Distances Between United States PortsOF COENTMTMIC ATEERU NIDCEERMDEPAR2019 (13th) EditionMSTAT E S O F AU.S. Department of CommerceWilbur L. Ross, Jr., Secretary of CommerceNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)RDML Timothy Gallaudet., Ph.D., USN Ret., Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere andActing Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and AtmosphereNational Ocean ServiceNicole R. LeBoeuf, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Ocean Services andCoastal Zone ManagementCover image courtesy of Megan Greenaway—Great Salt Pond, Block Island, RI

IIIPrefaceDistances Between United States Ports is published by the Office of Coast Survey, National Ocean Service (NOS), National Oceanicand Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), pursuant to the Act of 6 August 1947 (33 U.S.C. 883a and b), and the Act of 22 October1968 (44 U.S.C. 1310).Distances Between United States Ports contains distances from a port of the United States to other ports in the United States, andfrom a port in the Great Lakes in the United States to Canadian ports in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River.Distances Between Ports, Publication 151, is published by National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and distributed by NOS.NGA Pub. 151 is international in scope and lists distances from foreign port to foreign port and from foreign port to major U.S. ports.The two publications, Distances Between United States Ports and Distances Between Ports, complement each other.This volume of Distances Between United States Ports cancels the 2012 (12th) Edition.Mariners and others are urged to promptly report errors or general inquiries to tDigital copy— ances.pdf


VContentsGeneral Information6Table 1 Atlantic Ocean Distances–Montreal, Canada to the Panama Canal9Table 2 Gulf of Maine Distances–Calais, Maine to Cape Cod, Massachusetts10Table 3 Coastwise Distances–Cape Cod, Massachusetts to New York, New York11Table 4 Inside Route Distances–south side of Long Island Sound Greenport, New York to East Rockaway Inlet, New York12Table 5 Distances on the Hudson River—New York, New York to Troy Lock, New York13Table 6 New York State Waterway Distances14Table 7 Coastwise Distances–New York, New York to Chesapeake Bay entrance, Virginia15Table 8 Distances by Intracoastal Waterway–Manasquan Inlet, New Jersey to Cape May Canal, New Jersey16Table 9 Distances on Delaware Bay and River17Table 10 Chesapeake Bay Distances18Table 11 Potomac River Distances19Table 12 Coastwise Distances–Norfolk, Virginia to Key West, Florida20Table 13 Inside Route Distances–Norfolk, Virginia to Fernandina Beach, Florida21Table 14 Inside Route Distances–Fernandina Beach, Florida to Key West, Florida22Table 15 Distances on St. Johns River, Florida23Table 16 Gulf of Mexico Distances–Key West, Florida to Port Brownsville, Texas24Table 17 Coastwise and Inside Route Distances–Key West, Florida to Apalachicola, Florida25Table 18 Gulf Intracoastal Waterway Distances–Apalachicola, Florida to Port Brownsville, Texas26Table 19 Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands Distances27Table 20 Distances on the Mississippi River Systems29Table 21 Great Lakes Distances33Table 22 Distances between points on Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River34Table 23 Distances between points on Lake Erie and the St. Clair, Detroit and Niagara Rivers35Table 24 Distances between points on Lake Huron and St. Marys River36Table 25 Distances between points on Lake Michigan37Table 26 Distances between points on Lake Superior38Table 27 Pacific Coast Distances40Table 28 Pacific Coast Distances–San Diego, California to Cape Flattery, Washington41Table 29 San Francisco Bay Area Distances42Table 30 Distances on Columbia River System43Table 31 Distances in Strait of Juan de Fuca and Strait of Georgia44Table 32 Hawaii Distances45Table 33 Gulf of Alaska Distances46Table 34 Inside Passage Distances—Seattle, Washington to Cape Spencer, Alaska47Table 35 Bering Sea and Arctic Ocean Distances48Table 36 Yukon River, Alaska Distances49Miscellaneous Tables51Appendix55Index57


7General InformationDistancesThese are in nautical miles unless otherwise indicated. A nautical mile is 1minute of latitude, or approximately 2,000 yards, and is about 1.15 statutemiles. See conversion tables in the latter part of this book.Geographic PositionsDeparture and arrival geographic coordinates, where listed, are for acentrally located pier inside the port.RoutesThese distances are measured along navigable tracklines. Each distance isalong the shortest route that safe navigation permits between the two portsconcerned. The navigator must make their own adjustments for weather orprevailing currents.Junction PointsThese are positions where two or more routes converge; they are indicatedby magenta CAPITAL LETTERS in the tables. Distances between portslisted in different tables can be obtained by adding the respective distancesto the junction points. Where a port is listed in more than one table,additional combinations of distances can also be obtained by using the portas a common reference point. (See examples that follow.)Foreign PortsDistances Between Ports, Pub. 151, is published by the NationalGeospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). NGA Pub 151 is International inscope and lists distances from foreign port to foreign port, and from foreignport to major United States ports. The two publications, Distances BetweenUnited States Ports and Distances Between Ports, complement each other.See the appendix for procurement information.ExamplesThe following examples will illustrate the use of the tables. Distancesshown in these examples are in nautical miles.Ports in the same tableExample 1Find the distance from New York, NY to Charleston, SC.In Table 1, fnd New York, NY, in the list of cities along the left edgeof the table, and Charleston, SC, in the list of cities along the top ofthe table. The intersection of the row and column will contain thedistance (630 nautical miles) between these two ports.Example 2Find the distance from New Orleans, LA to St. Louis, MO, using Table 20. St. Louis mileage is 1,134 statute miles. New Orleans mileage is 95 statute miles. Subtract 95 from 1,134—New Orleans to St. Louis is 1,039 statute miles.Example 3Find the distance from Pittsburgh, PA to Chicago, IL, using Table 20. Pittsburgh mileage is 981 statute miles The diference in distance between the Ohio River mouth and the IllinoisRiver mouth (954 from 1,172) is 218 statute miles Chicago mileage is 333 Add the values together—Pittsburgh to Chicago is 1,532 statute milesUse of junction and common reference pointsExample 4Find the distance from Bridgeport, CT to Albany, NY. Bridgeport to New York (Table 3) is 52 miles New York to Albany (Table 5) is 126 miles Bridgeport to Albany is 178 milesExample 5Find the distance from Woods Hole, MA to Freeport, NY, via the insideroute along the south side of Long Island. Woods Hole to Greenport, NY (Table 3) is 82 miles Greenport to Freeport (Table 4) is 77 Woods Hole to Freeport is 159 milesExample 6Find the distance from New Haven, CT to Burlington, VT. New Haven to New York (Table 3) is 68 miles New York to Troy Lock (Table 5) is 134 miles Troy Lock to Burlington (Table 6) is 116 miles New Haven to Burlington is 318 milesExample 7Find the distance from New York, NY to Miami, FL, via the IntracoastalWaterway. New York to Chesapeake and Delaware Canal east entrance(Table 8) is 190 miles Chesapeake and Delaware Canal east entrance to Norfolk Virginia(Table 10) is 209 miles Norfolk to Miami (Table 14) is 947 miles New York to Miami is 1,346 milesExample 8Find the distance from Boston, MA to San Francisco, CA. Boston to Panama Canal (Pacifc Entrance) (Table 1) is 2,195 miles Panama Canal (Pacifc Ent.) to San Francisco (Table 27) is 3,270 miles Boston to San Francisco is 5,465 milesExample 9Find the distance from Bridgeport, CT to Stockton, CA. Bridgeport to New York (Table 3) is 52 miles New York to Panama Canal (Pacifc Entrance) (Table 1) is 2,018 miles Panama Canal (Pacifc Ent.) to San Francisco (Table 27) is 3,270 miles San Francisco to Stockton (Table 28) is 75 miles Bridgeport to Stockton is 5,415 milesExample 10—fnd the distance from Blaine, WA to San Diego, CA. Blaine to Cape Flattery (Table 31) is 112 miles Cape Flattery to San Diego (Table 28) is 1,104 miles Blaine to San Diego is 1,216 miles

8Example 11Find the distance from Eureka, CA to Redwood City, CA. Eureka to San Francisco, CA (Table 28) is 232 miles San Francisco to Redwood City (Table 29) is 22 miles Eureka to Redwood City is 254 milesExample 12Find the distance from Astoria, OR to Nome, AK. Astoria to Unimak Pass, AK (Table 27) is 1,626 miles Unimak Pass to Nome (Table 35) is 646 miles Astoria to Nome is 2,272 milesAlternate RoutesExample 13Find the distance from Portland, ME to New York, NY by two routes.Outside via Nantucket Shoals Portland to New York (Table 1) is 426 milesVia Cape Cod Canal and Long Island Sound Portland to Cape Cod Canal (Table 2) is 118 miles Cape Cod Canal to New York (Table 3) is 182 miles Portland to New York is 300 milesExample 14Find the distance from Boston, MA to Baltimore, MD by two routes.Outside via Nantucket Shoals and Chesapeake Bay Entrance Boston to Baltimore (Table 1) is 694 milesVia Cape Cod Canal and Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Boston to Cape Cod Canal (Table 2) is 52 miles Cape Cod Canal to Montauk Point, NY (Table 3) is 76 miles Montauk Point to C&D Canal east entrance (Table 7) is 263 miles C&D Canal east entrance to Baltimore (Table 10) is 62 miles Boston to Baltimore is 453 milesExample 15Find the distance from Chicago, IL to Key West, FL by three diferentroutes.Deepwater Route via St. Lawrence River Chicago to Port Huron, MI (Table 21) is 496 miles Port Huron to Montreal, Canada (Table 21) is 586 miles Montreal to Key West (Table 1) is 2,479 miles Chicago to Key West is 3,561 milesVia New York Canal System and Intracoastal Waterway Chicago to Port Hurn, MI (Table 21) is 496 miles Port Huron to Bufalo, NY (Table 21) is 280 miles Bufalo to Troy Lock (Table 6) is 307 miles Troy Lock to New York (Table 5) is 134 miles New York to C&D Canal east entrance (Table 8) is 190 miles C&D Canal east entrance to Norfolk, VA (Table 10) is 209 miles Norfolk to Key West (Table 14) is 1,081 miles Chicago to Key West is 2,697 milesVia Mississippi River System and Gulf Intracoastal Waterway Chicago to Mississippi River (Illinois River) (Table 20) is 284 miles Mississippi River junction with Illinois River to New Orleans, LA(1018 miles and subtract 83 miles) (Table 20) is 935 miles New Orleans to Apalachicola, FL (Table 18) is 302 miles Apalachicola to Key West (Table 17) is 406 miles Chicago to Key West is 1,927 milesExample 16Find the distance from Seattle, WA to Anchorage, AK by two routes.Inside Passage Seattle to Cape Spencer (Table 34) is 976 miles Cape Spencer to Anchorage (Table 33) is 641 miles Seattle to Anchorage is 1,617 milesOutside Route Seattle to Swiftsure Bank (Table 31) is 134 miles Swiftsure Bank to Anchorage (Table 33) is 1,294 miles Seattle to Anchorage is 1,428 milesHarbor EntrancesExample 17Find the distance from Chesapeake Bay entrance to Delaware Bayentrance. Chesapeake Bay entrance to Philadelphia, PA (Table 1) is 242 miles Delaware Bay entrance to Philadelphia (Table 9) subtract 87 miles Chesapeake Bay entrance to Delaware Bay entrance is 155 milesForeign PortsExample 18Find the distance from Wilmington, DE to Halifax, NS. Philadelphia, PA to Halifax (Pub 151) is 746 miles Philadelphia to Wilmington (Table 7) subtract 26 miles Wilmington to Halifax is 720 milesExample 19Find the distance from Beaumont, TX to Lisboa,Portugal. Beaumont, TX to Straits of Florida (table 16) is 726 miles Straits of Florida to Lisboa (Pub 151) is 3,831 miles Beaumont to Lisboa is 4,557 miles

Atlantic Distances

10Cabot Strait890742519526484Portland, ME43 39.4'N., 70 14.7'W.2235 2189 1629 1531 2255 2150 2148 1988 1919 1885 1680 1448 1387 1071987913847628611584734575426203100Boston, MA42 22.0'N., 71 03.0'W.2195 2149 1589 1486 2215 2110 2108 1948 1879 1845 1640 1408 1347 1031947873807588571544694535386163NANTUCKET SHOALS40 30.0'N., 69 25.0'W.2032 1986 1426 1334 2052 1947 1945 1785 1716 1682 1477 1245 1184868784710644425408381531372223NEW YORK, NY40 42.0'N., 74 01.0'W.2018 1972 1346 1399 1977 1872 1870 1710 1641 1607 1402 1170 1109788704630564345294267417240Philadelphia, PA39 56.8'N., 75 08.3'W.2001 1955 1323 1395 1954 1849 1847 1687 1618 1584 1379 1147 1086765681607541322269242392Baltimore, MD39 16.0'N., 76 34.5'W.1950 1904 1268 1375 1899 1794 1792 1632 1563 1529 1324 1092 1031710626552486267173150CHESAPEAKE BAY ENT.36 56.3'N., 75 58.6'W.1800 1754 1118 1225 1749 1644 1642 1482 1413 1379 117494288156047640233611727Norfolk, VA36 50.9'N., 76 17.9'W.1827 1781 1145 1252 1776 1671 1669 1509 1440 1406 1201969908587503429363144DIAMOND SHOALS35 08.0'N., 75 15.0'W.1683 1637 1001 1114 1632 1527 1525 1365 1296 1262 1057825764443359285219Wilmington, NC34 14.0'N., 77 57.0'W.1655 16099041153 1535 1430 1428 1268 1199 1165960728667315227151Charleston, SC32 47.2'N., 79 55.2'W.1609 15638091138 1440 1335 1333 1173 1104 1070865633572197102Savannah, GA32 05.0'N., 81 05.7'W.1610 15647801156 1411 1306 1304 1144 1075 1041836604543145Jacksonville, FL30 19.2'N., 81 39.0'W.1559 15136991121 1330 1225 1223 1063994960755523462Key West, FL24 33.7'N., 81 48.5'W.1106 106025196688077577361354451030573STRAITS OF FLORIDA24 25.0'N., 83 00.0'W.1047 10011921017807702700540471437232Tampa, FL27 56.5'N., 82 26.7'W.1259 12134041249810703697502389347Pensacola, FL30 24.0'N., 87 13.0'W.1388 1342533144861850950428889Mobile, AL30 42.5'N., 88 02.5'W.1417 13715621448605496491269NEW ORLEANS, LA**29 57.0'N., 90 03.7'W.1442 13965871557555446441Port Arthur, TX29 49.5'N., 93 57.6'W.1533 1487691171724989Galveston, TX29 19.0'N., 94 47.0'W.1539 14936961719207Corpus Christi, TX27 48.8'N., 97 24.0'W.1595 15497691824San Juan, PR18 27.8'N., 66 06.7'W.10369901111YUCATAN CHANNEL21 50.0'N., 85 03.0'W.855809Panama Canal (Atlantic)9 23.5'N., 79 55.3'W.46Portland, ME1046Boston, MA896NEW YORK, NY923Philadelphia, PA936Baltimore, MD2465 2419 1937 1669 2558 2453 2451 2291 2222 2188 1983 1751 1690 1379 1295 1221 1155Norfolk, VAGut of Canso (Lock)45 39.0'N., 61 25.0'W.Wilmington, NC120Charleston, SC595Savannah, GA637Jacksonville, FL630Key West, FL853Tampa, FL2568 2522 2049 1764 2666 2561 2559 2399 2330 2296 2091 1859 1798 1491 1407 1333 1267 1048 1035 1008 1157 1001Pensacola, FLCabot Strait45 07.0'N., 60 17.0'W.Mobile, AL681Port Arthur, TX717Galveston, TX3249 3203 2730 2445 3347 3242 3240 3080 3011 2977 2772 2540 2479 2172 2088 2014 1948 1729 1716 1689 1838 1682 1534 1311 1318 1276Corpus Christi, TXMONTREAL, QUEBEC*(St. Lambert Lock)San Juan, PRGut of Canso (Lock)NANTUCKET SHOALSCHESAPEAKE BAY ENT.Table 1DIAMOND SHOALSSTRAITS OF FLORIDANEW ORLEANS, LA **YUCATAN CHANNELPanama Canal (Atlantic)PANAMA CANAL (Pacific)Atlantic Ocean Distances—Montreal, Canada to the Panama CanalDistances are in nautical milesAll tabular distances are by outside routes which can be used by the deepest-draft vessel that the listed ports can accommodate. Lighter-draft vessels can save considerable mileage by transiting Canso Lock (Canada),the Cape Cod Canal (Massachusetts), and the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal (Delaware-Maryland); see the detailed tables. Gulf of Mexico distances are through the Shipping Safety Fairways.* For Quebec City, Canada – subtract 139 miles* Via Southwest Pass

11Provincetown, MACAPE COD CANALPlymouth, MAScituate, MABoston, MALynn, MAMarblehead, MASalem, MAGloucester, MARockport, MANewburyport, MAPortsmouth, NHYork Harbor, MEPortland, MEAugusta, MEBath, MEWiscasset, MEBoothbay Harbor, MEBangor, MEBucksport, MESearsport, MERockland, MEStonington, MEBuck Harbor, MEBar Harbor, MEJonesport, MEMachiasport, MELubec, MEEastport, METable 2NANTUCKET SHOALSGulf of Maine Distances—Calais, Maine to Cape Cod, MassachusettsCalais, ME45 11.4'N, 67 82141871891681761591521451181259866612624Eastport, ME44 54.3'N., 66 832001731751531621451371301021098342463Lubec, ME44 51.7'N., 66 721881611621421501331261189198724035Machiasport, ME44 41.9'N., 67 5316914214412313211510710073805220Jonesport, ME44 31.6'N., 67 35149122124105113968982536034Bar Harbor, ME44 23.5'N., 68 1513010310586947770623339Buck Harbor, ME44 20.3'N., 68 5946768573922162216Stonington, ME44 09.2'N., 68 19063645347302420Rockland, ME44 06.0'N., 69 86596242503323Searsport, ME44 27.0'N., 68 01057880613013Bucksport, ME44 34.3'N., 68 811386897017Bangor, ME44 47.7'N., 68 1513110410687Boothbay Harbor, ME43 51.0'N., 69 21Wiscasset, ME43 59.5'N., 69 0Bath, ME43 54.5'N., 69 gusta, ME44 18.9'N., 69 Portland, ME43 39.4'N., 70 14.7'W.203107118112971009586877966675643York Harbor, ME43 07.9'N., 70 38.6'W.182758375606358484942292511Portsmouth, NH43 04.6'N., 70 44.5'W.1807381735861564647402722Newburyport, MA42 48.8'N., 70 52.4'W.17163726448514737383116Rockport, MA42 40.0'N., 70 36.5'W.157495850343733232417Gloucester, MA42 36.6'N., 70 39.6'W.1554552432626221112Salem, MA42 31.3'N., 70 52.5'W.1594953452427185Marblehead, MA42 30.2'N., 70 50.7'W.156454839221914Lynn, MA42 27.3'N., 70 56.6'W.1594748402213Boston, MA42 22.0'N., 71 03.0'W.16349524021Scituate, MA42 11.9'N., 70 43.5'W.143292920Plymouth, MA41 57.6'N., 70 39.8'W.1442620CAPE COD CANAL41 46.8'N., 70 29.0'W.14422Provincetown, MA42 02.5'N., 70 10.0'W.132Distances are in nautical milesEach distance is by the shortest route that safe navigation permits between the two ports concerned. Vessels standing along the coast must make their own adjustments for non-direct routes. For example the tableshows a distance of 214 miles by direct route from Machiasport to Provincetown; the distance via Matinicus Rock and Cape Ann is 235 miles. Distances from Eastport to Machiasport and other ports southward are viathe deep Head Harbour Passage, which is 8 miles farther than via the shallower Lubec Channel.

12Elizabethport, NJPerth Amboy, NJNEW YORK, NYMONTAUK POINTPort Jefferson, NYGreenport, NYSag Harbor, NYMontauk, NYStamford, CTSouth Norwalk, CTBridgeport, CTStratford, CTNew Haven, CTHartford, CTNew London, CTStonington, CTGreat Salt Pond, RIProvidence, RIFall River, MANewport, RINew Bedford, MAWoods Hole, MAVineyard Haven, MANantucket, MANANTUCKET SHOALSTable 3Port Newark, NJCoastwise Distances—Cape Cod, Massachusetts to New York, New YorkCAPE COD CANAL41 46.8'N., 70 9776674695431224369144NANTUCKET SHOALS40 30.0'N., 69 87136126114131126111111928885Nantucket, MA41 17.2'N., 70 1039280917771533329Vineyard Haven, MA41 27.3'N., 70 6754655145287Woods Hole, MA41 31.4'N., 70 615057443815New Bedford, MA41 38.1'N., 70 5848585438Newport, RI41 29.8'N., 71 19.8'W.151