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terwer,FARMNV.C,Pj.'LOANS-L- OWI)RATES,EASY TERMSBaker BrothersfAGENCYItipp--wiA0 AmI.m.I gi1IvFARM, GRAIN AND2E0187a"tg,w,.HAIL INSURANCE414(.L--4Baker BrothersAGENCYOfficial Newspaper of the United States Land Office nod of the People of Corry CountyMEII; INDIIIEltC1,04.IN.NEWRSIM. JCRMEXICO.CIO PER NEM12. 1917.00LIONMELROSENEN SINHADf000HONERBSBAOMEMON011!MIL hi(f011BAPTIST6000HOEMEETINGSE11001INPLEDGEbail a disastrous fire Mion-- Iday tali:moon of this week. TIIP fire!started about 2 o'elock and originatedoil stovethe rear of W. S.fromTurner's griocery store. For a while Itlooked like the entire business seetionof the town would be destroyed. however Mini fire fighting and the fortunate vireummtitime that the windchanged to the north saved the destruetion of other buildings lit town.Those who lost lit the fire were:W. S. Tumor. grocery store. storkeimiphitely destroyed.The Mason le lodge owned theMI41111141 by theTurner groverystore. and bail their lodge mom above.Everything in the lodge hail was deMelrosewomen, it hasA million AmericanWHEAT TURNING OUTliven tottiontused. have signed pledgesdirectinsconservationto followfooll'itreshing is now WPII under way intions elf the food administration anticounty. Wheat is turning mitwill he sent Instructions on household Curry1,ptipra good many instatteeswelt.economies.the farmers thenetelves figured itThe first list of directions sent out thanwould a few weeks ago. Thp twat yieldto he posted lit the kitchens of woutenNews has heard or S41 tar has beenwho have Joined the adatittistration thethe wheat of ti. NI. Bryan whieh hastire:bushels per itemitiside as high asW1101'11404it ihiY. Use corn,on one intl.oatmeal. rye or barley bread and nonThe News would appreciate reportswheat breakfast food. Unt the loaf onregard to the yieldfarmersfromthe table and only as required. EatME.Kesler, dean of BaylorUniversity at Waco. Vixas. was a Clovis visitor Monday. Dr. Kesler is visiting several New Mexico towns atthis time with a view of making it recommendation as to the advisability ofestablithing a Baptist school lu NewMexico. Ile made ati Interesting talkon education at the Baptist churchlMoseley evening. after 111teh he was aguest of the Chamber of Ctitumeree ata meeting held at the Elks Auditorium.Dr. J.1.02INCHES OF RAIN.tonA goisi rain fell in ClovisVeilliesilityafternoon and night. the villein' gaugeni Burry ihirdwure Co. registering 1.02invites. The ruin extended east mu!notparts ofIliwest. butthe comity north. North and northwest the rain is reported to have beenThe evening's entertainment consistedheavy as around Clovis and in sometalks asof music by the girrs bandwill beSeveral insinnees heavier. The rainby citizens and Dr. Kesler.of great benefit to growing feed cropsClovis elliaens pointed out how thisbring tip late planted crops.wikuldbe the Itigical placefor and willper acre. These wheatmakingaretheyless mike and pastry.the Bupt let people to establish theiryields are the best possible advertise1,0ANS SLOW ABOUT COIIING.stroyed."Beef, mutton or pork Did more thanschool. espetilal stress being pliteedthisandhavecountryranthementThe 1m:stuffier. the fixtures being the nakral illtuosphere and railroad fat'se freely vegetables andoneepaper would lie pleased to publish a partly saved.11 seemsthat permit's making applifish. At the meat meal serve smallerellities of the Mack. City. Dr. KeslerWI Wilt yieldsdetailed report tit till11). NI.steak's.ofPorter's drug store. Dr. responded with a short talk in which cation for loans from the Federal Landportion's and stew insteadin the county.114.111 getting their monfile. was lit this sameMake made dishes of ailhe stated as yet there WI IS nothing def. Rank hove notmustand emitentm were partly destroy- nate iti regard to the school and of ey very fast. A. J. Itodp14 is presidentchildren"Save the milk. TheRURAL Se11001, EXASTINATIONS.ed.have milk. l'sts buttermilk and soarcourse he had nit proposition to make 'of the local farm loan association awl(Noting.'SliWytT'S 111Plit market. eompletelymakingplinkingandto Clovis or any other town tit this; he has received the following lettermilk for&N'fitly 12.TheSmalldestroyed but partly envered by Mini:- time. the object of his visit to the sev-- relative to farm loan applications incheese. l'se less (Team. Save the fats.portment or edueation toduyranee. hP being the only IMP of those (qui towns of New Mexico being merely this territory:till the table. but not inUselobtilation of the results of thr multi'- suffering from the fire who hail insurIfoods.Wichita. lialis4 July 7, 1917.friedofusecooking. Redoes.Ito look into the advisability of estab-. less cattily awl sweet drinks. nations held iti the rural schools of the: IIICP.ilshing the schist!. lie stated, however. 'Sir. A. J. tootles.March, April and May. forup stoleAll 1114. 1011 111.41441 fight the fire.Clovis New Mexico.Itot lio not stint sugar In puttingthat if the school were established,groderightbdiltiontos. of which 1162: arid the party who gave the News thesavebutter.,willIt would Ike Owed on a permsnent Dear Mr. Rod's":thatfruits awl Jams. 'Hwywere issued. A stutement token from details about the disaster said thatWt. have two appraisers working in"Save the fuel. Use wood when youbasis nod would tip doubt have in ilwthe tabulation slums the highest aver- Inlb town ðið soniP as neighborhoodwonwnit 2741.00(1Invested hi your district at the present time checkofran getby students in each eminty gallant!MINfire fighting as the MPH,buildings and endowments to keep the, ing up appraisals for the purpose of"Fruits and vegetables we have in intill' OWN' l'1111111lIti"1101.the Shill.1100PIOwefinal action on the limns out litnationitAsschool going.abundance.linking?lir Corry comity loping: March. CUTTINGBIG WilEATtheir use tThese wen are Messrs.gown ,.1,117,. IACREAGE.1Bessie Frelleriek. Grotty. Ft2 per vent.potaWeC. liatiloot and it. IV. Heflin.DEAD.CIAYRROOKR.E.MRS.mei improve your health. Storet'ooke, Texleo. 110 perApril. Promo.IR1111(1 theyShipley Bros. have about finishedinstrneted them to see you at-toes mai other roots properly'Rogers.Texiett.MuY Elliomilting wheattheir raneh north ofItegin now to can tor tiry t1411tMrs. It. E. Claybrook oiled last Fri- Clovis, and to wake final report on allwill keep.per emittown. They have (190 acres of wheatevening after an illness 41t several the work lit Curry, Quay and Roosevelttill surplus garden products.dayof Enda, which is possibly the largest mingleTo Mks Ado t'olenitin.-insiteral rules: Buy less. serve smallSaturday the remains were comities. These two 111411 will be litmonths.IN'Imigs tile honor of111"IsPyPitthe county. Mr. Alex Ship- shipped to Godley. Texas. for inter- that territory until all the presetd ap!acreageer 'Halloos. preach the eleon plate:tilf.overture of any' !ley says he figures that they willfourth meal:: don't limit the11010 Patment. being actiottipattleti by Ntr. Clay- Ovations tore satisfaetorily disposedNew Mextro ter anwatchthresh between 7.100 and 10.0iNt bush- brook. Mrs. Claybrtsic leaves a hus- of. Please state tot your men 010 WPplait, foist (if growing eitiltiren:Shp received an aver-:1 grit& ðitionot.!els. This means a tiliP revenue from !mini to whom she was married about1111111e a great many loans In Kanout for the vastest in the community:lige of Its per emit. Spverni students ,heirmeanand even the sale price sit two years ago. She was also a sister sas mid itklahottia. and would ite makAntericsaInpallsfull garbage03 per Petit anti two or throeWhrlit 110Pg !lilt retirement the M- to Mrs. F. It. Millie of this city. She ing loans In New Mexico except forAtiterien null linempty (1111nerpulls.mode 116 per rent. The department of Itill' ineitimi from the 'lop. as the 'Shipmember of the Methodist ehureh the reason that it Is a hig thing towastho ley Pros. hove derived nitwit revenueimitiention throw,' Its ntinlymisher suffering of many months 'organize all the territory, and ve haveandbore4400111 owl'. work of tho rimt your. from pasturage and will get still motetrueChristian fortitude and pti simply been tumble tot cover the groundiithIII.:SIGNED AS ArrittISKII.Is tiot only gaining volniihio inforninrevenue this winter from the feed vatthmee. The husband and sister have more rapidly Cum we have. However,lion am In tho eitarnotor of this work ilf of the stritiv. which will help furtht sympathy of al! in their bereave- we will make appraisals down in Newof .ittite.tile firstin the rtirill solinols, hut Is ennhipiliiish roughness for cattle.apfurther delay. andSlexiost ulthottitresignedment.itspliteeSchenrich of thistzot'lost' totiph with tin mninil n'Inyto tourpresent our reeotaimenolootionspraiser for lite Federal Lundloi etiopornto withof grminittostot allehy Is 'inquiring too build eft.highest plolont flour tor 5971 executive contralti's. for oration.lueMr. Srliettricit's ditties took hintenmity 'mil 10(411 authorities In tho noloYours respectfully,mem (Tossing,'betweenthe Barry PPr 111111(1ml tit Niel:m.11W llrovory.thatparts cf the Si OPpnittit In bring nil thomo young poor&Nate !fern,Hardware rompithy wet the Lyceumhe could not give the position hismcliotils in September.toChief e;Theatre.makingbeaus.emotedwaxruttime withoutthe Merritt earner.Ills resiglianum for :10i.Torun's Gil).or his private businessMr. Soiled. sTATE 1NIVEICSITV CHANGESNOT MUCH TAXES--rTh- preIvry.thou tools effect July Isl.1st.OPENING DATE TOthe sertieinheDUE IN CURRY COUNTYtoIs still time to Omit broomill continuerich1111041111 111)111111:ATmorn. It will mikeEvtryPlant somecorn nisi make it gots! crop.theAlbligiterolliob.July ILL The l'Itivor- ftirtniT lit Only motility that litis tiny whiiii ether late planted (Tops fall toeapaelly'Fite governor recently issued a letterWillNowwill opot for OwMexicoshy!1iiiði' sure tii be it money erop to tux eolleetors in the vurionbyomit lessltspe tit plant Into. (volts mature.loudwhenMonday. tietobor 1, incoining yenrriirof the slate hi which he Insisted onthis toll.slitstiti wet lit smut. bristitt eurti.losAugsoiltimsstool ofthe collection of delinquent tuxes.I'Ol'NTA SINGING ASSOKRtho plot. neeiwilingnsi stiootos.Many counties have a quantity of taxesissontwestiosit today by Pres:dentdue the slate anti vottitly lout not soantisismoing tho Outlive,It. Boyd.with Curry enmity.Tile Curry County Singing AsslichtPresident lloysi points out that theNRelative to delinquent taxes anti luxHavenermeetwilllion11111111KTSComity Treasurer It. E.colleetions,bv rep. plans of ninsiolorableKileIV vlitssJuly I I owl114441111111SMil& 111W"I'Illill IlY ItilItrowit hus furnished the News withSend your deli,resented on Sitiality.Ilytor service in Ow11:.some interesting lligures.lirowntonhiSsiiip.sgales tllvarious milittiry lorsitaitio 8111 sty sixsays litut tolo.KS per emit of the 11114day night.interested lit possible calls widow tho soloolive drat,luxes latve lweit paid. t If the 11115Everybody mine thatWhile Ibis 'gullies 1.9(4.1811y to youngtaxes ilettr'y 9S per emit have been1Priigood singing Anilmon. young women have also hail their11110paid.tuxes show up to thissioW SIP& Of 1111111.11111.1to the allies theharvest titVII Magian, July U.Food Alplans slisturbod by Ow mils for theHMIlime payments amounting to practicallyH1110111141prim.aboutthatmonthoir (smith. whivh froquent- tram'.hos denied ibe reportFAeryhody istrolially invited.!WI per mill of the H1111111111 shown tonlyolutios for IkonUndoubtedly the situation through- the rolls It is doubtful if iiiIIIIIIPI.lii the wheal growing see-- ,Set y. Curry Co. Singing Assn.intistedinteout this eimiiiry Is bithig liffeeted nil- plainly in lite slate will show thisal home. 'rho wiseslionsthe einintry Mai tin arbitraryversely by the food control legislation large a per cent or taw. paid.initials will still be mirertalts up to thymr.ellIan' wheat beingGin acres.rivsicongress. Brown sttysilf Angus! but it Is oxpeolod Mist pritvsit long drown i11less thim 2.iMi per bushel.The nilmhtistrtition urged that the bill years he has eollected Mich tuxes toconditions will Is. soillsid for is linie by eras'A4:01i per Here.Tow.tittoJuly. MO the amount of 27.041.54 due tor thettooloor 1. Thus many young people"li is mil Ow intention or ilw food be eitinpleted by the firstowl Cattle l'o.roissisi notwhoodor the aihnlitist rain'!" to (1 the Klee WIWiII that its miteithiery eitiitti be put in op- following yenN:IS II, nutty imi entdolost to do so.Nihon for the coming oreitThe bill For 11110 and prior yeurs 6.-1711.0flint II Will IIIIVPopening is ritthor"lifwill not get through the senate itilt'rho delaysail' power." said Mr.For IIInolvissitsige flints ts 411,81111'11111gs. for Ow reed bill passes eijijgro.s. limvever.A.! ilfNi:mil It will be another week For 111125,49707university. :islet. it will permit tho rerliiiijiy 1111 lint siliji for speeillathe before it Haulms tile president tor sig- For ltd::. 1141S1.73tor the CitiEntprtninmontsiomplotion of now buildings mid itsWhOIPP01110natures.liar of wimiti."entwving are the eolleetions for tlwChild and Hig Friend.zen. Mg Vitro.con41 of stow equipment,und it isAli be est:11'11Am'AgenciesLetters were presented lit the smolt'. pied licre years on which the perrosily tho first step lit tin important trol ihe Iiiiyhigeqtart wheal rev tear today from western limit tattles nil- ventatte of luxes paid has been figuredthe istsivorsity'sProgramsolos of obingesIsmer of ibe singie linitil buying vising that the linnillers of grain were'FaxesCertified Additionalwhich will render theagalasi nt n loss to know Mint plum lit unlikeselwweloð berut ali illeJuly I1Ih to 214.011144.1441A4041s1;ellswhim mole ',Melon! under war vow die 1111'41,1 or the Amerietia farmer.I 141,:11 Cifin the absolve of an established policy 1111I 1:1.11141.4S111.11:170:.tlitn limo of wave. Its spin. 14 the nolministration's reeling dint the being adopted by congress. l'he filet 11113 1:2:042s.57 12:1.277.511 1211.711s.53Saturday. July 14: Dorothy DaltonFtillitli of ilw SlwelPs." Tr:- - of tile consillornido number lit wider iipari price imisi be maintained at if that when' k our or the Imeessaries to 111111 126.34,01I iti.32s.112IL!7.22s.11ittLvaillimps who Imre boon milled into figure which is sailit tap be.11.pwangle play. "lians anti iluti" ettmetly.I lir sloeThpmai the alosenee or defithe tuitional semis's. the enrollment al farmer to, soalaial(f In the Itia i Imam: nite legisintion ims sprend dm west Illis tie kick veining en 41141114iiien1Monday. July lit: Pearl IVititetho omitting this your promises to Ileeltapterbut nothing eau bit flow lit with stm les as to what the government PSnio1 ifilf theCurry"The Fl 11111olo. chiefly that the prices ettitetiept willtheir part like Curry'moot. 'Ivory story. "The ttreen lig groat tor grontor than thnt of hist ilils ilireetion nail! einigretis eimipleles proposeaculled were to be fived beyond which the pro- the stiole's tretentry ought net le lie litThe university mins- the filial hill. Attention illsit1).kor."Patin. Nels. Cleo. 017 com- yiIleg spotting.agemont is putting forth a determined in Om sisiiement by President 1Vilson dueer could not hope to sell. There Is it depleted einillition.edy.The pereetilnite11) CounTuesday. July 17: PIIIIIIIIP lerederiek stml vigorous effort to tunko tho insti- eNplaialsig the policy of food eonirol nitnprovision in the bill. but er lawsisin "Nannette of the Willis," Paramount tution of greater and more immodinte flint "little cheek will 1st init upon the there Is n minimum glistrillitty to nip ty l'reicoirer Brown. wile is 111WilysAmbition," sorviorduring IIIPtill"11 leritairkeling of the import unit price proliteer.picture.POINVilliPliel Of 111P stories theorisisthan ever boron,. l'resisionttor them will nol be iitriteleil unit tlie tiosettlell government polley.Paramount comedy.announeentrist today intimate, by the ',Naar, regaining's."Wednesday mai Thursday, July 1M(ARO OF THANIliS.the prier. of wheat has dropped in rt.,.Titer". lire tutJoyeo anti Harry Morey thist other importtust atistontwomentsemit weeks.It Is getirrtolly eimistiledowl 111:lijiyers 1411111)0111g lit the !Mir. that tuksage of the bill would ellminnteare ill be expeolosi in tho tient fitture11.t. take 111k inettiotttourIn "Within the Law."Friday. July '20: 111101 11111111Pg in its emmootion with llie intivorsity's gen. ket. it is Mijlerslissi 1111, Oiled gnverit the element of uncertainty ovor which twit:111).11.4 mid many friends fur theMeiji. have nirogoly tiitil the wive11,, ill the 111.4 Ilay,1the boisinegs man tulip. trivia."Till 1111111111111 itliblITS." Marin Salm hi oral pints of equitimion,--- a bushel tar their own ilo"I'ho, S10401111 of Canyon Hale fromlour Ilvor wire mid ststpr.1911' 'trim anti flint the CanadianIlewnre! Keop "Within the 1,8w."litun(1,11.1 Crown floor nor 11)11111121It. E."The Anterietin Girl" series.Soo It nt filo 1.yeentss.News.lost saininer offered tit sell tit MIT:11111'4 fIroverynalintrilleosomedy.PattieP.Mai"Mr. VIS ON ,10111.mgSONOTFIXThere will be a meeting in ClovisJuly 26. for the purpose of boostingthe work of good rousts nod workingfor the promotion tof a standard autoroute along what is known Ns theAnotrillo-itoswellEPaso Short Line.lChninber of Clemens, of Clovishots sent tout the followilig letter inviting visitors from ail the towns alongthe IIIIP :"tour mutual interest in the buildlognosintaining of a owl roadfrom Amarillo to El Paso, prompts thewriting of this letter hi asking you tocosoperste witli its by sttentling themeetiog tOht.III II) Clovis on Julylion. and freely expressing yourupon ell matters tof interest toNome beton, this meeting."Ati organization MIN formed andperfected some months ago, havingfor its object the promotion of a stanthird auto road from Amarillo to ElMISOto be styled the Amitrillo-Rowell-EPaso Short Line. with Mr.Clayton of Roswell as president. Thisorganization hits ealled a meeting ofrepresentatives frotn all towns andcounties between Amarillo and ElPaso, to lit held here on the afternoonand night of July 20th for the purposeof discussing ways and Mining to bttildconstruct and equip a uniform highwaybetweenthese points. suitable forauto traveling. sod to be of suet (tar.neter as to attract tourists by this20.011111101isETME,E;OND ISSUES disEiPetIOUS WPM 'WillNO. 4:I 111111 NO.triosTuesdaytor the purpuse or issuing bonds fordie erection or new school buildings.District No. 4:1, which is known as therote ofIn district2(010 1111Se NIto100 hood of--ilo 14.000erectthe issue buying u vole (it1;11004voted40 to 30.No. 10 the plan is tou 7.000Heil10 onolistrbd.Lincoln-Clau-by nReagan Land awloat.rattle l'o.-The News tor Job Printing.SA1S 11001111Ii,a11alls-1.11-1Lyceum Theatre111111:i11141.11,.WOULD RATHERBy GEORGE MATTHEW ADAMS1il;route."As each town and county 'dung theline hits tt moduli! hoterest in the promotion of this road, we ask you tovolute and britig as many trout yourtown, vicinity and moody us possible.WP are very notch encouraged,andinke plensure hi saying that we expectuseeiltig, with severalto have tirepresentatve 111111 front Amo