Adult Day Services Center3893 Adler Place, Bldg. B, Suite 180Bethlehem PA 18017610-867-4669 Ext 100Serving Seniors & Caregiverssince 1984 as the 1st Adult DayCenter in Northampton CountyPrintableActivity & Idea PacketforSeniors at HomePrint Double SidedImportant numbers to have handy:United Way supports 2-1-1, a free andconfidential service that helps people acrossNorth America find the local resources theyneed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.A toll-free call to 211 , 855.501.6785 orvisit connects you to acommunity resource specialist in your areawho can put you in touch with local organizations that provide critical services that canimprove—and save—lives.You’ll find information about: Supplemental food and nutrition programs Shelter and housing options and utilitiesassistance Emergency information and disaster relief Employment and education opportunities Services for veterans Health care, vaccination and healthepidemic information Addiction prevention and rehabilitationprograms Re-entry help for ex-offenders Support groups for individuals with mental illnesses or special needs A safe, confidential path out of physicaland/or emotional domestic abuseWhether in times of natural disaster orpersonal crisis,2-1-1 is committed to being the first,most essential resource to anyone whoneeds help.911 is for EMERGENCIES ONLY!Requests for police, fire/rescue, EMS.Non-Emergency Communications Center numbers:Northampton 610-759-2200Allentown City 610-437-7751Bethlehem City 610-865-7171Lehigh County (outside Allentown) 610-437-5252When you have a utility issue or service disruption, pleasecontact your utility providers:PPL 1-800-342-5775FirstEnergy / Met-Ed 1-888-544-4877UGI Gas Service 1-800-267-2722Service Electric Cable TV 1-800-232-9100RCN 1-800-746-4726Blue Ridge Cable 610-826-9311Lehigh County AgingAging and Adult ServicesPhone: 610-782-3034Northampton County Area Agency on AgingPhone: (610) 829-4540Toll Free: (800) 322-9269Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. M-FFor information and to make a referral: (610) 559-327024 Hour Emergency Service available for Elder Abuse andNeglect Reports. (610) 252-9060Meals on Wheels of the Greater LV(610) 691-1030Always keep your cell phone charged!

What can I do if stuck home all day?Well, you don’t have to look out the window or watch reruns on TV.Here are some ideas for those times you find yourself alone.Improve Your Brain. P laying physical and m ental gam es k eeps your m ind active andsharp so it doesn’t deteriorateConnect with others and reestablish relationships .No matter how old we are, human beings remain to be social beings that need connection. Call thatold friend you haven’t heard from in years, your long lost cousin or neighbor you used to live nextto years ago.Connect with nature as you are able .Activities for seniors such as gardening, walking, bird watching, nature photography, will help keepyou fit and healthy for a long time and also make you appreciate nature and avoid stress.Active Learning shouldn’t end just because we age Learning is not only fun but it’s also an amazing way to keep your brain active. Try turning on thatlaptop or tablet that’s just been sitting around your house. Now’s a good time to just play aroundwith it and see if you can figure it out. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! If you getit working, that leads to more exploring with games and browsing the internet to look up somethingyou’ve always wondered about. OR, you can open one of the coffee table books you’ve had lyingaround collecting dust!Here are some things you can try if you have the materials laying around the house:Paper craftsKnittingCrochetingQuilt makingCard making and letter writing (People love receiving cards. Now’s a good time to just send a friendly hello to someone)Watercolor paintingChair Exercises (some videos can be found on YouTube)Board games or card games on a tabletSolitaire card gamesJigsaw puzzleCall younger relatives or friends call to offer conversation, suggest they share their own childhood stories.Organize your drawers, take your time about it.Word search/crosswordPaint rocks to make the garden more colorful come SpringtimeAdult coloring booksOrganize the kitchen drawerCoupon cuttingArmchair travels using YouTube video toursReorganize the toolboxReorganize the tackle boxLook through old picturesScavenger hunt the newspaper by looking for certain words or adsHere are some websites for free online printable worksheets and adult coloring pages: Remember, a phone call can brighten a day, the stores have simple craft kits, cooking together with your one is quality time (have them peel potatoes, slice veg or dry the dishes. People need to feel a sense of usefulnessand purpose. You can do that for your loved one and in turn will feel good, (These are played online)YWCA Bethlehem Adult Day Services Center



Sudoku #601 (Easy)Sudoku #602Solve These Riddles1. Brothers and sisters I have none but thisman's father is my father's son.Who is the man?2. What can travel around the world whilestaying in a corner?3. I'm tall when I'm young and I'm shortwhen I'm old. What am I?4. What gets wetter and wetter the more itdries?5. Paul's height is six feet, he's an assistantat a butcher's shop, and wears size 9shoes. What does he weigh?6. Which word in the dictionary is spelledincorrectly?7. What gets broken without being held?8. How many of each species did Moses takeon the ark with him?9. Imagine you are in a dark room. How doyou get out?10.What occurs once in every minute, twicein every moment, yet never in a thousandyears?11.What has a neck but no head?12.From "The Hobbit" by J. R. R. Tolkien,Alive without breath,As cold as death;Never thirsty, ever drinking,All in mail never clinking.13. From "The Hobbit" by J. R. R. Tolkien,A box without hinges, key, or lid,Yet golden treasure inside is hid.Solution on reverse. puzzles/sudoku easy 601.html

SolutionsAnswers to RiddlesSudoku #601 (Easy)1. The man is my son.2. A stamp3. A candle4. A towel5. Meat6. Incorrectly7. Promise8. None, Moses wasn't on the ark Noah was.9. Stop Imagining10.The letter m.Sudoku #602 (Easy)11. A bottle12.Fish13. EggConvert. puzzles/sudoku easy 601 solution.html1 a. 5 yd ft1 b. 24 ft yd2 a. 6 yd ft2 b. 9 yd ft3 a. 11 yd ft3 b. 6 ft yd4 a. 30 ft yd4 b. 4 yd ft5 a. 3 yd ft5 b. 36 ft yd6 a. 3 ft yd6 b. 21 ft yd7 a. 3 ft yd7 b. 7 yd ft8 a. 33 ft yd8 b. 9 yd ft9 a. 33 ft yd9 b. 2 yd ft10 a. 33 ft yd10 b. 8 yd ftYWCA Bethlehem Adult Day Services Center

Puzzle AAcross 1. Speech impediment5. Walk heavily10. Abolishes14. Brainstorm15. Excessive excitement16. Regard17. Broil18. Presses clothes19. She, in Barcelona20. and battery22. Pick a station(2 wds.)24. Unwavering27. Newspapers and TV,e.g.30. Zilch31. Road curves35. Singer Franklin37. Advance upon39. Touch lightly40. Dummy41. Chick's comment43. Passport endorsement44. Fuss45. Red root46. Wobble48. Iron or leadDown50. Supped52. Genuflected 1. "Mona " 53. Asserted 2. 15th of March 56. Cavern 3.Largebodiesofwater 59. Arms depot 4. Flea, e.g. 63. Chauffeured car 64. Synagogue figure 5. Look happy 6.Plaid 67. Car for hire 7. Lennon's Yoko 68. Froster 8. Hr. part 69. Like old bread 9.Spaghetti,e.g. 70. Floor covering 71. Affleck and Stiller 10. Incidents 11. Cleopatra's river 72. Zealous 12.Sandwichshop 73. Malt drinks 13. Long-necked bird 21. Idaho neighbor yEating areaRun awayLady's titleWash awayBus stationGrudgeArtist's tripodBeginExpertLikelyMiami teamDestructive feudInk spot phpMakes doMovie starsEmpowerNorwegianMore parchedTalkativePilaf ingredientSignMetal spikeCar partReclinesloss (2 wds.)Satchel

Puzzle ADid you know . an ostrich's eye isbigger than its brain lemons containmore sugar thanstrawberries 85% of plant life isfound in the ocean rabbits like licorice lobsters blood iscolorless but whenexposed to oxygen itturns blue reindeer like bananas the longest recorded flight of a chickenwas 13 seconds by Ann Richmond FisherThe shaded E and the six letters surroundingit spell PETUNIA, which matches one of theclues below.In the same way, find a 7-letter word for eachof the remaining clues. Keep track of the center letter for each answer you find.1. flowering plant petunia -E2. a solo performance3. excellence4. person receiving medical care5. adult male domestic fowl6. old item7. opening in noseNow unscramble all 7 of the center letters to spell today’s BUZZWORD.A coin:birds need gravity to swallow cat has 32 muscles in each ear goldfish can seeboth infrared andultraviolet light cats spend 66%of their life asleep when lightningstrikes it can reachup to 30,000 degrees celsius (54,000degrees fahrenheit)

AcrossPuzzle B 1. Slight interruption 5. ''Voilà!'' 11. John, the Artic explorer 14. Elegantly sumptuous 15. Submitted 16. Flightless Australian 17. Broadway offering 19. Clothe 20. Third of a quarter 21. Save a Rembrandt 23. It supports the cast 25. Future school? 27. Bookbinding leather 28. Director Fritz 29. Broadway offering 32. 12/24, for one 33. Enumerate 34. Balmoral Castle river 35. Focus of military science 37. Notched like a saw 41. Manipulate dishonestly 42. Half-witted 43. Sight from Le Havre 44. Broadway offering 48. Provider of a one-wayrideDown 49. Lip balm ingredient 1. Capp and Jolson 22. Judge or juror 44. Supplies the food 50. Somewhat gamy 2. ''What's that you 23. Whole bunch 45. Patron saint of 51. Spiritual essencessay?'' 24. Pompeii was cov-Norway (995-1030) 52. Foot bones 3. Frisco paper 46. Jazzman ''Jellyered in it 55. AccrueRoll'' 4.Vietnamdelta 26.Nolongeranop 57. Little newt 47. Nocturnal arbortion 5. Utterance during a 58. Broadway offeringeal marsupial 29. Sixth signplay 62. Carnival place 6. Judge's order to a 30. Swelling caused 48. Kind of salad 63. Habituates 51. James' pal inlawyerby water 64. Eliel's son''Rebel Without a Cause'' 7. La Crosse-Green 31. Hop, skip or 65. Greed, envy or pride Bay dir. 53. Circled byjump 66. Fine table linen 8. Fixed one's eyes? 33. Secular 54. Roman goddess 67. Took a cardof the moon 9. It's carried in a 36. Things on the 56. Catcher's necestrunkside, oftensity 10. Change for a fin 37. Comes up 11. Update, industri- 38. One who lies in 59. ''Veronica'sRoom'' author Levinally speakingwait 60. Specimen for an 12. Not caring about 39. CanvasbackassayerBuzzword Answer From Previousright and wrongcousin 61. Regale an audiPage 13. Conductor Or- 40. Flubsence2. recital-T 3. quality-Q 4. patientmandy 42. Telephonic 3A5. rooster-R 6. antique-T 7. nos 18. Famous twintril-R Buzzword: aily-crosswords-3.php

Directions- Sit in chair, take three deep breaths, lifting armsabove head for inhale and down for exhale eachtime- Reach one hand toward ceiling, hold for 5seconds. Repeat with the opposite hand- Relax your shoulders- Shrug your shoulders 5 times- Stretch arms to the sides, move in circles-10 times forwards, then 10 times backwards- Relax your shoulders- Place your hands on your shoulders and roll them forward 10 times, then backwards 10times- Keeping your shoulders relaxed and hands on your shoulders, touch your elbows together 10times- Reach both hands toward the ceiling, lean to the right and hold for 10 seconds. Then lean tothe left and hold for 10 seconds, repeat- Take three deep breaths- Relax your shoulders, lean head to right shoulder, hold for 5 counts, then left shoulder- Move your hand down your leg reaching toward your foot, and back up again. Repeat 5times, switch to opposite leg- Place your hands on your thighs, keep your back straight and lean forward and hold for 5counts and back 5 times- Stamp your feet 10 times- Wiggle your toes for 10 counts- Place your feet flat on the floor. Point your toes up toward the ceiling, hold for 5 counts.Repeat 5 times- Lift your knees one at a time holding for 5 counts. Repeat 5 times each.- Bend at waist, reaching hand to opposite toe. Hold for 5 counts. Repeat with opposite, hand5 times.- Wiggle your fingers for 10 counts- Place hand on opposite knee and turn to look behind you, hold for 5 counts, repeat otherside- Cool down by taking three deep breaths, lifting arms above head for inhale and down forexhale each time- Give yourself a hug and hold for 5 countsPuzzle BTips to Prevent Dehydration Drink small amounts of fluids throughout the day, rather than drinking large amounts all at once.Studies have shown that elderly adults who drink 5glasses of water experience lower rates of fatal coronary heart disease.Avoid coffee & alcohol, especially in large quantities,because they have a diuretic effect. This leads to agreater loss of body water, which can cause or exacerbate dehydration.Drink water or low-fat milk with every meal, and keepfavorite drinks nearby.Recognize the early warning signs of dehydration. Warning signs include fatigue, dizziness, thirst,dark urine, headaches, dry mouth/nose, dry skin andcramping.Foods high in water, like fresh fruits, vegetables andsome dairy products, can help you meet daily hydrationneeds.YWCA Bethlehem Adult Day Services Center

Finish the Phrase1. Sight for ——2. A bed of ——3. A blast from ——4. A bolt from ——5. A diamond is ——6. A drop in the ——7. A fate worse ——8. A foregone ——n9. A frog in ——10.A good man is ——11.A horse, a horse, my kingdom ——12.A house divided againstitself ——24.A rose is a ——56.As cool as ——25.A shot across ——57.As dead as ——26.A small step for man——58.As fit as ——27.A sorry ——59.As happy as ——28.A square ——60.As mad as ——29.A stool ——61.As pure as the ——30.A thing of beauty is ——62.Ashes to ashes ——31.A whiter shade ——63.Back seat ——32.Abandon hope all ——64.Barking up the ——33.Absence makes ——65.Beat about the —34.Ace in ——66.Beauty is in the ——35.All that glitters ——67.Beauty is only ——36.An eye for an eye, ——68.Been there, ——37.Between a rock ——69.Bet your ——38.Discretion is the ——70.Better to have loved andlost ——39.Eat drink and ——40.Finger lickin ——41.Full of piss and ——Did you know .42.Genius is one percent inspiration and —— the revolving door was inventedin 1888 43.Keep up with ——Sir Isaac Newton was 23 whenhe discovered the law of gravity44.Like a chicken ——13.A knee jerk ——45.Make him an offer ——14.A labor of ——46.Much Ado about ——15.A laughing ——47.No rest for ——16.A leopard cannot ——48.On a wing ——17.A lick and ——49.Speak softly and ——18.A little knowledge is a——50.The Ball is in ——19.A man after ——51.The die has ——20.A man's got to ——52.Walk the ——21.A Molotov ——53.What's up ——22.A multitude ——54.You are what ——23.A picture paints ——55.Apples and —— The drinking straw wasinvented in 1886Scissors were most likely invented ancient Egypt all of the cobble stones used toline the streets in New York wereoriginally stones found in the hullsof Belgian ships ballast Diet Coke was introduced in1982 Shakespeare invented thewords 'assassination' and'bump'YWCA Bethlehem Adult Day Services Center

21.A Molotov cocktailFinish the PhraseAnswers1. Sight for Sore Eyes2. A bed of roses3. A blast from the past4. A bolt from the blue5. A diamond is forever6. A drop in the bucket22.A multitude of sins46.Make him an offer he can'trefuse23.A picture paints a thousand words47.Much Ado about Nothing48.No rest for the wicked24.A rose is a rose is a rose49.On a wing and a prayer25.A shot across the bows50.Speak softly and carry abig stick26.A small step for man, a giant leap for mankind51.The Ball is in your court27.A sorry sight52.The die has been cast28.A square meal53.Walk the plank29.A stool pigeon54.What's up Doc?30.A thing of beauty is a joyforever55.You are what you eat31.A whiter shade of pale57.As cool as a cucumber32.Abandon hope all ye whoenter here56.Apples and pears58.As dead as a doornail59.As fit as a fiddle7. A fate worse than death33.Absence makes the heartgrow fonder8. A foregone conclusion34.Ace in the hole61.As mad as a hatter9. A frog in the throat35.All that glitters is not gold62.As pure as the driven snow60.As happy as a clam63.Ashes to ashes dust to10.A good man is hard to find 36.An eye for an eye, a toothdustfor a tooth11.A horse, a horse, my king37.Between a rock and a hard 64.Back seat driverdom for a horseplace65.Barking up the wrong tree12.A house divided against38.Call a spade a spade66.Beat about the bushitself cannot stand39.Discretion is the better67.Beauty is in the eye of the13.A knee jerk reactionpart of valorbeholder14.A labor of love40.Eat drink and be merry68.Beauty is only skin deep15.A laughing stock41.Finger lickin good69.Been there, done that16.A leopard cannot change42.Full of piss and vinegar70.Bet your bottom dollarits spots43.Genius is one percent in71.Better to have loved and17.A lick and a promisespiration and 99 percentlost than never to have18.A little knowledge is a danperspirationloved at allgerous thing44.Keep up with the Joneses19.A man after my own heart45.Like a chicken with its20.A man's got to do what ahead cut offman's got to doYWCA Bethlehem Adult Day Services Center

Can you fill up the lines in each section bymaking new words from the word on top?GratefulnessLiving Room SofaSpringtimeAirplaneEscalatorNew ZealandYWCA Bethlehem Adult Day Services Center

Name the StateYWCA Bethlehem Adult Day Services Center

Who Are the Last Ten Presidents? Fill in the missing letters.1. Lynd n B. J hns n2. R ch rd N x n3. G r ld F rd4. J mmy C rt r5. R n ld R g n6. G rg B sh7. B ll Cl nt n8. G rg W. B sh9. B r ck b m10.D n ld Tr mp1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, .Finish the number sequence3, 8, 13, 18, 23, 28, 33, 38, .25, 23, 21, 19, 17, 15, .1, 3, 9, 27, 81, 243, .What comes after the fifth month of the year?What is the seventh month of the year?What comes before the second month of the year?What comes before the first month of the year?What month is between the ninth and eleventh month of the year?How many months have 30 days?How many months start with a vowel?How many months have more than one syllable?Unscramble these months:Unscramble these brruaeyfccaemreicoortberbmreahguYWCA Bethlehem Adult Day Services Center

Take your time and find your way through the maze. Answer Key to Conversions1 a. 15 ft 1 b. 8 yd2 a. 18 ft 2 b. 27 ft3 a. 33 ft 3 b. 2 yd4 a. 10 yd 4 b. 12 ft5 a. 9 ft5 b. 12 yd6 a. 1 yd 6 b. 7 yd7 a. 1 yd 7 b. 21 ft8 a. 11 yd 8 b. 27 ft9 a. 11 yd 9 b. 6 ft10 a. 11 yd 10 b. 24 ftHealthy Treats Low in SugarHummus and Veggies 0 gramsAlmond but