Console Compatibility ListUpdated: November 2016Italics: Discontinued/ Not listed on websiteThis is a reference guide to help you identify which Littlite will work with your sound or lighting console. All Littlite task light series are available in 6",12" or 18" gooseneck lengths and low intensity, high intensity or LED light types. You can also compare your consoles connection to our Rite LiteFlow Chart to find your perfect Littlite Task Light, follow the link below! 3.This information is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Always consult your user manual for more details on your console before connecting yourtask light(s). Please contact Littlite if you have any questions. [email protected] or 888 548-8548.BrandADBModelLittlite SeriesDomino XT 48-96Domino XT -SeriesXR-SeriesXR-SeriesX-SeriesILive SeriesGLD-80, GLD-112GL2400, GL2800MixWizard4 SeriesPA12-CP, PA20-CP, PA12, PA20, PA28QU-16, QU-24, QU-32GL 3, 4, 2000, 3300ML 3000, 4000, 5000GL-4000GL 3800, GL 4800MIX WIZARDXR-4 SeriesX-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesG-SeriesXR-4 SeriesG-SeriesXR-4 SeriesX-4 SeriesX-4 SeriesX-4 SeriesElectra SeriesXR-SeriesTMX 120TMX 160TMX 200ZMX 164ZMX 244Typhoon 2400, 3200, 4800L20, L16, sG-SeriesLangleySR 6000SR 4000X-4 SeriesX-4 SeriesG-SeriesQ-2422 ProQ-SpandXDM-352XDM-242XDM-3633 roRack HouseProDesk 4 SeriesProRack MonitorSpectra SeriesX-4-180 SeriesX-4 SeriesX-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesPB4X4PROT-SeriesAllen & HeathAltairAltoAmekAmerican DJAPBART

ASM sVenue ProfileVenue SC48Venue D-Show e Touch, WingExpert ProTiger Touch IITiger Touch Fader WingQuartzPearl 2010Azure Shadow, Azure PanelPearl 2000Sapphire 96, Sapphire 2000Diamond II, III, and VIXR-Series (Special Part #)XR-Series (Special Part #)XR-Series (Special Part #)XR-Series (Special Part #)X-Series (Special Part #)X-Series (Special Part #)X-Series (Special Part #)XR-Series (Special Part #)X-Series (Special Part #)XR-Series (Special Part #)XR-Series (Special Part #)Eurodesk SX4882Xeynx XL1600Xeynx XL2400Xenyx XL3200XL 3200X32X32 CompactUB 2442FX-PROXenyx X2442 USBXenyx QX2442 USBDX2000USBUB2442FX-PROEurodesk MX 8000A, 9000A, 3282A, 80 SeriesXR-4-180 riesColumbiaOlympiaG-SeriesG-SeriesCDC Eight-32CDC Eight-16CDC SevenCDC SixCDC sXR SeriesXR eriesG-Series6V BNCX-SeriesProfessional 1 & 2XR-SeriesNavigator 3AviatorSeries II GoldG SeriesXR-SeriesG-seriesAudio IndependenceAVIDAvolitesBehringerBi AmpCadacCarvinCaseCelco

PathfinderPulsar MasterExplorerVentura adillian 2 &3InnovatorEncoreXR-4 SeriesXR SeriesXR-4 SeriesVector RedVector BlueVector GreenVector Violet/Ultra VioletDlite 96Dlite 72Dlite 48Dlite CompactSpark Top, 4DVibeSabre, Photon, RaveOvation 4D, Micron 4DXR-180 SeriesXR-180 SeriesXR-180 SeriesXR-180 SeriesXR-180 SeriesXR-180 SeriesXR-180 SeriesXR-180 SeriesXR-180 SeriesXR-180 SeriesXR-180 SeriesXR-180 SeriesCSX SeriesG-SeriesX-Rack SeriesHP SeriesOld StylesSP, TC, GT, LM, X-FourGTX, VX, LMX, V-12Century GT and VXX-Eight, X-Monitor, X-VCAHS-48 4XR-SeriesCV 20 , 822RM1222XL, 1222RMCM300, 350, 750, 1642G-SeriesG-SeriesG-SeriesSMX2000G-Series1Q t AudioD&RDigicoDODDenonDoveDynacord

CMS 1000-3CMS 1600-3CMS 2200-3Powermate 1000-3Powermate 1600-3Powermate 2200-3MP7CMS 1000CMS 1600CMS 2200Powermate 1000Powermate 1600Powermate 2200X-4 SeriesX-4 SeriesX-4 SeriesX-4 SeriesX-4 SeriesX-4 SeriesX SeriesX SeriesX SeriesX-4 SeriesX SeriesX SeriesX SeriesMP-7XL-7PX-7G-SeriesG-SeriesG-SeriesHoglet 4Hedge Hog 4 SeriesShow Designer 2CFX-SeriesX-SeriesX-Series18:8:2, 24:8:2, 32:8:2, 40:8:8, 48:08:02Electro Voice/Telex BK 32 and 43 SeriesEVT 52 SeriesElanInterface ConsolesVectorPSX 1000, 1600, iesX-SeriesCongo JrCongo KidEos TiEos GioEos Gio @5Eos IonCobalt 10Cobalt -SeriesFormula 328X-4 SeriesPX 2208PX 2208DPX 2212DPX sG-SeriesG-SeriesPMX 7000PMX 8000PMX 9500PMX 9900G-SeriesG-SeriesG-SeriesG-SeriesDS 9000, 9905DSP-6PRODMX-525, 1030 & 1070, DMX-6, 52MX-5216, 5224, sE-MUElationEV/DYNACORDETCFBTFenderGLIGem SoundGemini

TurntablesG-SeriesHoglet 4Hog 4Full BoarRoad Hog 4HedgeHog 4'sHogletPlayback WingMiniwingWhole Hog 1 & 2Status CuePower sX-SeriesX-SeriesXR-SeriesX-SeriesG-SeriesEclipse GTSY80SY48X-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesX-4 SeriesCMX 1264, 1664, 2464KensingtonG SeriesXR-4 SeriesVista L5 - 8192/4096Vista T4Vista I3Vista S3ESPII-24ESPII-48, 60Event 24Event 36, 48, 408, 416Event Plus 48, 60Jands Hog 250, 500, 600, 1000VistaXR SeriesXR SeriesXR SeriesXR SeriesXR SeriesXR SeriesXR SeriesXR SeriesXR SeriesXR SeriesXR SeriesLicon 1XLicon CXLicon FXX SeriesX SeriesX SeriesXC 350LPC-48V / LPC-96VLPC-24S Lil' WingLP-1500 SeriesLM-850LP-1600 SeriesLP-2000 SeriesLP-3000 SeriesLP-X SeriesXR SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesG SeriesXR-SeriesG SeriesXR SeriesXR SeriesXR SeriesCH 200DesignerG SeriesG SeriesMaxim S, M, MP, L, XL, XXLFocal ConsolesFocal Touring DimmingAtomAxiomXR SeriesX SeriesX-SeriesXR SeriesX SeriesIconXR SeriesSL-2600, 3100, 4600G-SeriesHigh End / Flying PigInnovaSonInter-MJands LightingJB LightingLepreconLMILSCLSDLineartechLightronics

TL-2448LiteputerG SeriesG-SeriesgrandMA2 Full-sizegrandMA2 LightgrandMA2 Ultra LightgrandMAgrandMA MicroLight Commander 12/2, 12/2 19"Light Commander 24/6Scan CommanderXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR SeriesX SeriesX SeriesXR SeriesX SeriesOnyx 1640i1642VLZ41604VLZ42404VLZ43204VLZ4PPM 1012AXIX DL-32DC16CFX 12CFX 16CFX 18, 201604 VLZ PRO1642 VLZ PROSR32.4 VLZ PROSR24.4 VLZ PROSR56.8SR40.82404 VLZ33204 VLZ3TT24Onyx 1640Onyx 1620Onyx 4880Onyx 4080Onyx 3280Onyx 2480Onyx 24-4/32-4G SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG-HI SeriesG SeriesG SeriesX-4 SeriesG SeriesG SeriesX-4 SeriesG SeriesG SeriesX-4 SeriesX-4 SeriesX-4 SeriesX-4 SeriesG-SeriesM1M6M2GOM1 HDCase Controller P1, P2Case Controller P1 , P2 Case Controller Playback WingXR SeriesXR SeriesXR SeriesXR SeriesXR SeriesXR SeriesXR SeriesVenice F VF16Venice F VF16RVenice F VF24Venice F VF32Venice U VU16Venice U VU24Venice U VU32XL3, XL200, XL250, LegendHeritage 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000XL-4Siena, Verona SeriesPro1Pro1-IPPro1-TPXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesX-SeriesXR SeriesG SeriesXR SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesMA LightingMackieMartinMidasMidas Cont'

Pro2Pro2 CPro2C-CC-IPPro2-CC-TPM-32PRO2-LED SET (2 2Note: MIDAS PRO 1 and PRO 2 Series may have different XLR panel socket configurations. Littlite X and XR series lights canbe modified to match these configurations. Please see the document for more 96Moog MusicTolex Minimoog Voyager XLAluminium Minimoog VoyagerMinimoog Voyager XLMinimoog Voyager Performance EditionMinimoog Voyager Electric Blue EditionMinimoog Voyager Select SeriesMinimoog Voyager Old SchoolT SeriesT SeriesT SeriesT SeriesT SeriesT SeriesT SeriesEventMonitor ServerPerformerX SeriesX SeriesX SeriesPMC, TCMEL, MLC, 7424, 7500, 7532X SeriesG SeriesDM 1600XG SeriesWR-SX-1G SeriesFX2 16FX2 24FX2 3216-FX24-FX32-FXS-24G SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesSonic Station 16Sonic Station 22Sonic Station 32AM 1221XAM1621XAM 844DAM 844D USBIS16MX300MX306MX300 USBWDX SeriesHelix 24Station 22G SeriesG SeriesG SeriesXR-180 SeriesXR-180 SeriesG SeriesG SeriesXR-180 SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesStudioLive CS18AIStudioLive 32.4.2AIStudioLive 24.4.2AIStudioLive 16.4.2AIStudioLive 48AIStudioLive 64AIStudioLive 16.0.2StudioLive 32StudioLive 16.4.2StudioLive 24.4.2XR-4 SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG ulsar

MasterpieceG SeriesInnovationsG SeriesM-5000M-5000CM-480XR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesSX-1WR-S840WR-C900WR-4000G SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesRCS 2842PC 8400802, 1202, 1602, 2402X SeriesG SeriesG SeriesStudio 12 Scan ControlStudio 24 Scan ControlX SeriesX SeriesLD-500LD-100012XR-HI12XR-HIAS3208AS1604MIX 24A/AUMIX 4CEDCAS2204CEDCAS10AS12AS16AS24AS32AS48X SeriesX SeriesX SeriesX SeriesX SeriesX SeriesX SeriesX SeriesX-180 SeriesX-180 SeriesX-180 SeriesX SeriesX SeriesX SeriesX SeriesX SeriesX SeriesVi3000Vi2000Si Performer 2Si Performer 3Si Expression 1Si Expression 2Si Expression 3GB2GB2RGB4GB8Si1 Si2 Si3 MH3, MH4K2K3 TheatreSeries 2, Series 5, Series 5 MonitorSeries 4EuropaVienna, Venue, DeltaXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesN/A See Below**N/A See Below**N/A See Below**N/A See Below**N/A See Below**X-4 SeriesX-4 SeriesX-4 seriesX-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesX-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesX-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesG SeriesRackmanRolandRamsaRoss MixingSGMSee FactorSoundkingSoundcraft

Soundcraft Cont'Spirit 8, MonitorX-4 SeriesSpirit LX-7X SeriesSM12, SM20X-4 SeriesNote: **Check your user manual before connecting a Littlite to your Soundcraft console. Some consoles donot provide adequate current to power Littlite task lights.Sound Tech4150, 306D, 308D, ST-1 22PC 803, PC1250PanoramicST 164, DJ 252, 262DG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesMegas StageMegas 2SequelSequel 2SoloSolo 8G SeriesX SeriesX SeriesX SeriesG SeriesX Series500MLLight Palette ClassicLight Palette LiveLight Palette VLNeoXR SeriesXR SeriesXR SeriesXR SeriesXR SeriesShowmix 12, 16Showmix 24, 32, 48Powerhouse 1000XHorizon 12Horizon 2012Horizon 2012Horizon 2020StagemasterMCX 12MCX 32X SeriesX SeriesX SeriesX SeriesX SeriesX SeriesX SeriesG SeriesX SeriesX SeriesSX1115-RLX SeriesBlend 16G SeriesSR 6000X SeriesM4000G SeriesQ 328 6L 160 5L 244 5X SeriesX SeriesX series200300G SeriesG SeriesMission Control VX2Mission Control 1024XR SeriesX SeriesAll ModelsX SeriesKJ 6200PKJ 9090 ProKJ 7800 ProG SeriesG SeriesG SeriesSoundtracsStrandStudio MasterSurgexTapcoTotal Audio Concepts (TAC)Tactile TechnologyTargetTascamUltraliteVari-liteVoco Pro

YamahaRivage LS9-32MGP24XMGP32XMG32MG24EMX5016CFPM 2000PM 1800APM 3000, 3500PM 4000, 6000M2500, 3000MX12/6, 20/6MV12/6, 20/6EMX50009000 Pro KeyboardDM 2000 Version 2IM8XR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesX SeriesX SeriesX SeriesG SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesX SeriesX SeriesX SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesXR-4 SeriesOrb XFFrog 2Frog 24/48Fat FrogFrog BoxBull FrogLeap FrogMambo FrogLightMaster XLLightMaster XLSIllusion 120/240Illusion 500Sirius 250/5003G SeriesXR-SeriesXR-SeriesX-SeriesZero 88LED-NA-USB Compatible ConsolesAllen & HeathDLIVE S7000DLIVE S5000DLIVE S3000AltoLIVE 1202LIVE 1604LIVE 2404DigicoS21S31SD7SD7TSD7BSD5


ConnectorsG Series - BNCT Series - TNCX Series-3 pin Straight XLRXR Series-3 pin Right Angle XLRX-4 Series-4 pin Stragiht XLRXR-4 Series-4 pin Right Angle XLR