F&G Housingworks on newprogramsi cold, dark day in BozemanB Y ANN H ARMSStaff WriterPHOTO BY ROGER0 YIs weekend, the Cats lost 27 - 25 in a last minute defeat to the Griz. Left hanging for the twelfth year in a row, Coach Hysell and his"1ting Bobcats were left in the lurch much to the dismay of both spectators and players alike.T more Cat/Griz coverage, see Sports - page 7.kateboarder to face felony chargesrlLLIAM CIRULLOEditorLo·cal ska teboarder Jeremy1ich faces felony assau lt charges: alleged beating of an elderly man: t. 4.Adamich, 23, a Bozeman res iden tounder of the on ly 4-H skateboard:lub in the natio n, was arrested1onth on charges of hitting Roy Linhis ska te bo ar d o ut s ide theid Union. Re leas ed on 7 ,500·· Adamic h is sc heduled toar in Ga llatin County courtec. 16.Lin, who was leaving the Hall of1! Bal l, recei ved more t han 201es in his head and three in his rig ht1prompting the charge of felo ny as. A conviction of felony assaultes a maximum I 0-year prison··nee.Prosecution for the case wi ll beCed by Deputy County Attorney Gary·z, who had this to say about the casenst Adamich. " Adamic h ca usedYinjury by hitting Lin in the heada weapon - the s kate bo ard-ing pain and cuts.". .Adamich is also being chargedwith a nother felo ny assaull count concerning a similar rncident that occurredin June of '97. The victim, Chuck Curtisof Bozeman, accused Adami ch of abusing public property by ridi ng his skateboard on t he picni c tables 10 BogertPark, provokin g Adamich to h it Curti sin the hea d w ith hi s s k a te bo a rd .Curti s blo c k ed th e blow with hi sarm . The legal basis o f th e ass aultcharge for the attempt on Curti s isdefined as "reasonable apprehens io n ofs eriou s bodily injury by th e us eof a weapon ."Adamich will appear before Ju dgeTho mas Olson in th e Ga llatin Countycourt and on Dec. 16 at 8:30 a.m. Therehe will probably enter a " not guilty" pleasince th is is his fi rst di strict court appearance, according to Balaz. Thus far,he has on ly appeared befo r e theJustice of the Peace for an init ial appeara nce to be in formed of the ch a rgesagainst him .If con victed of the two fe lo ny ass au 1t cha rge s, Adami c h faces amaxim um o f I 0 years in prison for eachcharge. Also, an addi tio nal sentence oftwo to 10 years c o ul d b e ad d edto each count for the misuse of a weaponin the commission of a felony. Thecharges can be run conc urrently , yetAdamich could fa1.e a maximum 40years in prison, and minimum two-yearsente nce.A t presen t, the inves ti gation isp roc e eding and, accordin g t o Lt.Merv G underson o f the M SU Ca mpusPolice, witnesses are be in g interv iewedto det ermin e th e e x ac t nature o fthe assaults.Student families constitute a large portionof non-traditional populations. and many of themreside in MSU's family and graduate housingcommunities Carina Niedemtier. Director ofFamily and Graduate Hou5ing (FGH). i ; implementing a new commumty a-;sisrance program inJanuary. 'This program wa-; created to build communities mFGH and is focused at the entire family and the community:· said Nicdennier.There have been li\e people alread) huedfor this test program. If the pilot is succes. ful.there will be more positions a\ailable at the endof the Spring '98 semester.One of the goals for this position is to be alink for the new people who move into FGH. "Inthis environment we have a lot of people\\ ho aretransitory. They could be here from one to sixyear ; w we \\ 'lflt to make sure that the resi ienhthat live here are comfortable" Nicdenrucr ! lid.Another responsibility will be to institute i.lneighborhood Walch program which would entail recruiting volunteers. getting Lo know yourneighbors, and being active in your community.Lisa Lee is a different type of communityas.sistant employed by FGH. She and her husband only handle emergencies such as beinglocked out of an aparunent. Lee believes that thisprogram will enable people to get lo know eachother better."I thinkoneoftheproblems in FGH is thatmany of the people who live here do not knowtheir neighbors," said Lee.These positions \\ill pay 250 a month fornine to ten hours of work per week which can bedone from the convenience of your home. Thequalifications de trcd are that you li\e in FGH.arc interested in b.x-oming a proacti' c peMn inthe community. a self-starter. anJ someone thatcan initiate progr.uns and get them ofT the ground.Trammg programs for these posiuons ''illinclude one day of team-building exercises. information on developing new ideas and somemediation training. They will be put through the"Many Voices" program on campus, taught howto do advertisement layouts, discuss the studentsee F&G !lousing page 4INSIDE THIS ISSUEClassifieds . . . . . . . . . . . . . pg. 11Comics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . pg. 11Comments . . . . . . . pg. 2Features. pg . 5Movies . pg. 3Sports . . . . . . pg . 7Upcoming Events . pg. 4Your Turn . pg. 3November 25, 1997, The ExponentMontana State University - An ASMSU PublicationBusiness oftice. . . . . . . . . . .(406) 994 - 4590Classified Advertising. . (406) 994 - 2611

Reaction to new- book proposal based on ignoranG uF r EDITORIAL llY EMILY BA sJudging from the rumorsflying around thi campus ,there seems to be a belief thatprofessors are out to get u . arcsi tance to any critique of thestatu quo, and a complete failure of critical listening skills.Or. Lynda Sexson made a proposal to the MSU Bookstorewith the intention of bringing tothe board·s attention an areathat she felt wa negatively impacting the quality of our university education: Or. Sexsonis simply pointing out that inthe humanities (she does notpresume to speak for any otherarea of study) it is importantthat students have access to unmarked textbooks. This includes high quality used books,as well as new. NO ONE HASSUGGESTED THAT THEBOOKSTORE SHOULD NOTSELL USED TEXTBOOKS!Or. Sexson is speaking for alarge number of students in thehumanities- many of us buyour textbooks with the intentionof keeping them. We shouldhave the option to buy bookswithout highlighting or writingin them, not because we arc tootupid to know whether or notthese markings are correct, butbecause it is di lracling: formany tudents, highlighting. underlining. and commenting intheir texts is a crucial part of theirlearning proces . In classes thatoften u e paperback trade booksas texts, the price difference bet\\ ecn used and new is rarelymore than I 0. Yes. this does addup, but what is wrong with having the choice? The textbook department seems to be overly concerned with ordering only the exact amoun t of books needcdhow many times have you had tospecial order a book because t\'i \'nl Of\\ COfi\? 1\'tlOt\ .1 \ K Of\'\ f. k O?POR\Ut\\i)'t'OR e.t?AA \ !The Exponcot is published mostTuesdays & Fridays of theacademic year and is affiliatedwith the Associated Students ofMontana State Uruver.;ity.Editorial PolicyUnsigned editorials represent theoptnion of the Exponent editorialboard; signed editorial columnsrepresent the opmion of theauthor. Opinions expressed in leuer.;and advertismcnts do not necessarilyreflect the views of staff members.Leners PolicyThe Exponent welcomes letters,300 - 350 words in length, to theeditor from all readers. The Exponentretains the right to edit let1ers forcontent and space or reject materialsubmiued. The editor decides whethermaterial should be run as a guestopinion. Submissions should mcludcthe author's name, year in schooland major. Anonymoussubmissions will not be accepted.Contributing WritersRob Pansh. Christy Strong.Meghan Sapp, Leslie Schroeder,McCory James Patrick Bcmethy,Kristen Bun. Jodie DeignanKristen Barrick, Dan Haywood,Ty Blesch, Jessica ShoemakerClassified Advertising (406)994-2611Busmess Office (406)994-4590Display Advertising (406)994-2206fax (406)994-2253E-Mail: [email protected] Hibdon 994-2455Managing EditorThomas Anderson 994-2224News EditorWilliam Cirullo 994-255 lFeatures EditorJessica Dyrland-Mecklenburg994-3840Spons EditorPete Faggcn 994-5482Seruor PhotographerRoger Dey 994-2233PhotographerZach Tanner 994-2233An DtrCCtorJef Williams 994-2614Graphic Designer.;Sara Irvin 994-2614Emily Conley 994-2614Paste-upJodie DeignanSales ManagerMelodie Burgess 994-2206Sales RepresentativesBnan Hauer 994-2206Classified ManagerIvan VanDeWege 994-4590Business ManagerParis Hodgson 994-4590AdvisorCarol Ferrie · 994-4590FormattersTodd Baker, Jose BurgosKarim Heredia, Bnan BatySubnut loners toThe ExponentP.O. Box 174200305 Strand Umon BuildingBozeman. MT 59717there were none left? We shouldnot have to purchase our books amonth before classes start. or special order new books, just to getunmarked texts (or even to makesure we can buy all of our books).The profit margin on u ed booksis higher than on new; the moreused textbooks we buy, the moremoney the bookstore makes.Why is the bookstore worriedabout making money? The bookstore is a non-profit student andfaculty owned corporation. a resource for our use. And if we areso worried about the amount ofmoney we save on books. whyhas there not been a simi lar outraged response to decreasing thebookstore discount from 15% to10%?If you have never had tospecial order a book that youneeded for the first reading assignment, read through neon pinkhighlighter, spend two hours sit-ting on the tloor at the bookstoreflipping through textbooks. orspend your money on a used bookwith its pages falling out, perhapsthis issue docs not even apply toyou. We all seem to need something to get angry about. and theclimate in Bozeman is often filledwith threats and negative responses. Dr. Sexson is concernedabout the quality of our education, and feels that this is affectedby the quality of the materials weuse. Why is she being attackedfor trying to offer students moreoptions and choices? Why is shethreatened for caring about whatour money is spent on?And why aren't we as students demanding that the materials we use be of high quality?We should be demanding thatour money be used for thingsthe students actually need, toincrease the quality of our education, rather than the appear-ance of our campus. WeWcurrent research books auriodicals for our librar 1panded parking for stude1stead of vi itors; we needquiet, comfortable studywe do not need new ·'gbuilding that eat up our ascarce green space, and Icate facilities which we a.have.What are we doing Istudents at MSU ? Wear·posed to be learning. thirand listening-and we atposed to care about the of the education we are o Regardless of whetheagree with Dr. Sexson' 1posal, her intention was .prove the quality of our 1 sity. For her constant ef[:.the part of students, and1 to offer a quality educati;JSexson deserves our re 1Bookstore debate blown out of proport1GUEST EDITORIAL BY JAKE ANKENYThe current debate over thenew vs. used books policy in theBookstore has been blown out of proportion and both sides have been misrepresented. As a result, there havebeen harassing phone cal ls made tothe faculty members who are in support of changing the current Bookstore policy. This must be stopped.Harassment does not work as ameans of opposition and shows alack of maturity which is not indicative of members ofa university (faculty or students). The intent of thiletter is to inform students and faculty of the current Bookstore well as the propo al to change thepolicy. At this time. I will not go intothe arguments for or against this proposal. These will likely be addressedat the Bookstore's annual hareholdermeeting (all students and facuhy areshareholders) on December 4th, at12:00 in the Sub Ballrooms. Ifneeded. there may be an open forumin January as well.TI1e current pol icy of the Bookstore is to offer up to 100% used books(if possible) unless the professor re4uests new books for their class. Uponfaculty requesting that new books beavailable, no more than 80% usedbooks will be offered. the remaining20%will be new books. This policy allows students to purchase either usedornew books at their own discretion. Ifno new books are availab1e, studentsmay order a new book and pay no shipping charges. A used book may be purchased temporari Iy while the new bookis being ordered. The student can imply trade in the used book for the nmbook when it comes in.and pay the differential in price. This is the currentpolicy.The proposal to change thepolicy is worded as such: That theBook tore change the policy to givefaculty members the ability to mandate that the Bookstore offer onlynew books for their subject on abook by book basis. The proposal isOT to make the Bookstore offeronly new books for everv class.There i no motion on the flooras of yet to accept this propo al tochange the policy. A motion mustcome from a member onof directors. A motion m 1seconded and receive a ma:J before being approved. !ft I.reaches the floor, I urge lhe.1 on the board to vote as mmthe board and not as facudents. As a member, we at s 11the best interests of the Iand its cu tome rs (preck: ,students). The Bookstore rnon-profit organization directly affiliated with the b.ASMSU has voted ·lution stating its oppo itproposal by a vote of 17 lmy vote in ab tent ion bee i also on the board of direct;have an) comment , cc·questions, please do not 'in any form of harassmenrmeeting. any ASMSUing (every Thursday atSUB 106B), or at aforum sometime inJanualme at any time through ttt'office. or call me at 5c1- r posrx.

t9',.milenpITuesday, November 25, 1997I3Do you feel that fundraising for campus improvements is dictated photos by Roger Dey,by desires of alumnis rather than needs of the students?Exponent Photographer )fIy would go toward academicovcment::. and not toward\ i1mprovcments. If funds ared for sports or campus imemcnts I'd like to sec half thes matched to go tov.ards aca-I don't feel that 1t 's dictatedmore by the alumni than b) the students. I'd sa:v it"s probably equalor at least close to equal.-Chri tinaO/i1·erI think \\C should notconcentrate so much on whatthe campus looks like but onthe education We need morefundra1s1ng tO\\ard education,especially improving the li brary.-Luke LanpharIt docsn 't represent usmuch.So what if the ficldhousc 1sall fi\cd up. There's a lot that thestudents need that we 're not getting like stuff to do with the gymand fundra1sing for d1 ffcrent departments. Maybe they should ge tideas from the s tudents about-what would be good for us andwould help us- Heidi Lipp & Trista foh/We do need to putmore into education hut at thesame time renovations likethe ficldhouse arc necessary.Spending all the money onlittle gates and all this lawnstuff is not worth it. If it'sgoing to help the athleticsand the education it's worthit.-Aaron \tahas lowered theirMonthly Rates.Were also offeringweek loans at('YJ(aa 'lz1/19' t/1:d(;,,9'k olfalt' drot he1C/1 1tqr(' .9brtJ (711 '1 cyxt?a19' C?r(mcfee Cl,6JO z- c1!t.!/01oz,//h!idql/ c trt0 ClfGec&ONLY 10% .'-7;61 . //1t1lnc:1/ .9i m1 a1NI .l/0111& .%1 19' Ifie . "t/11m .v d;v.,. olh/('/ o ltimall1rc1./0z dtoch-il{9' dl(#l./Z'-oGuaranteed lowestprices in town!1012 N. 7thBozeman586-1962Mon-Sat 9am-9pmSunday 11-5587-7212ANASTASTIA SAHUN MAJ 2:001.4:30.i WEEKDAY MAJ 4:30;NIGHTl'J 7:lu, 9:30 G'asta Dinners are serYed ith garlic toast and:le Baked Ziti, Ravioli. Spinach Manicotti, or:hetti or Linguini with four sauces to chooseL You can also get Homemade Meatballs orItalian Sausa e ilh any dinner.STARSHIP TROOPERSSl!IIOSAJ.SUN MAJ 1:10, 4:1 0; WEEKDAY MAJ 4:10;NIGHTLY 7:00 10:00 · IBEANS1lliOSAHUN MAJ 1:30, 3:4.5; WEEKDAY MAJ 3:45;NIGHTlY 7:20, NS · PG· 13DEVIL'S ADVOCATE S1lliOSAT-SUN MAJ 1:00, 4:00; WEEKDAY MAJ 4:00;NICHTLY 7:00, 10:00 RSEVEN YEARSIN TIBETS1lliOSAT-SUN MAJ 1:05; NIGHTlY 7:05, · PG· 13BIGG: FATTN THE WRAP " - SEASONEDHWESTERN FISH. MEATS,SALADS. VE(;ETARtANCVtSIH . AHO PASTA.SURROUNDED 8V A Gii.HTSTEAMED TORTILLA. 'IN BOZEMANi QUALrTY FOODFOR DIRT CHEAP 5M1Nun1 OR Lm IS82·9S11RED ORNERS1B!ODAILY MAJ 3:55;NIGHTLY 9:55 ITHE MAN WHO KNEW TOO unuSAT-SUN MAJ I :45, 4:45; WEEKDAY MAJ 4:45;NIGHTLY 7:25, 9:50 · PGMORTAL KOMBAT:ANNIHILATIONS1B!OSAJ.SUN MAJ l :20, 4:20; WEEKDAY MAJ 4:20;NIGHTLY 7:15, 9:35· PG·13THE LlnLE MERMAID Sl!iEOSAT-SUN MAJ I :00, 3:05 5:1O;WEEKDAY MAJ 5:10; NIGHTLY 7:30, 9:25 · GBean Burger Sand'tl'lchSundned Tomalo BdsilTofu SpreadCountry Ohvesrnul PiesDilly RiceBean SaladsVeggie WrapsKalanldla OlivesSenonta sEnlr sCream Chme Spreadsiust to name afewTurkey &Cheddar SandwichPeanul Odon NoodlesBean Burger PaluesSubverme VeggieSpanakop1laHummusBrowruesFresh SalsaPolato SaladSummer BumlosMeman CasseroleLemon Pasla SaladFinally.RealFoodTo Go.THE JACKALSAJ.SUN MAT 2:00,4:30; FR SUN NIGHT 7:15,10:00MON·THUR NIGHT 9:50 RBFF PRESENTS:FOUR LlnLE GIRLSMON·THURS NIGHT 7:15 · NOT RATEDGift CcrtincatesAv 1ilahleCOMMUNITYFOOD CO-OP908 W. Main 587-4039o pen 8 a.m . - 9 p.m. daily Everyone W elcome

I 4 I Tu esday, Nove mb er25 , 1997t'E't mmentlHousing programs impact residemUpcoming EuentsBozeman community annouhcements for the com ing weeksVictim Options In the Campus Environment, the VOICE Center, is a new campus program thatprovides support and advocacy to survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Please join staff and volunteers at an Open House from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 2 in our office at 14 Hamilton Hall. Allare welcome and invited to attend; any questions please call 994-7069.The Bozeman Recreation Dept. announces a free cross country ski wax clinic at 6:30 p.m. onTuesday, Novemeber 25, al Bangtail Bicycle and Ski, 508 W. Main St. Participants will learn the learnthe latest in ki base preparation and waxing. The wax technician will be Jim Fredericks. director of theRossignol Nordic race team. For additional infommtion call Bangtail 587-4905.The MSU Women's Center is sponsoring a Sack Lunch Seminar entitled "Stress Reduction ThroughCreative Visualization, Part Two" from noon to I p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 10 in SUB room 276. StephanieCampbell will be back to give a more individualized guide to visualization. Get ready for Christmas andexams by learning new ways to relieve stress.American Wildlands presents Corridors of Life: Wildlife Corridors of the Northern Rockies.On Tuesday. Dec. 2 at 7:30 p.m., American Wildlands. a Bozeman based conservation group, will sponsora tide presentation at the Emerson Cultural Center. AWLs Dr. Lance Craighead will present the resultsof a two year study on the best habitat linking the three core ecosystems of the Northern Rockies.Happy Birthday, Amber - November 29, 1976continued from PCffconduct code and the contract agree- a positive in1pact for the residenment that occupants of FGH sign be- FGH, but also for the campus pfore moving in, and a program for do- department.mestic violence and assault."It helps us tremendously'1L is a good way to augmenttime we can get the communi1your learning here on campus and is volved. Wearecustomerservicedanother way to get the skills you and hope there will be more callmight have already been taught,'" causeoftheex:traeyes looking fo -1picious activity," he said.Niedennier states.Even though these employeesThe desired result of thiswill have some mediation as well as program is that the word will WI,violence and assault training, they are that there is a he