PRISM Login Helpv.1.2April 4, 2006Summary and Checklist:I. To know if you are in IOM network or notRefer to Appendix A to check if your mission is in IOM network. If not in the list or still in doubt contact Manilahelpdesk or your local IT supportII. If you are in IOM network –Step 1: Access 2: Click ‘PRISM’Step 3: Login with PRISM credentialsIII. If you are not in IOM network –Step 1: Access (gateway portal to IOM network)Step 2: Enter portal credentialsStep 3: Click ‘PRISM’Step 4: Login with PRISM credentialsI.PRISM Login HelpInformation Technology and Communications1

IF YOU ARE IN THE IOM NETWORKStep 1: Start the internet explorer and type You will go directly to the pagebelow.Figure 1Step 2: Click on PRISM and you will get the login screen. Use the PRISM username and password to start yourinteraction with the system. If you haven’t received your credentials:a. All International staff and Local staff at HQ, please contact [email protected] All Local staff at locations other than HQ, please contact your RMOs/local admin staff who must havereceived it from Field Personnel Unit, MHRO.Figure 2Step 3: In your first logon you will be asked to change the password. Note that the system will remember yourlast 5 passwords and will not accept these passwords to be used again.If you still have problems logging in, please advise your RMO or local IT staff to [email protected] Login HelpInformation Technology and Communications2

IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE IOM NETWORKStep 1: You should open Internet Explorer and go to This is the gateway to theIOM internal networkStep 2: Use your network credentials (Domain, User and Password). You may login with your individual EU orAS domain accounts. If you do not have an account in these domains, you may use the generic missionaccount credentials given to your mission which you may confirm from your local IT staff. If you have problemsplease call/email your local IT officer or Manila helpdesk for support. Note that most of the offices outside theIOM network have been provided with generic login credentials. Please contact your local IT support and askfor it or ask Manila for your own credentials. Do not use PRISM credentials at this point.During the first connection you might need administrative rights on your PC in order to install the software thatis needed to establish the connection - you will need to accept different security settings during this process.Figure 3In no case should the credentials provided by the PRISM Helpdesk be used to login to this page.Be aware that the usage of non official software such as Google toolbar, Yahoo toolbar, etc., may blockthis process or the correct functioning of the PRISM Portal because of their popup/activeX blockingbehaviors. Users of Windows XP SP2 should also be note the version of Internet Explorer which alsohas pop-up blocking features. Request the support of your local IT if needed.PRISM Login HelpInformation Technology and Communications3

Step 3: Once the login is successful you should see the window below.Figure 4You can use the link PRISM.Step 4: You have now reached the PRISM Portal which looks like the screen shot below. You can enter theusername and password provided by the PRISM Helpdesk team on this screen.Figure 5Enter your PRISM login credentials - if it is the first time you connect, the system will ask you to change yourinitial password. On the first line you should enter your old password i.e. the one assigned by the PRISMHelpdesk team,, on the 2 following lines you should type your new passwordThe User ID and Password provided by email from the PRISM Helpdesk is to be used exclusively in thefirst login to the PRISM PORTALThe normal length of the password is not less than 4 and not more than 8 combination of letters, numbers orcharacters. By preference use a complex password. The last 5 passwords cannot be used again.You now have access to the PRISM services.PRISM Login HelpInformation Technology and Communications4

Figure 6The services that you will see are dependent of your access rights.For example: for local field employees, FPU, MHRO will distribute, to all RMOs, the basic help manual on howto use the eRecruitment services to view current vacancies, maintain their skill profile and apply online. Thesame is available for viewing from the PRISM portal.If you encounter problems during this process please contact you local IT support for first level help, and do nothesitate to contact [email protected] should you require further assistance.All functional queries, such as incorrect data displayed or request for change in data should be addressed [email protected] A:Mission List.xlsPRISM Login HelpInformation Technology and Communications5