Holiday 2017“THE MOUSE THAT ROARED”Inside this issue:By John Thompson and Cathy HamerickThe Mouse That Roared Cont.2Conflict Transformation Workshop3Conflict transformations cont.4What others are saying about theConflict Transformation Workshop5Parish Paper: Mistakes Churchesmake During and Interim Ministry6PP: Mistakes Cont.7This Mouse must give up one of the Mouse ways of seeing thingsin order that he may grow.--Hyemeyohsts StormThere is an American Indian tale of a mouse who heard a roaring in hisears and set out to discover what it was. He encountered manyanimals who helped him on his way. Finally, the mouse had a chanceto offer help to another. He gave away his eyes to help two otheranimals.Without his sight, defenseless, he waited for the end. Soon he heardthe sound eagles make when they dive for their prey. The next thingthe mouse knew, he was flying. He could see all the splendor aroundhim. Then he heard a voice say, "You have a new name. You areEagle."Like the mouse, we also feel something inside us we'd like toexplore. That secret, like all others, has its answer hidden deepwithin us, yet right under our very nose. Often, we merely have togive up our eyes and see in a different way. When we do this, weare rewarded with a new kind of vision, one that lets us discoverour true potential.Parish Paper : Does our Pastorneed a Job Description8PP: Job Description Cont.9Installation Picture for AndyKoingsmark10Fresh Expressions: What Should we Know AboutIt?Online Courses for University ofDebuque10Available Hymnals11Presbytery 2018 Budget11New ideas, visions, perspectives or paradigms are very difficult formost of us to accept, never mind welcome with open minds. We are soterribly comfortable in “ the way we have always done things .” Ourchurches are currently celebrating “The Reformation”. Martin Luther,though maybe not fully intending the consequences of his “posting” ofhis 95 Theses, introduced ideas that, at the time, were nothing short of(Continued on page 2)

(Continued from page 1)radical. Our churches would not be what they are today, but for Martin Luther!PCUSA has defined New Worshipping Community as: Fresh ExpressionsBrief Definition 1-2/about-1001/the-definition/・ Newo Seeking to make and form new disciples of Jesus Christo Taking on varied forms of church for our changing culture・ Worshipingo Gathered by the Spirit to meet Jesus Christ in Word and Sacramento Sent by the Spirit to join God’s mission for the transformation of the world・ Communityo Practicing mutual care and accountabilityo Developing sustainability in leadership and financesWhat is Fresh Expressions? Go to: a two minute video istries/1001-2/about-1001/the-definition/PCUSA is encouraging Pastors and churches to learn about “Permission Giving WorshippingCommunities”.This program through PCUSA has many of the earmarks of whatour Presbytery, WCP, is engaged in now with our “TranformationalChurch Consultation”, spearheaded by Stan Wood, consultant to WCP.Around the world, Christians are stepping out in faith and beginning fresh expressions of church,new or different forms of church for a changing culture. Each fresh expression of church is unique, anddesigned for their particular context. They can be rural or suburban, in public spaces, housing projects andcollege dormitories. Some are aimed at specific groups, ranging from “Messy Church” for families withchildren to “Amore Groups” led by married couples. There is biker church, cowboy church, church forartists, church at or after work; the sky’s the limit. Each is an adventure in bringing the power of theGospel to people who might never experience Christian community and the transformational andself-giving love of Jesus.Four guiding principles tie fresh expressions together. Each one is: Missional – Joining God’s mission by going to those not currently served by any church Contextual – Grounded in the language and culture of the people in and for their particular context Formational – Focused on discipling people in the way of JesusEcclesial – Forming local, tangible Christian communities that are able to step out as church in their ownrightGo to Worshipping for more information.Check out Leadership Conference: From the Steeple to the Street (the church rediscovering itsidentity in mission) March 16-17, 2018

What others are saying about the Conflict Transforma onal Skills WorkshopAlisa and John Thompson remarkable conference way beyond our expectations eye opening for our maritalrelationship, as well as interpersonal relationships have highly recommended definitely in our plans to attend the next conference in Junction @ First Pres FUNTom Hanson“I’m always up for something that’s going to help me grow in self‐awareness as a leader, pastor, and humanbeing. I’m especially grateful when it’s led well and introduces me to a tool I’m not aware of. Brian Blankdoes just that. What I experienced in Montrose in September of 2016 le me immediately wishing morefolks from our church had a ended. Since every person and every church faces conflict, it sure would benice if we were more self‐aware of our tendencies in such situa ons, and strategies to lean into difficultsitua ons with more honesty and courage. Having a bunch of folks go through it together also gives us acommon language while facing the inevitable misunderstandings, hard conversa ons, and s cky wickets wefind ourselves in pre y regularly. I hope many from our Presbytery par cipate, taking advantage of thiscluster event.”Brian CasellesI attended in 2016 and thought it was a great resource for the church, especially for the price. They offered alot of great tools for conflict resolution for churches and beyond. I certainly recommend it!Beth GilleeceAfter taking Conflict resolution workshops in the Business world –thisworkshop which focuses on how we each deal with conflict was upliftingand educational!! I so enjoyed the entertaining way it was presented itdidn’t feel like just another workshop. This workshop is helpful for not onlyour church settings but also our personal lives. I am looking forward toattending in Grand Junction and sharing this information with my daughteras she will attend with me. Come Join us!Mary Hammond AtkinsonMy favorite part of the workshop was learning more about each of our own individual stylesof conflict. Was entertaining and informative all at the same time, and brings about a lot ofinsight as to why/how we function the way we do.

The Installation ofRev. Andy Koingsmark asAssociate Pastor of ChristPresbyterian Church in TellurideOctober 1, 2017Greetings,The University of Dubuque Theological Seminary is pleased to announce that we will be offering eight online courses for Commissioned Ruling Elders in our CLP/CRE lay ministry program. The spring term is scheduled from January 29 to May 12,2018. We would appreciate it if you would pass on this information within your presbytery/church and advertise it in yournewsletter or other publications.OUR TRADITIONAL EIGHT SPRING CLASS OFFERINGS ARE AS FOLLOWS AND REGISTRATION IS OPEN. Introduc on to Old Testament – Rev. Stephanie Schlimm Introduc on to New Testament – Kathleen Rupert, MDiv Chris an Educa on – Dr. Susan Forshey Pastoral Care – Dr. Beth McCaw Introduc on to Preaching – Dr. Lyle Vander Broek Presbyterian Polity – Dr. Gary Eller Reformed Theology – Dr. David Congdon Reformed Worship & Sacraments – Dr. Richard ShafferThe tuition rate is 390.00 per course. As always, current students can register by going online and paying via PayPal at 301859 or by contacting me ([email protected] or 563-589-3630 / 1-888-2078218), to pay by credit card or check. We would also ask you to pass this email on and encourage anyone you may know withgifts for ministry to consider exploring their call through our CRE lay ministry program. Application, program information anddetails regarding our Certificate in Congregational Leadership can be found at the above link in the green box titled “QuickLinks”. We review applications on a rolling basis each semester and all new applicants are required to take the Online LearningCourse as an introduction to distance education.Please feel free to call or email me or Dr. Annette Huizenga, Dean of the Seminary ([email protected] or 563-589-3858),with any questions or comments.Thanksgiving blessings from UDTS!CarlaCarla GibbonsCoordinator of Lay EducationUniversity of Dubuque Theological Seminary2000 University Avenue, Dubuque, IA [email protected]“We are each living art . . . created to hang on, stand up, forbear, continue, and encourage others.”--Maya Angelou

United Church of the San Juan's have about 100 hymnals available if any congregation that might want them. "The PresbyterianHymnal" Hymns, Psalms and Spiritual Songs; copyright 1990.Charlie Berger(970) [email protected] OF WESTERN COLORADO2018 BudgetOur budget is divided into two categories--Ecclesiastical (the funds we use to make decisions about ourmission—funded by per capita) and Mission (the way we do our mission—funded by our mission giving).Line item budgets are available upon request.ECCLESIASTICAL FUNDIncomePer Capita Funding74,515.00Total Budget for missionsEcclesiastical Staff (Clerk, Treasurer)Insurance, Taxes, ContingencyPer Capital Passed OnSynod Per CapitaGeneral Assembly Per CapitaTotal Budget for 3,118.0074,515.00MISSION FUNDIncomeTotal Congregational Mission GivingSynod Block GrantCongregational Seed FundingTotal Budget for IncomeExpenseMission ProgramsMission Staff (Cluster leaders, Administrator)Congregational Seed 613.0050,000.00Total Budget for Expenses162,913.00TOTAL PRESBYTERY BUDGET FOR 2017237,428.00Please prayerfully join in partnership with other congregations in the Presbytery of Western Coloradoto fulfill our mission and ministry.PLEASE NOTE: All end of year contributions need to be submitted to Presbytery by January 7th inorder to be accounted for 2017 Year at GA. Thank you.

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