ACE Online Step-by-Step TutorialAccount CreationIn order to play ACE Online you must first have an account with Suba Games. To do this, please head tothe main site at and register a new account. Please input the followinginformation on the account registration page to complete the account creation process.Download ACE OnlineAfter creating a new account, new users must download the game client. The client can be downloadedat . Just click on the downloads tab at the top of the screen and then click onone of the Full Game Client Installer links.

Installing ACE OnlineFirst step is to go to where you installed the game. Once located, please click on the installer setup andrun the file. By default, the file is named Ace Online(####).exe(The #### being the current patch version of ACE Online)After opening the file, please follow the step by step instructions by the Installer.

Please note that by default, the installer will install the game intoC:\Program Files\Subagames\ACE OnlineIf you wish to change the install location, you can change the destination folder through the installer.Minimum RequirementsOS: Windows XP / Vista / ME / 98CPU: 1 GhZ Pentium 3 or EquivalentRAM: 256 MBHDD: 2.0 GB Free SpaceGraphics Card: Any 32MB VGA CardRecommended RequirementsOS: Windows XP / Vista / ME / 98CPU: 1.5 GhZ Pentium 4 or BetterRAM: 1 GB RAMHDD: 2.0 GB Free SpaceGraphics Card: Any 128MB VGA Card

Starting ACE OnlineAfter installation, you can run the game by clicking either the Start Bar or the Desktop shortcut that wasadded. (If selected during installation to add the option)Once the game launcher opens, please select the desired server and resolution. There is also an optionto open in windowed mode (This cannot be changed in-game).To log into the game, please insert your username in the “ID” tab, and your password in the “PW” tab.

Creating a CharacterUpon loading the game, you will be prompted with the character selection screen. Please click the “NEW”button to create a new character.In the character creation screen, you are prompted to select your GEAR and character avatar. You canclick the displayed aircraft on the screen to pick the one of your choice (This is a one time decision.), Onthe bottom of the screen, you can select your character avatar by clicking on the orange arrows. You

must also input your desired character name in the ID section. Please note that you may be prompted toselect a new name if the one you chose has already been taken.And now you have a new character. Please click the “OK” button to pick the created character.In-Game TutorialIt is recommended for new players to go through the in-game tutorial. This tutorial will teach you thebasics on how to fly your GEAR as well as the basic controls needed to play.

FreeSKA Mercenary AcademyIf you skip or complete the tutorial you will be redirected to a story sequence explaining the currentstory as well as details of the situation in the game. You can sit back and listen or skip the sequence bypressing the “ESC” button on your keyboard.From here on, you are now in the FreeSKA Mercenary Academy. All new pilots start here to learn and toget experience before they join the warring nations of Arlington Nation Influence (ANI) or Bygeniou CityUnited (BCU).

This is a map of the FreeSKA Mercenary Academy. Players can access this map by simply pressing the “M”button on the keyboard. The Arrow is where your character is located as well as which direction it isfacing. If the player wishes to refresh their knowledge of the controls, they can also press the “F1”button on their keyboards.MissionsTo begin your career as an ACE Online pilot, new players must do missions. Players are free to fly aroundthe game world by pressing the “Take Off” button on the bottom of the screen. But in order to trulyadvance towards becoming the best, the only way to go is to do missions. The mission button is locatedon the bottom right of the screen or players can use the shortcut button “P” to open up the missions.

If no missions appear(NOTICE: If no missions appear after clicking the mission button, then please make sure you select the“Run as administrator” option when you start the game. To open up this menu, please right click theshortcut icon and the menu will pop up.)General Interface

Above is the general interface while flying.The GEAR Status area will show what skills and power ups are active as well as your hitpoints and SP.Mission Info section shows what mission you are on, as well as the targets you need to kill and howmany you have killed.The Radar / Minimap / Altitude area helps give you an idea of your location as well as what’s around you.The Ammunition area shows how many missiles and bullets you have on your GEAR.The middle area shows your actual GEAR as well as your targeting crosshair.The bottom left shows the Chat Window buttons. Click on them to show only the desired chat.The bottom middle shows how much experience needed until the next level, as well as your activeshortcut skills.The Information Buttons area will show information about your character or about the game in general.This is also where the game options as well as the Item Shop button are located.Reloading and Repairing

To reload fuel or ammunition, players must return to town, access the supply shop in town, or land on asupply pad while on the field. The above window will appear, allowing players to choose if they want torepair, refuel, or rearm their GEAR. While in town or while on a supply pad, your GEAR will slowly berepaired. This is useful if you are low on SPI but need to get repaired.InventoryYour GEAR Inventory an hold a limited amount of items. To equip a new item, it must be able to beequipped. Weapons. Radars, Armors, Engines, and other expansion parts can be added to your GEAR byeither double clicking the item, or by click and dragging into the appropriate slot.Buying and Selling at the NPC shop

To buy and sell items, players must go to one of the NPC shops and must click on the counter to bring upthe shop screen. Here players can buy or sell stuff to and from the NPC. To buy an item, just select theitem and choose the quantity, then click the “Buy” button. To sell an item, you can click and drag theitem into the shop list, or right click an item. Players can also select multiple items by hold the “Ctrl”button.Buying SkillsTo get skills, players gave to go to the skill shop to buy skills. In order to purchase the skill, the playermust meet the minimum requirements to buy the skill. Later on, some skills will require special items tobe purchased.

After purchasing the skills, the skill will appear in the skill section in the GEAR INFO button, located atthe bottom right of the screen. The player can active the skills by double clicking them in the skillwindow, or by dragging the skill icon into the shortcut bar, and then clicking the appropriate button.Stat SelectionWhen Players level up or complete quests, they will receive stat points. To modify your characters stats,you can access the window by clicking the “GEAR INFO” button on the bottom right. With available stats,the player can strengthen their character.Attack Increase attack power of the GEAR, as well as Pierce ability.Defense Decrease the damage the GEAR will receive.Evasion Increases the chance a GEAR will completely avoid taking a hit.

Fuel Increases the Capacity of the GEAR.Sprit Increase the amount of SP the GEAR has.Shield Increase the amount of Shield the GEAR has.Nation SelectionTo leave the FreeSKA Mercenary Academy, players have to meet certain requirements. The bareminimum to reach the nation selection is to complete the Level 10 mission. The Level 11 mission will bethe nation selection. When you activate, you will go through a short sequence describing the nationsand their situation.The nation selection is permanent and can only be undone in special occasions. To choose a nation, allthe player has to do is click the “Select” button under the desired nation. Afterwards, they will betransported to that nations’ city. Once in the new city, you will be approached with a new set ofmissions and more of the game to explore.

Enjoy the world of ACE Online