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The Comforts of HomeAt Sunrise Senior Living, each community is a uniquehome. We emphasize comfortable, convenientenvironments, from beautiful spaces to layoutsdesigned for seniors’ needs. It’s one of the many thingsthat make Sunrise the best choice in senior living.Sunrise has created this design guide to help createinviting, comfortable personal spaces within yourhome and in our communities. Our team of interiordesign experts partnered with HGTV host andprofessional designer Emily Henderson to addressdesign needs that include: Planning a Smooth TransitionStrategies for Safety and ComfortDesign Solutions for Aging EyesightCreating Familiar Spaces for Memory SupportMaking Your Space UniqueLook for Emily’s senior-friendly design tips as youexplore this guide.About EmilyEmily Henderson is the Season 5 winnerof HGTV’s Design Star, and now hosts thechannel’s Secrets from a Stylist. In eachepisode, she customizes a room layer by layer,creating a style unique to the occupant.Emily owns a design firm and writes the styleblog, whereshe shares daily style secrets, trends andpersonal stories.23

pl anning aSunrise suggests this approach to furniture placement inour typical one-bedroom suite:Smooth TransitionLegendA. BedFDAt Sunrise, we do everything we can to ease each resident’stransition to their new home. Moving to a senior living communitymay be the right decision, but it can also be stressful. Meeting newneighbors, sleeping in a new bedroom and learning the ins and outsof the community takes time.ACBEC. DresserD. ChairE. End TableF. UpholsteredChairsG. Ottoman/Coffee TableH. TV ConsoleTips for DownsizingI. Dining TableOver time, we all accumulate furniture, clothing and a variety ofpersonal items. Moving is a good opportunity to identify what’s trulyimportant to keep—and offer the rest to friends and family, or donateto a charitable organization.J. Dining ChairsJIDon’t get the specifics on the size and layout of thenew home. Plan to bring only those items that willfit comfortably.J make packing decisions alone. Enlist someonewho’s less emotionally attached to items that mightnot fit or be useful in a smaller home. create a must-have list tailored to favorite dailyactivities—for example, avid readers may want toinclude bookshelves. leave loved ones out of the process. If you’rehelping a senior move to a new community, let themmake as many decisions as possible. get creative. Recreate the look of a previous homewith fewer pieces, such as the loveseat (instead of theentire sofa set and chair). waste money on new accessories. Sentimentalphotos, art, blankets and other mementos make a newhome feel familiar.Dine with Multipurpose in Mind. Addflexibility with a dining table that has drop-leafsides or shelves for extra storage.4GFWe encourage our residents to express their personal taste and styleby bringing their own furniture and decorating their new apartment—right down to the paint color.DoHB. NightstandStylize Your Storage. Disguise storage in a chic ottoman with hiddencompartments. Add a tray to the top and it becomes a coffee table, orplace it at the foot of the bed with a stylish throw for extra seating.Photo courtesy ofPottery Barn 5

Create Chair Rail Chic.Disguise a handrail as achair rail design element.Paint the top half of thewall a lighter color thanthe bottom, and installthe handrail where thecolors meet. The result:sophistication and safety!S t r at e g i e s f o rSafety and ComfortSunrise champions quality of life for seniors—and safetyis a primary concern. Many seniors face physical challengeslike limited mobility, balance, sight and hearing. Keep thesetips in mind when decorating a new home:Finesse the Furniture. Place major pieces so they can beused for balance while moving through the room, and keeppathways clear—particularly if walkers or wheelchairsare necessary.Improve Access. Place frequently used items in waist-highcabinets and drawers. Keep phones near beds and sittingareas. Situate lamps for unrestricted access, and ensureswitches are easy to operate. Switch dresser knobs to drawerpulls for easier grip.Prevent Falls. Avoid unsecured scatter rugs. All rugsshould be non-slip and contrast in color with the flooringbeneath. Tuck electrical cords behind furniture or use cablemanagement products, which are available in most officesupply stores.Increase Visibility. Create strong contrasts in color betweenmajor pieces of furniture, walls, drapes and floors. During theday, allow as much natural light as possible in living areas. Atnight, illuminate the path between bed and bathroom withmotion-sensor nightlights.Create a Fall-Proof Bathroom. Place seating in front of thesink and in the shower for easy, comfortable grooming. Installnon-slip strips on the shower floor and grab bars near theshower, tub and toilet.6Couch it in Comfort. Startwith a great sofa that’s bothfunctional and stylish. Avoidcouches and chairs that are lowand deep—they may seemcomfy, but can be hard to getin and out of. Also, nothingtoo delicate; think sturdy, wellproportioned and upholsteredfor easy leaning.Get Well Rounded.Round furniturekeeps layouts openand airy—and avoidsthe hazard of sharpcorners. Rectangularglass-top tables arealso hard to spot andcan cause injuries.7

Light the Way. Putsconces near the bed tofree up nightstand spaceand prevent fumbling forthe switch. Paper or fabricshades eliminate harshlight that causes eyestrain.Tuck away cords to avoidtripping hazards.Design Solutions for Aging EyesightSunrise encourages and empowers independence. Our visuallyimpaired residents will find it easier to navigate on their own with thehelp of these design tips:12Create strong color contrasts between major pieces of furniture,walls, drapes and floors. The same applies to different piecesof bedding—and even in the bathroom, where the toilet seatshould be noticeably darker or lighter than the floor.Outline windows with curtain fabrics that stand out fromthe walls. Add cording to couches and chairs to betterdefine these pieces.3Natural light not only helps keep things visible—it improvessleep cycles.4Keep reading areas well lit. Adhesive under-cabinet lightingin the kitchen helps with food preparation as well.5Did you know that aging eyes are less able to distinguish bluesand greens? Keep the color palette warm with reds and golds.678Nightlights and motion-sensor lights—especially between thebedroom and bathroom—make for easier navigation andreduce the risk of falls.Sunrise offers The View, a unique design programfor our residents with vision challenges. The Viewpackage consists of design elements such as darkcurtains to outline windows, light switch plates thatcontrast with the walls, large-print wall calendars,talking clocks and large-button phones.Benjamin Moore #1481Half Moon CrestArtwork and other accessories should be bright, crisp and clear.Position reflective furniture to minimize glare. Avoid glass-toptables, which reflect light and can also be difficult to see indim rooms.Benjamin Moore #210Leap of FaithBenjamin Moore #2057-20Galapagos Turquoise8Create ColorfulContrasts. Wall colors canbe the most importantdecorating element ina room, and contrast iskey. Walls, trim and floorsshould all stand out fromeach other. Neutral orwarm palettes are bestfor a decline in eyesight.9

Tastec r e at i n g FAMI L IAR S PAC E S FORMemory Support Primary colors enhance appetite.Solid yellow bowls and dishescontrast best with food. Cups and bowls with two handlesimprove ease of use. No faking—plastic fruits, vegetables,or even berries on silk plants can beconfused with real food.At Sunrise, we know that Alzheimer’s disease and other forms ofmemory loss affect every one of our residents differently. Ourteam values each senior’s individual needs. We believe the homeenvironment can also be a therapeutic tool to create security, promoteself esteem and engage the senses.SmellSight Familiar photos and meaningfuldécor can spark memoriesand conversation. Familiar, pleasant scents likecoffee or popcorn can serve ascalming aromatherapy. While flame candles present a firehazard, scented electric candlesmimic the flicker of a real flameand release a pleasant aroma. Busy patterns can createfrustration and confusion; avoiddesigns with dark spots that maybe misinterpreted as dirt or holes.Touch Textures stimulate memory;items upholstered withtouches of lace, fur and evendenim can evoke particularlife events. Tactile wall art encouragestouch and sparks conversation.10Sunrise offers Reminiscence Neighborhoods forour residents with memory loss. These secure areasincorporate many of the sensory elements mentioned here.Reminiscence Neighborhoods are also designed so thatresident suites are located next to living and dining areas,promoting easy navigation and social interaction.11

Making Your Space UniqueAt Sunrise, we hang a personalized shadowbox outside each suite to showcase residents’unique stories, talents and interests. Thepiece not only encourages conversation withneighbors—it also enhances our residents’feeling of familiarity and belonging.Above all, Sunrise builds and designs its communities to warmlywelcome each and every resident. Once safety, convenience andoverall support are incorporated into the design, it’s time for the funpart: individual style.Let Personality Shine Décor should reflect the resident’s tastes and interests—from quilting to figurine collections to favorite artists. Personalized interiors also provide conversation startersfor visitors.Encourage Social Interaction Ensure plenty of guest seating. Group furniture in a way that encourages conversation,such as placing seating in a semicircle. Display interesting art, awards, photos and other personalitems in a way that sparks conversation. Stack photo albumswhere visitors will feel comfortable flipping through them.Use Simple, MeaningfulAccessories. Drape a handmadeblanket on a sofa, or fill decorativebaskets with favorite mementos.1213

Sunrise believes growing older doesn’t meanthat home should be any less comfortable, stylishor inviting. We encourage our residents and theirfamilies to use this guide to create homes thatcelebrate the past, present and future!For more tips from Sunrise and Emily Henderson, andto see a list of Emily’s recommended products, Wall Art. Everyone loves to see favorite memories displayed ontheir walls. Opt for larger, framed photos instead of small pictures. Choose apalette of frames and arrange in a grid for a beautiful impression.Give Bedding a Boost. Texture variety makes a bed warm and inviting.Balance the pillows at the top with a throw at the foot, and add cashmere,faux fur or chenille. Consider a soft, upholstered headboard for an inexpensiveway to create a rich look.1415

The Sunrise Design Team is a full-service,in-house interior design firm with expertise inaesthetically pleasing, functional and safe homedesign for seniors. With the utmost dedicationto our Principles of Service and Core Values,the team creates homes that incorporate: Thoughtfully selected design features, finishes,furniture, fabrics, window treatments and more Space planning and placement of lighting, artand accessories in a manner that best meetsseniors’ needs Full compliance with relevant building codesand furnishing standardsSunriseSeniorLiving.comQ2-DG-13 2013 Sunrise Senior Living, Inc. Printed in the USA