Living in BaltimoreBaltimore, the Charm City, is a big city of little neighborhoods. Every neighborhood hasa different feel and culture and it is fun to take time to explore them. The followingdocument contains information about the neighborhoods SON students commonly livein. It is not an exhaustive list of places to live in Baltimore, nor does the School of Nursingendorse any area or apartment complex. As always, use common sense and discretionwhen choosing a place to live. Be aware of scams if you use Craigslist and know yourrights as a renter in Maryland. If you have further questions, feel free to contact theOffice of Student Affairs.Helpful Hints: If you use Facebook, go on to the neighborhood page (i.e. Patterson Parkneighbors), to learn more about the area and look for rentals that may not beposted elsewhere.Use the JHU Off-Campus Housing page – lots of rentals and roommates are listedthere.Consider your needs – if you don’t have a car, you probably want to livesomewhere walking or shuttling distance from school and a grocery store. If youhave a pet, you’ll probably want a neighborhood with green space.Check out to learn more about neighborhoods not listedbelow.Jump to: Bolton HillButcher’s HillCantonCharles VillageFederal HillFells PointHampdenMount VernonUpper FellsLiving in Baltimore Fall 2016 pg. 1

Charles VillageCharles Village is a funky, artsy neighborhood aroundCharles Street near the Johns Hopkins Homewoodcampus. Known for its distinctive “painted ladies” rowhomes, you’ll know Charles Village when you see it!Lots of SON students love Charles Village for the rentprices and the proximity to Homewood campus andHampden.There are a few grocery stores in the neighborhood(marked below.) The 32nd Street Farmer’s Market isopen on Saturdays from 7am-12pm.Most students take the free JHMI—Peabody—Homewood shuttle to getto school.Route times and stops can be foundhere: is an option. It is approximately4 miles from the Homewood Campusto the School of Nursing. Pleaseexercise caution whenever youbicycle in Baltimore—the roads arevery busy!Apartment/Condos in Charles Village: The Baltimorean Jefferson Home Apartments The Blackstone Broadview Apartments The Marylander Apartments The Guilford ApartmentsNeighborhood website: in Baltimore Fall 2016 pg. 2

HampdenHampden is the “hon” capital of Baltimore. A knownhipster hangout, Hampden has a ton of greatrestaurants, bars, galleries, and shops. A fan favorite forSON students is the Charmery, billed as the best icecream in Baltimore. The neighborhood has row homessurrounding “The Avenue,” the main drag in Hampden.Druid Hill Park, and the Maryland Zoo, are right aroundthe corner, as are the Jones Falls Trail, Wyman Park,and the Hopkins Homewood campus.Most students who live in Hampdeneither drive to school or take theHomewood-Peabody-JHMI shuttle,which has a southbound shuttle stopin front of the Barnes & Nobel on SaintPaul Street.Hampdenites have their choice of grocery stores,including Giant Foods, Mom’s, and Eddie’s. There isalso a Whole Foods north of Hampden.Neighborhood Communities: Clipper Mill Meadow Mill The RotundaLiving in Baltimore Fall 2016 pg. 3

Butcher’s HillButcher’s Hill is a quiet rowhome community on thenorth side of Patterson Park. The neighborhood haslong-time community members, young families, renters,and lots of Hopkins employees. Butcher’s Hill is dogfriendly, close to Fells Point, Inner Harbor, and Canton,and walking distance to Hopkins.The closest grocery stores are the Safeway and HarrisTeeter in Canton. There is also an Aldi on OrleansStreet. Additionally, the Northeast Market offers aselection of food, both prepared and groceries, andthe Saturday Fells Point farmers market is a short walkaway.With the SON less than a mile fromButcher’s Hill, it is an easy walk or bikefrom school. On rainy or snowy days,you can catch the JHMI Shuttle Route3. urity parking/transportation/for more information.Neighborhood website: www.butchershill.orgLiving in Baltimore Fall 2016 pg. 4

Fells PointThe neighborhood most out-of-towners associate withBaltimore. Fells Point is a very old neighborhood, hometo the oldest bar in the U.S. and historic row homes,brick roads, bars, restaurants, and waterfront views.Students love living in Fells Point for the nightlife,proximity to school, and quality of life.Most students who live in Fells Pointopt to walk or bike to school. You canalso take the free Charm CityCirculator, green route, or take theBond Street Wharf JHMI Employeeand Student Shuttle, Route 5.The nearby grocery stores are Safeway and HarrisTeeter in Canton and Whole Foods in Inner Harbor. FellsPoint also offers a farmers market on Saturdays at S.Broadway and Thames St. from 7:30am-12:30pm.Apartment Communities: Union Warf Crescent at Fells Point Marketplace at Fells PointLiving in Baltimore Fall 2016 pg. 5

Upper FellsUpper Fells is the perfect in-between neighborhood –close to school, Fells Point, the Inner Harbor, PattersonPark, and Canton. Upper Fells has adorable rowhomes, corner cafes, and restaurants. A favorite spotof nursing students is a tiny café called Water forChocolate – yummy soul food brunch with a twist.Since Upper Fells is only a few blocksfrom school, most students opt to walkor bike. You can also take the CharmCity Circulator, Green Route to theHopkins stop.The grocery stores near Upper Fells include the HarrisTeeter and Safeway in Canton, and the Whole Foods inInner Harbor. There is also a farmers market in Fells Pointon Saturdays.Living in Baltimore Fall 2016 pg. 6

Mount VernonJust north of downtown and the Inner Harbor and justsouth of Penn Station, Mount Vernon is a classicBaltimore neighborhood. The Washington Monument isthe centerpiece, and is surrounded by the Walters ArtMuseum, the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, the EnochPratt Free Library, the Peabody Institute, and lots ofrestaurants, bars—The Brewer’s Art is a fan favorite-and theaters. Students love Mount Vernon for its prettystreets, and proximity to school and downtown.Additionally, Penn Station and the Light Rail stop are inwalking distance.Most students take the free JHMI—Peabody—Homewood shuttle to getto school.Route times and stops can be foundhere: Vernon is less than 2 miles tothe school of nursing. Some studentsdo choose to bicycle, but pleaseexercise caution.Most students shop for their groceries at the Safeway inCharles Village or Canton, Harris Teeter in Canton, orEddie’s Market.Baltimore’s Farmers Market is every Sunday in thesummer months from 7am-12pm under the Jones Fallsexpressway (I-83).Apartment Communities in MountVernon: The Stafford 611 Park Avenue Washington Apartments Waterloo Place ApartmentsNeighborhood website: www.mvba.orgLiving in Baltimore Fall 2016 pg. 7

CantonCanton is a big rowhome neighborhood between theharbor and the southern side of Patterson Park. CantonSquare is home to lots of typical Baltimore restaurantsand bars, like Nacho Mamas and Mama’s on the HalfShell. It is also walking distance to the CantonWaterfront, where lots of concerts and festivals areheld! People love Canton because it has all theamenities of suburban living (close to grocery stores,gas stations, and the interstate), without losing its coolcity vibe.While you can walk or bike to schoolfrom Canton, prepare for an uphilltrek. Most students who live in Cantoneither drive or take the MTA bus toschool. Additionally, you can walk toa shuttle or Charm city circulator stopin Fells Point and ride the uphill part!Students like Canton because it is close to school anda fun place to live. Students here have the choice ofSafeway, Harris Teeter, Target, and BJ’s for groceryshopping.Apartment Communities: Tindeco Warf The Gunther Hanover Brewers Hill 1212 East Canton Cove CondominiumsNeighborhood website: in Baltimore Fall 2016 pg. 8

Federal HillFederal Hill is an historic neighborhood. There are manygreat restaurants and bars, making Fed Hill a popularneighborhood with young professionals. Fed Hill is alsohome to the American Visionary Art Museum, knownfor its post-post-modern art installations and exhibits.SON students love Mi and Yu Noodle Bar and BlueMoon Café – try the Captain Crunch French toast for ablast from your childhood!There is a Harris Teeter grocery store south of Fed Hill inLocust Point and a Whole Foods in the Inner Harbor.There is also one of Baltimore’s historic markets in theheart of Fed Hill – Cross Street Market.Students living in Fed Hill opt to driveto school. You could also take theMTA bus or Charm City Circulatorpurple route to the metro stop at theCharles Center. Then take the metroto the Hopkins stop.If you like to bike, that is an optionusing the Jones Falls Trail through theInner Harbor.Apartment Communities: 1111 Light Street 1201 Charles Apartments Harbor Hill ApartmentsNeighborhood Association: in Baltimore Fall 2016 pg. 9

Bolton HillBolton Hill is another beautiful historic neighborhood inBaltimore. Home to MICA – the Maryland InstituteCollege of Art – Bolton Hill is full of art students, cafes,and is close to Mount Vernon, Hopkins-Homewood,and Penn Station. Bolton Hill is also close to Druid HillPark, the Maryland Zoo, and the Jones Falls Trail.Students living in Bolton Hill opt todrive to school, take the MTA bus, ortake the metro. You can also walk toPenn Station and take the free JHUshuttle.Students living in Bolton Hill can shop for groceries atthe Safeway on Charles Street. Additionally, there aregroceries to the north in Hampden and the SundayBaltimore Farmer’s Market under I-83 at Mount Vernon.Apartment Communities: Sutton Place Linden ParkNeighborhood ving in Baltimore Fall 2016 pg. 10