10th Economic and Social Council Youth ForumA Decade of Action: Building a Resilient RecoverySIDE EVENT SCHEDULE6 April 2021Time1(EST/Local)7:30-9:00amTitle of EventOrganizersMeeting RecordingContact PersonAddressing Health Inequities: YouthAction and EmpowermentInternational Federation ofMedical Students’Associations OqY.XTnxCbIj6P4E6S59Mr. Mathew msa.orgInternational Volunteering for ClimateJustice: Voices of youth volunteers1:30-3:00pm(CEST)38:00amIFMSAIt’s Time to Start Building BetterEducation and Work for Young People ina Post-Pandemic WorldCoordinating Committeefor International VoluntaryService (CCIVS)Restless Development,Ministry of Foreign Affairsof the vs/videos/1175007749639161/Ms. Victoria [email protected] Freya SeathRestless [email protected]

8:00-9:30am8:009:30pm(MYT)898:00-9:30am8:30amTitle of EventOrganizersMeeting RecordingContact PersonMainstreaming Youth into SustainableDevelopment Strategies with a GenderLens: An African ContextZimbabwe Youth SDG AzWphVJY IMMr. David ZezaiOpportunities for Youth in Africa:Accelerating Job Creation andEntrepreneurship through Digitalizationin the Agribusiness SectorUNIDO, FAOThe Future of Health Governance: anOnline Global Youth Dialogue hosted byThe Lancet & Financial Times“Governing Health Futures 2030:Growing up in a digital world”Commission (GHFutures2030) and TheWorld Health Organization (WHO)YOUTH AND THE FUTURE OFGOVERNANCE DIALOGUE: Advancingpeaceful, just and inclusive societiesWHO, The Lancet &Financial TimesCommissionHow Youth Are Advancing SDG 16 inTheir Communities Amidst the COVID19 pandemic: Best Practices EmergingYouth--Agents of change fortransformative recovery of LDCsZimbabwe Youth [email protected] Beatrice VerezUNIDO [email protected] Brian Li Han WongThe Lancet & Financial TimesCommissionmailto:[email protected], UNDP, GCYPS-Youthin Politics Task Force, AsianYouth Council, Major Group forChildren and Youth, Friends forLeadership, International YouthCentre Foundation Malaysia withpartners Office of the UNSecretary General’s Envoy onYouth, Asian Youth Network(AYN) CHURCH AID,Network for Religious andTraditional PeacemakersFacebook Live FacebookOHRLLSMs. Sharifah [email protected] Jessica RolandFINN CHURCH AID [email protected] AiOHRLLS(Witn English-French interpretationand closed captioning)[email protected]

10TimeTitle of EventOrganizersMeeting RecordingContact Person(EST/Local)8:3010:00amCall for action: Key involvement of thecorporate world towards Youth inclusionLife Project 4 Youth(LP4Y)FULL recording Youth Forumwebinar.mp4 - Google DriveMs. Jeanne 00am4:00pm(MSK)139:00amRamping Up Representation: PromotingParticipation of Youth with Disabilities inPandemic Recovery EffortsInternational DisabilityAlliance (IDA)Unlocking the potential of the CIS Youthin the Decade of ActionNational Youth Council ofRussia . Valeria DubravinaNYCR(RUSSIAN Concept Note)(English/Russian Interpretationprovided)BRICS Youth Energy Compact: Unitingthe Efforts for SDG74:00pm(MSK)14Ms. Rosario GalarzaGeneration Connect: Young PeopleShaping the Digital [email protected] Youth EnergyAgency (BRICS YEA),NYCR Vadim KuznetsovBRICS [email protected] Emma Jane 9:0010:00am4:00-5:00pm(TRT)(Re)building post-pandemic societies:youth using sport to prevent and counterviolent extremismUNAOC,UNOCT,UNICRI,ICSSThe Future We Want; the GovernanceWe Need; Reaffirming our CollectiveCommitment to Healthy GenerationsTurkish Green [email protected] Dana iIiOG [email protected] Erçetin GençosmanoğluTurkish Green Crescent [email protected]

17TimeTitle of EventOrganizersMeeting RecordingContact Person(EST/Local)9:0010:15amA Common Agenda for Young WomenLeaders: An Intergenerational DialogueUN RV3 bI9WAkfG5JsK2Fj8eO3nAPaj WMs. Aish MachaniUN 0:30am6:30-8:00pmISTYouth Resilience: Perspectives fromAfrica, Asia, South America and Europeby youth Activists from CommunitiesDiscriminated by Work and Descent(CDWD)9:0010:30am(Interpretation in Spanish,Portuguese, French and Hindi will beavailable)Homes First: Strategies to PromoteYouth Empowerment Post Covid-199:0010:30am9:0010:30am9:00amYouth Participation and Engagement inAchieving 2030 Agenda andYOUTH2030Rethinking Public Transport: InclusiveUrban Mobility for Female andIndigenous Youth(Spanish translation available)COVID-19, Youth Livelihood, and MentalHealth: A Global Youth Voice forResilience and RecoveryInclusivity Project, RuralDevelopment Centre(RDC)Passcode: g4jQNA.N Dipanshu [email protected] Association ofCharities (AIC), Company of theDaughters of Charity of St.Vincent de Paul, Congregation ofthe Mission, InternationalConfederation of the Society of StVincent de Paul, Sisters ofCharity, Federation, FAMVINHomeless, Alliance and NiagaraUniversityCommonwealth Youth Council(CYC), CommonwealthSecretariat, CommonwealthYouth Program, Youth AdvocacyNetwork, Active HealthOrganization (AHO), Institute ofSustainable Development &Cooperation (ISDC)UN HabitatTrust for Youth and ChildLeadership (TYCL)Ms. Natalie m/watch?v kejirmqaC48Mr. Qasim Farasat/Ms. EileenGohCYC/The[email protected] Lander BoschUN [email protected] Siva [email protected]

2324252627TimeTitle of EventOrganizers(EST/Local)9:0010:45amUniting for Adolescents During Covid-19and BeyondPhilippines and Costa Rica andco-organized by PMNCH, WHO,UNICEF, UNFPA, UN Women,UNESCO, Major Group forChildren and Youth, PlanInternational, United for GlobalMental Health, The GlobalPartnership to End ViolenceAgainst Children, Child HealthInitiative, FIA Foundation,Restless Development andGlobal Youth Coalition for RoadSafety3:00-4:45pm(CEST)(Translations in French and Spanishprovided)9:0011:00amIntergenerational Dialogue on the UNCommitment to Meaningful YouthEngagement and the Promise of theUN75 Declaration9:0011:00am9:00am12:00pmHow Can Responsible Use of AI &Supply Chains Accelerate ModernSlavery and Human TraffickingEradication?Mobilisation des jeunes des quatre aireslinguistiques en faveur del’environnement et du climat3:00-6:00pm(CEST)(Event is in French)9:3010:15amSDG Concerns and Contribution ofYouth with Deafblindness in India7:00-7:45pm(IST)(International sign languageinterpretation provided)International YoungLeaders Organization(IYLO) with the support ofthe Civil Society Unit, UNDepartment of GlobalCommunicationsUNODC, MGCY Migration,Rotary International, andAccentureMeeting RecordingContact PersonMs. Narissia ociety/ecosoc-youth-forum-2021International Young Stop Human TraffickingMs. Marta Verani/Ms. RuxandaRenitaMGCY/Urban ystlab.orgMs. Patricia HerdtL’Organisationinternationale de lafrancophonie (OIF)[email protected] International IndiaSDG concerns and contribution of youthwith deafblindness from India, Side event- YouTubeMr. Parag NamdeoSense International [email protected]

0011:00amTitle of EventOrganizersMeeting RecordingContact PersonEmerging from COVID 19: Innovativegood practices in training and youthemploymentFundación Novia Salcedo,Mission of Spain 7b28JjN-8-OVZxGM7G-JBq4r-W/viewMs. Maria Jesus NovoFundación Novia [email protected](SPANISH Concept Note)(Event is in Spanish)Empowering Youth for a Better FoodFuture: the World Food Forum by globalyouthFAO, World Food ForumYouth Action x UN ECOSOC Event April6th 2021 The World Food Forum 1:30am10:0011:30am10:0011:30amMr. Tommaso [email protected] Lifelong Learning in Health toEmpower YouthThe Impact of COVID-19 on Agenda2030 and the Role of Youth in RecoveryFrom the PandemicWHO 1LuesWtsf6l.7WJhwyh1zcfFKeb?startTime 1617717056000IMCS Pax Romana, theSustainable Development’sYouth (Morocco), Major Group forChildren and Youth West Asia,Regional Caucus Coordination,and Arab Youth Platform forSustainable Development of theLeague of Arab StatesRecalibrating & Rethinking SustainableFuture: The Importance of Health,Wellbeing & EmpathySociety for thePsychological Study ofSocial Issues (SPSSI)Violence Against Women and Girls: TheHidden Pandemic on the RiseUNODCMs. Shirley HoWHO [email protected] Sameh [email protected] Mehrgol [email protected] Kirsty 30pm(CEST)(English, Spanish and Portugueseinterpretations provided)Youth Leading Human Rights ChangeThrough Education: Empowered andEqualOHCHR, OSGEY, andUNESCO [email protected] Paulina [email protected]

Time3536(EST/Local)10:0011:30am10:0011:30amTitle of EventOrganizersMeeting RecordingContact PersonProtecting Vulnerable Youths from Crimeand Violence in the Context of COVID-19PandemicUNICRI, PermanentMission of UAE, and theMinistry of Interior of oQLxtlPNhC9kMUZHJO/view?usp sharingMr. Odhran McCarthyRegenerative Models TowardsResilience in FashionCivil Association Hecho [email protected] Lorenzo MartinoHecho x 5am10:00am12:00pmIndigenous Youths’ Mental Health andWellbeingSentir en Común-unidad: Una MiradaJoven Para TransformarUN Habitat, UNESCO,MGCY, and IntlIndigenous Youth eos/1217051168754572UNITAR, m/:v:/g/personal/nyo unitar org/EbBCjZe1sf1IpNDInVppce4BT1hXuFAOFpOzhycN I7ZZg?e VlIrxE(Event is in tersectoral Chilean Youth Dialogue intheir Way to the 10th ECOSOC YouthForumFundacion Multitudes andCorporacion Motum,Fundacion Tremendas,National Youth InstituteGeneration17- Elevating Today’sChangemakers and Innovating for theSDGsUNDP, SamsungClimate Action for Decent Jobs for YouthILO , OSGEY(Spanish and French interpretationavailable)Mr. Ahmet SoguktasUN HabitatParticipación, Acción y Entendimiento Side-Event ECOSOC Youth Forum 2021- YouTubeProtesta con Propuesta Side-EventECOSOC Youth Forum 2021 - un.orgMs. Patricia [email protected] Joaquin ParedesCorporación [email protected] Giulia A598v71towCWqwwYKE5E7 -5f4Access Passcode: J!m#rC [email protected] Ewa [email protected]

e of EventOrganizersYSEH Webinar Series: Gender andEquity Lens in Capacity Building for SDG7Youth Sustainable EnergyHub (YSEH), MGCYYouth as Researchers: KnowledgeDeveloped by Youth, with Youth, and forYouthMeeting RecordingContact PersonMr. Benjamin [email protected] Maria 9: Redefining WomenLeadership in Global Health WorkforceFemale Leadership in A HighlyCompetitive World in Post-COVID EraInternational Federation ofMedical Students’Associations (IFMSA)Mr. Christos [email protected] Beste ÇelikPermanent Mission ofTurkey,Islamic CooperationYouth ForumPermanent Mission of 0amYouth Economic and Financial LiteracyThrough Social Empathy for Sustainableand Resilient Development after Covid19 PandemicYouth Collaboration During Pandemic:Common Efforts and New Technologiesfor Achievements SDG 2030BJD ReinsuranceConsulting, LLC XRFuT3CrrmUMr. Bogdan DumitrescuBJDInterregional PublicCharitable Organization ofAssistance to Persons withDisabilities, SAIL [email protected] Radzhiv ValievSail of [email protected]

48TimeTitle of Event(EST/Local)12:001:00pmHuman Rights Lab: Can EducationPrevent Conflict and Sustain Peace?OrganizersColumbia University, withsupport of OHCHRMeeting RecordingContact Person Gloria MartinColumbia l ClimateJustice: Participatory Technology, ArtAs-A-SolutionTM and other UrbanHybridizationsSocial Solidarity Economy (SSE) andInitial Vocational Education and Training(IVET): A Step Forward to Create aMeaningful FutureEducation for Sustainable Development:The Role of Higher EducationLinguistic Rights and Young People:Challenges and OpportunitiesEnding Youth Homelessness: Policies,Measures and Success FactorsUN Habitat, CYI, UrbanCatalyst Lab, AtlantaContemporary, and AtlantaMayor's OfficeMs. Marta Verani/Ms. RuxandaRenitaMGCY/Urban CatalystAPDES, Solidarius,Mouvement pourl’Economie Solidaire(France), CRIES(Romania), TechNET(Germany), DOCK(Greece) and RIPESS EUSocial Solidarity Economy - YouTubeUniversity College Zutbk3.Yofmc5ieufM [email protected] Patrick Paul WalshUniversity College [email protected] Spyros PapadatosUniversal EsperantoAssociation (UEA), WorldEsperanto YouthOrganization (TEJO)UN Habitat, Institute ofGlobal rbancatalystlab.orgMs. Sofia PereiraTEJO10th ECOSOC Youth Forum - Endingyouth homelessness: policies, measuresand success factors - [email protected] Alessandro ErcolaniUN [email protected]

Time54(EST/Local)12:002:00pm11:00am1:00pm(Mexico City)5512:002:30pmTitle of EventOrganizersMeeting RecordingContact PersonYoung people, peacebuilding and theSustainable Development Goals inMexico and Latin AmericaPermanent Mission ofMexico, Agora Mexico MWh1deNYuf1zFAatYPGyzSqz9G/view?usp sharingMs. Alma Esperanza Santa AnaVara/Mr. Jorge HerreraValderrabano(Spanish only)Permanent Mission ofMexico/Agora Mexico(In Spanish; with English-Spanishtranslation)Adressing the oppression of nations andthe inequalities suffered by womenamong the midst of a pandemicJeunesse EtudianteTamoule amex.orgMr. Anthony [email protected] Regional Workshop for the Planet:Tools to Achieve the SDGsUNEP, UNESCO, andUNICEFMs. Gloria g575:00-6:00pm4:00-5:00pm(CST)"Hear their voices” Youth and COVID19,Perspectives During the PandemicMar Adentro de MéxicoA.C. RzOdF6K kGoMs. Alexy RomeroMar Adentro de México A.C.(SPANISH Concept Note)(Event is in Spanish. Spanish signlanguage and English x