IHoliday HarborTHE NEWSMAGAZINE OF MARINA DEL REYJune 13, 1969Established 1964

COMI NG EVENTSPUBLISHEREdwin BorgesontkDfNGHYEDITORBetty Borgeson.Pu b lis h ed ever y o t her F r id ay byBor geson Ad v ertising Co., 1332Main S t reet, Venice, California90 2 9 1 ; t el ephone 399-0921.D is t r ibuted free o f cha r ge in Marin a del R e y . Fi n a l d e a dline forcopy a nd advertis ing one w eekprior to publication.COPYRIGHT 1969 SORGESON ADVERTISING CO.JUNE 13 -- COL.CHALLENGER FLEET 4MEETING8 pm, Pacific Mariners' YC on PanayWay. Owners and guests are invited tocome. Membership information: LarrySena, 20316 Cohasset, Canoga Park.JUNE 14 -- SAN PEDRO TO DEL REY RACE21 mile course. OR, MORF, PHRF, andone-design keel boats 20 1 & over,ORCA, PMHA, and MH classes 18 1 & overare eligible to participate if member of YC affil.iated with SCYA. SantaMonica YC is sponsor. Call Ed Caustin,3 75-6422 eves for info.JUNE 14 -- PRITIKIN PREDICTED LOG RACEA contest for power boats hosted byDel Rey YC, 823-4664.HARVEY'SSCOTCHJUNE 14 & 15 -- ANACAPA ISLAND RACEOR, MORF, and PHRF may participate.Also is fouth scheduled race inOverton Series for OR. California YCis sponsor, 823-4567.JUNE 14 & 15 -- SNIPE DISTRICT 6CHAMPIONSHIPSponsored by King Harbor YC.JUNE 15 -- SANTANA 22 FLEET RACE &HANDICAP RACEStarts at 1: 30 p.m. at "D" mark. Racechairman is Bob Romer, 340- 5880 .JUNE 15 -- FATHER'S DAY RACEAn event for West Wight Potters. LouParris, (714) 595-4358.IMPORTED BY PARK, BEN ZIGER ' COM PAN Y, NEW YORKMARINA DEL REYLIQUOR MARTSThere's One Near You & Free Delivery Too!Exciting Wine SelectionsFrom All Over the World DELICATESSEN GROCERIESo FROZEN FOODS KEG BEERo ICEo BOAT PROVISIONING GOURMET FOODS CASEDISCOUNTSo CREDIT CARDS396-4212FREE DELIVERYPlanning A Party?Let our staff do all the work for you!We will arrang e for all food, beverages,ice, g lasswa re, bartenders - t he works!All you have t o do is enjoy yourself .- - - 3 LOCATIONS - - MARINA DEL REY LIQUOR MART753 Washington St. FOG HORN LIQUOR GOURMET4148 Via Marina Wfl.Y THE ADMIRAL GOURMET LIQUOR4790 Admiralty Way at Fiji2JUNE 15 -- DEADLINE FOR ESTABLISHMENTOF CLASSES IN ASMBYC CHAMPIONSHIPREGATTA One-design racing will beemphasized in this event Aug. 9, 10.JUNE 18 -- SUNSET SERIES (OUTSIDE DIV)Open to members of YC's affiliatedwith SCYA who have valid handicapratings in OR, MORF, or PHRF. Entrieswith 1. must be in sponsoring California YC 1 s office by 1630. Trophiesare awarded inunediately after resultsare compiled.JUNE 19 - - '.!'WI-LITE FUN SERIESStart at 6 pm at Windj ammer's YC guestdock. For Lido-14's and Coronado 15'sonly. YC affiliation not necessary.Willard Hellman, 842-4327 .JUNE 20, 21, & 22 - CALIFORNIA CUPRACE Match racing between ''Windward age" and "Black Fin." CaliforniaYC hosts.JUNE 21 & 22 -- M D R TO ISTHMUS &RETURN RACEOR, MORF, and PHRF are eligible toparticipate if member of YC affiliatedwith SCYA. Also is part of Matt Walshseries for MORF and Conunodore's Seriesfor PHRF. Sponsored by Del Rey YC,823-4664.JUNE 21 & 22 -- VICTORY INVITATIONALHosted by Windjammer's YC.JUNE 21 & 22 -- CAL 20 INVITATIONALHosted by King Harbor YC.JUNE 21 & 22 -- LIDO 14 FLEET 9CHAMPIONSHIPHosted by King Harbor YC.JUNE 25 -- SUNSET SERIES (Outside Div)See June 18JUNE 26 -- TWI-LITE FUN SERI ESSee June 19.JUNE 28 -- 90 MILER RACEOR, MORF, and PHRF are eligible ifhave valid ratings. King Harbor YC.JUNE 28 -- SMALL KEEL BOAT RACE 1t4Sponsored by King Harbor YC .JUNE 28 -- HOWARD COLE PREDICTED LOGCONTESTAn event for power boats hosted byKing Harbor YC.JUNE 28 & 29CHAMPIONSHIPJUNE 29 -- SUMMER SERIES #1Multi-Hull and PMA are eligible toparticipate . Malibu YC sponsors.JULY 2 -- SUNSET SERIES (Outside Div.)See June 18.JULY 4 -- MDR-SAN DIEGO RACEAn event for OR, MORF, and PHRF.Sponsored by Windjammer 's YC and SouthWest YC (of San Diego). See story P ge12.nRIGGING INSTRUM ENTATION Remotely Measure Ri gging andSail Loads Remotely Ad justStay Ten sion Determi neImmediately Best Sail Trim Prevent Riggi ng Da mageAll easily, accurately, and relia b ly with MILhyd raulic load cells and stay tensioners.Custom Installations from 250., guaranteed.MARINE INSTRUMENTAT ION LABORATORY23331 Audrey Avenue, Torrance, Calif. 90505Tel: (213) 375-8201TELL OUR ADVERTISERS YOU SAW IT IN THE DINGHYCORONADO 25 FLEETAt King Harbor YC.uuu.-.S ,.KIP ERu. GIRLSECRET ARIALSERVICE\Public Stenographer ·Xerox ·Secretarial &General Typing4725 Lincoln Boulevard /.Marina del ReyPhone: 823-2069BETTY CHUCKu uU bAU

From Our ReadersTahiti's Side Of "Live-Aboard" StoryWe do not wish to become embroiled in a public controversy withMr. John B. Hjorth, Jr. However, hehas seen fit to make statements concerning us which are untrue.We only had two "live aboard" families with minor children in our anchorage. We requested these two liveaboard families to find other locationsbecause our insurance carriers suggested that the danger of injury tominor children living on boats at ouranchorage imposed heavy risks.The other family appreciated oursuggestion and made arrangements.Mr. Hjorth has never seen fit to communicate directly with managementbut immediately presented his "case"to the newspapers and publications.We suggest that he consider the healthand safety of his minor children ratherthan spend his valuable time trying togive us a bad image.We have not and do not intend toeliminate adult live aboards from ourMarina.Yours truly,TAHITI MARINA, LTD.(Signed) Maxwell J. FenmoreMarina del ReyAnothe r Main Cha nnel HazardThere is a very dangerous situationat the Marina's exit. Power boat skippers are giving full throttle on leavingLooking for good service?take heart is hereOur philosopny about thediagnosis and repair of MARIN E ENGINES is not basedon any new scientific breakthrough, but rather on somerather old-fashioned con·cepts. We want to repair whatever needs repairing on yourboat correctly and at a reasonable price.We guarantee our repairwork (parts & labor) for threemonths. No ifs, ands, or double talk - we pick up the entire bill. We believe it's theright thing to do.Master Chargemobile mari ne serviceServing Marina del ReyP.O. BOX 3930, TORRANCECall MOBILE CONTROL 322-0414 TOLL FREEthe narrow mouth of the harbor. Thiscauses havoc to small boats, especiallysailboats.I believe a 50 yard clearance shouldbe given to the exit before power isincreased. This should also be appliedto boats coming in.Very truly yours,Don GrantPacific PalisadesWorld Cruising INTERIOR & EXTERIORQuality Refinishing/Teak DecksRestored/Monthly InspectionService,David M. Riggs Co., Inc.A group of us are taking "Conversational) French at Venice High in theevenings. We have an excellent teacher(Continued on page 10)CALIFORNIA CUP RACE395-7776HOUSEl(EEPINGAFLOATGENERALBOAT CLEANI NGYOUR YACHTHYGIENIST397-6526or 391-1134 'v.COCKTAILSDINNER·-(fk:lf/ ·i11111 1f !.:p4 PM 'til 2 AM5 PM 'til 11 AM('TIL MIDNIGHT ON WEEKENDS)ENTERTAINMENTContenders in this year's CaliforniaYC sponsored California Cup MatchRace will be Robert Johnson's 72' 9""Windward Passage" and Ken De·Meuse's 73' 6" "Blackfin".The two swift ketches will competein a series of five races; two on Friday,June 20; two on Saturday, June 21; andone on Sunday, June 22. Should eitherboat win three races before Sunday,that day's race will be run as a consolation event under CCA rules. Firstrace will be started at noon each day,from a mark one mile offshore and justsouth of the P.O.P. pier.Past winners of this seven year oldevent have been: 1963, Walt Podolak'sIO-meter "Coquille"; 1964, bon Gum'pertz' Cal-40 "Tangent"; 1965, John B.Kilroy's 73' sloop "Kialoa II"; 1966,Don Haskell's 67' yawl, "Chubll co";1967, Cornelius Bruynzeel's 73' ketch"Stormvogel"; 1968, Charles Hathaway's Cal 50 "Gem".Boat Washdown. .,& General Yacht Maintenance,painting, va rnishing, fibe rglass.Reasonable.RON B LAS - 396-1637USUUUUUUUUU.AFs.TELL OUR ADVERTISERS YOU SAW IT IN THE DINGHY4142 VIA MARINA MARINA DEL REY823-6111UNUSUAL FURNITUREUTILIZING BARRELS, MASSIVE WOOD,ROPE CHAIN, GLASS, AND COWHIDE.Custom Conversation- Piece FreeForms Made to Reflect YourUniquenessSPECIAL PRI CIN G ON PERSONALIZED DEN SETSCONSISTING OF A MASSIVE COFFEE TABLE ANDTWO BARREL END TABLES.nielsen 823-4541Contemporary - Nautical-Traditional MotifsS.uoo:i w.-.c· o s, .tt, LOW RATES UP TO FIVE YEAR TERMS N EW AN D USED BOATSSANDY GREENBERG,Member F.D.l .C.FIRST STATE BANK11277 S. Atlantic Ave., Lynwood -639-82903

mOur Business Is Preventive Maintenance'-"- ,. ,"-"'-".J'.,A ,"--"'-"J'-"'-'"-"'-"-"-'"-"- ariTft.00*1*OFFICES AT BAR HARBOR 4241 VIA MARINA WAY(Ole.) 123·70&0123-4541 (24 hro.)n.J;e!.- "t ti.tONA'S9tRlH ot c21J s23.4551., !(.FAMOUS SUNDAYBRUNCH.Plano-Ba .Fun with Dave Arlen and Chet de M o!.,4.-· -. - .-"""9'-· - .,. .New Mod:em Fec.111 n4141 LINCOLN BLVD. MARINA DEL REYJust North of Marinainteriorsby keeDRAPERYUPHOLSTERYCARPETING271-4923Ask a dozen sailors about windvanes an you are likely to get a dozenopinions. But if you ask Dr. Dave Parker of Marina de! Rey - now ready tomarket the tenth and simplest versionof his self steering device for sailboats- you will find that opinions aboutwind vanes acquired even as recentlyas a year or two ago may no longerapply.The trouble with most such devices(including his own first attempts) inDr. Parker's view has been their fre·quent tendency to oversteer, and toinvolve a seemingly endless fussinessof adjustment. Where Parker's presentdevice differs from others (usuallyEnglish or Australian made and usually connected to the boat's rudder orlinked to it by some kind of trim rudder and servo mechanism ) is in its independence from any other workingpart of the boat. Installed as a self contained unit behind the rudder (topright photo ), it consists of a secondsmall rudder, a relatively small windvane that swings free until manuallylocked on a course, and an easily adjustable counterweight to balance thevane at its chosen vertical position forThe CB FIRE EXTINGUISHERis small but mighty. It fits into the palm of your hand, yet isdesigned to be as effective as the large extinguishers. Effectiveagainst all types of fires - electrical, oil, gas, etc. This productcarries a 20 year guarantee against operating failure or corrosion. Can be used in the home, office, boats, etc. Price: 5.95pp. Calif. Residents add 5 % sales tax.DENNISON'S ENTERPRISEP.O. BOX 1265West Arcadia Branch Ofc.Arcadia, Calif. 910064TELL OUR ADVERTISERS YOU SAW IT IN THE DINGHYprevailing wind velocity (lower rightnhoto). Among the things it has donefor his 40' ketch "Astrea" during 2,000miles of test cruising, besides steeringthe boat, is eliminate the need for twofull time, eating, drinking crew mem-·hers.Not new in principal, wind vaneswere being used on model boats inEngland as long ago as 1914. In 1938,with the aid of a rudder connectedwind vane, an Englishman named IanMajor gained fame by single handedlysailing across the Atlantic in his 25'"Buttercup." And a pioneer of the modern wind vane, after World War II, wasstill another Englishman, the famousColonel Blondie Hasler.Parker's variation on his own andother earlier vanes appears to be botha simplification and an improvement,and present plans for it include anadaptation by him - the only knownmanufacturer of such devices in thiscountry - for use on almost any welldesigned small sailboat with an outboard bracket. Meanwhile, Dr. Parker,who sailed to school as a boy growingup in Samoa, who has since loggedabout 1,000,000 miles at sea in sailboats, and who is now a college pr fessor is hopeful that some opinionsabout wind vanes will soon be changing.GIRL FRIDAY SECRETARIAL SERVICEResumes I Typing I Dictation / Composi·tion I M ail ing Service / Form letters I Promotions/ Bookkeeping / Tax Work/ Printing/ Manu Crlpts I NotaryJERI - 823-3805.


CHANNEL ISLANDS RACE I May 29MARIJACCOMER*andPITTERBURNS*are now offeringPRIVATESAILINGINSTRUCTIONunreasonable ratesfor the best instructionin Marina del ReyRESULTSCLASS A -- 1. "Ya Turko" Col 50 Yawl GeorgeAntarr (PMYC) 2. "Nam Sang" 72' CutterBob Kelly (PMYC) 3."Pirate II" Cal 40Merritt Adamson (CYC).CLASS B -- 1. "Four Winds" Col 36 Lea Baldwin(SBYC) 2."Pericua" Eric 41 Bill Wright(HHYC) 3."Vamanoa" Bounty Yawl BobWallerstedt (PMYC).823-5432*U.S. COAST GUARD LICENSED SKIPPERS"NO MATTER WHAT SHAPEYour Bottom's In .callYachtService Co.New Small Boat RacesA new race series this season forLido 14's and Coronado 15's is the"Twi-Lite Fun Series" hosted eachThursday evening by Windjammer'sYC.All races, which are for practice, fun,and to acquaint beginners with racing,and for which there are at present noplans for trophies, begin at 6 p.m. eachThursday evening at the Windjammer's YC guest dock. The series is opento all Lido 14 or Coronado 15 sailors,with no YC or other affiliation needed.Further details may be had from Willard Hellman at 842-4327 or 839-2203.ATTENTION:Phone Stickers (as shown) still available by callingMarina del Rey Fire Station #110, 823-4571 ext. 49.LOS ANGELES COUNTYFIRE DEPARTMENT"We'reFire - RescueBottom677 -1181671- 7531Specialists!"Sheriff398-9220CARL D. HUNT AGENCY{) UNDERWATER CLEANING THRUCOVERY UNDERWATER SANDINGHULL INSTALLATIONS PROP REPAIR ZINCS INSPECTION RE- SHAFT & STRUT"REPAIR TRANSDUCERS HULL SPEED INDICATORS6TELL OUR ADVERTISERS YOU SAW IT IN THE DINGHY YACHT ttgU/lancefor MARINE OFFICE OF AMERICA13645 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey823-4581

THE REMARKABLE UNIFLITE 31.You're considering a major purchase - a cruiser. You"ve found outthat the null should be fiberglass. But which fiberg lass null?Clue.Let the Navy help you decide.They went shopping (and testing) and selected some Uniflites.Our 31 footers are used as swift patrol boats in Vietnam.And now Uniflite is the biggest supplier of fiberglass boats forthe Navy.Come out and put a Uniflite to your own test.Make sure the Navy made the right decision.Del Amo does more than sell Uniflites.Example. Join our classes in navigation, basic and celestial.Look into our service center. When you select a yacht, find outwhere it's going to be serviced.In addition to our Uniflites, we nave exclusive franchises for Avengeryachts (hulls designed by Jim Wynne and Walt Walters) andStardust, the houseboats with the oceangoing deep V fiberglass hulls.Del Amo is a new concept in services for the yachtsman . . mannedby yachtsmen to get you off the street and on the deck!DEL AMO MARINE CENTER,4305 Lincoln Blvd.,DEL AMO SERVICE CENTER, 685 Oxford Ave.,Marina Del Rey, Calif. Phone: 213) 391-7284.

KITE EXPERTSISPINNAKER SPECIALAnd with us spinnakers are always aspecialty. Why? Because they are theonly sail on a yacht that flies. KenBruns is a fanatic for things that fly;sail planes, hot air balloons, heliumballoons and kites of all sizes including stationary man-carrying ones.When you send a man up in a balloon or a kite you have a responsi-bility to insure that it will indeed flyto designed capacity.ods, coupled with traditional craftsmanship.Our spinnakers receive similar attention. Years of experience and research has been compiled into aformula for use with a computer.Bruns Sails are the result of efficient,scientific designs and modern meth-We will build you the finest verticalhead spinnaker in .75 to 1.5 oz. repstop nylon at 20% off list. This pricewill be good until July 31.BRUNSSAILMAKERS4080 Lincoln Blvd., Mor·ina del ReyCalifornia 90291(213) 398-9123TELL OUR ADVERTISERS YOU SAW IT IN THE DINGHYI

IW.Y.C.VICTORY INVITATIONAL& SOCIALRadar is W'Nt for ocean liners, but for the small boatskipper, nothing beats a pairof alert eyes. Boatmen shouldkeep constantly on the look·out for other boats, sandbars, floating debris and otherpotential hazards. Defensivepiloting is the best course tofollow for a day o f fun on thewater.NATIONALSAFEBOATINGWEEKFIBERGLASS&REPAIR CLEANINGPOLISHINGJOE COCHRAN391-1134LEONARD'S BOATPAINTINGServing Marina del Rey s ince 1962Complete Yacht FinishingQuality Work at Reasonable PricesOpen to AllVictory SkippersJUNE29JULY5 376-1759Yacht Club membershipnot rinssJune 21-22Entries may be obtained at WYC Registration 'til 10 am June 21Kite Fleet Being FormedFREE INSTALLATION.BRADY'S SERVICES tNo Limit on Number of CallsFREE DINNERFollowing Sat. RacesOwners of kite sailboats who are interested in forming a Marina del Reyfleet for racing on Thursday eveningsand weekends, please contact GeorgeLee, 823-3008 evenings.PersonalizedTelephone Serviceln"wrrAt Windjammer' s YC, 13444 Bali Way4725 Lincoln Blvd.(In The Boy's Shopping Cent er)Reservations:Heinz Fuchsloch, 828-1762 orGene Sheffield, VE 9-9934 823-4577The Only Answering Service in Marina del Rey.NOW AVAILABLE FROM NOYA MARINE SUPPLYThe Space Age BOTTOM PAINT KL-990!Longer lasting than any other Bottom Paint on the market.Now used by all leading boatyards and boat builders in 51 states .Sol e· '!,\, '. ·."Kl 990 is-b.8es1 1 1es1Your bottom problem with Super Hea Duty Kl-990.Act11l ,Ut 11 .:. . r n!b" ,: -::; Proven best in FLORI DA'S most foulingwaters. KL-990 lasts longer than anyother preparation. The dry coat conta ins the most powerful marine growthinh ibitors. KL-990 is ideal for fiberglasshulls. Adhesion is uniform and no special undercoaters are needed.wi111m 'f 11. -1M ply kPOTENT ANTI-FOULING PAINT Manufactured by U.S. Marine Coatings,Inc., FloridaDeveloped and tested In Floridaand PROVED to be the mostPOWERFUL anti-fouling bottompaint available. KL·990's extra"PUNCH" knocks out unusuallysevere marine growth found inFLORIDA's coastal waters. Adheres readily to f iberglass orwood - dries to a smooth, lasting fin ish .FOR THE BEST BUY IN MARINA DEL REY, SEE BILL NOYA ATNOYAMARINE SUPPLY4059 LINCOLN BOULEVARDTELL OUR ADVERTISERS YOU SAW IT IN THE OINQHY391-42009

be to our mutual benefit. The semesterfee for such a course is only 5.00, toVenice High.Very truly yours,Bob Allen, 392-4475 (eves)VeniceFrom Our ReadersContinuedand would like to keep the class going.But the school has not scheduled theclass for this summer due to the system's budget problems.School administrators have given us apetition form, however, and if we candrum up some more interest, they willconsider putting the class on the summer schedule.I feel that there must be others in theMarina boating and living groups whowant a second language for cruisingand travelling, just as much as I do. Ithought that if I could tell them aboutthe class, through the Dinghy, it mightPowell Wins Cal 34TrophyJohn Peoples In HonoluluGladys and I, formerly aboard the"Panchita" (at Marina del Rey), arenow in Honolulu and invite anyonecoming that way, or passing through,to contact us and we will be glad toshow them around .Sincerely,John Peoplesc/o Hawaiian Cruises, Ltd.307 Lewers StreetHonolulu, Hawaii 96815r-------------------- if)'"' : .II r·I\ .,IFINANCING & INSURANCE:SAILBOATS and GRAND BANKS CRUISERS7 YEARSLOW INTERESTNEW l- USED. \· ·----- -- -- --------- -(Handle it by phone!)IPAUL EITELSERVE UNDERWRITERS1515N . VermontLos Angeles, Ca lifornia666-4430AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR TROJAN AND SHEP