Chamber ChronicleEXECUTIVE OFFICERSAnne Dean, ChairPop’s Top ShopManny Gomez , Past ChairHobbs Fire DepartmentDenise Layton, TreasurerSoaring Society of AmericaSco y Holloman, SecretaryMaddox, Holloman & KirkseyDIRECTORSBecky BassHobbs JayceesRod CoffmanLea County SheriffMike FewellBruckner’s Truck SalesRuth GirónURENCO USATom HartHalliburtonWill HawkinsHobbs Municipal SchoolsJames JaneckaGEO GroupBrent WillitsZia Park CasinoAMBASSADORSMike Fewell, ChairBruckner’s Truck SalesChris Ellio , Chair‐electKZOR—KIXN—KPZAPa S nson, Vice ChairJ‐Cap ManufacturingDana Shoemaker, SecretaryU.S. CableAmanda Bos ck, Member atLargeUnited Way of Lea CountyHOBBS JAYCEESBecky Bass, PresidentJohnson, Miller & Co.Joshua Grassham, V.P.Wells FargoMelissa Mitchell, SecretaryUniversity of the SouthwestCody Corbridge, TreasurerJohnson, Miller & Co.September 2011Smith pleads guilty, ordered to pay res tu onA former Hobbs Chamber of Com‐merce employee, whose unofficial useof a Chamber credit card in the firstquarter of 2010 led to a wider embez‐zlement inves ga on, pleaded guilty inJuly to two felony charges and wassentenced in August to three years ofsupervised parole and ordered to payres tu on.The Chamber employed NormaSmith from January 2008 un l April2010 as the organiza on’s bookkeeperand office manager. Both chargesagainst her involved unauthorized useof a Chamber credit card, a fourth‐degree felony.District Judge Mark Sanchez sen‐tenced Smith to two consecu ve 18‐month terms of incarcera on on Aug.8, but Sanchez suspended the prisonme and ordered supervised proba‐on for the same period at a cost of 45 per month. He also ordered a DNAsample at a cost of 100.The court order further requiresSmith to pay res tu on “developed byand paid through the Proba on andParole Division of the New Mexico Cor‐rec ons Department.” The res tu onis to be paid to the Hobbs Chamber ofCommerce within 90 days, the ordersays.Smith has un l Sept. 8 to appealthe sentence.A search onnmcourts.govrevealsSmithhas faced severalcivil suits in LeaCounty magis‐trate and districtcourtrooms, da‐ng back to1999. In sepa‐Smithrate cases in1999 and 2011, Smith was sued for“debt and money due.” Also in 1999,Smith met li ga on related to theproperty damage of an automobile. Ineach of those cases, judgments wereissued against Smith.“If this case teaches us nothingelse,” Chamber President Grant Taylorsaid, “it’s that we owe it to our mem‐bers to conduct background checks onall future employees who will handleChamber funds. What transpired dur‐ing Ms. Smith’s tenure as bookkeeperdamaged the Chamber’s solvency andforced us to curtail our budget un l wecan either regain the lost funds or dra‐ma cally increase income.”The amount to be paid in res tu‐on has not yet been determined bySmith’s assigned proba on officer,Taylor said, but “the Chamber is vigor‐ously seeking the greatest amount“ oflost funds during Smith’s me at theChamber.

Page 2Hobbs Chamber of Commerce2012 Community Guide & Business DirectoryPRINT ON‐LINE eBOOK MOBILE APP 24/7 ACCESSA recently conducted national survey showed "consumers are 63% more likely to buy goods and ser‐vices in the future from a company that they believe is a member of the local chamber" and "they are44% more likely to think favorably about the business.”In its role of promoting commerce, community and character, the Hobbs Chamber of Commercegreets thousands of visitors and newcomers with a warm welcome and a quality publication like theCommunity Guide & Business Directory.RESERVE YOUR SPACE NOW!Information Contact:Ana & Christian RaphaelCell: 505.206.0495Fax: 575.397.1689Email: [email protected] In‐demand Publicationfrom the Hobbs Chamber Published to support local commerce and pro‐mote member products and services Thousands will be distributed and direct‐mailed This entire publication links to Community Profile Net‐work which currently receives over 2 million vis‐its a month and a reciprocal link on the HobbsChamber website. All advertisers will be accessible 24/7 online viamobile cell phone at NEW for 2011‐VP Smartphone App for bothiPhone and Droid platforms to Qualified Ad‐vertisers. Very reasonable ad rates with No‐Cost ad copyand design preparation available.Sincerely,Grant Taylor

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Page 5Tone up moral flabbiness with more character fitness, less delusionThink of the most ethical person you know. Do alot of people come to mind or only a few? Are youhaving trouble thinking of anyone?If I asked that ques on of the people who knowyou well, how many would name you? Almost all?About half? Just a few?Unless this commentary makes you more hum‐ble, you will probably be among the vast majoritywho say that half or more of the people they knowwould think of them as an ethical role model. That’shighly unlikely. It’s more probable that almost noone you know would put you at the top of the list.Let’s face it, that’s a tough roster to get on.Surveys show that about 95 percent of us wantothers to think of us as highly ethical, so our delu‐sion of grandeur regarding our moral reputa on isprobably a case of wishful thinking. But wishfulthinking won’t do it.I wish I were thin. Unfortunately, my slim ambi‐ons won’t change my waist size. For me, thinnesswill be an elusive dream un l I convert my desire toac ons: exercising regularly and ea ng moderately.It’s the same with being ethical. Most of ussuffer from moral flabbiness. This doesn’t meanwe’re bad, but it does suggest we can be be er.What we need is a “Be a Be er Person” fitness pro‐gram to tone up our character and strengthen ourethics. Just like working on our waist, hips, or arms,we could work on our honesty, fairness, and re‐sponsibility.Who knows? If you really work at it, you couldeven make the list.This is Michael Josephson reminding you to stayethically fit because character counts. 2011 Josephson InsƟtute. Reprinted from MichaelJosephson’s Commentary with permission.The Hobbs Chamber of Commerce is a CHARACTER COUNTS! Coali on member.Calendar of Events—September 2011Sept. 8 — Hometown Holidays promo on mee ng, 1 p.m., Hobbs ChamberSept. 9 — Ambassadors luncheon, 11:30 a.m., Saturday’s, 312 W. BenderSept. 12 — Hobbs Jaycees membership mee ng, noon, USW dining hallSep. 15 — Bruckner’s Truck Sales open house and lunch, 10 a.m.‐2 p.m.Sep. 15 — Business A er Hours, 5 p.m., Desert Gardens, 200 S. LinamSep. 16 — Halsell Family Chiroprac c 10th anniversary, 11 a.m., LovingtonSept. 26 — Hobbs Jaycees membership mee ng, noon, USW dining hall

Page 6Proudly HostsBusiness After HoursSept. 15, 5 p.m.Please join us!September 11‐17The Hobbs Jaycees is an established organiza‐on for young professionals ages 18 to 40, whoenjoy social networking, community ini a veand networking with other young professionals.Becky Bass, PresidentAmong the Jaycees’ pro‐jects are Dress a Live Dolland the annual CommunityAwards. For more infor‐ma on, contact Becky Bassat 393‐2171 orbecky [email protected] Christmas Parade approaching, theme tobe announcedThe theme for the 2011 Jaycees Christmas Parade will bereleased some me in September those who like thegroup’s Facebook page, Hobbs Jaycees, will be the first toknow! Like the Jaycees’ Facebook page right away! For moreinforma on about the Christmas Parade or the Hobbs Jay‐cees, please contact Becky Bass at 390‐5119.

Page 7August HighlightsHobbs Mayor Gary Don Reagan (le ) watches Chamber Presi‐dent Grant Taylor present a Chamber membership cer ficateto Cristy Sea, area retail sales manager, at the ribbon‐cu ngof the new AT&T store located at 1819 N. Turner St., Suite A.Masey and Dr. Ryan Doss pose for a photo during the AugustBusiness A er Hours. The Dosses hosted Business A erHours, in part, to celebrate the one‐year anniversary of theirbusiness, Country Chiroprac c.

Page 8Chamber NewsChamber votes show commitment to commerceTwo resolu ons passed Aug. 18 by the board ofdirectors of the Hobbs Chamber of Commercehighlight the organiza on’s aggressive move to‐ward suppor ng local investment and business ex‐pansion in Lea County.In one resolu on, the board endorsed an appli‐ca on by Zia Park Racetrack and Casino to acquirea second racing license that will, if approved, addaddi onal slot machines and racing days to theproperty’s exis ng opera ons.Zia Park already brings in more than 90 millionin annual gaming and racing revenue, and the addi‐onal license will help it grow that amount whilesimultaneously adding more full‐ me jobs in LeaCounty.The resolu on calls on the state Racing Com‐mission to grant the license and partner with ZiaPark to bolster southeastern New Mexico’s reputa‐on as a gaming des na on.In a separate resolu on, the Board endorsedthe proposed merger of AT&T and T‐Mobile, ci ngthe poten al for expanded 4G coverage and broad‐band access for millions of rural Americans, includ‐ing thousands in southeastern New Mexico.The resolu on supports the merger also on thegrounds of job crea on in rural New Mexico andthe likelihood that an addi onal 54,000 squaremiles of the state will benefit from the companies’marriage.“This is a decisive and involved board,” Cham‐ber Chair Anne Dean said. “They are stepping in toendorse plans and proposals that they see will havea good outcome for business in Lea County andHobbs.”IT’S HIDEOUS!Do you have a countertop that is unsightly, heldtogether with duct tape, or just plain UGLY?Enter the Pop’s Top Shop Ugly Countertop Contest!The winner will be awarded up to 45 square feet of aLivingstone Solid Surface* countertop.Send a photo and 25 words or less describing yourugly countertop by Sept. 28 to:Hobbs Chamber of Commerce400 N. Marland Blvd.Hobbs, NM 88240or [email protected] of the Expo in the Desert Oct. 4 will vote forthe ugliest countertop from five finalists.For complete rules, go to*Escape or Adventure series

Page 9Chamber NewsLow merchant interest puts ‘Santa Cruise’ in ques onInput from Hobbs merchants is urgently neededto set the course for holiday promo ons.Past “Santa Cruise” par cipa ng merchants andcommi ee members were invited to a Sept. 1mee ng to discuss last year’s effort and to sketchout a 2011 campaign. Just over 20 merchants par‐cipated last year. A small frac on of the inviteescame to the mee ng, which may be indica ve ofli le interest in con nuing the vaca on‐prize holi‐day blitz. A new mee ng has been scheduled forSept. 8 at 1 p.m.“We have to ensure staff, Chamber and city re‐sources are effec vely u lized,” Chamber PresidentGrant Taylor said. “If Santa Cruise has lost its steam,then we need to move on to a promo on thatmembers want and will be the most beneficialacross the widest cross‐sec on of businesses.”

Page 10Economic IndicatorsAugust labor report: Recovery con nues at modest paceNew Mexico’s seasonally adjusted unemploy‐ment rate was 6.7 percent in July, down from 6.8percent in June and 8.5 percent a year ago. The na‐onal unemployment rate dropped to 9.1 percent.July marked the fi h straight monthly decrease inunemployment since the state’s jobless ratepeaked at 8.7 percent earlier this year. The recentdeclines resulted from workers leaving the laborforce, not an increase in employment.The rate of over‐the‐year job growth, compar‐ing July 2011 with July 2010, was 0.4 percent, rep‐resen ng an increase of 3,500 jobs. July con nuedthe trend with further gradual improvement and asecond month of posi ve over‐the‐year job growth.The recovery likely started a while back, butlack of significant momentum le the state’s jobgrowth rate close to zero for over a year. A numberof industries are now cau ously adding jobs, butthere is s ll evidence of restraint and the recoveryis slow.High oil price percolates cash through HobbsOne New Mexico city is genera ng sales taxrevenues lately that are outpacing some ci es withpopula ons more than two and a half mes its size.Two straight months of record tax revenuesshow Hobbs is now genera ng more money thanplaces like Rio Rancho, Roswell and Farmington,which all have much larger popula ons and highertax rates.Oil and gas is s ll the cornerstone of the Hobbseconomy, but officials got the surprising numbersthat show other sectors are driving large tax reve‐nues."Commerce is absolutely great in Hobbs andone of our first indicators is our gross receipts taxdistribu on from the state," said Grant Taylor ofthe Hobbs Chamber of Commerce.Just this week, Hobbs received a record 5.4million in sales tax distribu on.That beat last month's all me record of justover 5 million."In fact, what that does for us, that ranks us 4thin the state for gross receipts tax distribu on tomunicipali es," explained Taylor.Joe BartelsKOB Eyewitness News 4Officials say oil and gas only made up about 33percent of GRT.Retail sales raised nearly 1 million dollars."Business has been very good," said [The Mod‐el] store owner Marc Fields."We've seen the economy here really spiking,probably our sales are up maybe 15 to 16 percentfrom last year," explained Fields.Officials say the high price of oil and gas has putmore cash in the pockets of Hobbs consumers, andbusiness owners say sales show they are spending."When oil and gas is selling, that gives peopleextra money in their pockets and then they're ableto come out and work on their yards and do thingsthey want to do. They don't have to choose be‐tween a gallon of milk and pu ng flowers in theirflower beds," said The Third Day nursery co‐ownerRusty Baxter.The high price of oil and gas is also good for thestate's budget.Hobbs has one of the state's lowest sales taxrates at 6.8125 percent.

Page 11Economic IndicatorsUnemployment RateLea CountyJuly 20115.0%June 20115.7%July 20108.1%0%1%2%3%4%5%6%7%8%9%Gross Receipts Tax Government DistributionCity of HobbsAug. 2011 (June 2011sales) 5,397,035July 2011 (May 2011sales) 5,007,358Aug. 2010 (June 2010sales) 3,851,435 0 1,000,000 2,000,000 3,000,000 4,000,000 5,000,000 6,000,000Gross Receipts Tax Government DistributionLea CountyAug. 2011 (June 2011sales) 931,134July 2011 (May 2011sales) 869,104Aug. 2010 (June 2010sales) 778,446 0 1,000,000

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Page 13Member NewsPe grew & Associates highlights new staff, notes growthCivil‐engineering and surveying firm Pe grew & Associates con nues to grow, with theaddi on of four new staff members.Ryan Munki rick joins the firm as survey crew chief. Chicago‐born Munki rick is relo‐ca ng from Fort Worth with his wife, Lindsey, and their two sons and a daughter on theway. A business management graduate from Tarrant County Junior College,Munki rick has completed numerous classes in surveying, and he gained an extensivebackground on the civil engineering and construc on side of surveying gained throughdiverse posi ons. Munki rick spent more than two years in horizontal direc onal drill‐ing with a Holland‐based company, nearly two years working on the Al Fatah pipelinesin Iraq, and, most recently, on projects of the Army Corps of Engineers in New Orleans.Another addi on to the surveying team is Anthony Cruz. Born in Trenton, Mich., Cruzgrew up in Carrizo Springs, Texas. Cruz served four years in the U.S. Marine Corps andthen worked in retail sales for nearly seven years. He relocated to Hobbs from Minne‐sota when he married Pe grew’s chief administra ve officer and business manager,Erica Cruz, in October 2010. Cruz has six children who live in El Paso, and Erica and helive with Erica's son, Xavier. Cruz is working on comple ng his bachelor’s degree inbusiness management through the University of Phoenix.Munki rickCruzHobbs na ve Tonya Jones is the new billing coordinator at Pe grew & Associ‐ates. Jones was a health‐educa on student at New Mexico State University in Las Cru‐ces and is currently studying business at Eastern New Mexico University in Por‐tales. Before joining Pe grew, Jones worked at several area businesses, including ZiaPark Casino, where she was a cage vault manager for six years. Jones and her husband,Hobbs News‐Sun sports editor Clayton Jones, have an 11‐year‐old daughter, Taylor.Shay Allen joins Pe grew as marke ng coordinator. Born and raised in Hobbs, Shaya ended the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, where she graduated summacum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in business marke ng. Beforejoining Pe grew, Allen had a variety of internships, including working at Adelante De‐velopment Center, New Mexico’ s largest non‐profit organiza on helping people withdisabili es, as well as the Na onal Nuclear Science and History Museum. As marke ngcoordinator, Allen’s responsibili es include developing and maintaining business– andproject‐development systems and records, as well as coordina ng all external mar‐ke ng efforts and correspondence with customers.JonesAllenGot news? Submit business news for the next newsle er. Email Grant Taylor at [email protected]

Page 14Hobbs Biz Leads—August Business LicensesAF&F Ke le Korn2614 N. Northwest(575) 942‐8942 or (520) 409‐2699Alicia NoelKe le Corn, Bo led Water and SodasLusona200 E. Vega(505) 263‐1661Frank H. Mackay, Jr.Architectural ServicesThe Sweet Retreat2904 N. Flamingo(575) 441‐3638Shirley ConderPrivate Chef and Catering ConsultantBasin Corporate Housing2722 North Acres Dr.(575) 318‐9138Connie Vasquez and Sco KaneFurniture RentalKelly Maclaskey Oilfield Services, Inc.5900 W. Carlsbad Hwy.(575) 393‐1016Kelly MaclaskeyOilfield ServicesThe Wagon Wheel Café3619 N. West County Rd.(575) 738‐0153H.R. Oosthuizen and Krista OosthuizenFoodBlasand LLC.405 E. Navajo(575) 492‐0445Sandra BlaineAppliance RetailerManny's Trucking319 S. Marland Blvd.(915) 540‐3350Jose M. GarciaTrucking, Hauling, Dirt and CalicheTilley Pressure Test, Inc.2425 N. West County Rd.(580) 252‐9016Jimmy TilleyPressure Tes ng Oilfield EquipmentBull Dog Tool423 W. County Road(575) 393‐1056Barry AntweilDown Hole Tools, Rentals and SalesPets and More2827 N. Dal Paso St., Ste. #119(575) 492‐2272Ron Gu errez and Juan ArellanoSmall Pets and Pet SupplyUndergrounds Coffee.1702 N. Dal Paso(575) 391‐9095John D. Ragsdal and Nickole R. RagsdalCoffee, Tea and So Drink BeveragesCharlie's Burritos920 S. Turner(575) 397‐2366Jesus C. Mar nezRestaurantPS 92.1 Studio1701 N. Jefferson(575) 318‐7516Abby HolmesPiano and Voice LessonsWAM Ventures905 E. Green Acres Dr.(575) 397‐1567William A. McBeeMarket Specialty Guitars and OtherJJ's Custom Cards & Cra s2918 N. Dal Paso(575) 392‐7073Belinda McBride StanePrinter BrokerRamos Trucking303 W. Mesquite Dr.(575) 441‐2906Daniel RamosTruckingWAS, LLC.527 West County Rd.(575) 397‐6302Mickey WelbornRental Real Estate and EquipmentL&C Trucking, LLC.221 N. Burk(575) 408‐1077 or (575) 397‐2565Yolanda CarmonaWater Transporta onSL Start and Associates LLC.2120 N. Alto Dr.(575) 397‐3400Embassy Management, LLC.Social Services‐New Mexico WorksWilbanks Trucking Inc.1607 S. West County Rd.(575) 746‐6318Wilbanks Trucking Inc.Oilfield ServiceLea County Lock and Key415 W. Kiowa(575) 318‐5360 or (575) 318‐1485Joshua BusbyMobile LocksmithSoar School of Rock1701 N. Jefferson(432) 894‐1462 or (575) 318‐5550David Kemp and Bryan CunninghamMusic Instruc onWSI Enterprises, Inc.4220 Loving on Hwy.(505) 326‐0308Larry E. Lewis and John L. LewisWellhead Valves, Flanges and ManifoldsLonghorn Tubular Services200 S. Airport Rd.(575) 393‐3725Bruce SharpOilfield ServicesStandard E&S, LLC.816 W. County Rd.(806) 741‐1080Pieter A. BergsteinOilfield ServicesSource: City of Hobbs

Page 1510th AnniversaryDr. Cecil and Claire Halsell will be celebrating 10 years of chiropractic service inLovington during the month of September and invite you to join them for anOPEN HOUSEFriday, September 16th, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.Picture for the Lovington Leader @ 11 a.m. Light lunch to follow, catered by Baja GrillDoor PrizesFOR SALEPhoto: Grant TaylorProperty owned and maintained by the HobbsChamber of Commerce will be put up for sale Inan cipa on of a move to a proposed welcomecenter on U.S. Highway 62/180. The Chamber isaw