“Most Affordable” - AAA“Friendliest” - Cambridge UniversityNorth Dakota Tourism DivisionKudosOur congratulations go outto travel partners who’ve beenfeatured and recognized this pastmonth. If we’ve missed you, pleasedrop us a line at [email protected] Group Travel Leader recognizedKnife River Indian Villages NationalHistoric Site, Rugby and Valley id 681 Nelson’s Pumpkin Patch andagritourism was featured in theGrand Forks Herald Pheasant hunting in North Dakotagot great blogs and tweets fromVersatile Hunter The Houston Chronicle featuredwaterfowl hunting in North DakotaThis issueTech Tip: Make sure youare getting the most ofyour email efforts.(Page 2)USTA news: Hoteliers can findthe latest statitistical data aboutNorth Dakota through Smith TravelResearch. (Page 2)Community SnapshotCommunity Snapshot: Garrison ismore than Wally Walleye and LakeSakakawea. (Page 3)By the Numbers: See the latestquarterly report from North DakotaTourism Division. (Page 6)In the News: NorthDakota was in thenews in October.(Page 4)October 2011November 2011N.D. bucking the trendNorth Dakota’s tourism industryNorth Dakota USTA 2011leads the nation in the four majorResearchReport, estimates at a glancereporting categories for the secondstraight year, according to the UnitedCategory% change 2008-09States Travel Association (USTA)’sTravel-generatedPayroll 3.3%2011 research. The USTA’s annualTravel-generatedEmployment 1.7%report, Impact of Travel on StateTravelExpenditures-0.8%Economies 2011, covers the impactTravel-generatedTaxes 5.2%of travel on state economies in 2009and the U.S. national economy for2010.For travel-generated payroll, North Dakotawas up 3.3 percent. Washington, D.C., wasnext at 3.1 percent, followed by South Dakotaat 1.5 percent, Montana at .9 percent andOklahoma at .3 percent.North Dakota led the nation for travelgenerated employment at 1.7 percent. SouthDakota followed at -0.37 percent.For travel-generated taxes, North Dakota ledwith a 5.2 percent increase, followed by SouthDakota at 3.7 percent. (According to the statetax department, 2009 numbers reflect theeliminated 1-percent statewide lodging tax andnew occupancy taxes added by Beulah andWahpeton. The bulk of the increase in visitorgenerated taxes is due to volume.)While travel expenditures were downnationwide in all states, North Dakota hadthe smallest percentage of decrease at -0.8percent. Eleven states showed double-digitdecreases in travel expenditures.“At a time when the national economy andtourism industry were soft, North Dakota didwell,” North Dakota Tourism Director SaraOtte Coleman said. “Tourism continues to bea strong player for the state’s economy. Thisis demonstrated not only in the USTA report,but on a daily basis by hotel occupancy, bordercrossings and airline boardings, which areincreasing across the state.”Conducted and published by the USTA formore than three decades, the annual Impactof Travel on State Economies estimates travelexpenditures, travel-generated employment,payroll income and tax revenues for thenation, as well as the 50 individual states andWashington, D.C.More USTA news on Page 2Sara Otte Coleman,

North Dakota Tourism DivisionNovember 2011Tech TalkEach month, the Tourism Divisionnewsletter will feature technology tipsor best practices for utilizing new tools and Web 2.0.Please share your success stories, or your questionsand suggestions, via email to [email protected] email offers tips to improvingemail results:Create found that making anemail offer expire in 48 or 72 hours significantly increasesconversions, especially when combined with a genuinely gooddeal and/or coupon code.SegmentThe open rate is 45 percent for email blasts, thanks topersonalization. We broke our email lists down into categorieslike age and what customersbuy from us. Then we tookthe time to create individualemails for each specificgroup. That sent open ratesthrough the roof.Scrutinize How It’s DeliveredTesting how our emailis delivered in differentprograms – Outlook, Gmail,etc. – before we send is vitalto our success. First, youneed to make sure it’ll getdelivered. Second, if your email looks “off” in one program,you know the response from those recipients will be next tonil.Keep It BriefThe best thing we did with our email was make it shorter.Sounds simple, but response increased once we made themshort and sweet. Another thing that helped was offeringpeople an easy way to unsubscribe. When they requested tounsubscribe, we asked them why. That gave us a chance toopen up a dialogue with them.Stop BlastingWe found that sending large email blasts wasn’t nearly aseffective as sending fewer, more personalized messages. Itgoes to show: While it’s easier to hunt with a shotgun, you’llget more impact with a rifle.Add More LinksThe more links we build in, the more people tend to find theirway back to our site. We almost always have a call to actionbutton – and we recently started working links into text withsuccess. Our mailers are short, so we typically won’t includemore than three [email protected] Otte Coleman, DirectorThe Power of TravelThe U.S.Travel Association has created a tool that shows theeconomic impact of travel on the nation, all 50 states, and allcongressional districts. The tool,, showsthe many benefits travel has on businesses and individuals.The 2009 report from the U.S. Travel Association, with industrygrowth shared on page 1, goes into greater detail.Scenic Byways Program retains fundingA recently defeated amendment to cut funding for the ScenicByways Program was a victory for the U.S. travel industry. Theamendment introduced by Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) wouldhave prevented federal transportation funds from being spenton scenic or historic highway programs, including tourist andwelcome centers, landscaping or scenic beautification, historicpreservation, rehabilitation of historic transportation buildingsand other projects important to travel and tourism. The U.S.Travel Association assisted Senator Mark Begich (D-AK) andother members of the Senate in a successful effort to defeat theMcCain amendment.Defend your budget toolkitThe U.S. Travel Association has created a Power of TravelPromotion Toolkit with talking points, sample op/ed pieces,ideas for engaging the local community and more. The toolkit isavailable online at lkitSmith Travel Research reportThe Tourism Division encourages hoteliers to learnmore about Smith Travel Research, its STR reportand numerous tools for the lodging industry at Program.aspx?productId 51Smith Travel Research, working with propertiesparticipating in North Dakota shows: Hotel room supply since 2000 is up 20 percent Year-to-date through September, RevPAR in NorthDakota reached a new historical peak of 66.07 Many hotels are renting by the month instead of by thenight In the past decade, North Dakota’s hotel marketdemand has increased by a staggering 45.7

North Dakota Tourism DivisionUSTA Marketing Outlook Forum highlightsFargo-Moorhead Convention and Visitor Bureau CEO Cole Carleyand North Dakota Tourism Director Sara Otte Coleman attendedthe USTA Marketing Outlook Forum last month to hear economists,researchers and market analysts presentthe latest insight into the travel industryoutlook for 2012.Presentations from Adam Sacks, TourismEconomics; J. Walker Smith, the FuturesCompany; Mary Multry, US Census Bureau;Steve Hood, Smith Travel Research; GregDunn, Y Partnership; and Helen Marano,US Department of Commerce; along withkey travel industry leaders and marketers, covered a gamut ofsubjects from the general economy to case studies on marketingintegration:US General Economy Companies and emerging markets will lead the US into recovery Construction and manufacturing should be bottoming out soon Personal consumption is at record highs resulting in hugeconsumer debt Consumer confidence is very low (mirrors unemployment) Travel industry is fueling recovery – 200,000 new jobs Travel exports are larger than motor vehicle, machinery,electronics – You can’t outsource most travel jobs Recession ended two years ago, but not psychologically Travel intentions are the lowest on record Digital marketing and social media continue to attract moredollars – “Word of mouth on steroids”Marketing Insight Cautious – Take the risk out of the offer Contentment, not accumulation, is driving spending 10,000 boomers turn 65 every day and they still lead spendingin most sectors Changing households – Multi-cultural, multi-generational, singleheads, lower incomes, Universal Parks rules – Take the guest to extraordinary places,immerse them in a story, deliver it in a compelling way and provideworld-class service Top concern for Americans: lack of energy – Travel can re-chargeSectors Lodging – Consumers are trading up, value is expected, growthfueled by international and corporate travel Airline capacity decreases are about equal to losing NorthwestAirlines (pre-merger). Fares are expected to stay higher Dining – Casual dining has not rebounded Automobile – Even small changes in gas prices will affect travelOutlook Moderate growth: Leisure 2-3%, Business 1-2%, Overseas/International 3-4% National parks should be up 1-1.7%Sara Otte Coleman, DirectorNovember 2011Community SnapshotDoes your community have a “Hidden Gem,” a special“Did you know fact” that you would like other North Dakotatourism partners to know about? Have your communityshowcased through the tourism newsletter. Each month,a community snapshot will be featured. This month’sCommunity Snapshot is Garrison.Garrison was incorporated in 1905 and was named for themilitary “garrisoned” at the original Fort Stevenson site. Theoriginal site, called Old Garrison, is now inundated by LakeSakakawea. The early ancestors in the area are Germanand Scandinavian and the top five industries/employers areGarrison Memorial Hospital, Garrison Public Schools, BHGInc., Garrison State Bank and Farmers Union Oil/Cenex.Hidden Gem: The North Dakota Firefighter’s Museum is theonly museum to firefighting in the state. These firefighters notonly put out fires, they also roll up their sleeves and delightthe community with an annual event, the Firefighter’s BuffaloFeed and Dance in February. A visitor can enjoy a great cupof coffee at Fezziwig’s Espresso Coffee Bar and do a littleshopping. You may think you are in England when you see thered, Queen Elizabeth Double Decker Bus cruising the streets.Did You Know? Wally the Walleye in Garrison City Parkat the end of Main Street is 26 feet long and Big Gene theGolfer can be seen from the highway. Big Gene is a 15-foottall metal sculpture that greets guests at the golf course.Look up in Garrison at the two water towers labeled hot andcold.Personalities: Wes Cummings, a local resident, is in boththe North Dakota Golf Hall of Fame and Baseball Hall ofFame.Special Events: Dicken’s Village Festival is held for threeweekends - this year November 25-27, December 2-3 and9-10. It was selected as an American Bus Association’s Top100 Event. Expect street vendors, performances, paradesand holiday fun for all. Sky Dance Sakakawea is for akite flying festival for all ages on May 26-28, 2012. FortStevenson’s Frontier Military Days is June 23-24 with livinghistory demonstrations with military encampments andmaneuvers. The North Dakota Governor’s Cup Fishing Derbyon July 20-21 is where you will find more than 250 teamscompeting for the 37th annual championships. CANDISCreturns to Garrison, August 4-11. This 400-mile ride down theEnchanted Highway is celebrating 20 years.For more information on Garrison and its community,please contact Jude Iverson, Garrison Chamber ofCommerce,

North Dakota Tourism DivisionNovember 2011In the News(Go to the links below each itemfor a complete news release)October 2011North Dakota Tourism in thenews in OctoberOctober 18: Sixteen NorthDakota tourism entitiesare able to enhance their event or marketing effortsthanks to two grant programs from the North DakotaDepartment of Commerce, Tourism Division. The EventsGrant Program and Marketing Grant Program provide amaximum of 5,000 in matching funds for promotion ofregional events and for specific tourism marketing detail.asp?newsID 459October 31: Discover arts of all forms in November, andsatisfy your senses with the performing arts, visual arts,and handmade crafts and foods. Begin your holiday giftshopping, as artisans begin displaying their works atshows all across North Dakota. .asp?newsID 460Rest Area Literature Rack Program informationLetters, guidelines and agreement forms for the Rest AreaLiterature Rack Program will be going out this month. If you arecurrently in the program or have contacted Tammy Backhausin the past year expressing interest, you will receive thisinformation. If you are interested in the program, please contactTammy at [email protected] or 701-328-2526.Regional meetings get high praiseKudos to Ramada Grand Dakota LodgeThe Tourism Division would like to recognize the RamadaGrand Dakota Lodge of Dickinson. According to manager ElaineMyran, it is working with the community to be aware of events,college athletic events and programs, and the popular traveltimes in the summer and hunting season to keep inventoryavailable for tourists and travelers. It will keep limited roomsavailable for late walk-ins and day-to-day visitors. THANK YOU!Please put us on your “safe list”A few industry partners have reported that some of theTourism Division staff’s emails are being filtered intojunk-mail folders. To prevent this from happening, please besure to add us to your “safe list.”The Tourism Division staff hit the road in October andNovember to help tourism operators, marketers andentrepreneurs with ideas to attract more visitors. Regionalworkshops were held in Linton, Carrington, Bottineau, Draytonand Regent. Thanks to local hosts who provided meeting spaceand invited travel partners from around the region.The Tourism Division staff facilitated roundtable discussionson the following topics: social media (intro or intermediate),tourism development, on-line marketing (basic, advanced), grantprograms, hosting familiarization trips, packaging, cooperativeopportunities and brochure distribution. More than 60individuals attended these events, which offered an opportunityto tap into the resources provided by North Dakota Tourism andnetwork with other tourism-related entities.Merchandise salesNorth Dakota Tourism frequently has sales on merchandise,which are shared via Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to sharethese sales with your friends and followers. This month, allsweatshirts and jackets will be 20 percent off the regular price,plus free shipping (online only). need your milestonesIs your event, attraction or community celebrating a specialmilestone in 2012? Do you have something new, expandedor opening in 2012? The Tourism Division is seeking thisinformation to include in media pitches, press releases andsocial media. Please send information to Public and MediaRelations Manager Kim Schmidt at [email protected] Otte Coleman,

North Dakota Tourism DivisionNovember 2011Marketing and event grants announcedThe Tourism Division has announced the recipients of thisyear’s Events Grant Program and Marketing Grant Program.Events GrantRecipients of the Events Grant Program, which provides amaximum of 5,000 to communities and event promoterswanting to regionally promote their 2012 tourism-related event: Icelandic Communities Association, Mountain, for the Deuce ofAugust Icelandic Celebration Legendary Adventures New Discoveries, Watford City, for theMaah Daah Hey 100 Race North Valley Arts Council, Grand Forks, for the Grand CitiesArts Festival Fort Abraham Lincoln Foundation, Mandan, for the Fort LincolnHaunted Fort Devils Lake Area Convention & Visitors Bureau for the DevilsRun Car Show Red River Zoo, Fargo, for the Northern Wildlife Film Festival Cavalier Retail and Services Association for the CavalierMotorcycle Ride-InMarketing GrantRecipients of the Marketing Grant Program, which provides amaximum of 5,000 to develop marketing materials to promotean experience, activity or place unique to North Dakota: Coteau des Prairies Lodge, Rutland, for marketing of a newguest lodge currently under construction Turtle Mountain Tourism Association forthe International Adventure Trail birdingprogram. Red River Zoo, Fargo, for the “Legend ofthe Wolf” package Hatton-Eielson Museum, Hatton, forwebsite and marketing development North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame,Medora, for website development Greater Grand Forks Community Theaterfor marketing its programming to theCanadian market Prairie Village Museum, Rugby, fortargeted marketing Kickstands Up, Wilton, for a statewidemotorcycle map Lewis and Clark Riverboat for targeted group tour marketingA total of 69,100 was awarded between the two programs.Grant recipients will receive 25 percent of the grant moneywithin 90 days. The remaining 75 percent will be paid followingthe event or completed marketing project.Recipients of the 2012 Infrastructure and Expansion Grantswill be announced in November.For more information on tourism grants, contact Dean Ihla withNorth Dakota Tourism at 701-328-3505 or [email protected] Otte Coleman,

North Dakota Tourism DivisionNovember 2011Tourism Quarterly ReportArea rterPercentChange11-102011Yearto DatePercentChangeYTD 11-10State k Visitors319,588305,5525%494,244-8%Website New ,192,0641,208,773-1%2,686,392-6%Local ing Tax 1,715,445.97 1,384,267.6424% 4,134,876.8222%N.D. AirportPassengers223,819210,9926%639,0727%Canadian BorderCrossings180,774184,757-2%509,7230%July: 85.9%July: 78.8%July: 9.0%Aug: 89.6%Aug: 79.0%Aug: 13.4%Sept: 85.2%Sept: 74.7%Sept: 14.1%July: 91.11July: 81.56July: 11.7%Aug: 93.44Aug: 80.71Aug: 15.8%Sept: 92.39Sept: 80.84Sept: 14.3%StatewideHotelOccupancy RateStatewideAverageRoom RateRevPARTaxable Salesand Purchases tRecreation 20,845,1962nd Quarter 2011 21,779,6602nd Quarter 2010Food Services,Food Services,Accommodations Accommodations 354,470,9022nd Quarter 2011 319,474,9382nd Quarter 201074.9%9.2% 88.2415.4% 52.4526.0%-4%11%State Park: Cross Ranch, Ft. Ransom, Ft. Stevenson, Grahams Island, Icelandic, Indian Hills, Lake Metigoshe, Lake Sakakawea, Lewis &Clark, Turtle River, Ft. Lincoln, Beaver Lake, Little Missouri and Sully Creek.National Park: Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Knife River Indian Villages, Fort Union.Major Attractions: Alerus Center, Badlands Trail Run, Bismarck Civic Center, Bismarck Marathon, Bison Sports Arena, Bully Pulpit GolfCourse, Camp Hancock, CANDISC, Chahinkapa Zoo, Chateau de Mores, Missouri Yellowstone Confluence Center/Fort Buford, Custer House/Indian Villages, Dakota Dinosaur Museum, Dakota Gasification, Antelope Valley, Coteau, Dakota Territory Air Museum, Edgewood MunicipalGolf Course, Rose Creek Golf Course, El Zagal Golf Course, Osgood Golf Course, Prairiewood Municipal Golf Course, Des Lacs NWR, Fargo AirMuseum, Fargo Civic Center, Fargodome, Former’s Governor’s Mansion, Fort Abercrombie SHS, Fort Clark SHS, Fort Totten SHS, Gateway toScience, Gingras Trading Post, Heritage Center, Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County, In