SUNNYVIEW’SROBOTICS PROGRAMRecognized as a Centerof Robotic Excellence 4CARLILIAN FOUNDATIONCHALLENGEHelping to FundWheelchair Project 5RehabilitationA publication of Sunnyview Rehabilitation HospitalSPIKES TRIKESA Gift of Independenceand Mobility 8INSIGHTSpring 2018 expertsinrehab.comLocal Musician “Playsit Forward” for OtherStroke PatientsTwo years ago, at 44 years old, Gregory Nashwas living the life some people only dreamabout. A musician since the age of 14, Gregorywas well-known on the local entertainmentscene, playing drums with bands throughoutthe Capital Region and beyond. Often calleda “musician’s musician,” Gregory was someoneothers in the musical world looked up tofor his commitment, stand-out talent andunbelievable work ethic.But on March 8, 2017, that dream turned intoa nightmare. Upon waking, Gregory could tellsomething was wrong. While getting readyfor work, he remembers blacking out severaltimes, yet he still got into his car to drive intowork, hitting a parked car along the way. Onceat work, his coworkers thought he might havebeen drinking, even though he had been soberfor 20 years. After some time, his boss(continued on page 3)A Member of Trinity Health

Editorial BoardWelcomeRosann DeMeo, RNVice President, Patient Care ServicesWelcome to the 90th year of SunnyviewEdward J. EisenmanChief Executive OfficerWhat started in 1928 as a children’s polio hospitalDouglas FlintGraphic DesignerCorporate CommunicationsSt. Peter’s Health PartnersRehabilitation Hospital!and school has evolved into a nationally recognizedcomprehensive rehabilitation hospital. Today, morethan 15,000 individuals from across the CapitalRegion and beyond, turn to Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital each year forLynne Nicolson, MDMedical Directorclinically advanced inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services. SunnyviewPaul Novak, MS, OTRProgram Manager, Neuro-RehabInstitutecord injury, cardiac, musculoskeletal, and pulmonary rehabilitation. In this issueMichael D. O’HaraExecutive DirectorSunnyview Rehabilitation HospitalFoundationWhat has always set Sunnyview apart is the exceptional care provided by ourNancy Smith, RNProgram ManagerCardiopulmonary/OrthopedicProgramPamela WelchManagerCorporate CommunicationsSt. Peter’s Health Partnershas earned distinctions as Centers of Excellence for stroke, brain injury, spinalof Rehabilitation Insight, you will read about our latest accolade: being nameda Center of Robotic Excellence in rehabilitative medicine.staff. Our skilled staff continues to make the difference for our patients, not onlywith the most advanced technology and techniques, but with individualizedone-on-one therapy. In our cover article you will read the inspiring story ofdrummer Gregory Nash who, through the perseverance of both he and histherapist, is now able to speak again after almost a year without words. In thisissue you will also read about therapist Cono Cirrone, DPT, who was recognizedfor his patient care and commitment to growing his clinical skills with the2017 Roberts Scholar Award. Thank you to all who have contributed tosupporting our staff with equipment, facilities, and scholarships.Our growth and success does not come without you: our friends and donors.I invite you to join us on September 21 at the River Stone Manor in Glenville, NY,Rehabilitation Insight is a publicationof Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital.The goal is to bring timely issues of acutemedical rehabilitation, including updatesand advances of the hospital and itsfoundation, to the forefront.for our 90th Celebration in concert with Art for the View, our juried art showfor artists with disabilities. I look forward to raising a toast with you.As we look forward to the next 90 years,Sunnyview’s future looks bright, thanksto our generous supporters like you.Chip EisenmanChief Executive OfficerAddress Change? Duplicate Mailings?If your address has changed or if you receive more than one copy of our newsletter, please alert the Foundationoffice at (518) 382-4586 or [email protected] so that we can streamline our database.Thank you!2 Spring 2018

Left; Gregory Nashperforms at the“Strokeversary” event.Right; Sunnyview speechpathologist JohathanBrendese, MS, CCC-SLP,CBIS, works withGregory Nash.Local Musician “Plays it Forward”for Other Stroke PatientsContinued from page 1Now, a year later, Gregory has comea long way although he still hastrouble with some sounds. Hecontinues therapy with Jonathanbrought him to St. Peter’s Hospitalcontinued Jonathan. “I was goingtwo or three times a week, and isemergency department. It was thereto do everything I possibly couldworking on his “R” sounds.that doctors determined that Gregoryto help Gregory speak again.”“Gregory is amazing, he’s the hardesthad experienced a severe stroke andGregory suffers from aphasia, apraxiaworker I’ve ever seen,” added Jonathan.suffered a traumatic brain injury. Inand dysarthria — the three main“He has never missed an appointmentaddition to problems with movementcommunication conditions afterand is always on time!”in his right arm and hand, Gregorystroke. Aphasia is impairment in theThat fierce determination continueswas unable to speak.ability to use or comprehend words.with his music. With his right arm andAfter a week at St. Peter’s, GregoryWith apraxia of speech, the individualhand about 90 percent back to normal,spent another eight days as anhas trouble saying what he/she wantsGregory has worked hard to regain hisinpatient at Sunnyview before startingto say correctly and consistently.drumming skills and after months ofoutpatient therapy. With physicalDysarthria happens when a strokepatience and practice, he is playingand occupational therapies, Gregorycauses weakness of the musclesagain. In fact, in late March – a yearworked to regain function of his rightused to speak, such as the tongue,after his musician pals played a benefitarm and hand. But speech was anotherlips or mouth. It can affect thefor him — Gregory played in anothermatter altogether.pronunciation of speech sounds,benefit, one he helped organize. Called“When I first met Gregory, he wasthe quality and loudness of the voice,“One Stroke Roll: A Benefit for Sunnyviewand the ability to speak at a normalStroke Victims, Celebrating Gregory Nash’sremembers Jonathan Brendese, MS,rate with normal intonation.One Year Strokeversary!,” the event,CCC-SLP, CBIS, a speech/languageJonathan, who coincidentally alsoheld at The Hollow in Albany, attractedpathologist and certified brain injuryenjoys playing the drums, searched175 family members, friends, and fans,specialist. “He was the most severefor a sound Gregory might be ableand raised more than 3,500 forcase I had ever seen in my eight yearsto make. As it turned out, it was theSunnyview’s post-stroke the field.”“M” sound, a bilabial consonant soundJonathan wasn’t surprised thatAlthough Jonathan doubted thatthat is made with both lips. WithGregory wanted to give back todetermination and hard work — andothers. “Gregory’s musical talent isthe use of a mirror, visual cues and lotsphenomenal, his perseverance isof repetition — Gregory said his firstunbelievable, but most of all, he’sword since the stroke: “Mom“.just a great human being.”unable to make any sound at all,”Gregory would ever speak again, hewasn’t going to give up that easily.“While we might not be miracleworkers, we are agents of hope,”Spring 2018 3

Sunnyview’s Robotic TechnologyProgram Receives CORE RecognitionIn February, Sunnyview Rehabilitationexoskeleton provides adjustableHospital was recognized as a Centeramounts of power to either side ofof Robotic Excellence (CORE) by Eksothe body, assuring that patients areBionics (EKSO), the developer of a‘equal’ on both sides. As a result,state-of-the-art, wearable roboticpatients can take more ‘quality’ steps“gait trainer” exoskeleton.with less energy and get in moreAccording to Patricia Valenza, DPT,walking time during therapy sessions.ATP, assistant director of Sunnyview’sAs a CORE program, Sunnyview canNeuro-Rehab Institute, “COREparticipate in EKSO robotic technologydesignation recognizes rehabilitationdevelopment, as well as multi-centercenters that provide high quality,research opportunities. In addition,coordinated health care using state-Sunnyview has access to other COREof-the-art technology and innovation.centers to develop and share protocolsCORE programs are committed toto improve patient mobility throughproviding education to physiciansuse of exoskeleton technology.Sunnyview patient Kim Zilm makingstrides using the EKSO with therapistKathryn Greene, DPT.and other health professionals, andSunnyview has served as a leader inare chosen for their commitment toOther CORE centers in the Unitedregional professional education onmeasurable results in rehabilitation.”States are: Marionjoy Rehabilitationrobotic technology. Recently, EricaHospital, Wheaton, IL; BarrowSunnyview is the fourth rehabilitationGauthier, BS, DPT, NCS, presentedNeurological Institute, Phoenix, AZ; andcenter in the United States to receiveon robotic assisted technology at aGood Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital,CORE designation, and the fifthconference in Pittsburgh, PA, whichAllentown, PA. Villa Beretta Centro diworldwide.included a live demonstration ofRiabilitazione in Costa Masnaga, ItalySunnyview first introduced advancedthe Ekso also a CORE program.robotic exoskeleton technology inMay 2016 when it acquired the EksoGT, the first robotic exoskeleton for usein the treatment of individuals withparalysis of one side of the body dueto stroke, as well as those with spinalcord injury levels to the C7 vertebrae.Originally developed for use inmilitary and industrial settings,robotic exoskeletons have provento be increasingly useful in the fieldof rehabilitation. The Ekso GT helpspatients walk by retraining their brains,and at the same time, supportingcorrect posture and balance. The4 Spring 2018Roberts ScholarAward WinnerCongratulations to Cono Cirone, DPT, winnerof the 2017 Richard E. Roberts Scholar Award.Cono completed the certification exam tobecome a Neuro Clinical Specialist. Havingmore certified Neuro Clinical Specialists isan important step for Sunnyview to attaina larger goal of establishing a TherapistResidency Program in the next few years.Cono is a highly regarded therapist and hasbeen recognized in Sunnyview’s ClinicalLadder as an Advanced Senior Clinician.Standing l to r; Stephanie Roberts,Chris Roberts, Cono Cirone, DPT,(seated) Barbara Roberts.

Carlilian FoundationMakes Challenge GrantEarlier this year, Sunnyview Foundationit was created as a way for Mr. Carlreceived a generous challenge grantand his family to give back to thethat will help replace the hospital’scommunity he so loved.wheelchair fleet. The CarlilianThe Carl family, which owned theFoundation Challenge will provide upCarl Company department stores into 20,000 — approximately one halfSchenectady from 1906 to 1984, wasthe cost of the wheelchair project —instrumental in the development andand in turn, Sunnyview is tasked withgrowth of the Schenectady businessraising the remaining funds from bothcommunity. Organizations suchindividual and corporate Proctors Theatre, Ellis Hospital,“The role a wheelchair plays atUnited Way, the YMCA, and the RoseSunnyview is incredibly crucial toGarden Restoration Committee inour patients’ overall experience,”Schenectady’s historic Central Parknoted Lynne Nicolson, MD, chiefhave benefited greatly from themedical officer for Sunnyviewfamily’s generosity.Rehabilitation Hospital.If you would like to make a donationDr. Nicolson explained that theto Sunnyview in support of the Carlilianhospital’s wheelchairs receive a greatFoundation Challenge, please go to:deal of wear and tear since they and click on theused by many patients throughout the“Make a Donation” button, or contactyear, most of whom are ‘new drivers.’the Sunnyview Rehabilitation HospitalAdditionally, the chairs are repeatedlyFoundation at (518) 382-4586.Sunnyview patient, Sammy Dallas Bayes,uses one of the new wheelchairs purchasedwith funds from the Carlilian Challenge.cleaned for infection control. Thispattern of use takes its toll on thesecritical pieces of medical equipment,necessitating frequent refurbishmentand ultimately replacement.“We are indeed grateful to the CarlilianFoundation for this challenge grantthat will enable us to provideSave the DateSaratoga Race Course,“At the Rail Pavilion”, Saratoga SpringsWednesday, July 25, 2018Gates open at 11:30 amPost time 1 pmpatients with wheelchairs that reflectSunnyview’s high standard of qualitycare and compassion.”The Carlilian Foundation is a privatefoundation established by the latebusinessman, community leader andphilanthropist Charles W. Carl, Jr.Art Show and 90th AnniversaryRiver Stone Manor, SchenectadyFriday, September 21, 20186 – 10 pmNamed for his mother, Lilian Carl,Spring 2018 5

You Can Make a Direct Impact on the Work at Sunnyview!Each year, Sunnyview RehabilitationHospital identifies critical needs thatwill help fulfill our commitment toimproving the lives of our patients andtheir families. These investments incare are important, but can strain ournot-for-profit budget. The SunnyviewFoundation is committed to fulfillingthese needs through the generosityof grateful patients, their families, andgenerous donors like you. Here are justsome of the ways you can help.Make a 90th Anniversary GiftAny Dollar AmountIn 2018, Sunnyview celebrates 90 yearsof improving rehabilitative medicine forour region. With advances in medicineand technology, and with the supportof philanthropy, Sunnyview nowprovides care through six specialtycenters of excellence in stroke,musculoskeletal, brain injury, spinalBring Patients SomeFresh Air Comfort 250 - 1,500 ( 15,000 total)Recognize Great Caregivers 6,000 - 10,000 ( 80,000 total)Patients, families, staff, and volunteerscomment on the quality of ourhave found the courtyard at our caféa refreshing respite from the busyhospital. We are upgrading the outdoorfurniture for the first time to increasecomfort and accommodate multi-sizedpatient mobility devices. Come visit ourbeautiful outdoor oasis!Expand Sunnyview’s Reach 500 - 10,000 ( 150,000 total)advanced and talented therapiststhrough our Clinical Ladder program.You can name an Advanced SeniorClinician or a Clinical Scholar withyour gift.Services continues to expand ourMany Sunnyview patients don’t havescope of care beyond Schenectady,the income or the insurance to covernow with locations in Albany, Latham,some of their therapies. Each year,Guilderland, and Glenville. Your gift canSunnyview makes up the difference tohelp us improve or upgrade therapycontinue their care through outpatientequipment and furniture in an officeservices in Cardiopulmonary Services,near you.Post-Stroke Group, Visual Arts Programcare. Your support keeps SunnyviewContinuing advances in care and newat the forefront of care.technologies adopted at Sunnyviewfrom numerous patients, the LifestyleSunnyview is recognizing our mostSunnyview Outpatient Therapycord injury, cardiac and pulmonaryWith 1200 members and additional usetherapists and their sincere care.Sponsor a Patient in NeedAny Dollar Amount(up to 50,000 annually)Train a Therapist or Nurse 700 - 1,500 ( 30,000 total)Keep the Wellness Center Fit 500 - 10,000 ( 25,000 total)Patients and families regularlyrequire continuous training andupgrading of skills. Put your resourcestoward advancing the skills of one ofour talented clinicians. Your investmentand Recreation Therapy. The PatientNeeds Fund has a direct impact on ourpatients’ well-being.Contribute Where Your Giftis Needed MostAny Dollar AmountEach year, there are unforeseen needsthat require immediate investment –will impact patients for a upgrades, mandatedactive. Help us keep our clients movingMake Each Night’s Sleep Safer 1,000 - 8,000 ( 80,000 total)therapy technology. You can contributewith new and upgraded equipment.Sunnyview is investing in lower bedsWellness Center and Golub TherapyPool keep many people healthy andto allow restraint-free sleep on ourbrain injury unit and other nursingunits. These beds lower to seven inchesfrom the floor at night to preventunnecessary falls replacing older highbeds that require safety restraints. It isa safer and sounder night’s sleep!6 Spring 2018safety equipment, or repairs to criticalwhatever meets your budget, to helpsupport our great patient care.THANK YOU!

Sunnyview Welcomes PhysiatristsHis other interest includes enhancingDrs. Sonagere and Fetkenhour werepatient transition through theboth drawn to Sunnyview by itscontinuum of care. Dr. Sonagereexcellent reputation of quality care,enjoys the educational aspects ofwith Dr. Sonagere adding, “thepatient care – giving patients andtherapists, nurses, and staff arefamilies information that empowersthe best I have ever worked with.”them to fully and actively participateSunnyview’s physiatrists work withL to r; Matthew Sonagere, DO,and Douglas Fetkenhour, their rehabilitation process.patients and families to developDr. Fetkenhour is board-certified inan individualized treatment plan,In Fall 2017, Matthew Sonagere, DO,physical medicine and rehabilitation,with a goal to restore or maximizeand Douglas Fetkenhour, MD, joinedand specializes in amputee care andtheir functional skills, self-sufficiencythe team of physiatrists at Sunnyview.prosthetics and stoke and spasticityand mobility.Dr. Sonagere comes to Sunnyview aftermanagement. He is excited to haveSunnyview is proud to have Dr.serving as Chief Resident at Thomasthe privilege of being part of the team.Sonagere and Dr. Fetkenhour joinJefferson Hospital in Philadelphia,Dr. Fetkenhour believes that seeing aour expert rehabilitation team whichPA. He is board-eligible in physicalpatient get back home, and in someworks to provide the highest qualitymedicine, and has a special interest incases, back to work are the mostof patient care.stroke and spinal cord rehabilitation.rewarding parts of patient care.DID YOU KNOW .You could make a gift to Sunnyview RehabilitationHospital Foundation and receive a dependablecash flow for life regardless of what is happeningin the market?A Charitable Gift Annuity can provide an additionalsource of income for life for you, your spouse, or anotherperson. You can even defer your payments if you don’tneed the income now!In many cases, you can receive payments at a higher rate than what you are receivingthrough the bank or on your investments.You can receive an immediate income tax deduction for a portion of your gift, and a portionof your annuity payment back to you will be tax free.We are here to help! Please visit or contact:Kathie ZiobrowskiDirector of Legacy [email protected](518) 525-1529Mike O’HaraExecutive [email protected](518) 382-4586Spring 2018 7

Non-ProfitOrganizationU.S. PostagePAIDAlbany, NYPermit # 3701270 Belmont AvenueSchenectady, NY 12308Spikes Trikes Donates Recumbent TrikeWhen Bernie “Spike” Elwood wasdealership, Spikes Trikes, in Amsterdam.forced to retire due to a severe back“We started out with only four trikesinjury, the former electrician read aboutin our shop little did we know wea recumbent trike that might help himwould quickly become one of the toplose those extra pounds, get back intodealers in the country!”shape, and allow him to enjoy bikingSpike assembles the Terra Trikes in hisonce, customizing them to meet theSunnyview stroke patient, Ken Bernson,tries out the new trike with direction fromrecreational therapist Jennifer Battle, CTRS.Since there were no local dealers, heneeds of each individual customer –ordered a Terra Trike online and itshort, medium or tall. He recently builtliterally changed his life! In no timeone for a young 10-year-old withhe was reaping the health benefits ofCerebral Palsy.Spike had heard about Sun