MULTI-PORT FILTER EDWASTE3587 1099INSTALLATION, OPERATION & PARTSMODELSSIDE MOUNT – E MOUNT – 2"18201-020018201-0200H18201-0300This manual should be furnished tothe end user of this valve; its use willreduce service calls and chance ofinjury and will lengthen valve life.Sta-Rite Pool/Spa Group293 Wright Street, Delavan, WI 53115International: 262-728-5551, FAX: 262-728-7550www.starite.comUnion City, TN Delavan, WI Mississauga, ON Murrieta, CA 2005, Sta-Rite IndustriesS532 (Rev. 6/24/05)

READ AND FOLLOW ALLINSTRUCTIONS!MULTI-PORT FILTERVALVETo avoid unneeded service calls, prevent possible injuries,and get the most out of your filter, READ THIS MANUALCAREFULLY!This is the safety alert symbol. When you see thissymbol on your system or in this manual, look forone of the following signal words and be alert to thepotential for personal injury.Table of ContentsSafety Instructions .2warns about hazards that will cause death,serious personal injury, or major property damage ifignored.General Information.3Functions .4Maintenance.4-5warns about hazards that can cause death,serious personal injury, or major property damage ifignored.Repair Parts List .6,7Performance Curves .7warns about hazards that will or can causeminor personal injury or property damage if ignored.Warranty.8NOTICE indicates special instructions not related to hazards.Carefully read and follow all safety instructions in thismanual and on equipment. Keep safety labels in good condition; replace if missing or damaged.Incorrectly installed or tested equipment mayfail, causing severe injury or property damage.Read and follow instructions in owner's manualwhen installing and operating equipment. Havea trained pool professional perform all pressure tests.1. Do not connect system to a high pressure or city watersystem.2. Use equipment only in a pool or spa installation.3. Trapped air in system can cause explosion. BE SURE all airis out of system before operating or testing equipment.Before pressure testing, make the following safety checks: Check all clamps, bolts, lids, and system accessoriesbefore testing. Release all air in system before testing. Tighten Sta-Rite trap lids to 30 ft. lbs. (4.1 kg-cm) torquefor testing. Water pressure for test must be less than 25 PSI (172 kPa). Water Temperature for test must be less than 100o F.(38o C). Limit test to 24 hours. After test, visually check system tobe sure it is ready for operation. Remove trap lid andretighten hand tight only.NOTICE: These parameters apply to Sta-Rite equipmentonly. For non-Sta-Rite equipment, consult manufacturer.2

GENERALFOR SLIP FITTINGS: Use correct solvent/cement when fittingpiping or adapters to slide valve. The valve body is ABSplastic, thus any good quality ABS to PVC solvent can beused, such as Weld-On #793 or #710. Use P70 (purple)primer on PVC components only. Allow a minimum of fourhours drying time prior to pressure testing or operation. IfABS adapters are glued into valve ports in lieu of PVC fittings, use Weld-On Solvent #771, #1707 or #773.Inspect valve upon receipt and file claim with carrier ifparts are damaged or missing.Valve may be used with Sta-Rite DE or sand filters, exceptModel HRP36.Mating half of unions are on filters shown on Table I.Connecting Multi-Port Valve To Filter SystemFor filters listed below, select correct valve clamp connector kit from the chart.To avoid serious personal injury or propertydamage, follow cement manufacturer’s instructions exactly.NOTICE: FOR THREADED FITTINGS: Use Plasto-Joint Stik1,teflon tape or RTV. Other substances may degrade plasticand create poor joints and leaks. Do not overtighten.Use care before assembly not to damage union sealing surfaces or O-Ring. Install union O-Rings in groove; tightenunion collar hand tight.1Lake Chemical Co., Chicago, ILTABLE I – Filters and connector kits to use with valves.Filter Connection ChartValve No.18202-0150for Union Connectionsor 18202-0150H,for Hose Connections18202-0250for Union Connections18201-011018201-0200for Union Connectionsor18201-0200Hfor Hose Connections18201-0300PortSizeValveOutflow*Use WithFilter -1/2"Top1-1/2"TopS200BP-1MS240BP-1MBottomDEP36, DEPB36DEP51, DEPB51DEP83, DEPB83DES51, DES60HRP20, HRP24HRP30HRS24S7M120, S8M150S7D75, S8D1102"2"TopS7MD60S7MD72SR-300-2USR-360-2U18201 and18202 SeriesValves Replacewith2" Pipewith1-1/2" –* When the multiport valve handle is in filter position, flow to filter will be from this port.3Use Hose Kit No.

FUNCTIONS OF THEMULTI-PORT VALVEHazardous pressure.Can cause severeinjury or majorproperty damagefrom valve blow up.Release all pressureand read instructionsbefore working onsystem.Replacing Handle:1. STOP PUMP and release all pressure from system.2. Place handle in “FILTER” position.To avoid severe injuryand major property damage, stop pump before changing handle positions.3. Remove all bolts and nuts holding cover to valvebody.4. Remove cover, handle, and plug as a unit from valvebody.To avoid major propertydamage due to flooding,make sure pointer is accurately positioned and down all theway before restarting pump.5. Compress plug as shown in Figures 1 and 2.Wing NutFlat WasherPress down on handle torelease pressure before turning.1/4 x 6"CarriageBolts (2)1. FILTER – Normal position during operation of system.2. BACKWASH – Position when operating system topurge filter of accumulated debris. This normally isnecessary when filter pressure gauge reads 10 PSIhigher than starting pressure on a clean filter. Consultyour filter operating instructions.Scrap 1x2,1x4 or 3/4"Ply 10" Long1/4" holes through (3 Places)3. RINSE – This position is only used with sand filtersand is designed to flush stray sand from system beforereturning to filter operation after backwashing.Consult your filter operating instructions.6" (For 1-1/2" Valve)8" (For 2" Valve)3585 1099Figure 1 – Fixture dimensions for valve spring compressor4. CLOSED – Valve may be set in closed position whenservicing filter tanks located below water level.Pull top of valvedown 1/2-5/8";Tap pin outof shaft.5. RECIRCULATE – This position permits pump to continue recirculating water (chemicals, heat, etc.) without flow through filter. This is advantageous when filter or its components are being repaired or replaced.6. WASTE – This position permits draining or loweringof pool water level. When pump is stopped withvalve in this position, quickly move handle to anotherposition to avoid air getting into piping.VALVE MAINTENANCETo avoid severe personal injury and major propertydamage, stop pump and release all pressure fromsystem before servicing valve.3586 1099Figure 2 – Tighten wingnuts to compress springNo regular maintenance is required for proper operationof multi-port valve.Winterizing For Freezing Climates:6. Remove handle pin from handle; remove handleand replace with new one, making sure pointeris in “FILTER” position.Place valve handle in an intermediate position, betweenregular setting positions.7. Replace pin by tapping lightly into place withhammer and punch.Part Replacement:8. Remove fixture, align cover pin (See Figure 3), andreinstall cover and plug. Tighten all bolts securely.To prevent flooding, make sure that system is drained orisolation valves are closed before opening multi-portvalve.4

Spider Gasket Replacement:To prevent flooding, make sure that system is drained orisolation valves are closed before opening multi-port valve.NOTICE: Read instructions completely before starting.Once Step 6 is started, continue through Step 10 withoutinterruption.Replacing Cover and Plug Assembly (as a unit):1. STOP PUMP and release all pressure from system.1. STOP PUMP and release all pressure from system.2. Remove all bolts and nuts around perimeter of cover.3. Remove assembly by lifting straight up.2. Place the selector handle at the ‘Winterize’ position(this lifts the plug off the seat).4. Align cover pin (see Figure 3) and install new coverand plug. Press down on cover to allow bolts toengage nuts; tighten each bolt securely.3. Remove the bolts and nuts holding the cover to thevalve body. Remove the cover assembly.4. Remove the old gasket from the valve body.AlignTabsNSCIINTERIZEASWERCCL.OSTE6. NOTICE: Once this step is started, continue throughStep 10 without interruption.Using Loctite 401 or 416, apply glue sparingly (a beadabout 1/16” wide) to the bottom only (not the sides) ofthe spider groove in the valve body. The glue linesmust be continuous and intersect at the intersections ofthe grooves.EDBACKWASHREWFILTERRI5. Make sure that the gasket groove is free of water,grease, oils, debris and parts of the old gasket. Usealcohol to degrease.7. Insert the new gasket into the groove with the roundedbead up. Press the gasket firmly into all groove areas toseat the new gasket evenly.3611 1099Figure 3 – Cover alignment8. Align the tab on the cover assembly with the pin onthe valve body (See Figure 3) and insert the coverassembly into the body, fastening it with the bolts andnuts removed in Step 3. Tighten all bolts securely.Replacing Internal Valve Parts:9. Depress the valve handle and rotate it to the closeststandard position (FILTER or RINSE), being careful notto rub the plug on the new gasket. Release the handle,allowing the plug to hold the gasket in place while curing.1. STOP PUMP and release all pressure from system.2. Place handle in “FILTER” position.3. Remove all bolts and nuts.4. Remove cover by lifting straight up.10. Minimum cure time is 2 hours. Curing for 24 hours isrecommended for full strength.5. Remove handle pin and handle (See procedure onPage 4).6. Remove washer.7. While disassembled, check condition of plug, rubbergasket, spring,O-Ring, and internal plastic washer. If any of theseparts appear worn, replace them.8. Reassemble plug, cover, and handle by compressingspring (See Figures 1 and 2) and reversing procedureon Page 4.9. Before reinstalling cover, be sure plug and handle arein same position as when cover was removed.10. Make sure tab on valve cover aligns with pin on top ofpump port (see Figure 3). Press down on cover or sethandle to “WINTERIZE” to allow bolts to engage nuts.Tighten each bolt securely.5

Side Mount Multiport Valve E31445Models 18202-0150, 18201-0200, 18201-0110,18202-0250 and 18201-0300 include unionhalves as shown. Table 1, Page 3 gives filtermodels and correct valves to use with filters.6788910Valve BodyNot AvailableSeparately131112Models 18202-0150H and 18201-0200Hrequire hose connector kits (sold separately –See Table 1, Page 4 for kit and filter numbers).12AREPAIR PARTS LISTKeyNo.12345678910111213141516 DescriptionHandleLabel DecalWasherValve CoverCover O-RingWasherSpringO-RingPlugSpider Gasket1/4" NPT Plug w/O-RingSight Glass w/O-RingNutBoltHandle PinO-Ring (-0150, -0200 only)Key Assembly (Includes 2501-1/2" Valve18201-030018201-020018201-0200H2" 4(10)14971-SM10E2U9-36214971-SM20E50 Not illustrated.6

Sight Glass, Sight Glass AdaptorsSight Glass Adaptor – 11 2" NPT & Hose .Order #14962-0012Sight Glass Adaptor – 11 2" NPT .Order #14962-0013 Male Adaptor – 11 2" NPT to 11 2" ID Hose.Order #U78-767P2840 05972841 0597 Not illustrated.Performance Curves – Multi-Port Valves11 2" and 2" Side Mount Valves with Piping16141-1/2"Valve2" Valve12P.S.I. Loss1086420406080100120Capacity (GPM)140160Backwash PositionFilter Position3588 10997

STA-RITE LIMITED WARRANTYPumps, filters, skimmers, underwater lights (excluding bulbs),accessories and fittings manufactured by Sta-Rite are warrantedto be free of defects in material and/or workmanship for one (1)year from the original date of installation.The foregoing warranties relate to the original consumer purchaser (“Purchaser”) only. Sta-Rite Industries shall have the option torepair or replace the defective product, at its sole discretion.Purchasers must pay all labor and shipping charges necessary toreplace the product covered by this warranty. Requests for warranty service must be made through the installing dealer. Thiswarranty shall not apply to any product that has been subject tonegligence, misapplication, improper installation or maintenance,or other circumstances which are not in Sta-Rite’s direct control.Failure to have product installed by a professional in compliancewith local codes will void any and all manufacturers warranty.Product Specific Warranties (from date of installation)ProductFamilyLimitedWarrantyFilters1 YearFilter Valves1 YearPumps1 YearHeaters2 YearsControls1 YearAbove Ground Systems1 YearLights and Niches1 YearThis warranty sets forth Sta-Rite’s obligation and Purchaser’sexclusive remedy for defective products.White Goods1 YearMaintenance Equipment90 DaysSTA-RITE SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL,INCIDENTAL OR CONTINGENT DAMAGES WHATSOEVER.Drainer/Utility Pumps90 DaysReplacement Parts90 DaysCleaners: Lil Shark1 YearCleaners: Calypso1 YearCleaners: Pool Shark2 YearsCleaners: Great White2 YearsTHE FOREGOING WARRANTIES ARE EXCLUSIVE AND INLIEU OF ALL OTHER EXPRESS WARRANTIES. IMPLIEDWARRANTIES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THEIMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESSFOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, SHALL NOT EXTENDBEYOND THE DURATION OF THE APPLICABLE EXPRESSWARRANTIES PROVIDED HEREIN.Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidentalor consequential damages or limitations on how long an impliedwarranty lasts, so the above limitations or exclusion may notapply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and youmay also have other rights which vary from state to state.ExceptionsSystem 3 Tank Bodies - 10 Yrs*Commercial Application - 1 YrLamps and Bulbs - 90 DaysFootpad and Seal Flaps - 1 Yr* Commercial and multi-family application.Retain this warranty certificate in asafe and convenient location for your records.Supersedes all previous publications.For technical information about this product, contact the installer or call Sta-Rite at 262-728-9181.Visit for more information about Sta-Rite products listed above to locate a Sta-Rite dealer near youCREATE A RECORD OF YOUR WARRANTY AT STA-RITE: Complete a warranty registration at by clicking on “Register Products” and selecting Sta-Rite Pool OR Complete bottom portion completely and mail within 10 days of installation to Sta-Rite, Attn.: Pool Warranty Dept., 293 Wright St., Delavan , WI 53115Warranty Registration CardName New installationAddressYears pool has been in service less than 1 1-3CityStateZip Replacement 3-5 5-10This product was purchased from:Installation (or Purchase) DateCompany nameProduct PurchasedAddressModel NumberCityStateZipS4877PS (Rev. 7/21/04)