Teddy Bears’ Picnic ChallengeRik Bear is bringing you the 1st in the collection!This Challenge Pack contains lots of fun activities on a Teddy Bear’s Picnictheme. Get your picnic blanket and bears at the ready!For even more programme ideas check out our ‘Picnic’ board over Pawprint Family 2020

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This Challenge Pack has been divided in to 4 sections: Craft, Food, Games and Other. In order to help youprovide a balanced and varied programme for your young adventurers we recommend that the followingnumber of activities are completed by each age group:Age 3 - 5Age 5 - 7Age 7 - 11 Age 11 - 14 Age 14 - 18 Age 18 CraftFoodGames OtherPICKLeaders, Teachers & ParentsAward yourselves a badge for supportingyour young adventurers in their activities!Adapt activities as necessary to meet your needs.Add your own activity ideas or develop them into projects.Use what you have; don’t buy in lots of new materials/equipment.No need to send us evidence, responsible grown-ups decide when the badge has been earned.One challenge badge can take as long as you like; from a few hours to days or even a full term!By downloading or purchasing this resource you agree to our terms of use as outlined below. As a husbandand wife team we work hard to keep all of our resources and activity ideas available free of charge; we canonly do this with your help.Please DoYou May NotUse this resource with your young adventurers.Redistribute or sell this resource in any way, shape orform.Direct people to this resource online by sharing ourwebsite links.Upload this resource to a website for download.Tell your friends/family/colleagues about us!Copy or modify any part of this resource to share withothers either for free or for sale.Share photos of you enjoying your adventures with uson social media.Use any text, graphics, content or fonts without ourwritten permission.If you are unsure or have any questions about these terms of use please [email protected] can view the extended terms of use on our

CraftMake some bunting to decorate your home or meeting place ready for aTeddy Bears’ Picnic party.Here’s an Idea!If you’re aged 5-11 you could make bunting using paper and string, if you’re aged 11 maybe you could use a sewing machine and fabric to make your bunting? You could coordinate the colours for your bedroom.Make a teddy bear from Hama beads.Make teddy bear finger puppets.Make a pipe-cleaner teddy bear.Complete a teddy bear colouring sheet.Bring your teddy bear to your group/meeting and make an outfit for themusing recycled materials.Make a teddy bear that can move its arms and legs using split pins.Make a teddy bear mask using a paper plate and any other materials youmay have.Here’s an Idea!This is a great activity to give you the chance to have a clear out of all those old craftmaterials - why not go wild and have a ball making your Teddy Bear masks using oldwool, tissue and pompoms?!Design (and make if you like) a picnic blanket.Here’s an idea!If you’re feeling creative you could learn how to weave and create your own sample of awoven blanket!Make paper chains to decorate your home or meeting place ready for yourteddy bears’ picnic party.Use potato printing to make bear paw prints then cut them out and usethem for a bear hunt to tick off your game challenge at the same time!

FoodMake some sandwiches with your teddy bear’s favourite filling, then cutthem into bear shapes using biscuit cutters.Make teddy bear shaped biscuits.Here’s an Idea!Why not make shortbread biscuits and add coco powder instead of some of the flour tomake your teddies all different colours!?Blindfolded, try all the different flavours of bear shaped crisps and see if youcan guess which flavour is which.Question?Can you think of any other bear themed foods to try? If you can why not try them all atyour Teddy Bears’ Picnic?Make fairy cakes (or buy them) and decorate them to look like teddy bears.Here’s an Idea!Why not use giant chocolate buttons for ears and a sugar covered sweetie for a nose?You could add cocoa powder to butter cream to cover your cakes in and make your teddybears brown or add food colouring make pink, purple or even green teddies!Make a banana and honey bread for your teddy bears’ picnic party - yourfurry friends will love it!Question?Can you think of any other foods that bears like to eat? What’s your teddy bear’s favouritesnack? Why not make it for your teddy bears’ picnic party for your furry friend to enjoy?Make a jelly for your teddy bears picnic and add gummy bear sweets tomake it a real bear treat!Here’s an idea!Can you find a teddy bear shaped jelly mould? Then you could have a teddy bear-tasticjelly!Make a marshmallow teddy bear using different sized marshmallows andcocktail sticks. Use chocolate drops or writing icing to add details such as theeyes and a smiley mouth.

GamesComplete a bear themed word-search.Play ‘Picnic Blankets’, based on the game ‘Islands’.How?One person is on, this person is the ‘Grizzly Bear’. All the other ‘bears’ run around, oncetug you must sit on the floor and become a ‘picnic blanket’. When the leader shouts“Picnic blankets are safe” everyone still in must touch a ‘picnic blanket’ during which timethey can not be tug by the ‘Grizzly Bear’. The leader then shouts “Go” and everyone still inruns around again. Continue until you have 1 person left in, this person is the winner!Play ‘Fruit Salad’ but swap the fruits for: Polar bear, Koala Bear, Grizzly Bear,Teddy Bear and for ‘Fruit Salad’ shout ‘Teddy Bears’ Picnic’.Play ‘Corners’ and name each one after a different type of bear, or maybeeven a bears favourite food!Play ‘Farmer Farmer’/‘British Bulldog’.How?One person is on, they stand in the centre. Everyone else lines up at one end of the roomand repeats the rhyme, “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, may we join your picnic,” the personwho is in the middle then says “Yes, but only if you’re wearing.” and says a colour. Theaim of the game is then for those who are wearing that colour to get to the other endof the room without being tug. Once tug you must join the middle. Continue until oneperson is left, they are the winner!Complete a bear themed quiz or name the famous cartoon bears.Play the Chocolate game and use Teddy bear fancy dress.How?Sit in a circle with a large bar of chocolate, fancy dress and knife and fork in the centre.Take it in turns to roll a dice. When someone rolls a six they must jump up, put on all thefancy dress and cut chunks of chocolate from the big bar. Only one square must be cut ata time and the knife and fork must be used!Play ‘Bear in a Wood’ based on ‘Squirrel in a Tree’/‘Rabbit in a Burrow’.Think of a traditional game and adapt it with a Teddy Bear theme. Teach it tosomeone else or another group.

OtherHold a Teddy Bear’s Picnic at home or at your meeting place. Invite yourfamily and friends to join you.Here’s an Idea!Why not take pictures of you doing your Teddy Bears’ Picnic Challenges and make adisplay of them at your teddy Bears’ Picnic to show others what been up to?Write a short story about your teddy bear. What adventures do they havewhilst you’re asleep?Here’s an Idea!Why not enter your short story into a competition or use it towards a badge?Read a teddy bear themed story.Watch Toy Story/ Toy Story 2/ Toy Story 3 or any other film you can think ofwith toys/teddy bears in.Sing some teddy bear songs.Here’s an Idea!Why not sing: ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’, ‘Teddy bear, teddy bear’ or any other songsyou can think of.Run a ‘Guess the name of the Teddy Bear’ as a fund raiser.Run a Teddy Tombola as a fund-raiser.Here’s an Idea!Why not run your fund-raiser at a local fair or fete to let the local community know whatyou’re up to?Make a den. Bears like to hide in caves so make sure your den is nice andcosy, somewhere your teddy would like to live!Raise money for Children In Need to help Pudsey Bear.Teddy bears get their name from the U.S. President Theodore ‘Teddy’Roosevelt. Find out why and when he was president.Find out about the most expensive teddy bears in the world.

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