowersScarecrowPumpkin KittyUS Series 8 (2012 – 2016) Nautical WonderlandShip’s WheelMermaidCrabSeagullDiver’s HelmetLighthouseUS Series 9 (2016 – 2020) American HeritageLiberty BellBisonSteam EngineArrowheadTractorSpace ShuttleLeprechaunUncle SamEaster BunnySandcastleTurkeyChristmas TreeSeahorseSail BoatStarfishTreasure ChestCompassConch ShellTea CratesPatriot HatWhitehouseCovered WagonIn 2018 Red Rose Tea no longer included one figurine in their boxes of tea. American citizens couldpurchase their tea from the Red Rose Tea website (Original Black Tea 100ct) and request a specificAmerican Heritage figurine (information correct as of October 2020) while supplies last. Online orderingis only available to US residents.US Series 10 (2020 – present) World MonumentsSydney HarbourTaj MahalSphinxBridgeStatue of LibertyChina WallGolden GateBridgeBig BenEaster IslandMoaiLeaning Towerof PisaEiffel TowerAs of July 2020 Red Rose Tea now offers one new Wade Figurine from the World Monuments series ineach box of their Red Rose Bold & Mellow blends. Online ordering is only available to US residents.(Information correct as of October 2020) 2021, Garry and Elaine Figurines.htm

UK Retail Wade Whimsie Figurines (1953 – 2003)First Whimsies (1953 – 1959)Set 1 (1953)Leaping hetland PonyRetrieverSet 4 (Jungle Set, 1955)LionCrocodileMonkeyRhinocerosElephantSet 5 (1956)MareFoalColtPolar BearBaby SealSet 2 (1954)BullSet 3 (1955)BadgerHorseJumping LambFox CubBeagleSet 6 (Polar Set, 1956)King PenguinHuskySet 7 (Pedigree Dogs, 1957)AlsatianWest Highland TerrierSet 8 (Zoo Set, 1957)LlamaLion CubCorgiGiant PandaBoxerBactrian CamelPolar Bear CubSt. BernardCockatooSet 9 (North American Animals, 1958)Snowy OwlRaccoonGrizzly BearGrizzly CubCougarSet 10 (Farm Animals, 1959)PigItalian GoatHorseSwanFoxhoundBalding and Mansell “Flintstone Party Crackers” CrocodileBalding and Mansell “Wade Animal Party Crackers” (late 1960’s)RhinoHippo (honey)DinoGiraffe (beige) 2021, Garry and Elaine KirschBrontiZebra (black)TigerWild Boar (beige) Figurines.htm

UK Second Whimsies (1971 – 1984)All multi-coloured/multi-shades; First 25 were commissioned for Red Rose Tea Canada in 1967FawnRabbit (ears apart)MongrelKittenSpanielDuckCorgiBeaverBush Baby (1: largerFoxBear CubOtterback leg)SetterGiraffe (thick base)OwlChimpHedgehog (2: 2 pads)AlsatianTroutHippoLionSquirrel(large: 25x45mm)BluebirdWild Boar (beige;green base)Frog/BullfrogLangur (1: with green(brown)Horse (dark grey;green base)leaves)LambLeopardPelicanCowTurtleKangaroo (brown)Cat (sitting)PenguinBisonDolphinSeal PupElephantKoalaHuskyField MouseDonkeyWalrusTigerMouseRamPolar BearCollieSea HorsePine MartenCamel (dark grey;Rhinogreen base)Pig (large: 27x44mm)GorillaRaccoonAngel FishOrangutanZebra (beige; greenbase)(large: 32x45mm)Barn OwlVariations:Horse (beige; darkbrown/green base)Bison (small: 28x40mm)Langur (1: no green leaves)HippoPigPig(small: 20x40mm)Giraffe (thin base)Wild Boar (allbeige)(medium: 25x40mm)Giraffe (no base)(small: 25x35mm)Zebra (black) 2021, Garry and Elaine Figurines.htm

UK Whoppas (1976 – 1981)Set 1 (1976)Polar BearHippoBrown BearTigerElephantSet 2 (1977)BisonWolfBobcatChipmunkRaccoonSet 3 (1978)FoxBadgerOtterStoatHedgehogWhimsie-Land Series (1984 – 1988)Whimsie-Land Set 1, 1984 (Pets)RetrieverPuppyRabbitKittenPonyWhimsie-Land Set 2, 1984 d Set 3, 1985 (Farmyard)RoosterDuckCowPigGoatWhimsie-Land Set 4, 1986 geWhimsie-Land Set 5, 1987 (British Wildlife)PheasantField MouseGolden Eagle 2021, Garry and Elaine Figurines.htm

Miscellaneous Retail SetsDogs and Puppies (1969 – 1982)Alsatian (1969)Adult AlsatianAlsatian Puppy, recliningAlsatian Puppy, sitting upCairn (1969)Adult CairnCairn Puppy, recliningCairn Puppy, standing upRed Setter Puppy, sittingupRed Setter Puppy,recliningCorgi Puppy, recliningCorgi Puppy, sitting upYorkshire Terrier Puppy,sittingYorkshire Terrier Puppy,standingRed Setter (1973)Adult Red SetterCorgi (1979)Adult CorgiYorkshire Terrier (1979)Adult Yorkshire TerrierNursery Favourites (1972 – 1981)Set 1 (1972)JackJillSet 2 (1973)Willie WinkieMary LambSet 3 (1974)Boy BlueSet 4 (1976)Puss in BootsLittle JackHornerHumptyDumptyPolly KettleKing ColeTom PiperMary MaryCat & FiddleQueen ofHeartsTommyTuckerThree BearsGooseyGanderBo-PeepOld Womanin a Shoe 2021, Garry and Elaine KirschLittle Figurines.htm

Horse Sets (1974 – 1981)Set 1 (1974)HorseFoal, standingFoal, lying downSet 2 (1978)HorseFoal, trying to stand upFoal, lying downChampionship Dogs (1975 – 1981)English SetterAfghan HoundCollieCocker SpanielOld EnglishSheep DogAquarium Set (1975 – 1980)Commissioned by King Aquariums Ltd. for sale in pet stores onlySnail/Whelk (honey;Seahorse (blue/beigeMermaid (beige;Diver (honey; browngreen-grey shell)pattern)yellow hair; grey-greenbase)base)Bridge (beige; lightLighthousebrown base)(beige/honey; greygreen base)Dinosaur Collection (1993, 2001 & 2008)Inspired by films such as Jurassic Park, released in 1993Set One (1993)CamarasaurusEuoplocephalusSpinosaurus (beige;Protoceratops(brown/honey; greenbase)(red-brown/honey;green base)grey spines; brownbase)(brown; green base)Tyrannosaurus Rex(dark brown/honey;green base OR grey;greenish-brownbase) 2021, Garry and Elaine Figurines.htm

Set Two (2001)CorythosaurusNodosaurus (grey;Saurolophus (green;Protoceratops(apricot; blue-greybase)grey-green base)brown base)(beige; green base)ScutellosaurusVulcanodon (blue;(honey; brown base)mottled brown-greenbase)Coelophysis (grey)Allosaurus (green)Goldfish (orangeWhale (light blueHermit Crabfish; blue-grey,orange streakedwater)Seahorse (beigeseahorse; dark bluewaves)whale; blue waves)(orange crab; greyblue waves)Bear (brown, redClown (green suit,Elephant ( grey;Lion (honey; brownhat; yellowwaistcoat; multicoloured drum base)Pony (white; brownmane; blue saddle;multi-coloured drumbase)hat; blue car)yellow, greenblanket; multicoloured drum base)Strongman (brownhair; white/brownspotted leotard; tanshoes; multicoloured drum base)mane; multicoloured drum base)Set Three (2008)AnkylosaurusMaiasaura ge)Water Life Collection (1997)Alligator (green)Octopus (greyoctopus; sea greenblue waves)Circus Set (2003)Ringmaster (blackcoat, top hat, boots;red waistcoat; whitepants; yellow bowtie; multi-coloureddrum base)Display Stand(white; multicoloured designaround edge; redlettering “WadesCircus”)In 2003 Wade produced a new circus set, available from the Wade Shop and through retailoutlets. A Circus Ring display base was produced for this set with WADES CIRCUS embossedon the base edge. 2021, Garry and Elaine Figurines.htm

Tom Smith Party Crackers (1973 – 1999)Animate Crackers (1973-75)AlsatianPine MartenWild Boar (beige)Fantail Goldfish(RRC)Bullfrog (RRC:Butterfly (RRC:Bluebird (recessedTerrapin (RRC:light green; recessedbase)recessed base)base)green-grey; recessedbase)Lion (honey; greenKangaroo (darkWalrus (light beige;Polar Bear (beige;base)brown; light brownbase)Orangutan (ginger)grey base)blue base; looking overshoulder)Tiger (honey; greenbase)Safari Park (1976-77)Langur (beige;brown stump)Musk Ox (grey;beige face)Raccoon (light brown;light green base)Koala (dark grey &beige)Variations:Lion (all-over honey)Circus Animal Set (1978-79)Elephant, sitting(blue)Boy Monkey, withteapot (beige; blueTiger (no ruffteapot)Bear (red-brown)beneath chin)Poodle (white; blueskirt)Elephant, standing(blue)Girl Monkey, withteacup (beige; blueskirt)Sea Lion (light green-Lion (honey)grey)Pony (beige)British Wildlife Set (1980-81)DormouseHare (honey)PartridgeSquirrel (red-brown)WeaselBadger (green-grey)Mole (green-grey)Fox, standing (redbrown)Farmyard (1982-83)Pig (pale pink)Goose (honey-brown;Duck, swimmingGoat (white; green(white; blue base)Bull (dark brown)base)Horse (light brown;brown beak)Cow (orange-brown)green base)Variations:Goat (all-overDog (honey; brownbase)Duck (all-over blue)Horse (all-over beige)Dog (all-over brown)beige) 2021, Garry and Elaine Figurines.htm

World of Survival (1984-85)North American BisonGorilla, seated(brown)(brown)Whale (blue-grey)Sea Turtle (green)Armadillo (green-grey)Golden EaglePolar Bear (dullSea Lion (blue-grey)(honey)white; facing forward)Wildlife (1986-87)Penguin (white)Koala (honey)Rhino (blue-grey)Dolphin (blue)Leopard (honey)Wild Boar (beige)Nursery Rhyme Crackers (1988)Same as those used in the Red Rose Tea Canada promotionBo-PeepHumpty DumptyOld Woman Who Lived in a ShoeWee Willie WinkieKangaroo (beige)Orangutan (brown)Hickory Dickory DockOld King ColeYour Pets . Family Pets (1988-89)Cockatiel (green)Pony (beige)Kitten (blue)Mouse (white)Bunny (brown)Guppy Fish (green)Puppy (honey)Guinea Pig (honey)Poodle (peach)Alsatian (brown)Corgi (honey)Bull Dog (beige)Husky (white)Mongrel (grey)West HighlandTerrier (white)Spaniel (black)Duck, preeningEagle (beige)Goose (honey)Rooster (green)Partridge (beige)World of Dogs (1990-91)Bird Life (1992-93)Wren (beige)(white)Pelican (brown)Barn Owl (grey)Snow Life (1992-97)Hare (white)Polar Bear (white;Fox (ginger)Walrus (beige)looking over shoulder)Whale (grey)Snow Goose (white)Seal Pup (blue-grey)Penguin (grey)Reindeer (2: beige)Snowy Owl (white)Variations:Reindeer (1: gap between legs)Reindeer, Type 1: gap between legsReindeer, Type 2: no gap between legs 2021, Garry and Elaine Figurines.htm

Tales from the Nursery (1994-97)Bo-PeepHumpty Dumpty(burgundy)(grey)Hickory DickoryDock (beige)Boy Blue (blue)Dr. Foster (brown)Jack Horner (beige)Queen of Hearts(apricot)Cat and the FiddleTom Piper (honey)(grey)Ride a Cock Horse(green)Cat Collection (1996-97)Puss in BootsLion, standing(dark grey)(honey)Tiger (honey)Cat and the FiddleKitten, sitting withball of yarn (peach)Leopard (honey)(brown)Cat, stalking(apricot)Cat, sitting (beige)Cat, standing(beige)Kitten, lying withball of yarn (facingleft; dark blue)Variations:Cat and the Fiddle(grey)Kitten lying withball of yarn (facingPuss in Boots (lightgrey)left; light blue)Christmas Time Crackers (1996-97)[Previously issued in 1995 as Bear Ambitions in all honey]Musical MarcoArtistic EdwardLocomotive Joe (darkAlex the Aviator(honey)(light brown)brown)(light brown)Admiral SamBeatrice Ballerina(dark brown)(honey)Hare (beige)Mole (grey)Squirrel (peach)Butterfly (blue)Mouse (honey)Badger (grey)Snail (bright blue)Walrus (honey)Turtle (light green)Whale (bright blue)Sea Horse (apricot)Dolphin (grey)Hedgerow (1998-99)Rabbit (honey)Otter (brown)Sea Life (1998-99)Seal (brown)Angel Fish (lightgreen) 2021, Garry and Elaine Figurines.htm

Wade Ceramics Limited Christmas Crackers (2001 – 2003)Christmas Crackers Nursery Set (2001)New colorways of eight Red Rose Tea Canada Nursery Rhyme figurinesJack (beige; brownJill (beige; yellowGoosey GanderDr. Foster (grey;hair; green grass)hair; green grass)(white; yellow beak,feet)black umbrella; brownbag)Mother GooseLittle Miss MuffetLittle Jack HornerWee Willie Winkie(beige; greenish-greyhat)(beige; yellow hair;black spider)(beige; yellow hair;brown plum, shoes)(grey; brown hair)Christmas Crackers Safari Set (2003)New colorways of Whimsie-Land Set 2 plus two new moldsElephant (WL; grey;Lion (WL; honey;Tiger (WL; honey;Panda (WL;olive green base)dark brown mane;olive green base)Giraffe (new; beige)brown stripes; mottledgreen base)black/white; bluegreen base)Alligator (new; lightgreen; blue base)Absolutely Crackers (2001 – 2003)Bird Whimsies (2001)New colorways for seven of the Tom Smith Birdlife plus the Snowy Owl from the Whimsie-Land Set 2Wren (TS; paleDuck, preening (TS;green)beige)Eagle (TS; tan)Goose (TS; brown)Pelican (TS; white)Snowy Owl (WL;Rooster (