Pay & Benefits Summary GuideNon-Union EmployeesLumen Reduction in Force (RIF) & Involuntary(Non-RIF) terminationsEffective 1/2021

CONTACTSINFORMATIONMedical/Prescription Drug, Dental and Vision CoverageNote: If you work one or more days in a pay period and were enrolled in health, life, disability and/or Flexible SpendingAccount benefits, you will be responsible for the total cost of your benefit premiums for that pay period.COBRA Administration:Lumen Health and Life Service Center866-935-5011Medical/ Prescription Drug, Dental and Vision CoverageIf you have active coverage under and of these benefit plan options,coverage ends on the last day of the month from your termination Required. For continuation of coverage under COBRA, includingany “subsidized COBRA coverage,” you must elect COBRA coverage bycompleting your enrollment online at the Lumen Health and Life ServiceCenter website at or by calling the Lumen Healthand Life Service Center.Medical You must enroll within 60 days from receipt of the COBRA notification. Youwill then have 45 days from the date of enrollment to make your firstpayment which must include all amounts due from the date of termination ofyour active coverage through your payment date. Coverage will be updatedwith the carriers once your election and payment have been received.mybind.comCOBRA rates (including subsidized rates) are subject to change.myuhc.comHawaii Medical Services Association(HMSA)800-776-4672hmsa.comPrescription Drug Program:UnitedHealthcare - com/choosebindMEDICARE ELIGIBLE PARTICIPANTSThe Lumen health plan requires coordination with Medicare Part B. Therefore,anyone (you or your dependents) who is eligible for Medicare prior to yourCOBRA effective date must enroll in Medicare Part B. If you do not enroll inMedicare Part B, your Lumen benefits, if any, will be reduced and you will beresponsible for paying Lumen health care expenses. You should start theenrollment process in Medicare Part B prior to your termination date, asMedicare enrollment is generally not retroactive. The Lumen Health and LifeService Center will automatically complete the Request for EmploymentInformation (CMS-L564) if you or your eligible dependents/s are over 65 atthe time of termination and will mail it to you so that you can submit it toyour local Social Security Office along with your Application For Enrollment inMedicare Part B (CMS-40). Please allow at least five days for processingafter your termination date. If you have questions specific to theseforms, you can contact Medicare directly or visit formore information.NON-MEDICARE ELIGIBLE PARTICIPANTSIf you elect COBRA medical/prescription drug benefits and you or yourdependent(s) are not Medicare eligible, the COBRA medical plan you electwill be your primary coverage. COBRA coverage will end the first day of themonth in which you or your dependent(s) become eligible for Medicarewhile on COBRA. Note: You are no longer eligible for COBRA if youbecome Medicare eligible while on 1 of 9- Confidential Disclose and Distribute only to Lumen Employees and authorized persons working for Lumen.Disclosure outside of Lumen is prohibited without Lumen.

Dental on MODELING FOR HEALTH & LIFE INSURANCE BENEFITSTo model the Health and/or Life Insurance benefits available to you atretirement, log on to the Health and Life website (if actively working). If you have already left theCompany, log on to the Health & Life website directly, you will need your Lumen id and password.You’ll be taken to the Retiree Modeling page where you can enter theplanned or anticipated date of retirement and obtain an estimate of thebenefits available to you. The information provided to you within this tool isbased on current data on the Lumen Health and Life Service Center systemand is not a final determination of your retirement benefits.RETIREE HEALTHCARE ELIGIBLEIf either you or your covered dependent/s are eligible for Medicare, theMedicare eligible participant can elect a Medicare policy. The NonMedicare eligible participant can either elect COBRA or retiree grouphealth coverage.If you elect to suspend your retiree healthcare coverage, you will need todeclare any dependents you wish to be covered in the future. If you don’tdeclare your eligible dependents at the time of retirement, you will not beable to enroll your dependent/s in the future. If you previously suspendedyour coverage, you cannot enroll your dependent(s) in retiree coverageuntil you remove the one-time suspension.MEDICARE ELIGIBLEIf you enroll in a Medicare Policy as a result of eligibility for retiree healthcare benefits, you must enroll in Medicare Part B (Medicare Part A isautomatic based on age). You should start the enrollment process prior toyour termination date. To help you enroll in a Medicare policy, Lumen hascontracted with the service provider, Via Benefits. You may contact ViaBenefits at 888-825-4252 or for assistance.Although you are not required to use Via Benefits to enroll in a Medicarepolicy, there are added benefits such as automatic reimbursement of certainhealth care premiums. Via Benefits can discuss your plan options, costs,prescription drug needs, etc., to help you make the best selection for youand/or your dependent(s).Pension/Retirement:Lumen Pension Service Center888-324-0689PensionIf you have five or more years of vesting service under one or more of theComponents in the Lumen Combined Pension Plan, you are “vested,”which means you have a right to receive benefits from the Plan. You do nothave to wait until age 65 to receive your pension.If you have questions regarding your pensionbenefit, pension eligibility, your PED/BCD date orwhen you will receive your first pension payment,please contact the Lumen Pension ServiceCenter at the above number.You can run an estimate of your pension benefit via the Pension Site fromyour work computer or home computer at From the home page of the PensionSite, select "Model my Retirement Income". You can contact the LumenPension Service Center if you need assistance running an estimate.You can also review this information on theCompany intranet. Type Combined PensionRunning a Pension Estimate is NOT a request for a Retirement 2 of 9- Confidential Disclose and Distribute only to Lumen Employees and authorized persons working for Lumen.Disclosure outside of Lumen is prohibited without Lumen.

Plan in your web browser.To Request a Retirement KitFrom your work or home computer go to From the home page of the PensionSite, select "Initiate Retirement Request”. You may also contact the LumenPension Service Center at 888-324-0689, Monday through Friday between8:00am – 7:00pm Central Time to request a retirement kit by phone.You may be able to complete a majority of the retirement steps online.However, if your record requires additional research, the retire onlineoption will not be available to you and your retirement kit will be mailed toyour address of record. Retirement Kits will be processed as soon asadministratively possible and will be mailed via United States PostalService 2-day delivery, with a signature required.You should request a retirement kit at least 30 days but not more than 180days prior to your termination date or one will be sent to you approximately90 days after you leave the Company. If you are a Legacy Qwest employee and you request a retirement kit atleast 30 days but not more than 180 days prior to your termination date,your Pension Effective Date (PED) will be the date following your last dayworked. If you do not request your retirement kit at least 30 days prior toyour termination, your PED will be 30 days following your termination dateand you will not receive retroactive payments. If you are Legacy CenturyTel, Embarq, or Madison River, you mustrequest a kit by the 15th of the month to have a Benefit CommencementDate (BCD) on the 1st of the following month.To receive your pension payment in a timely manner, your completedretirement kit must be received by the Pension Service Center and youmust be terminated in the Company's payroll system by the 5th of themonth following your termination date.If you elect a lump sum distribution, your lump sum will be calculated usingthe interest rate in effect at your PED/BCD. Your final lump sum amount isbased upon interest rates that are released by the IRS around the 10th ofthe month, for that month. For example, a BCD/PED of February 1st willhave the final lump sum amount determined in mid-February (and youcould receive payment as early as March 1st, providing all paperwork hasbeen completed/returned by the 5th of that month.If you are not vested, or were hired after the plan freeze date, you are noteligible to receive benefits from the Lumen Combined Pension 3 of 9- Confidential Disclose and Distribute only to Lumen Employees and authorized persons working for Lumen.Disclosure outside of Lumen is prohibited without Lumen.

CONTACTSINFORMATIONHealth Care Advocacy ServicesLumen Health and Life Service Center866-935-5011Email a representative at:[email protected] to a HealthPro for assistance with: Health & Life claims Accessing health services Understanding benefit plansEmployee Assistance Program (EAP)Optum remain eligible for benefits under the Employee Assistance Programfor 30 days following your termination.The EAP provides confidential information, counseling and referralservices to you and your family for a variety of family and personalproblems. Callers to the EAP will have the option to speak with acounselor in person, by phone or via secure video.Life Insurance and AD&D InsuranceLife/AD&D InsuranceLumen Health and Life Service Life (Basic and Supplemental), Spouse/Domestic Partner Lifeand Child Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment(AD&D) Insurance (Basic and Supplemental).If you elected coverage in any of the above Company-sponsored insuranceplans, your coverage ends on your termination date. Conversion/Portability toan individual policy is available for the life insurance plans and informationabout converting/porting to an individual policy will be sent to you separatelyfrom the vendor. Please note there are important deadlines to observe to beeligible to convert/port your coverage. Call the Lumen Health and Life ServiceCenter if you have questions about the deadlines for conversion/porting ofcoverage.There is no conversion provision available for AD&D.Disability: Short-Term and Long-Term DisabilityShort-Term Disability (STD)Sedgwick844-223-7153Coverage ends at midnight on the date of termination. There are nocoverage continuation options available for these 4 of 9- Confidential Disclose and Distribute only to Lumen Employees and authorized persons working for Lumen.Disclosure outside of Lumen is prohibited without Lumen.

Long-Term Disability (LTD)The Standard – you elected coverage in any of the above Company-sponsored insuranceplans, your coverage will end on your termination date.You remain eligible for benefits under the Long-Term Disability plan aslong as you meet the eligibility rules. For more information contact TheStandard.Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Health Care – (Traditional or Limited Purpose):Participation and coverage in a Traditional FSA or a Limited Purpose FSAUnited Healthcareplan ends on the last day of the month from your termination date. Claims877-311-7849must be incurred on or prior to this date to be considered eligible. Youmyuhc.comhave until April 30 of the following year to file claims for any eligibleexpenses incurred while you were a participant in the plan. You will forfeitany funds remaining in your Spending Account(s) after this period.Participants can continue to participate in an FSA through COBRA on anafter-tax basis through the end of the calendar year.Flexible Spending Account (FSA) – Dependent Day CareUnited Healthcaremyuhc.comParticipation in a Dependent Day Care FSA ends on your last day of themonth from your termination date. You may submit claims forreimbursement of eligible expenses incurred during the year youterminate, up to the balance in your account. However, claims must besubmitted by April 30th of the following year upon termination.There are no continuation provisions for Dependent Day Care FSA.Health Insurance Market Coverage Options800-318-2596healthcare.govThere may be other more affordable coverage options for you and yourfamily through the Health Insurance Marketplace, Medicaid, or with othergroup health plan coverage. Details regarding the Health InsuranceMarketplace can be found at Savings Account (HSA)Optum Bank800-791-9361If you enrolled in an HSA through a Lumen payroll deduction, contact OptumBank with any questions. This is your own personal HSA account whichcoordinates with a High Deductible Health Plan option.optumhealthbank.comHealth Reimbursement Account (HRA)page 5 of 9- Confidential Disclose and Distribute only to Lumen Employees and authorized persons working for Lumen.Disclosure outside of Lumen is prohibited without Lumen.

United Healthcare (UHC)800-252-0824myuhc.comThe Health Reimbursement Account plan ends on the last day of themonth from your termination date, unless COBRA medical coverage iselected. Claims must be incurred prior to the last day of the forconsideration unless COBRA medical is elected.Well ConnectedWellness Program:Rally Consumer ation in the Well Connected program ends on your termination date.If you or your spouse/domestic partner elected to have incentives paid ingift cards, any remaining Wellness Rewards in your Rally account must beredeemed by the last day of the month from your termination date.If you elected to have incentives paid to the HSA, incentives earned priorto your last paycheck will be deposited into your HSA and can beaccessed at any time.If you elected to have incentives paid to the HRA: Incentives earned prior toyour last paycheck will be deposited into your HRA but funds are onlyavailable if COBRA is elected.Short-Term Incentive (STI)[email protected] you are eligible to receive an incentive payment under the Lumen ShortTerm Incentive (STI) Plan, the payout amount for the calendar year of yourtermination will be prorated in accordance with the terms of the STI Plan.STI payouts are subject to approval by the Chief Executive Officer and/orthe Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors and subject to yoursigning the Release Agreement. The STI payout is made when Lumenissues a payout to its active employees.PLEASE NOTE: Individuals who are eligible for Lower PerformerSeverance benefits are not eligible for an STI payout.Voluntary BenefitsVoluntary Lifestyle sMost participation and payroll deductions will end on your last paycheckwith Lumen. To confirm and/or continue coverage, please contact theapplicable vendors directly for questions and information on rates andconversion options.Commuter Spending Account-Mass Transit Expenses/Parking Reimbursementspage 6 of 9- Confidential Disclose and Distribute only to Lumen Employees and authorized persons working for Lumen.Disclosure outside of Lumen is prohibited without Lumen.

Lumen Health and Life mmuter Spending Account participation ends on the date of terminationand only costs incurred through your termination date can be reimbursed.IRS rules states any unused funds will be forfeited. You may submit parkingreimbursement claims incurred through your termination date.401(k) Savings PlanPrincipal800-547-7754principal.comYou will receive a packet of information directly from Principal 3-4 weeksafter your termination date; it will be mailed to your home address on file.This packet will contain details specific to your account at the time of yourtermination including vested amounts, distribution options, and more.For more information, please contact Principal directly.Stock (Long-Term Incentive Program)E*Trade nk.comFormer Level 3 Employees: If you have stock awards, all unvested stockawards will vest upon termination and will be processed as soon asadministratively possible after your signed Separation Agreement has beenreceived. Please refer to your Separation Agreement and the Stock ClosingStatement for additional details.Lumen Employees: If you hold equity that you obtained under a stock-basedcompensation program, please review the applicable plan document and theaward agreement under which the grant was made to determine what effectyour termination may have on your outstanding stock-based compensationawards.Employment ees can access the website for personal purposes. If you needproof of employment or income for commercial purposes (for example,a home or auto loan, pre-employment, etc.), the verifying institutionmust obtain the information from the uConfirm website.If your request is for social services (for example, Medicaid, child support,SNAP, SSI, public housing), you or your case worker can submit yourrequest to uConfirm by fax or email. Fax to: 404-829-1336 Email to:[email protected] be sure to include the following information in yourrequest: Your full name The last 4 of your social security number A return fax number for the social service agencypage 7 of 9- Confidential Disclose and Distribute only to Lumen Employees and authorized persons working for Lumen.Disclosure outside of Lumen is prohibited without Lumen.

Paid Time Off (PTO)Paid Time Off (PTO)Accrual of paid time off hours will cease on your last day worked. Any earnedbut unused paid time off hours will be paid in your final paycheck, unlessotherwise required by law. Any grandfathered hours (if applicable) will alsobe paid in your final paycheck. Your current paystub reflected the number ofhours you have accrued.Educational Assistance BenefitTuition Service Center – Bright Horizons855-789-3772If you are part of a Reduction in Force, you may request reimbursement forclasses that were approved for reimbursement and began prior to your lastday worked. You also do not have to repay any tuition received within thelast 12 months of employment.Celebrate LumenLumen StarsThe recognition points earned through the previous Level 3 Communications“A Level of Excellence” recognition program and the new “Lumen Stars”never expire. To redeem these points, you can log into your account usingyour CUID.Other Positions at LumenContractor / Employee:Before any former employee, including a retiree, can be rehired by the Company as a W2 employee or retained by theCompany as a contractor (even through a Supplier), AND you have voluntarily taken a distribution from the Company’ssponsored 401(k) or Pension Plan, there is a six (6) month “sit-out” period as required by the IRS.You may not have any discussions with management about this prior to your termination.If you later wish to pursue returning to Lumen as a W-2 employee or as a contractor (for a vendor) prior to the required 6month sit-out and you have NOT taken a distribution from the Company’s sponsored 401(k) or Pension Plan, you mustobtain approval from HR and the Law Department.Rationale:The six (6) month sit-out period is driven by IRS and DOL rules. It protects (i