FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSACE AESDirectLast updated 03/12/20Automated Export System and Automated Commercial Environment(ACE) AccountsQ: What is the Automated Export System (AES) filing process?A: The summarized AES filing process is as follows:1) File your Electronic Export Information (EEI) in AES or authorize an agent to file the EEIon your behalf.2) Obtain an Internal Transaction Number (ITN) as confirmation that your EEI has beensuccessfully submitted and accepted by AES.a. If the submission is Rejected by AES, you must retrieve the filing, correct theFatal Errors and resubmit.b. If the shipment is Accepted with Verify Messages, verify the data is correct andretransmit if necessary. If the information is verified correct as reported, noaction is necessary.3) Annotate the AES Proof of Filing Citation in your invoice, packing list, air waybill, truckbill and/or other commercial loading documents.a. Proof of Filing Citation Format: "AES [put ITN here]"b. Proof of Filing Citation Example: "AES X202003121234564) Provide your export shipment to the carrier with the annotated documents.5) If you determine that changes need to be made to the EEI, please amend the EEI orinstruct your agent to amend the EEI and resubmit to AES.6) Keep a copy of the EEI and related documentation on file for five years.Q: How do I get started on ACE AESDirect?A: To get started on ACE AESDirect, you must register for an account by completing the ACEExporter Registration Form.1) You will receive an email to obtain the Username and Password. Please write down theAccount ID listed in the email (this is your User Name). Click on the link in the email andit should prompt you to enter a Shared Secret. The Shared Secret is the Account ID.2) After obtaining your User Name and Password, log in to the ACE website and click onthe Accounts tab. Under the Task Selector panel, change the view to “Exporter” andclick ‘Go’. Finally, click ‘Submit AESDirect Filings’ under the Task Selector List. Makesure your pop-up blocker is disabled.Q: What web browsers will I be able to use when filing in ACE AESDirect?A: ACE officially supports Internet Explorer but the AESDirect portal is compatible with othermajor browsers as well. Please make sure that you have the most up to date version of your webbrowser.1

Q: As part of the ACE Exporter Account registration, I am asked for a Shared Secret Value.What is that?A: The Shared Secret Value is your Account ID number provided in the original automated emailresponse from the ACE system.Q: How do I navigate to the Shipment Manager once I have logged in?A: Once you log in to the ACE website, please click on the "Accounts" tab. Then change the viewto "Exporter" and hit Go. Finally, click "Submit AESDirect Filings" but make sure your pop-upblocker is completely disabled. You will then have to agree to the certification statements, ifyou have not done so already, to be taken into the AESDirect portal. You can f ind screenshotsof accessing the portal on our ACE AESDirect User Guide.Q: I am trying to access ACE AESDirect but when I click "Submit AESDirect Filings", it says "NoExporter Account Selected". What does that mean?A: It usually says that on the bottom of the page but you must disable the pop-up blocker inyour web browser and click “Submit AESDirect Filings” again to navigate to the next screen.Q: How frequently do I have to change my ACE account password? How many unsuccessfulattempts do I have to log in to my account until I get a locked account?A: The ACE account password must be changed every 90 days. Users will have threeunsuccessful attempts to log in to their account until it is disabled.Q: What should I do if my ACE account is disabled?A: If you are experiencing issues logging in the ACE, please contact the CBP ACE Account ServiceDesk by phone at 866-530-4172 Option 1 followed by Option 2 or by email [email protected]: How do I change the Trade Account Owner on my ACE account?A: For assistance with changing the Trade Account Owner role to another user, please contactthe CBP ACE Account Service Desk by phone at 866-530-4172 Option 1 followed by Option 2 orby email at [email protected]: How often do you have to log in to your ACE account to prevent your account frombecoming disabled due to inactivity?A: You must log in to your ACE account at least one time every 30 days to prevent your accountbecoming disabled due to inactivity. You do not have to submit Electronic Export Informationwhen you log in to keep your account active.Q: How can I manage users under my ACE account?A: You can manage all of your Trade Account Users if you are the Trade Account Owner (TAO).Select the Tools tab after you log in. From this screen, you can use the ‘Add User’ drop downmenu to add an existing user or to create a new user. You will also see a list of users alreadyactive under the account. Select the users name to be provided different management optionsincluding password reset and revoking user access.2

Please refer to the Managing User Access guide for detailed directions on managing your TradeAccount Users.Filing your Electronic Export InformationQ: How many shipments are displayed in the AESDirect Shipment Manager? Why can I onlysee in the filings from the last 90 days?A: The Shipment Manager displays three months of shipment data at a time. Showing morethan three months of shipment data at a time would affect the performance of the application.If you want to see shipments older than 90 days, the ‘Show Filters’ option allows users toconduct a custom search of up to 5 years by entering a date range of up to 90 days at a time.Keep in mind, the Shipment Manager will only display shipments filed through the AESDirectportal.Q: In the AESDirect Shipment Manager, why are there multiple rejects showing under oneShipment Reference Number?A: AESDirect will show all previous entries for a particular filing based on the ShipmentReference Number (SRN). The Count (History view) feature allows users to view and track everyaction taken on a particular filing. The most recent submission in the History view will show thecurrent status of the shipment.Q: Can I retrieve previously filed shipments that are not showing in the AESDirect ShipmentManager? Can I amend filings older than 90 days?A: Yes. The Shipment Manager filter criteria allows users to search for previously transmittedAESDirect EEI based on one or more search options. You can also retrieve previously acceptedshipments that are older than 90 days by selecting ‘Amend Accepted Fili ngs’ and then enteringyour Internal Transaction Number (ITN), Shipment Reference Number(SRN) and Filer ID.Q: Drop-downs are not displaying, what is wrong?A: Ensure that you are running the latest version of your Internet browser. Press CTRL-SHIFTDELETE (on Internet Explorer) and clear the cache and cookies in your browser. You can also trypressing CTRL-F5 to send a “clean” refresh to your screen that may pick up a new script thatwas being blocked.Check to ensure your Java script is running properly by going to and clicking “Run”. (This must be enabled topull the drop-down lists)Also, please verify you are entering the correct Departure Date since this could potentiallycause your drop-downs to not display.3

Q: The system is telling me that the USPPI ID reported is different from what is on my accountand I need to report a Freight Forwarder, why is that?A: If you are filing for a company who has provided you a Power of Attorney (POA) or writtenauthorization, your information must be reported in the Freight Forwarder section asrepresents the filing party in the transaction.Q: Why are there no numbers populating in the Schedule B/HTS field when I start typing?A: ACE is fully compatible with Internet Explorer 11 and Mozilla Firefox but partially compatiblewith Google Chrome. If using Google Chrome, please ensure the correct year was populated inthe Departure Date field in Step 1, shipment information section. Also, to verify if the ScheduleB/HTS Number is correct, please contact the Micro Analysis Branch at 1-800-549-0595 Option 2,or send an email to [email protected]: What do I do if the SCAC/IATA is causing an error/not accepted?A: Please verify with your carrier that the SCAC or IATA code you are entering is correct. Ifcorrect, the carrier will need to send an updated National Motor Fre ight Traffic Association(NMFTA) Certificate to the US Census Bureau at [email protected] to renew the SCAC. Also, asearch is available for IATA codes at .aspx.Q: The system is giving me a 970 Fatal Error and will not allow me to process my shipment,what is wrong?A: The 970 Fatal Error is a supplemental error informing you of another fatal error on theshipment. Please identify the additional Fatal Error that you are receiving. Refer to Appendix Aof the AESTIR for the reason and resolution to the various error messages.If you cannot resolve this issue, please contact the Trade Data Collection Branch at 800549-0595 option 1, or send an email to [email protected]: I am receiving Fatal Error 170, stating that the air waybill format is incorrect. How do Iresolve this?The Transportation Reference Number (TRN) field is a conditional data element and is onlyrequired for vessel shipments. For vessel shipments, please report the reservation number orbooking number. This field is optional for air, truck, and rail shipments.Q: Are there other options to file aside from using ACE AESDirect?A: You can file via a self-developed software or via an AES Certified Service Center or SoftwareVendor. If you choose one of these filing methods, you must first complete a Letter of Intent(LOI) on the CBP website. You can also authorize an agent (such as your freight forwarder or aircourier) to file EEI on your behalf. You do not need to register or submit an LOI if you authorizeyour agent to file on your behalf; but you must provide them with the proper writtenauthorization to file on your behalf.Q: Where do I go if I need more information about filing via WebLink, sFTP, and EDI?A: Our ACE AESDirect resources webpage has all of the latest documentation and instruction sfor Weblink, sFTP and EDI filers:4

transitiontoace.html Additionaltechnical specifications can be found at: transportation-formatsTemplates and ProfilesQ: In AESDirect, how do I view all of my saved shipment templates and party profiles?A: Under the Tools Menu on the top right of the AESDirect portal, users can access theTemplate Manager and Party Profile Manager to view all saved templates and party profiles.Q: Will all users be able to see saved shipment templates and party profiles created in myaccount?A: Only users that have access to file under your company’s Employer Identification Numberwill be able to access profiles and templates.Q: Is there a limit for templates in AESDirect?A: Yes. Each Employer Identification Number is limited to 1000 templates.5