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Us« Yillow Pms lidix Alberta Government Telephones 1987Tanning—TaxicabsTanning Salons (Cont'd)Tax Return Preparation (Cont'd) Tax Return Preparation (Cont'd) TaxicabsFUNTAN'BENTAX' Tbk Returns PreparedSILVER SOLARIUM TANNING BEDSSHOWERS STEAM BATH Refunds Purcftased, Cash Within Days LADIES ONLY 4217SIS--Phone For location Nearest YouLethbridge 320-0821HAIR CHALET1813 20 AvCoaldale 345-2194JUST FOR YOU HAIRSTYLES74s 1 St WMagrath 758-63S0Tanfastic Boutique315 6 St sLethbridge 320-7800(See Our Display Advertisement)1016 3 AvSBISKAN ACCOUNTING &BOOKKEEPING SERVICES216 26 St SLethbridge 320-8000West Tan Salon680 Columbia Blvd w(See Our Display Advertisement)Tapes-Taber 223-3221Tapes—Sound PrerecordedClaresitolm Taxi 8c TowIimBLOCK H & R INCOME TAX SERVICE52155AVWaareshoim 625-3733 CSflrcsiwfcn325 5St SLethbridge 329-3632(See Our Display Advertisement)Block H & R Income Tax Service5016 48 AvTaber 223-4555 DOUBLE S TAXIDIANA'S TRUCKIN' ON TAX SERVICE ACCOUNTING & INCOME TAX5015 50 AvBox 1767Fort Macleod 553-3677LETHBRIDGE CABS LTD727 29 St NSPECIAUZING IN OWNER/OPERATOR Taber 223-3235Lethbridge 327-4005(See Our Display Advertisement)PRAIRIE TAXI 483151 Av—Taber 223-9221RAINBOW CABSTAKE THE SHORT-CUTWhen you can't shop inperson use theLethbridge 381-0800T & C Music 5316 48 Av Lethbridge 329-6751FARM BUSINESS CONSULTANTS INC Coaldale 345-3977Tax Consultants Year Round(CONTINUED NEXT LISTING PAGE)114 2003 McKnIght Blvd N.E. Calg—250-5013(No Charge Dial)YELLOW PAGES1908318 StFarm Accounting-Estate Planning1-800-382-8191of yourTelephone DirectoryIMAGE BUSINESS SERVICESto locate dealersandSHOP BY TELEPHONEPrairie Hill Management Services20162AvNLethbridge 329-6469Personal Tax Services—Lethbridge 381-0377(See Our Display Advertisement)10110034AVSIf you drive with your lights on all-icono/ i-oo" 6 15 20/o lesS j ely to be hit by another Vehicle., .«l,t i id amd dc ccckiLethbridge 329-6396 SO LIGHT UP AND BE SEEN.A & A RECORDS & TAPESLethbridge CentreLethbridge 327-3844SAM THE RECORD MANCANADA'S LARGEST & BEST KNOWNRECORD STOREGIANT INVENTORYOF ALL TYPES OF MUSICTAPESHuge Selection OfLTD.Pre-Recorded & BlanksColcqeMallLethbridge 328-9642DEPENDABLE FRIENDLY SERVICETarpaulinsNORTH WEST TENT & AWNING LTD3500 7 St SECalgary 287-3870Serving Lethbridge & Area —PASTOOR'S CUSTOM CANVAS LTDALL THE TIMECUSTOM MANUFACTUREDREGULAR, ROLL-UP, ASPHALT1262 2 Av Ssenior'Ci Ti'ze'n'DISCO UN TLethbridge 328-8424WESTERN CONCORD MFG LTD(No Charge Dial) — — -l»800*661-5633Tax ConsultantsAll-Tax120c North Mayor Magrathlethbridge 328-4807OrNOW WITH THELETHBRIDGE AIRPORT CONTRACTTax Return PreparationlAJe WJeicome .Advance i ookin 9 ABACUS COMPUTING108 Rideau Crt NLethbridge 328-0014ACKROYD ACCOUNTING SERVICES221 North Mayor MagrathDr— Lethbridge 320-8860ALL TAX327-4005YEAR ROUNDTAX CONSULTANTS727 - 29th ST. N., LETHBRIDGE120c N Mayor MagrathOr-Lethbridge 328-4807 Personal tax returns Including farmand small business. Estate and final returns. Ask about our guarantee. Enquire about our Tax Schools.For location nearest you callLethbridge 3810377297TAX REFUNDBUYING SERVICEMyClaresholmt5 FASTCAfHPilot & Hot Shot Service24 Hour ServiceA.M.A. TowingREFUNDSRadio DispatchedLocal & Long DistanceSmall ChildrenShould KnowTheir TelephoneTAX SERVICETaxi & TowingNumbers625-3733IF BUSY CALL e2&-3S15521 - 55th AYE. W.Clarctholm

298 AlbertaGov nmwtTdegl LrthhrHgi Yillow PiqmTaxicabs—Taxidermists ROYAL TAXI fFOR PROMPT FRIENDLY SERVICE24 HOURS A DAYSERVING SOUTHERN ALBERTASENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNT328-5333OFFICE LOCATION: 238 - 12b ST. NORTH, LETHBRIDGEBIG SKYTAXIDERMYALBERT H. HARTTAXIDERMISTGENERAL TAXIDERMYTaxicabs (Cont'd)Taxidermists (Cont'd)ROYAL TAXI23812l)SiNLethbridge 328-5333 COUGAR TAXIDERMY(See Our Display Advertisement)BIG GAME, BIRDS, RUGSTABER TAXIRADIO DISPATCHED4710 53 31Taber 223-1234Taxidermists'LIFE LIKE WORKMANSHIP 'ON AU ASPECTS OF TAXIDERMYFINEST IN FISH TAXIDERMY419 7AvSVisa-Master Card1026 Lakevlew Df S—Lethbridge 327-1801ALPINE NORTH TAXIDERMY'2835 - 11th AVE. S.LETHBRIDGE-Jerry Hasil, TaxidermistPROMPT QUALIFIED SERVICEFISH & WILDLIFE SCENESBIRD & FISH MOUNTINGLIFE SIZE MOUNTS24 HOUR SERVICELethbridge 320-2891Coyote Flats Taxidermy52212 St CoalhurstLethbridge 381-3300(See Our Display Advertisement)Hunter's Gun & Supplyi006HewetsonAv-- incher Creek ftO'tJ''(See Our Display Advertisement)327-0156Big Sky Taxidermy-Lethbridge 327-0156(See Our Display Advertisement)283511AVS-Yellow Pages Save You MoneyJ B TAXIDERMY & TANNERY BIG GAME - BIRDS - RUGSSpecial Wet TanningFor TaxidermistsCOY E FLATSHUMTBIirSGUN SUPPLYRIFLESi aOERMYTheatingBay S 5100 Hubalta Rd SE -Cal9ary 48-5756Alter Hra Res-Calgary 2M-5220Northwestern Taxidermy310 6 St WSPECIALIZING IN:Cardston 653-4016PRAIRIE TRAILS TAXIDERMYFull Taxidermy ServicesHANDGU SAMMUNITION Life Size MountsBIG GAMEHUNTING &ALSOBIRDSFISHING EQUIPmanH TAXIDEBMYI-*)Ji(Ul.8UR T TOLOVOiEIBRIDfiEBRENT SPANKS - TAXIDERMISTTHOMSONTAXIDERMY627-27771006 HEWETSON AVENUEPINCHER CREEK Big Game HeadsFISHRUGS Rugs Birds FishTAXIDERMIST:FRED THOMSON(403)345-2848LIFE SIZE MOUNTSGordon Lait - TaxidermistWhiiiaSeven Persons 832-2277(CONTINUED NEXT USTING PAGE)1905 - ISIh STREETCOALDALE TDK OLDShop The Yellow Pages Way

Um YiIIow Pigts lii H AK erta Goveminent Tejephones 19S7Taxidermists—TelephoneTaxidermists (Cont'd)Teleconferencing ServicesTelephone Answering ServiceToiaphonB DirectoriesPTARMIGAN TAXIDERMY-ACT TELECONFERENCINGSecretariat TheAGTBy Dale PatonSERVICES (No Charge Dial)-1-800-332-1102SPECIALIZING IN FREEZE-DRY FISH12325 20 AvBlairmoreCrowsnest Pass 562-7271Shendruk Taxidermy-Lethbridge 320-6376216 23 sts-Coaidale 345-28481905 18 St-(See Our Display Advertisement)OFFIOAL TELEPHONE DIRECTORIESADVERTISING iWORMATION27 Hr 4111 SI S (Collect)Telephone EquipmentAucuns Frais-ComposezCopy Express1-800-361-18721921 Mayor Magrath Or S—Lethbrid 329-5010214 Woodward's TowerBuldingLethbridge 328-1701(See Our Display Advertisement)Tas CommunicationsQuikfax ServiceAGT PHONECENTRES214 Woodward's TowerLethbridge 329-9055-Uthbridge 328-1701BuildingTridon PagingCalifomia SweetMasrath Market Place S -Lethbridge 320-2881Calgary 231-7187214 Woodward's TowerBuildingLethbridge 328-1701C N C P TELECOMMUNICATIONS(See Our Display Advertisement)To Send A Telegram Or Tetcnost(No ChargeAGT BUSINESS CENTREDial)1-800-222-6575 T A S PagetteB113AVSTea—RataiiLethbridge 329-4165(See Our Display Advertisement)T A 5(:omTnunication6Telegram ServicePour Envoyer Un Telegramme Ou TelepostThomson Taxidermy1017404AvS299Telemetering Equipmentj phone ntre-Lethbridge 329-3888(See Our Display ProgramsQUALITY SELECTION SERVICEMobile CommunicatkmsSales 6620 36 St S (Colect)—Calgary 236-6700Service(Collect)Calgary 236-6670(See Our Display Advertisement)National Research Council Canada (IRAP)Lethbridge 381-5414Quick as a Wink Yellow Pages(See Our Display Advertisement)Take advantage of the bargainrates on long distance calls everynight after 6 and all day Sunday. TELEPHONES ACCESSORIES ANSWER/RECORD MACHINES LONG DISTANCE GIFT CERTIFICATES CUSTOM CAUING SERVICES HOME SECURITY LEARNING AIDS PAGE-CALLNational ResearchCouncil CanadaConseil nationalde recherches CanadaCOMPLETE HOME TELEPHONE SERVICE FORi/z e:S .cizi:axiat Help with TechnologyForM Solutions lo technical problemsbusinesses Answers to technical questionsolanyW Access to technical experts & facilitiessizeM Opportunities: new technology can mean new businessU Financial Assistance lor technical developmentSERVICE APPLICATIONPAYING TELEPHONE ACCOUNTSTELEPHONE REPAIRCOMPLETE SECRETARIALSERVICES 24 HOUR TELEPHONE ANSWERING TEMPORARY HELP CORPORATE NAME SEARCHESFor more information call: OFFICE RENTALS PROFESSIONAL COPY CENTRE(CONTINUED NEXT USTING PAGE)ADDITIONAL LISTINGSNational Raaaarch Council Canada(IB A P)PHONE:329-4165.Lethbridge 4"Make Our Oftke Your Office'. for the growing-up sonor daughter, for the relativeor friend who lives under101 PROFESSIONAL BUILDING740 - 4th AVE SLETHBRIDGE ALBERTACanadaLethbridge 329-6033 PERSONNEL PLACEMENTPractical help. Practical people.c/o Alberta Research CouncilPHONECENTRE (A 6 D80B4AVS TELECOPYING WORD PROCESSING your roof.what nicerthought than a separatelisting in the TelephoneBook?CommunicationsI appreciate it —The professionalanswering serviceWhen you tell meI found youin theYELLOWPAGES" since 1956 Customized servicesTurn Best value in townto the328-1701 Fonn«rtyright supplier cellular phones trunked radio systems dual-purpose radios214 Woodward's Tower Building400 4th Ave South point-to-pointmicrowave systems telemetrycontrol systems custom engineeredsystemsSALESSERVICE236-6700236-6670(Call Collect)6620 - 36th ST. S.E., CalgaryMobileCommunicationsSee, tryBefore you decideCommunications equipmentand national networksare waiting for you to putthem to the test at the dispatch systems security systemsIntegrated end-to-end SolutionsLethbridgeCall us anytimeWe work 24 hours a day all year general mobile phonesaBusiness CentreTone Only or Tone a VoicePagers you can be reacheddirectly from anyteleptim at any timewith a beep oract Business Centre. Testanyone of our productsand services first, thencompare and decide onthe commnnication systembest suited for yourbusiness.a voxe message province-widecoverageASSOCIATED WITH SECRETARIAT24 HOUR ANSWERING SERVICE1921 Mayor Magrath Or. S.Lethbridge329-5010TRIDON PAGING329-38888-3205 - 61b AVE. N. LETHBRIDGEAsk about our leaseand Purchase Options

300Lalhbrldgt Yillow PibmTelephone—TelevisionTelephone Equipment (Cont'd)Bridgecom Electronics Ltd8-3205 6 Av NLethbridge 329-8111(See Our Display Advertisement)C N C P TELECOMMUNICATIONSA Choice In Business TelephoneServices-Call CollectLethbridge 327-5152(See Our Display Advertisement)Radio Shack CoSege Man—Lethbridge 327-1382Rolm Canada Inc3402 25 St NEACCESS NETWORKEdmonton(No Charge Dial)-Calgary 291-0423Television—Sales & ServiceTelevision RentalsApex T V Sales & Service Ltd21413SISLethbridge 328-1033-1-800-252-7999 Televlsion—Salss & Service(Cont'd)Cardston Radio & T V Ltd30 3AvWCardston 653-3544Coverdale's 1975Media Resource CentreCalgary(No Charge Dial)—303 9 Av SECalgary 269-1300I A L Communications Systems920 3 Av NTelevision BroadcastingCompanies & Stations Alberta Government Tetephones 1987-1-800-352-8293C A T V 12Anglo Stereo & Photo106 Main StForemost 867-3747-Lethbridge 328-6661 Faith Electronics Ltd419 5 St S-Lethbridge 327-2977Lethbridge 320-1112 APEX T V SALES & SERVICE LTDRear 236 13StN(See Our Display Advertisement)21413 St SLethbridge 328-1033C F A C-T V CHANNELS 2 & 7(See Our Display Advertisement)140128 St NiLethbridge 327-1521FIFTH AVENUE ELECTRONICS42513 St N—Lethbridge 320-5558Baker's 1107 2 AvSLethbridge 327-2225CFC N T V(See Our Display Advertisement)H L Electronics640 13 St NLethbridge 329-3644723 29StN-Lethbridge 320-5638202 1232 3AVSBERT & MAC'S STEREO-T V (1984)"fSee Our Display Advertisement)LTDHAHN'S TELEVISION SPECIAUSTEstablished Since 1939CommunicationsTELEVISION 8i ELECTRONICSALES & SERVICEHITACHI-SYLVANIAML SystemsALL BRANDSPHILIPS"We Personally Service Every Set"708 3AvSCOMPLETE BUSINESS TELEPHONE SYSTEMS635 55AvWCiaresholm 625-3818(CONTINUED NEXT LISTING PAGE)Lethbridge 327-3232SALES — SERVICE — INSTALLATION - LEASINGFaith Electronics Ltd)\SERVING ALBERTA FOR OVER 35 YEARS327-5152PROMPTPROFESSIONALSERVICE920 - 3rd AVE. N., LETHBRIDGE TV's VCR's STEREOSA Subsidiary of British TaiscomBRIDGECOMELECTRONICS LTD."Bridging the Communication Gap"YellowyouPages advertisingmaximumdirectorygivescirculation.Is deliveredtelephone customerarea. Talk to us today.ALETHBRIDGEto everyinyour(23613th STREET NORTH( REAR) 327-297H Your Alternate ChoiceIn Business Telephones Dependable Local Service Systems Available FromThe Smallest Multi-LineTo the Largest PABX State of the Art EquipmentSERVICE & SALESFrom ITT, TIE & WALKER329-81118-3205 - 6th Avenue N., LethbridgeT.V.'S. MICROWAVES, VIDEO& AUDIO EQUIPMENTTV SALES & SERVICE LTD. HITACHI AMANA HOT POINTTeletypswritsr CommunicationServiceA G T BUSINESS SYSTEMS1921 Mayor Magrath Or S—Lethbridge 329-5800(See Our Display Advertisement)C N C P TELECOMMUNICATIONS328-1033214 - 13th ST. S., LETH.Telex Instant Talk In PrintCall Collect303 9 Av SE QUASAR MAGIC CHEF ADMIRALCalgary 269-1300PINCHEDVN»-TIME?Integrated end to-end SobitiomWord Processing Software for PersonalComputers and Mini Computers« Word Perfect* Writing Assistant" Wordstar Word - 11 Easy Writer Saturn Word ProcessingSales. Training and Service SupportSales Offices in Calgary, Edmonton. Grande PrairieLethbridge. Mcdtcinc Hal. Red Deer and VcgrcvillcTV's VIDEO EQUIPMENT ft ACCESSORIES STEREO EQUIPMENT featuring: RCA, PANASONIC, ELECTROHOME, ZENITH, TECHNICS VIDEO MOVIERENTALSDIAL DIRECTAND1921 Mayor Magrath Dr., S.Lethbridge329-5800 PORTABLERADIOSSAVE TIME& i1107 - 2nd AVE. S., LETHBRIDGE33

UtiYillnw PiitslBiix g)At)efta Government Telephones 1987(Cont'd)(Cont'd)Tel-Ray ElectronicsJohns T V & Radio CentreTaber 223-2545Just C Conrad's T V & Appliances1274 3 AvS Lethbridge 329-1200(See Our Display Advertisement)Ockey's Music T V & i pliances160 22 31F rt Macleod 553-3132Pro Television1625 29 St NLethbridge 328-4977(See Our Display Advertisement)Quality Electronics5324 48 Av13513St NLethbrit e 327-3503(See Our Display Advertisement)THORNTON'S FURNITUREHL ELECTRONICSFINE FURNITURE STORESSERVING THE SOUTHWEST BEST122 50AvWSame Day ServiceClareshoim 625-31331014 Hewetson Av Pinctief Creek627-3277Van's Television Sales-Service & RentalsTaber 223-4644Smith's Color T V 8i Appliances Ltd23613 St NLethbridge 328-5541Sound Factory The-Lethbridge 328-0000812 4AVSTED'S T V SERVICE119 49AvW-301Teievision—Sales & ServiceTelevision—Sales & Service4820 53 StTelevision—TentsClareshoim 625-3284Directory Advertising Pays524 5 StSLethbritfee 327-5020(See Our Display Advertisement)VIDEO CINEMATELEVISION & VIOEO EQUIPMENTStereos — Home & Auto-328-9906425 13StN-136 ColunibiaBlvdW—Lethbridge 381-8181Advertise in the Yellow Pages.AUTHORIZEDSERVICEDEPOTServicing — All Brands Of TV'sSound SystemsMusical Instruments — AmpsTHE QUALITY GOES INBEFORE THE NAME GOES ON.(gOHESTIMATESDONE HEREMOSTSERVICINGVCR SERVICECAN BE DONEIN YOUR HOMEIn or Out of Town329-12001274 - 3rd AVE. S. LETHBRIDGE ReasonableRates328-1480723 - 29th ST. N.Evenings ResidenceTBlsvislon SystemsTEL-RAYPRO TELEVISIONELECTRONICSSALESSERVICEFACTORY AUTHORIZED WARRANTY DEPOT FOREquipment—Closed CircuitA D T SECURITY SYSTEMSC C T V Survelance & MonltorlFACTORY AUTHORIZED SERVICE RCAm PANASONIC SYLVANIA SANYO HITACHITV & STEREO SERVICEElectrohomeCANDLEACTSpecial Products715 41AvNECalsary(No-1-800-222-6472Ctarge)WESTERN CINEVISION INCPanasonic — Magnavox — ToshibaSONY INOUSTWALSylvania — Magnasonic — Zenith— SanyoSERVICE TO ALL MAJOR BRANDS OF T V. & STEREOVCR VIDEO REPAIRS263-838020812121 St SEVideo & AiKfio Equipment5838Burt)anliRdSECalgary 253-0351Tennis Court ConstructionLOCATED IN REAR135 - 13ih STREET N. T1J 0J7LETHBRIDGEi appreciate It —328-4977TOMKO ENTERPRISES LTD'YOUR TENNIS CtXJRT PROFESSIONAISOMNICOURT a PIEXIPAVE SURFACES1625 - 29th St. N. Lethbridge (Across From Lethbridge Raquetime)VAN'S TELEVISIONCOURT EQUIPMENT ft ACCESSORIES2204l714StNWCalgary 270-3524WESTERN CANADA TENNIS COURT —CONTRACTORS LTDSERVING ALBERTANSFOR OVER A DECADE18117 St SWWhen you tell me .I found you In theYELLOWPAGESCalwry 262-7517SALES - SERVICE & RENTALS524 - 5th STREET SOUTHLETHBRIDGEnc/iTOSHIBA:ELECTROHOMEVIDEO EQUIPMENT - CAMERAS327-5020Tennis CourtsSALESSERVICERENTALSmLethbridge Tennis ChibLethbridge 327-46732611NPariaideDrTent & Cinvas GoodsCAMPERS VILLAGE A DIV OF NORTHWEST TENT & AWNING LTD807 34AvSECalgafy 287-0484Pastoor's Custom Canvas LM12622AvS—Ledibridge 328-8424Tents—RentingSprung's Western Tent & Awing LtdlOOiiOAvSW-Calgary 245-3371SERVICE TO ALL MAKES TELEVISION-STEREOEye-shop the Yellow Pages

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