SUMMARYWHAT IS LEAN?Lean is a way to achieve continuous improvement and the best performanceon your daily schedule.In order to do that, a company must reduce wastes in all processes and areas.Three factors lead to success in implementing Lean in your company:1.52 weeks (each month have a Thema)2.Section of 8 pages per week3.Pag. 1: Training purpose4.Pag. 2-3: Leadership standard work purpose (weekly plan)1Culture: 90% is culture change. To achieve that, you have to be: Inspiring Interactive Innovative2Leaders: their behaviours and actions will influence all processes. You needto achieve from them commitment on: Lean transformation commitment on self-development Lead by example5. Have Gemba approachPag. 4: KPI review and related priories Drive vision and goals in real life6.Pag. 5-6-7: free notes7.Pag. 8: Weekly “Gemba walk on” coaching page3People: the team will identify and reduce wastes. In order to have everybodyon board, you have to: Engage Enable Enhance EmpowerW1Watch the related videoagenda lean Kaizen guida all'uso.indd 129/01/18 15:11QR code to related video

Weekly Task with clear dataWeekly Task with no clear dataJANUARY2018Weekly Activity Plan1 MondaySFEBRUARYJANUARY2 TuesdaySW Mo Tu We Th FrSa SuW Mo Tu We Th FrSa Su112367528910 11 12 13 1465315 16 17 18 19 20 21712 13 14 15 16 17 18422 23 24 25 26 27 28819 20 21 22 23 24 25529 30 31926 27 2843 Wednesday5S StatusS7:008:00Morning meet.Morning meet.Morning meet.910 11WhoDaily section reviewBudget reviewS5 FridayWhenStatusF.C. 5.1Team 5.1S6 SaturdaySMorning meet.Morning meet.1:1 John1:1 MikeGemba walkGemba walk9:00Andon “L 1”setupEscalation10:0011:00Root causemeet. review12:0013:0014:0084 Thursday8:0011:0012:00737:009:0010:0062Main EventsW4113:00Gemba walk 5SGemba walk KaizenGemba 9:0019:0020:0020:00agenda lean Kaizen guida all'uso.indd 229/01/18 15:11Track status of each actionPlanDoCheckActagenda lean Kaizen guida all'uso.indd 329/01/18 15:11

Daily KPI Tracking format(TGT Target)KPITGTMoTuWeThFrSaWhoWhenFree notes, 3 pages per weekSu0000SafetyPPM 19k 33k* 15k 30 k*Prod. plan 350u 360u 300u* 300u*Inventory 500u 450 200u* 200u*2u1u2u1uKaizenAbsenteeism5%3%2%2%Team/My Daily PriorityKPI1Mo2ActionPPM Setup “L 1”: training teamKaizen Expenses approval for implementationF.C. 2.1P.G. 3.1P.p. Recovery Q.ty by overtimeS.C. 3.1PPM Supplier review 100% inspectionP.Q. 3.1S.L. 3.1S.L. 3.1Status31Tu231We23P.p. Move HC To L2 to supply partsKaizen TPM ideas on machine “L 1”1Th231Fr231Sa231Su23agenda lean Kaizen guida all'uso.indd 4Plan29/01/18 15:11Priorities from KPI Gaps:Each day maximum 3 prioritiesDoCheckActagenda lean Kaizen guida all'uso.indd 529/01/18 15:11

EGeneral information area1. data2.critical KPI related2GEMBA WALK ON rgetActualNotes19k4.1PPM30k*Setup issue“L 1” OEE 85%83% FPY issue C/O TimeAssy Changeover 30 min. 45 min. Skill gap setup toolsAll line Breakdown 15 min./day 30 min./daySensor setupYAssessmentNX1 How many Kaizen ideas are implemented by a team on monthly basis?Few ideas on C/O (2 ideas implemented)X2 Is there a correlation between KPI gaps and Kaizen ideas?Ideas are focusing on gaps but few ones are raisedX3 Are all team members bringing improvement ideas?Only 3 membersX4 How many Kaizen events are planned in that area? What are the benefits expected?Not Kaizen plannedX5 Are Kaizen ideas shared across the entire organisation?2 ideas are coming from other linesX6 Are leaders promoting and leading Kaizen events?Engage leaders to promote Kaizen eventEach month 4 types of“Gemba walk on” coaching pages:Last page of 1 st weekGEMBA WALK ON KAIZENLast page of 2 nd weekGEMBA WALK ON STANDARDSLast page of 3 rd weekGEMBA WALK ON 5SACTION PLANDateActionWho4.1 Fix Kaizen events on C/O4.1 Engage team membersKPIPPMC/ORESULTSBefore30k45 min.agenda lean Kaizen guida all'uso.indd 6WhenStatusS.L. 8.1P.M. 10.1Last page of 4 th weekNoteGEMBA/KAIZEN/PDCAAfter19k30 min.Gemba walk check list:1. 6 main questions2. Each questions should drive to coaching and develop stable system3. Free spaces to take notes under each questions4. Action plan record and tracking with result monitoring29/01/18 15:11