MATH 181 ( Applied Calculus, Spring 2020)CLASS – Online starting on March 23Please go to for the rest of the course work.SectionTimePlace019:30-10:45 TRDHC1510211:00 – 12:15 TRDHC1510312:30 – 1:45 TRDHC151INSTRUCTORJi Young ChoiOffice : 278 MCTOffice Phone: 717) 477-1578Office Hour : 2-3 MTWRF at zoom (our zoom ID is available at mylabsplus/announcement)E-mail : [email protected] MATERIALText Book (optional) : Calculus and its applications, 11th edition, by Bittinger, Ellenbogen, Surgent, fromPearson & Prentice Hal PublishingOnline Material: access to homework and quizzes at (Please find aninstruction at )Calculator: TI-83 or any calculators are okay in class activities or quizzes. In the major exams, only scientificcalculators or basic calculators are allowed. No graphic/financial calculators are allowed in the major exams.Problem BankCOURSE DESCRIPTIONThis is designed for students in the College of Business, and covers differentiation and integration of functions ofa single variable with applications including graphing and simple optimization. Prerequisite: Grade of C orbetter in MAT 140 or advanced level placement. Course not open to students who have successfully(C or better) completed MAT211.SCHEDULE AND WEIGHTDateIssueFeb. 25Apr. 7 (postponed)To be announcedWeight TotalQuizzes, Homework, Class activities3030Exam 1 covers Chapter 1 and Section 4.170100Quizzes, Homework, Class activities30130Exam2 covers Chapter 2, 3, and 670200Quizzes, Homework, Class activities on Chapter 420220Final, cumulative80300There will be no classes on Mar. 10th &12th (spring break).

COURSE POLICIESOnline Assignments (Homework and Quizzes). Homework and quizzes will be on line at The deadline for each assignment will appear clearly on the list and itwould be impossible to accept the late assignment. You can redo homework assignments as many times asyou want before the deadline. However, you have only one chance for each quiz problem and you haveonly 50 minutes to complete each set of quiz problems.Make-ups. There will be no make-ups for any late assignment including tests, without providing proper thirdparty documentation for your absence (a letter from your coach, a form from the Dean, a memo from yourdoctor, etc.). To have a make-up, it is your responsibility to contact me immediately, at least 1 hour beforethe following class time, in order to make a schedule for the time and place. Just emailing me to inform yourabsence is not enough: make sure to get a confirmation reply from me to schedule your make-ups.Grades. The total score will be considered as 300. Your letter grade will be given as the following percentagescale (or in terms of the total score scale):A 90 A- 87 B 83 B 80 B- 77 C 73 C 70 D 60 Fi.e.A 270 A- 261 B 249 B 240 B- 231 C 219 C 210 D 180 FEXPECTATIONSAttendance. Regular attendance and participation is extremely important to determine your success in thisclass. You will get the most benefit from the lectures and homework, and there will be pop quizzes andattendance checks almost every day. If for some reason you are absent from class, it is your responsibilityto get notes from a fellow student, and to find out what the homework assignments were. Any action whichdisturbs your classmates or interrupts the lecture is unacceptable. In particular, no electronic devices (cellphones, pagers, personal tape/CDplayers, etc.) are allowed in class. Turn off and put away all such devicesbefore entering the room.Homework. Working with your classmates is good, but you have to make it as yours, i.e. you have to understandwhat you did in your homework, and you have to know how to reproduce the answer without reading it, ifasked, i.e. do not just copy others' work. If you just copy others, your homework score may be high, but youmay not succeed in this course, because your quiz and exam scores may be low and their weights are muchheavier than homework’s.Study your own. Between classes, you are expected to read the text book as well as your notes. You could haveeasily understood the materials in class but it would become difficult to understand after a while. Therefore, Istrongly encourage you to read the book and study your notes after each class as soon as possible. 9 hoursper week is the least amount of time you should spend to study for this class outside of the classroom.Record. Keep every class notes, quizzes, tests, and any additional handouts. All of them will help you do betterin every test including final.Internet. Check your e-mail and MyLabsPlus regularly, especially before the test or the homework deadline.Calculator. TI-83 or any calculators are okay in class activities or quizzes. In the major exams, only scientificcalculators or basic calculators are allowed. No graphic/financial calculators are allowed in the major exams.

CAMPUS RESOURCES AND POLICIESMath Department Tutoring Center. MCT252 & DHC140Learning Center. Mowrey HallThe College of Arts & Sciences Advising Center (CASA). DHC 216, CASA is a walk-in office that offersseveral types of academic support, from advice and help on time management, test anxiety, and study skills todiscussions about what major might be right for you. Spring 2020 hours are Mon-Friday from 9 to 4. You can alsoemail ([email protected]) or call (717-477-1150) to set up a time to meet with a success coach or faculty advisor.Office of Accessibility Resources. Shippensburg University welcomes students with disabilities into all of theUniversity's educational programs and strives to make all learning experiences as accessible as possible. Anystudent who feels they may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact the Officeof Accessibility Resources (OAR) to discuss specific needs. OAR is located in Mowrey Hall 252 and can bereached by phone at (717) 477-1364 or via email at [email protected] The office’s website is order to receive consideration for reasonable accommodations, you must provide documentation and participatein an intake meeting. If the documentation supports your request, the Office of Accessibility Resources willprovide you with an Accommodation Notification Form. OAR encourages you to share your notification formwith your instructors and discuss your accommodations with them as early in your courses as possible. You mustsubmit a request for a new notification form each semester that you request accommodations.If you are a student who has been identified by the Office of Disability Services as requiring special arrangementsfor test-taking or note-taking, you will be accommodated. Please contact me privately so that we may make thesearrangements.Title IX. Shippensburg University and its faculty are committed to assuring a safe and productive educationalenvironment for all students. In order to meet this commitment and to comply with Title IX of the EducationAmendments of 1972 and guidance from the Office for Civil Rights, the University requires faculty members toreport incidents of sexual violence shared by students to the University's Title IX Coordinator.The only exceptions to faculty members’ reporting obligations are when incidents of sexual violence arecommunicated by students during classroom discussions, in writing assignments for class, or as part ofUniversity-approved research projects. Faculty members are obligated to report allegations of sexual violence orany other abuse of a student who was, or is, a child (a person under 18 years of age) when the abuse allegedlyoccurred. Such reporting must be made to the Shippensburg University Police (717-477-1444), the Department ofHuman Services (DHS) at 800-932-0313, and the University’s Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs(717-477-1308).Information regarding the reporting of sexual violence and the resources that are available to victims of sexualviolence are set forth at: More/Sexual Misconduct/Sexual Misconduct Information/Non-Discrimination Statement and Name Policy. Shippensburg University is committed to creating anenvironment free of discrimination for all of its students, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin,disability, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity. If you feel that you have been the victim ofdiscrimination anywhere on campus, please let me know immediately. I am personally committed to creating asafe and welcoming learning environment in my classroom for all students. If your name differs from the onelisted on the official course roster, let me know; I will use your name (or if you prefer, a nickname) wheneverpossible in all communications with you.

Tentative Course CalendarAdjustments and updates to the course schedule, due to inclement weather or other unforeseen events, will be announced in class.STUDENT LEARNING OBJECTIVES - TSWBT (the student will be able to):Wk Section and TopicAssignments ister for MyMathLab1.3 Average Rates ofChange1.4 Definition ofDerivatives, Graphicaland Numericalderivatives, intro21.5 Power Rule andSum-DifferenceRules31.6 Product andQuotient Rules1.7 The Chain Rule1.8 Higher-OrderDerivatives3.5 The Derivatives of axand log a x4.1 Antiderivatives45678910111213 (Review) Find the slope and the y-intercept to find a linear function (Review) Use function notation and evaluate functions Find the average rate of change (polynomial, with degree no higher than 3)algebraically, numerically, and graphically. Interpret the average rate of change for a given application. (Review) Graph linear functions, including restricting quadrants Find an approximation of derivative by looking at a graph or table. Refer to the instant rate of change, slope of tangent line, or a marginalfunction as derivative Find the instantaneous rate of change: algebraically, numerically, andgraphically (Review) Use exponent rules (Review) Simplify rational expressions Find the derivative for a polynomial function Find the marginal revenue/cost/profit given total revenue, cost, or profit Find the slope and an equation of tangent line Find the derivative of a product or quotient of two functions Apply the chain rule to find the derivative of a function formed in f(g(x)).2.2 ConcavityPretest - ThursdayCheck out your Really-EarlyWarning grade based on your HWand quizzes through SSC. Find the second derivative of a function Find the derivatives & anti-derivatives of ax and log a x Apply the chain rule to find the derivative of eg(x) and ln g(x) Find anti-derivatives of polynomial functions Describe the meaning of the derivatives: slope, margin, rate of change Review for the exam 12.1 Using 1st Derivativesto find Max/Min valuesHW: every week onlineQuiz: every day in class(Review) Use interval notation(Review) Solving quadraticsIdentify whether a function is increasing or decreasing using the derivativeFind the critical values and critical points for a function and evaluate thefunction at that point Find the relative maximum or minimum values of a function Continue 2.1 Identify whether a function is concave up or down Exam 1 – TuesdaySpring break2.4 Absolute Max/Min2.5 Max-MinApplications6.1 Functions of severalvariables6.2 Partial derivatives6.3 maximum- minimumProblems of twovariables4.1 Antiderivatives144.2 Antiderivatives asareas4.3 Area and definiteintegrals4.3 Average value1516ReviewFinal Find the maximum or minimum using the derivatives Find the maximum or minimum values of Revenue, Profit, Cost in applicationproblemsContinue 2.5Evaluate multivariate functionsFind partial derivatives of a multivariate function(Review) Solve a system of linear equations: finding an intersection of twolines algebraically and graphically Continue 6.2 Find the relative minimum or the relative maximum of a function of severalvalues using D-test Review for the exam 2 Find the most general antiderivative of polynomial and exponential functions Find the total revenue/profit/cost function given marginalrevenue/profit/cost. (Review) Find the area of a rectangle and a triangle Approximate the value of a definite integral using Riemann sums Represent a definite integral as an accumulation of small amounts (not justarea, but revenue, cost, and profit) Use the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus to evaluate definite integrals. More on definite integrals Find the average value of a functionExam 2 - Tuesday Review for finals Final exam is a cumulative exam. The date will be announced later.Final Exam