PURE SAUNAWe live by the “Pure Sauna” motto. Not only are we committed toproviding the finest products for the best sauna experience, we staytrue to our authentic Finnish roots and our commitment to natureand the environment.The world moves on outside the walls of your Finnleo sauna. Butwithin, a gentle yet persistent heat makes its way to your core. Theday’s stresses melt away as you let yourself go in the wash of comfort.There are no distractions. You can think, feel, be yourself once again.These walls represent the finest quality construction and Europeandesign. This sauna looks as good as it feels. In here, inspiredaesthetics and engineering quietly combine to offer welcomerefuge. A genuinely simple pleasure you are free to enjoy time andtime again.Finnleo is celebrating 100 years of providing sauna solutions—goingback to 1919 in Finland. Finnleo continues to build on its proudheritage, building on authentic sauna concepts but with design,quality and technology to provide the ultimate, wellness-enhancingsauna experience.Making the Relaxation-Fitness-Wellness Connection


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BETTER LIVING THE FINNLEO WAYFinnleo is TyloHelo World Group, the largest sauna and steam bath company in the world,with a history dating back to 1919 when the company was established in Wyborg, Finland. TheFinnleo experience is as genuine as it gets, because our saunas are designed to deliver the samesimple, uncomplicated pleasure people have been enjoying for thousands of years. There is thesolid comfort knowing we use responsibly-sourced wood from northern forests. Our heatingengineering is based on tried and true principles of our authentic Finnish roots. We call it PureSauna, and with Finnleo you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home as often as you like.

For centuries, the Finnish people have known sauna improved their health. Now, numerous medical studies provethe health & wellness benefits of sauna: from cardiovascular and brain health to faster recovery after workouts.HEALTH BENEFITSSaunas improve cardiovascular performance. As corebody temperature rises, cardiac output increases. Whenwe cool off again, the heart rate drops, giving our heartsa healthy workout that improves performance and helpsthe body’s regulatory system.Reduces incidences of Alzheimer’s by 65%. A 20-yearstudy conducted with more than 2,300 participants at theUniversity of Eastern Finland by Dr. Jari Laukkanen and hiscolleagues revealed regular sauna use (4-7 times per week)at 176 degrees F for 19 minutes lowered the risk for bothAlzheimer’s & Dementia.Saunas relieve stress. The heat from the sauna stimulatesthe release of endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s allnatural “feel good” chemical, and their release providesa truly wonderful “after sauna glow.”Saunas relax muscles and soothe aches. Heat-stimulatedendorphins can have a tranquilizing effect, minimizingmuscle pain and soreness. Heat also increases blood flow,speeding up the body’s natural healing process.Saunas flush toxins. Deep sweating in a sauna can helpreduce levels of lead, copper, zinc, nickel, mercury andchemical - toxins commonly absorbed just from interactingwith our daily environments.Saunas cleanse skin. When the body sweats, skin iscleansed and dead skin cells are replaced - keeping yourskin in good working condition.Saunas can help you sleep better. Research shows theslow, waning effect of declining endorphins after a saunacan help you get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.Discover more healthy benefits of the Finnleo pure saunaexperience at http://www.finnleo.com7

HEALTH & WELLNESSMuch has been made of the health benefits of saunabathing–and with good reason. Physically, nothingis more reinvigorating than a deep, healthy sweatevery day.Tension fades. Muscles unwind. Toxins are flushedfrom your body. You get a cardiovascular workout asblood vessels dilate and your heart rate increases,burning calories. Natural chemicals are released—endorphins —reducing mental stress, soothing soremuscles and joints, and inducing a deeper sleep. Skinis cleansed of bacteria, and dead cells are replaced—leaving you with a soft, glowing appearance.A few minutes a day is all it takes to look and feelbetter. The body’s response to gentle, persistent heatis well-documented and proven. Which is why moreand more doctors are recommending sauna and itspurifying benefits.8

RELAXModern living is complicated. We have had to becomeexperts in time and stress management. Our work ismore demanding, our home and life responsibilitiesmore challenging than any previous generation.At Finnleo, we believe this only makes the case forowning a sauna—and taking advantage of its purifyingcomfort daily—even more important. A few minutesof deep, soothing heat melts away the day’s stresses.We emerge relaxed, revived and ready for whateverthe day may bring.In here, we can share a few precious moments withthose closest to us. Let conversation flow freely. Orsimply give ourselves a chance to breathe, to slowdown and reflect, to help ourselves be better byfeeling better.9

DESIGNTrue to our roots, Finnleo invests heavily in ensuringthe Scandinavian design aesthetic and overall saunaexperience is reflected in all our products. Finnleo’s“Tonttu” series of sauna heaters and interior solutions,for instance, were developed in collaboration withworld renowned industrial designers Ristomatti Ratiaand Esa Vapaavuori.The Saunatonttu heater revolutionized possibilitiesfor interior sauna design, allowing innovations such asraised platforms with the heater rising through themto benches wrapped around the heater. The Tonttu,and the more recently introduced Himalaya towerheater series are characterized by adherence to theuncluttered feel, freshness and casual elegance ofScandinavian design.The collaboration has also led to stunning interiorsolutions never before seen in traditional saunas. Theiraesthetic purity and clean lines epitomize the higheststandards of Scandinavian design, enhancing the puresauna experience. The new interiors have completelychanged the way saunas look and how they can beused and enjoyed.QUALITYWhen you choose Finnleo, you are ensuring onlythe very highest level of quality will become part ofyour home. We work on the principle that quality isimportant to even the smallest detail. This is yourassurance that only the best materials, design andproduction processes are used in creating yourpure sauna experience.As a TyloHelo World Group company, Finnleo hasthe largest and most advanced sauna and heatermanufacturing plants in the world. In addition, wehave the most extensive research and developmentprogram of any sauna manufacturer — to provideyou with products that are innovative, yet true tothe genuine traditions of sauna and bathing.All Designer, Sisu, Outdoor, Patio and Custom Cutsauna rooms are proudly manufactured in the USA.10

PRODUCT RANGEFinnleo is the market leader and has the most completeline of traditional and infrared saunas. From entry levelportable saunas, to deluxe saunas with custom lighting,custom benching and multiple wood choices and styles,Finnleo has a solution for every taste and budget.Finnleo design and quality is evident throughout ourproduct lines. We are proud to be able to offer the widestrange of exclusive features and options, letting you stylizethe interior and exterior to suit your home and decor.What’s more, help with planning, sales, installation andservice are simply a phone call away. With Finnleo, it iseasy to shape a pure sauna experience that is exactlyright for you.Finnleo works mill-direct (Pacific Northwest and BalticRegion), using only the highest quality, hand-selectedwood for its saunas: Clear Vertical Grain Hemlock andWestern Red Cedar, European Grade A Nordic WhiteSpruce—all from verified sustainable forests.Canadian HemlockNordic White Spruce Clear Western Red CedarENVIRONMENTALFINNLEO THE NATURAL CHOICEThe Finnleo pure sauna experience is designedfrom a profound respect and care for the naturethat inspires it. We take our environmentalresponsibility seriously—in everything fromrecycling and manufacturing waste on a locallevel, to sourcing timber from sustainablymanaged forests originating in countries knownfor their responsible forestry management.We have also taken great care to ensure oursaunas use as little energy as possible.Compared to hot tubs and jetted tubs, Finnleosaunas use much less power to heat and staywarm. This not only saves you money, but ismuch better for our environment. Because for us,the sauna experience can only be truly pure if itincludes peace of mind.11

HOW TO CHOOSETHE SAUNA DESIGNPERFECT FOR YOURTASTE AND BUDGETSAUNATYPEPages 16-27FREE-STANDING CUSTOM Modular, freestanding saunas. Indoor (Designer or Sisu Series) or Outdoor(Metro or Patio) Though luxurious in look and quality, the FinnleoFree Standing Custom sauna rooms are made ofprefabricated panels. Choice of wood on exterior and interior: ClearCanadian Hemlock, Clear Western Red Cedarand Nordic White Spruce. Custom Infrared or Custom hybrid InfraSaunaavailable.PERMANENTLY-INSTALLED CUSTOM Luxuriously designed, handcrafted for framedwall applications. Size and design details are virtually unlimited Sauna interior is manufactured to fit your exactframed space, then installed on existing framedwalls Choice of wood on exterior and interior: ClearCanadian Hemlock, Clear Western Red Cedar andNordic White Spruce Custom Infrared or Combination InfraSaunaavailablePLUG-N-PLAY PORTABLE Fixed sizes and features (not customizable),free standing Five models of indoor traditional saunas (HallmarkSeries) Three models of outdoor traditional saunas(Summit) Seven models of IR saunas Two models of combination InfraSauna rooms12

INTERIORTYPEHEATERTYPEPages 26-35Pages 42-51 Custom selection of bench styles in multiplewood choices. Choose from six backrest designs, includingergonomic designs. Custom selection of lighting: backrest lighting,valance lighting, wall lights, ceiling puck lights. Customized glass features: full-wall glass panelsand/or sidelight windows to create a morevisually appealing and more open sauna Choose from a wide range of heaters fromwall-heaters to Finnleo’s rock tower heaters,the Piccolo or Himalaya. Controls are matchedwith heater selection, from simple built-incontrols, to basic touch controls, to deluxeprogrammable touch screen controls with apps. Custom selection of bench styles in multiple woodchoices. Choose from six backrest designs, includingergonomic designs. Custom selection of lighting: backrest lighting,valance lighting, wall lights, ceiling puck lights Customized glass features: full-wall glass panelsand/or sidelight windows to create a more visuallyappealing and more open sauna Choose from a wide range of heaters fromwall-heaters to Finnleo’s rock tower heaters, thePiccolo or Himalaya. Controls are matched withheater selection, from simple built-in controls, tobasic touch controls, to deluxe programmabletouch screen controls with apps Interiors are feature rich but not customizable Clear Canadian Hemlock interior and exterior Ceiling backrest light system including color lighttherapy Built-in floor with vinyl surface Bluetooth sound system Includes stainless steel wall-mounted heaterselected according to sauna room size (Junioror Designer heater) with SaunaLogic2 control13



DESIGNER SAUNASAs the name implies, The Designer Series is a collection of high quality saunaroom styles modeled along the clean, simple yet elegant lines found in the bestexamples of Scandinavian design. Even better, they are available as prefabricatedpanel kits, making them available for use after just a few hours of assembly.Vita Designer Sauna


DESIGNER SAUNASFinnleo’s Designer Series are the most luxurious saunas available in North America. Loaded with upgrades, Designer saunas offer unequalled choice inaesthetics, function, quality and convenience, makingthe decision to enhance your home with a personalwellness center even easier.Designer saunas are crafted from a selection of thehighest quality woods milled to Finnleo’s exactingstandards. Each sauna has individually selected andfinished boards and comes with precision finish doorsand windows. Extensive use of glass and angles giveseach sauna an air of exclusivity balanced with a warmand welcoming feel.The clean, contemporary styling and obvious quality of Finnleo’s Designer saunas make it almost impossible to believe they’re made from prefabricated panels. Your sauna is delivered as a completekit, and will be ready to use after only a few hoursof assembly. Top quality materials and engineeringensure your Designer sauna will be as inviting in theyears to come as it is today.Choose from Twilight, Vita, Reflections, Serenity,Seaside, Solace, or Mystique. Individual layouts andfeatures are shown on pages 40-41. Or visit for more photos and information.

DESIGNER SAUNAS Choose from 7 distinct styles, eachindividualized with unique comfortand aesthetic features. Comes complete with benches,lighting, heater, interior andexterior paneling everything youneed to start enjoying your saunawithin hours of delivery Prefabricated panels crafted fromScandinavian whitewoods or clearCanadian Hemlock or Western RedCedar sourced from responsiblymanaged forests Interiors can be upgraded to one ofour luxurious interior solutions,enhancing your sauna’s look andexperience even further Easy to assemble, with step-bystep instructions and supportthat’s just a phone call away ensureyour sauna will be ready quickly.They’re also protected by a full5-year warranty on all parts and2 year on-site servicing Manufactured in USA by Finnleo19

SISU SAUNASFinnleo’s Sisu series has becomea classic of the sauna world.True to tradition, Sisu saunasare made in the Finnish style ofexclusive fine-grained NordicWhite Spruce—you’ll evennotice a subtle scent of deepFinnish forests. Sisu—a clean,pure expression of sauna at itsgenuine best.Sisu 5’ x 7’ With Optional Sidelight Windows in Nordic White Spruce & AbachiTHE ESSENCE OF SAUNAFree-standing Sisu saunas glow with genuine welcome.The room itself is light and well-ventilated. The woodfor walls and ceilings is Nordic White Spruce (EuropeanGrade A from sustainably managed Finnish forests)or optional clear Western Red Cedar or premiumCanadian Hemlock. The subtle scent of a Finnish forestcombined with Scandinavian design provides a puresauna experience.Sisu saunas offer unlimited options, from personal sizesaunas to large club size saunas, making them equallyideal for private or public use. Custom designs and sizesare available as well, and interiors, windows, doors andmuch more can be personalized with a wide variety ofoptions.20Abachi is used extensively throughout the sauna —wherever skin touches wood — on benches, backrests,head rests and door handles. Abachi wood remainscomfortable to the touch even at high temperatures,resists stains and odor absorption, and has no knots orsplinters. It is the ultimate sauna bench material, and isused in the finest saunas of Europe.Sisu 5’X7’, Western Red CedarSisu 5’X7’, Hemlock exteriorand interior with Abachibenches and backrests

You can personalize your sauna with any number ofavailable options including: Deluxe interiors (as shown on pg. 28-35) Deluxe “Sunburst” interiors Bronze tinted sidelite windows (temperedinsulated glass) Special doors, including Finnleo ‘s popular all-glass door or etched glass door Custom-designed dramatic angles Piccolo, Himalaya and Tonttu heater upgradesChoose from several door and window styles topersonalize your sauna and give it the look you want.Door options include: Hemlock door with traditional window Hemlock door with window and grids All-glass door (standard) Etched all-Glass door with birch leaf design Etched birch leaf door with negative image Satin all-glass door for privacy Sidelight window options in multiple panellocations or tint optionsAll doors are prehung and include handles andpreinstalled latching system. See door info on page36-37.Standard Sisu interior; bench boards in short direction.ALL SISU PACKAGES INCLUDE Abachi benches, backrests, headrests, heater guardand duck boards Prebuilt, prefitted wall and ceiling panels — allcompletely blind nailed, Nordic White Spruce interiorand exterior Prehung all-glass door, hinged left or right,premounted in its own panel Heater, rocks, bucket, ladle, light, thermometer andnecessary hardware Manufactured in the USA by Finnleo Quick and easy assembly make Sisu the clear choiceOptions Available Sound System Cedar or Hemlock Heater Upgrades: Himalaya or Tonttu series Sunburst Interior for all saunas 5’ and larger All interior options shown on pages 28-3521Standard Sisu interior; bench boards in long direction.

CUSTOM-CUT SAUNASPERMANENTLY INSTALLEDCUSTOM SAUNASLUXURIOUSLY DESIGNED, HANDCRAFTED FORFRAMED WALL APPLICATIONSFinnleo Custom-Cut saunas give you optionsyou might not have thought possible. Personaldesign preferences. Solutions for odd or limitedspaces. The beauty of a Custom-Cut solution isyou get to have your sauna, your way—and stillbenefit from Finnleo materials, expertise, andquality engineering.Design by SALA Architects


FINNLEO CUSTOM-CUT SAUNAS: HAVE IT YOUR WAYFinnleo Custom-Cut saunas are perfect for homes, hotels,corporate fitness centers, health clubs. The possibilities areendless. Custom-Cut saunas are hand made using the highestquality sauna woods: clear vertical grain Canadian Hemlock,clear Western Red Cedar or quality Nordic whitewoods, glasspanels, and relaxing diffuse lighting--just like in the finestsaunas of Europe.Design by SALA ArchitectsFinnleo Custom-Cut, Western Red Cedar, Floating Upper Bench24Design by SALA ArchitectsDesign by SALA Architects

Finnleo Western Red Cedar Custom-Cut, Modified Deco design, with Himalaya heater and 6-bar curved Latte backrest.Finnleo’s commitment to detail showsthroughout the sauna, particularly in thebench construction. Custom-Cut saunasinclude a European style door of yourchoice, hand-selected premium saunawood of choice, multiple backrest andlighting choices--all combined for theultimate sauna that not only looks stunning, but provides the ultimate saunaexperience.Hand-crafted to your plan, we’ll pre-cutthe finest materials for your walls andceiling and pre-build the benches anddoor — all for final installation on yourframed walls. Simply provide the insidedimensions of the framed walls, the doorlocation and your preference for benchconfiguration. We’ll do the rest.25

FINNLEO CUSTOM-CUT SAUNASInnovative use of glass windows anddoors, unusual angles, unique benchconfigurations — with a FinnleoCustom-Cut sauna, almost anythingis possible. And if you need help withplanning or in choosing from variousoptions, simply call, email or fax us.We’ll be there to provide free recommendations and CAD drawings.26Finnleo Nordic White Spruce Custom Cut, Modified Deco design, Himalaya heater and 6-bar curved Latte backrest.

ALL CUSTOM-CUT PACKAGESINCLUDE Interior walls and ceiling, cut-to-length,tongue and groove, Nordic White Spruceclear