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ContentsSetting Up Your Inspiron Laptop 5Display Features 21Before Setting Up Your Computer 5Removing and Replacing the Battery 22Connect the AC Adapter 6Software Features 23Check the Wireless Switch 6Solving Problems 26Connect the Network Cable (optional) 7Network Problems 26Press the Power Button 7Power Problems 28Microsoft Windows Setup 8Memory Problems 29Connect to the Internet (Optional) 8Lockups and Software Problems 30Using Your Inspiron Laptop 12Dell Support Center 33Device Status Lights 12System Messages 33Right Side Features 14Using Support Tools 33Left Side Features 16Hardware Troubleshooter 35Front Side Features 18Dell Diagnostics 36Computer Base and Keyboard Features 19System Restore 38Media Controls 203

ContentsRestoring Your Operating System 39Windows XP: Using Dell PC Restore 40Windows Vista: Dell Factory ImageRestore 42Operating System Reinstallation 43Technical Support and CustomerService 45Getting Help 46DellConnect 46Online Services 46AutoTech Service 47Product Information 48Returning Items for Repair UnderWarranty or for Credit 48Before You Call 49Contacting Dell 504Finding More Information andResources 52Basic Specifications 54Index 64

This section provides information aboutsetting up your Inspiron 1525/1526 laptop andconnecting peripherals.Before Setting Up Your ComputerWhen positioning your computer, ensure thatyou allow easy access to a power source,adequate ventilation, and a level surface toplace your computer.Restricting airflow around your Inspironcomputer may cause it to overheat. To preventoverheating ensure that you leave at least10.2 cm (4 in) at the back of the computer and aminimum of 5.1 cm (2 in) on all other sides. Youshould never put your computer in an enclosedspace, such as a cabinet or drawer when it ispowered on.NOTICE: Placing or stacking heavy or sharpobjects on the computer may result inpermanent damage to the computer.5INSPIRONSetting Up Your Inspiron Laptop

Setting Up Your Inspiron LaptopConnect the AC AdapterCheck the Wireless SwitchConnect the AC adapter to the computer andthen plug it into a wall outlet or surge protector.If you plan to use wireless connections, makesure the wireless switch is in the “On” position.Using The Wireless SwitchCAUTION: The AC adapter works withelectrical outlets worldwide. However,power connectors and power strips varyamong countries. Using an incompatiblecable or improperly connecting the cable toa power strip or electrical outlet may causefire or equipment damage.6To turn on the wireless switch, slide it from therear to the front of the computer until it clicksinto place.- Off- On- Momentary

Setting Up Your Inspiron LaptopConnect the Network Cable(optional)Press the Power ButtonIf you plan to use a wired network connection,plug in the network cable.7

Setting Up Your Inspiron LaptopMicrosoft Windows SetupYour Dell computer is preconfigured withMicrosoft Windows operating system. Toset up Windows for the first time, follow theinstructions on the screen. These steps aremandatory and may take up to 15 minutes tocomplete. The screens will take you throughseveral procedures including accepting licenseagreements, setting preferences and setting upan Internet connection.NOTICE: Do not interrupt the operatingsystem’s setup process. Doing so mayrender your computer unusable.8Connect to the Internet (Optional)NOTE: ISPs and ISP offerings vary bycountry.To connect to the Internet, you need an externalmodem or network connection and an Internetservice provider (ISP).Setting Up a Wired Internet ConnectionIf you are using a dial-up connection, connectthe telephone line to the external USB modem(optional) and to the telephone wall jackbefore you set up your Internet connection.If you are using a DSL or cable/satellite modemconnection, contact your ISP or cellulartelephone service for setup instructions.

Setting Up Your Inspiron LaptopSetting Up a Wireless ConnectionBefore you can use your wireless Internetconnection, you need to connect to yourwireless router. To set up your connection to awireless router:1. Save and close any open files, and exit anyopen programs.2. Click Start Connect To.3. Follow the instructions on the screen tocomplete the setup.Setting Up Your Internet ConnectionTo set up an Internet connection with a providedISP desktop shortcut:1. Save and close any open files, and exit anyopen programs.2. Double-click the ISP icon on the Microsoft Windows desktop.3. Follow the instructions on the screen tocomplete the setup.If you do not have an ISP icon on your desktopor if you want to set up an Internet connectionwith a different ISP, perform the steps in thefollowing section.NOTE: If you cannot connect to the Internetbut have successfully connected in thepast, the ISP might have a service outage.Contact your ISP to check the servicestatus, or try connecting again later.NOTE: Have your ISP information ready.If you do not have an ISP, the Connect tothe Internet wizard can help you get one.Windows Vista1. Save and close any open files, and exit anyopen programs.2. Click Start Control Panel.3. Under Network and Internet, click Connectto the Internet.The Connect to the Internet window appears.9

Setting Up Your Inspiron Laptop4. Click either Broadband (PPPoE) or Dial-up,depending on how you want to connect:a. Choose Broadband if you will use aDSL, satellite modem, cable TV modem,or Bluetooth wireless technologyconnection.b. Chose Dial-up if you will use an optionalUSB dial-up modem or ISDN.NOTE: If you do not know which type ofconnection to select, click Help me chooseor contact your ISP.5. Follow the instructions on the screen anduse the setup information provided by yourISP to complete the setup.Windows XP1. Save and close any open files, and exit anyopen programs.2. Click Start Internet Explorer.The New Connection Wizard appears.103. Click Connect to the Internet.4. In the next window, click the appropriateoption:––If you do not have an ISP and want toselect one, click Choose from a list ofInternet service providers (ISPs).––If you have already obtained setupinformation from your ISP but you didnot receive a setup CD, click Set up myconnection manually.––If you have a CD, click Use the CD I gotfrom an ISP.5. Click Next.If you selected Set up my connectionmanually, continue to step 6. Otherwise,follow the instructions on the screen tocomplete the setup.NOTE: If you do not know which type ofconnection to select, contact your ISP.

Setting Up Your Inspiron Laptop6. Click the appropriate option under How doyou want to connect to the Internet?, andthen click Next.7. Use the setup information provided by yourISP to complete the setup.11

INSPIRONUsing Your Inspiron LaptopYour Inspiron 1525/1526 has several indicators,buttons, and features that provide informationat-a-glance and time-saving shortcuts forcommon tasks.Device Status LightsThe device status lights located at the front leftof the computer provide information for wirelesscommunication and keyboard input options.1Power light – Turns on when youturn on the computer, and blinks when thecomputer is in a power managementmode.2Hard drive activity light – Turnson when the computer reads or writesdata. A flashing light indicates hard driveactivity.NOTE: To avoid loss of data, neverturn off the computer while the harddrive activity light is flashing.31122345Battery status light – Turns onsteadily or blinks to indicate batterycharge status.

Using Your Inspiron Laptop4WiFi status light – Turns on whenwireless networking is enabled.Use the wireless switch located at the,right side of the computer to quickly turnall wireless communication on and off.Using The Wireless SwitchTo turn off Bluetooth wireless, right-clickthe bluetooth icon in the notificationarea of your desktop, and click DisableBluetooth Radio or use the wirelessswitch.To turn on the wireless switch, slide itaway from the front of the computer until itclicks into place.- Off- On- Momentary5Bluetooth status light – Turns onwhen a card with Bluetooth wirelesstechnology is enabled.NOTE: The card with Bluetoothwireless technology is an optionalfeature.13

Using Your Inspiron LaptopRight Side Features1Wireless On/Off switch – Use thisswitch to rapidly turn all wireless devicesoff or on such as WLAN cards and internalcards with Bluetooth wireless technology.The wireless switch may be in the Offposition when your computer is shipped toyou. To turn the switch On, slide the switchaway from the front of the computer until itclicks into place.6541237- Off- On- MomentaryNOTE: This switch can be deactivatedthrough Dell QuickSet or the BIOS(system setup program).Off - Disables wireless devicesOn - Enables wireless devicesmomentary - Scans for WLANnetworks14

Using Your Inspiron Laptop2 Wi-Fi Catcher light The light operates as follows:Flashing blue: Searching for networksSolid blue: Strong network foundSolid yellow: Weak network foundOff: No signal found6 S-video TV-out connector – Connects yourcomputer to a TV. Also connects digitalaudio-capable devices using the TV/digitalaudio adapter cable.7USB 2.0 connectors (2) – Connects aUSB device, such as a mouse, keyboard,printer, external drive, or MP3 player.ExpressCard slot – Supports oneExpressCard. The computer ships with aplastic blank installed in the slot.4 Optical Drive – Plays or burns onlystandard-size and shape (12 cm) CDs, andDVDs. Ensure that the side with print orwriting is facing upward when insertingdiscs.5 Eject Button – Press the eject button toopen the optical drive.315

Using Your Inspiron LaptopLeft Side Features1 Security cable slot – Used to attach acommercially available antitheft device tothe computer.NOTE: Before you buy an antitheftdevice, ensure that it works with thesecurity cable slot on your computer.91162 345 672AC adapter connector – Connects tothe AC adapter to power the computer andcharge the battery when the computer isnot in use.3USB connectors (2)– Connects to aUSB device, such as a mouse, keyboard,printer, external drive, or MP3 player.4VGA connector – Connects to amonitor or projector.5Network connector – If you areusing a cabled network signal, thisconnects your computer to a network orbroadband device.8

Using Your Inspiron Laptop6Modem connector – Connect thetelephone line to the modem connector.For information on using the modem, seethe online modem documentation suppliedwith your computer.7HDMI connector – HDMI (HighDefinition Multimedia Interface) connectorcarries an uncompressed all digital signalto produce hi-definition video and audio.IEEE 1394 connector – Connects tohigh-speed serial multimedia devices,such as digital video cameras.9 Hard Drive – Stores software and data.817

Using Your Inspiron LaptopFront Side Features142181 Touch pad – Provides the functionality ofa mouse to move the cursor, drag or moveselected items, and left-click by tappingthe surface.2 Touch pad buttons – Provide left- andright-click functions those on like a mouse3 Consumer IR – Infrared sensor for usingthe Dell Travel Remote.34567Audio Out/ Headphone connectors (2)– Connects one pair of headphones, orsends audio to a powered speaker orsound system.5Audio In/ Microphone connector –Connects to a microphone or input signalfor use with audio programs.6 Analog Microphone – If you do not havethe optional built-in camera with dualmicrophones, this single microphone isused for conferencing and chat.

Using Your Inspiron Laptop7 SD/MMC - MS/Pro - xD8-in-1 Media card reader – Provides afast and convenient way to view andshare digital photos, music, videos, anddocuments stored on the following digitalmemory cards: Secure digital (SD) memory card SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity)card Multi Media Card (MMC) Memory Stick Memory Stick PRO xD-Picture Card (type - M and type - H)Computer Base and KeyboardFeatures211 Keyboard – The settings for this keyboardcan be personalized by using DellQuickSet. For more information, see theDell Technology Guide.2 Media Controls – Controls CD, DVD, andmedia playback.19

Using Your Inspiron LaptopMedia ControlsTo use the media controls, press the button and then release.Play the previous track or chapterMute the soundStopTurn down the volumePlay or pauseTurn up the volumePlay the next track or chapter20

Using Your Inspiron LaptopDisplay FeaturesThe display panel holds an optional camera andaccompanying dual microphones.123451 Left digital array microphone – Combineswith the right digital array microphoneto provide high quality sound for videochatting and voice recording.2 Camera activity indicator (optional) – Lightthat indicates when the camera is on anoff. Based on selections you made whenpurchasing your computer, your computermay not include a camera.3 Camera (optional) – Built-in camera forvideo capture, conferencing, and chat.Based the on selections you made whenpurchasing your computer, your computermay not include a camera.4 Right digital array microphone – Combineswith the left digital array microphoneto provide high quality sound for videochatting and voice recording.5 Display – Your display can vary based onselections you made when purchasingyour computer. For more information aboutdisplays, see the Dell Technology Guide.21

Using Your Inspiron LaptopRemoving and Replacing theBatteryCAUTION: Using an incompatible batterymay increase the risk of fire or explosion.This computer should only use a batterypurchased from Dell. Do not use batteriesfrom other computers.CAUTION: Before removing the battery,shut down the computer, and removeexternal cables (including the AC adapter).To remove the battery:1. Shut down the computer and turn it over.2. Slide the battery release latch until it clicksinto place.3. Slide the battery out.22To replace the battery, slide it into the bay until itclicks into place.

Using Your Inspiron LaptopSoftware FeaturesNOTE: For more information about thefeatures described in this section, seethe Dell Technology Guide on your harddrive or on the Dell Support website and CommunicationYou can use your computer to createpresentations, brochures, greeting cards, fliers,and spreadsheets. You can also edit and viewdigital photographs and images. Check yourpurchase order for software installed on yourcomputer.After connecting to the Internet, you can accesswebsites, setup an e-mail account, upload anddownload files, and so on.Entertainment and MultimediaYou can use your computer to watch videos,play games, create your own CDs, listen tomusic and internet radio stations. Your opticaldisc drive may support multiple disc mediaformats including CDs and DVDs.You can download or copy pictures and videofiles from portable devices, such as digitalcameras and cell phones. Optional softwareapplications enable you to organize and createmusic and video files that can be recorded todisc, saved on portable products such as MP3players and handheld entertainment devices, orplayed and viewed directly on connected TVs,projectors, and home theater equipment.Customizing the Desktop in Windows VistaYou can customize your desktop to change theappearance, resolution, wallpaper, screensaver,and so on by accessing the Personalizeappearance and sounds window.To access the display properties window:1. Right-click an open area of the desktop.2. Click Personalize, to open the Personalizeappearance and sounds window and learnmore about your customization options.23

Using Your Inspiron LaptopCustomizing the Desktop in Windows XPCustomizing Your Energy SettingsYou can customize your desktop to change theappearance, resolution, wallpaper, screensaver,and so on by accessing the Display Propertieswindow.You can use the power options in your operatingsystem to configure the power settings on yourcomputer. Microsoft Windows Vista providesthree default options:To access the display properties window:1. Right-click an open area of the desktop.2. Click Properties, to open the DisplayProperties window and learn more aboutyour customization options. Balanced — This power option offers fullperformance when you need it and savespower during periods of inactivity. Power saver — This power option savespower on your computer by reducing systemperformance to maximize the life of thecomputer and by reducing the amount ofenergy consumed by your computer over itslifetime. High performance — This power optionprovides the highest level of systemperformance on your comp