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Agenda:IntroductionsThe Construction ZoneSecurity MattersSafety Focus – SafetyChampionsSafety Town HallC o r e Va l u e s P r o m o t e a p o s i t i v e s a fe t y c u l t u r eAddress unsafe practicesCooperation through positive relationshipsLearn from others

Safety incident – Gate W7Employee pulled up to access control device post with tug and cargo container dollies in-tow.Once the gate was opened the driver pulled away and one of the cargo containers struck thepost, knocking it off it’s base and damaging the 500 proximity card reader. This is the secondreader that has been damaged and replaced at this location.

Safety incident – Bag RoomsBallards, posts, and barricades are repeatedly struckbe tugs and carts. Frequently they are struck sohard it is heard and felt in upper level offices.Please remind drivers to use caution, and drive atwalking speed when in the baggage make-up areas.

Drivers – slow for pedestrians, they have the right ofway!Pedestrians –be cognizant of movingvehicles.

ALERT Watch for slow moving construction trafficUse caution for backing vehiclesMonitor haul routes for F.O.D.Report safety violations or concerns to RIC AirportOperations or Airport Communications Note the time, and a description of the vehicle

By FOX19 Digital Staff July 22, 2020 at 3:59 PMEDT - Updated July 23 at 4:13 PMBOONE COUNTY, Ky. (FOX19) - Four DHLemployees are receiving medical attentionafter lighting struck the cargo carrier’s CVGhub during Wednesday’s storms, accordingto a DHL spokesperson.The lightning strike hit a ramp at the hubsometime before 2:30 p.m., thespokesperson says.Several employees were on the ramp whenthey felt the impact of the lightning strike,according to the spokesperson.None of the employees were seriouslyinjured, the spokesperson says, and thefour employees are receiving medical careas a precautionary measure.DHL’s Express Global Superhub at CVGemploys around more than 2,400 workers,according to CVG’s website. It and theAmazon Air Hub together place CVG as the8th largest cargo airport in North America.

Lightning at RIC RIC Rules and Regs require fueling operations to be suspendedwhen lightning is in the immediate vicinity of the airport. Thisis generally accepted to be within a 5 mile radius.RIC Airport does not implement ramp freezes or suspension ofnon-fueling related ramp activities. Those decisions are basedon each company’s safety policies.

RIC Airport Operations subscribes to a web based weather forecasting tool that includes lightning detection init’s package, however OPS personnel are not always available to share that information.Lightning detection devices are affordable and have been used by some airline OPS for many years.

Police investigating work-related death at UPSfacility near Phoenix Sky HarborBy: staffPosted at 8:31 AM, Jul 22, 2020and last updated 7:35 AM, Jul 23, 2020PHOENIX — Phoenix police are investigating a work-related death at theUPS facility near Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport's shippingarea.Officers were called to the area around 6:00 a.m. Wednesday for reportsof an injured person.Officials say the victim, identified as 50-year-old Scott Morris, waspinned between a loading dock and tractor-trailer.Emergency crews with the Phoenix Fire Department pronounced himdead at the scene.Police say the driver of the tractor-trailer was evaluated for impairmentand impairment does not appear to be a factor.A statement released from the shipping company states, "UPS issaddened by the loss of our employee, and we extend our heartfeltcondolences to their family and friends."

R u n w a y S a fe t y A c t i o n Te a m ( R S AT )L o w V i s i b i l i t y / S u r f a c e M o v e m e n t G u i d a n c e C o n t r o l Wo r k i n g G r o u p( LV O / S M G C S )

Richmond LocalRunway Safety Team(LRSAT)Federal AviationAdministration2020Air Traffic Safety EventsAugust 11, 2020Presented by: Richmond ATCTPresented by: Richmond ATCTFederal AviationAdministration14

LRSAT Meeting Purpose–––––To increase surface safety awarenessTo identify and analyze surface hazardsTo identify and develop mitigationsTo foster communication and build relationshipsTo increase advocacy of runway safety at the local level.Presented by: Richmond ATCTFederal AviationAdministration15

Mandatory Occurrence ReportAn MOR is an occurrence involving air traffic services for which the collection ofassociated safety-related data and conditions is mandatory. Airborne Loss of SeparationAirport Surface Loss of SeparationTerrain/ObstructionAirborne Air Traffic Control Anomaly (Airspace/Altitude/Route/Speed) not Involving a Loss ofSeparation.Airport Environment.CommunicationEmergency or In-Flight HazardInquiryTechnical Operations MORsPresented by: Richmond ATCTFederal AviationAdministration16

Top Safety Occurrences for 2019Airport Environment: Canceled take-off clearance/aborted takeoffafter crossing hold-short line. (35 Occurrences)Airport Environment: Turbojet go around within 1/2 mile of arrivalthreshold (non flight training). (35 Occurrences)Emergency: Bird Strike. (16 Occurrences)Emergency: Inflight equipment malfunction requiring specialhandling. (7 Occurrences)Presented by: Richmond ATCTFederal AviationAdministration17

Top Safety Occurrences for 2020Airport Environment: Canceled take-off clearance/aborted takeoffafter crossing hold-short line. (30 Occurrences)Airport Environment: Turbojet go around within 1/2 mile of arrivalthreshold (non flight training). (13 Occurrences)Presented by: Richmond ATCTFederal AviationAdministration18


Leading MORs Filed for 2020Airport Environment: Turbojet go around within 1/2 mile of arrivalthreshold (non flight training)13 Occurrences!January 18, 2020 DAL1198 was issued go around instructions due to previous arrival (CGNDR - M600) not being clear of RWY 34.DAL1198 did NOT overfly CGNDR. DAL1198 landed safely at 0025z without any incident.Presented by: Richmond ATCTFederal AviationAdministration20

MORs Filed for 2020Airport Environment: A/C unintentionally maneuvered offrunway/taxiway1Airport Environment: A/C, Vehicle or pedestrian on movementarea/runway safety area other than expected/intended1Emergency: Bird StrikeEmergency: Inflight equipment malfunction requiring specialhandling2Emergency: Laser Light Illumination4Emergency: Medical Emergency2Emergency: Other3Presented by: Richmond ATCT3Federal AviationAdministration21

Low Visibility Operations /Surface MovementGuidance ControlLVO/SMGCS WorkingGroup Annual ReviewRIC Airport Operationshosted the SMGCSWorking Group AnnualReview meeting onTuesday, August 11th.In attendance wererepresentatives from theFAA, airlines, corporateaviation, and the VirginiaArmy National Guard.

3. AIRPORT TENANTS:(1) Participate in the SMGCS Working Group.(2)Enforce SMGCS plan driving procedures and safepractices within tenant lease holds to the highest degree.(3)Assure adherence to sections of the SMGCS Plan underairport tenant control and take action to correctdeficiencies.(4)Appropriately train personnel in low visibility procedures.(5)Provide airport charts to all movement area vehicleoperators depicting low visibility taxi routes.


Airfield Construction & Maintenance AdvisoryAIRPORT OPERATIONS DEPARTMENTIssued: 7/31/2020Active Projects 01/2019 - 10/2020 Elimination of North Air Carrier ramp diversion and de-icingparkingDIVERSION PARKING IS EXTREMELY LIMITED AT RICRWY 7/25 Conversion to TWY H RWY 7/25 is closed permanentlyTWY H is closed until project completion Breezeway between Gates B1 and B2 closed for the duration ofthe projectTraffic flow restricted. Several parking areas eliminatedConcourse A Extension09/2019 – 10/2020Concourse B Checkpoint Expansion03/2020 – 03/202128Notable impacts to operations

Concourse A Extension (01/2019 – 10/2020)AIRPORT OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT Use caution for heavyvehicle traffic moving toand from the constructionarea Aircraft pushing back fromGates A8/A/B/C requireATC clearance. Remainclear of TWY C29TWY CTWY ADATES AND TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. ALWAYS REFER TO CURRENT NOTAMS.

RWY 7/25 Conversion (09/2019 – 10/2020)AIRPORT OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT RWY 7/25 is permanentlyclosed. The pavementbetween RWY 16/34 andTWY M has beenremovedTWY MRWY 16/3430DATES AND TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. ALWAYS REFER TO CURRENT NOTAMS.

Concourse B Checkpoint Expansion (03/2020 - 03/2021)AIRPORT OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT Traffic pattern has beenaltered! Breezeway betweenGates B1 and B2 is closedfor the duration of theproject Several parking areas willbe eliminated duringconstructionTWY MRWY 16/3431DATES AND TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. ALWAYS REFER TO CURRENT NOTAMS.

Monthly Runway Maintenance ClosuresScheduled - 2020AIRPORT OPERATIONS DEPARTMENTCLOSURES ARE SCHEDULED TO START AT 0800L AND LAST 4 TO 6 HOURS. MAY BE CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHERRUNWAY 16/34 (9003’)RUNWAY 02/20 (6607’)2nd Tuesday of each month except as noted*4th Tuesday of each month except as noted*January 21*July 14January 28July 28February 18*August 11February 24*August 25March 2-31*September 8March 24September 22October 13April 28October 27May 12November 10May 26November 24June 9December 8June 23December 22Construction closureApril 1-17*Construction closure32CancelledDATES AND TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. ALWAYS REFER TO CURRENT NOTAMS.

FOCUSSafety Champions!

Blog / April 25, 2017How To Identify Workplace Safety ChampionsWorkplace safety champions are the beatingheart of a strong health and safety culture.They are people who are passionate aboutsafety, take an active role on safetycommittees or lead by example among theirpeers.Anyone can be a workplace safetychampion—at one organization it might be ashift supervisor who is skilled at supportingsafe behavior, and at another it could be anaccountant who sits on an H&S committeeand pushes for cutting-edge human errortraining.

They lead by example Champions don’t tout theimportance of safety to othersonly to apply a different set ofrules to themselves. The pridethey take in being safecan influence others to feel thesame.

They’re safe 24/7They are natural motivators, treating their personal safetywith deep respect whether they’re in the middle of a taskat work or enjoying time off with their family. Theyrecognize that injuries can happen at any time.They wear the appropriate PPE consistently, reportdamaged machinery or equipment, and take carewhenever they’re on the shop floor.These individuals participate in workplace trainingregularly and do their best to extend their knowledge toothers, improving overall performance on the job andawareness outside of the workplace. They are superstarswho demonstrate concern for their own well-being andthe well-being of their peers, regardless of whetherthey’re at work, at home or on the road.

They start safetyconversations For conversations to affect change, firstthey must occur, and workplace safetychampions are often the ones leading thediscussion. They bring up problems and work hard ontrying to resolve them, showing theirdedication to safety improvements. They are always open to discussing safetyissues and growing awareness. They lead or actively participate in toolboxtalks, helping foster an open safety culturethat welcomes input and rewards questions.Even if they’re not overly talkative, they trulycommit to communications regarding safety.

They take initiative Moreover, whether they’remanagement or staff, they will have thecourage to endorse practices thatreinforce a culture of safety in theworkplace and make sure the rules arefollowed. When they witness bad habits, theywill bring it up and try to influencepositive change.

They are willing to learn andengage with new ideas Sometimes people can get stuck in the past,and companies might ignore or miss out onnewer approaches as they concentrate oncompliance. Safety champions are open to new ideasand new discoveries. If there is a chance toimprove the safety of their team, they will beexcited to try it.

They recognize the human factorsthat prevent complianceA person’s state of mind greatly influences theircompliance with health and safety; champions seek tobetter understand these factors and address them inorder to reduce errors and improve decision making.Rushing, fatigue, frustration and complacency are oftenjust as responsible for injuries as the hazards themselves,and champions will encourage their team to take breaks,slow down, and take the safest route at all times.For a safety champion, safety is the most importantaspect of the workplace. Yes, there are deadlines, butthere is no reason to jeopardize lives in the process.

They are encouraging Finally, as much as a champion will bring issues toattention, they will also celebrate their coworkers’successes, thank them for being mindful, and whenin a supervisory position, reward their employees forbeing perceptive and taking care of the communalwell-being of the workplace. The first step to creating a strong culture of safetyis to notice those who are doing a good job; throughthem, you can create improvements and build uponexisting structures. It’s also prudent to reward thesechampions accordingly, which will encourage themto continue promoting workplace safety.

Read the entire blog post e-safety-champions/ Who are the safety champions atRIC? Are there people in your company,organization, or group that mightmake great safety champions? How can we integrate a program thatidentifies and rewards safetychampions? How do we support the safetychampions who already contribute?

RIC Joint Safety Meeting Town Hall

September is NationalPreparedness Month

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