Testimonials“I stumbled across Belle’s clinic in September 2011. I was overweight and fatiguedwith terrible digestive problems. I had tried several methods and diets to lose weightbut I was unable to sustain any weight loss and my digestive issues were becomingworse with every fad diet and pharmaceutical product I tried.Belle welcomed me in to her clinic with a warm smile and really took the time tolisten to my history. I trusted Belle instantly and I felt that she was as invested inmy health and well-being as I was.Belle provided me with a detox plan as well as a series of colonics over a ten dayperiod and reassured me that she would be there for me when times got tough. Itwas the toughest and most enlightening ten days of my life and without Belle'ssupport I would not have got through it. I now understand what my body needs tobe nourished and have developed a healthy relationship with food. I have lost 13 kilosand have also shed some excess emotional baggage as a result of the cleanse.Colonics and cleansing is now a regular part of my health regime and I attend theclinic at least monthly to give my body a good clean and healing. My skin has neverbeen brighter, I have endless energy and I love that I learn something new every timeI have an appointment.Not only did the cleanse make me feel healthy on the outside it made me healthyand revitalised on the inside. This experience has changed my life and has sparkedmy life long dream to pursue a career in natural medicine.Please know that this is not just a testimonial but an opportunity to share mygratitude.From the bottom of my heart I thank you Belle Gorman xox”Sara-JayneHi Belle,I just wanted to thank you again for my treatment last Thursday. I was really spun outat the end and I don't think I was communicating too well! Also, the main reason for medoing the hydrotherapy was to see if it helped my eczema.and yesterday and today werethe first days in a very long time where I haven't been itching.and my skin has improvedheaps. I'm very much looking forward to coming back, and thanks again for accepting mymeasly deposit.Cheers, Glyn 02/06/2012

Hi BelleColonic hydrotherapy has been something I've considered over the years, due to problems I hadexperienced over the past year. It goes back a lot further than just the last year, I had been experiencingbowel dysfunction on and off since I was 10 years old.It got to a stage about a month ago when I had that I NEED THIS NOW feeling. I was then 6 weeks awayfrom my wedding and I was killing it! I mean I quit smoking; junk food; alcohol (well mostly); saturatedanimal fats; refined SUGARS; refined foods. switched to making my own super juices and massiveprotein, energy packed organic salads and water. Water is hard. Water is so very necessary, but whenused to drinking coffee and soft drinks, switching back is a challenge. I was exercising my tush off as well.I had lost 4 kgs of the 8kg I needed to (yay me, right?), but I looked pregnant (and wasn't); felt sick andtired ALL THE TIME; took pills for everything and the more I took, the more I needed.The first colonic @ Crestmead, I met Belle, who educated me on the what, why and how of the procedure. Iwas nervous and excited. Truly constipated people understand the excitement. I knew before I startedthat one session would not be enough to cleanse my system (I ended up requiring 4!), but I didn't expectthe results I received. My weight loss plateaued, and then slowly started coming off again, but that didn'tmatter because my body fat seemed to finally be melting away. I'm not going to give away how thathappened, Belle will explain at your first visit. I cannot stress this enough though, weight loss/maintenance is just one of the many benefits of colonic hydrotherapy. My skin looks amazing and hascleared up. My allergies are more manageable (I don't need to rush for the antihistamine). My energy hasincreased. My mental stamina has increased. My heart rate is a much healthier level. And I CAN POOAGAIN!I am now a monthly member, to maintain a healthy bowel. I hope this testimonial helps anyoneconsidering this for themselves. It is worth it and so are you!Annie 3/9/2016Hi Belle,I have decided I will revisit this process as part of my annual health check whichgenerally occurs in late Feb.I think you have a very unique and professional business. You have the personality tomanage this sensitive but important subject area with consummate ease.Thank you.Kind Regards, Tony/ 02/08/2012Belle my girlfriends have just said how healthy I look!!!Wow I’ll look like someone else after another twotreatments!!! See you Wednesday. Cheers Lindy

09/11/2012I recently visited Belle for a course of three colon hydrotherapy sessions, inorder to have a “spring clean”.Prior to booking in, I phoned the centre and was most impressed with thetime Belle spent answering my numerous questions about the therapy. At myfirst visit, Belle again spent time with me explaining the process and all Ineeded to know about how the therapy works. To educate the client as wellas providing a therapy, in my opinion, demonstrates excellent customercare.The therapy rooms are immaculate, very calming, have a fresh aroma andclient dignity is maintained at all times. I especially liked the educationaldvd that is played during the session as it is very relevant and veryinformative.All in all, the experience was very professional and caring, I feel lighter andhealthier, and I would highly recommend Belle and herDetox Centre.Wendy 6th September 2013Over the last 21 years I’ve worked, lived and breathed the health industry whilst building my business.It’s so important to me to authentically live my values and be as healthy as I can possibly be.As part of my regular health regime, I use colonic therapy to assist my body to cleanse, release anddetox anything that it no longer needs to function at optimum health and vitality.Belle has the most professional, relaxing and easiest method of colonics that I have ever been fortunateto find.(Especially since the nature of colonics is such an intimate, and for some, considered an embarrassingthing to talk about or actually do!)If you have been “put off” by the thought of colonics in the past, then Belle is certainly for you.It’s such a simple, easy and painless way to really look after the inner health of you.Kym PowerFounderhttp://www.rejuvenators.comWe Make People Feel Better.Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter First of all, WOW I feel amazing following the colon hydrotherapytreatment last night! Reflecting on my experience I definitelyprefer the open system and feel fresh and clean!

Thank you for your help and I look forward to my next session!JadeThis is the only place I have found in Brisbane that offers self administeredcolonic irrigation. I have tried the other type of colonic where a therapist sitswith you the entire time and I will never do that again. You do the wholeprocess in a room by yourself so there is no embarrassment. I have been gettingcolonics here after doing a liver and gallbladder flushes and so far I've hadgreat results. I will definitely go there again.Anonymous 25/11/2013I've had many colonics in the past but Belle’s clinic is by far the most comfortableand professional place I've been too. I started liver flushing a little while ago and wasskipping the recommended colonics out of laziness. Which was a mistake I soonreleased as the toxins overflowed giving me terrible skin and allergies. Now after eachflush I visit Belle and always feel like a million dollars when I leave. The privacy, themanagement, the entertaining dvd's, there isn't a better place in Brisbane. Trust meI've searched.Anonymous 25/11/2013I was a really nervous first timer, but Belle made me feel really comfortable and was well informed.Felt great after treatment, lighter and less bloated. See you again soon Belle I’d highly recommendyou any time.:)Lisa 22/05/2013Just wanted to praise and thank Bell for the cleanse and for giving me motivation to cleanse mybody from my bad food habits I have. I also went out and got a vitamix blender and I love the newhealthy me, my skin is glowing and I have more energy now that my pipes aren't so blocked andbloated. I'll be returning for my 1/4 yr cleanse.Thanks BellRenee 22/05/2013Thank goodness I have found a colonic irrigation place that uses the 'open' or privacy method. Iwas given a very clear explanation by a very helpful therapist, then left to experience the cleansewhile watching a DVD which gave me more information. I felt cleansed and lighter after mysessions and will happily go back for more. Lovely management, clear instructions, spotlesslyclean and my privacy kept completely intact!!Lyn 15/05/2013"Even staying hydrated and having a healthy high fibre diet, sometimes I find things are difficult toget moving! I feel great after a colonic at Belle’s. The staff are discreet, the process is gentle andrelaxing, and the facilities are clean and well maintained" (Monique K.)LIVING SOCIAL REVIEWSVery professional & helpful. Going back for some more !10/06/14 Nick

Most impressive modern clean and professional10/06/14PhillipI would highly recommend colonics for anyone who cares about their health10/06/14 JuneFriendly staff and great set up. Coming back soon.10/06/14 PatriciaFriendly and explained everything really well10/06/14 JulieFriendly and made us feel comfortable.10/06/14 RaeliMade me feel very comfortable, explained things well and was a good experience :)10/06/14 Lynvery professionally run business, excellent customer service10/06/14 RinaBelle was so professional, explained everything10/06/14 Fiona

GROUPON REVIEWSThanks for the session - see you soon!!September 24, 2014interesting experienceSeptember 15, 2014Friendly knowledgeable staff.September 03, 2014Thank you for your careful and comprehensive explanation, and exceptional service.September 01, 2014the service I was given was very professional and felt comfortable.August 28, 2014Sarah-Jane's thorough explanation of the examination definitely made the experience not soscary. Layout and cleanliness of the practice was also great.August 27, 2014Thank you for an amazing experience.August 27, 2014Lovely staff, professional and very helpful.August 09, 2014ThanksJuly 31, 2014Very lovely friendly staff and great set up!July 29, 2014Lovely customer serviceJuly 29, 2014Thank you! and I will be coming back for next year!July 29, 2014Great JOBJuly 29, 2014Great staffJuly 29, 2014You provided an extremely professional and personable service. I will definitely return. Thank you.July 29, 2014Highly recommended, everyone needs to detox.July 05, 2014I really enjoyed my session, the service was fantastic. You made me feel at ease and relaxed. Ifound you to be very professional and have already been telling my friends and family about you. Iwould come back to you again. Thank youJune 29, 2014Great serviceMay 24, 2014Thanks you are truly amazing look forward to seeing you again.May 14, 2014GreatMay 14, 2014Friendly staff who talk you through the treatmentMay 14, 2014Thank you for a very comfortable experience and for spending so much time explaining everythingthere is to know about itApril 26, 2014Keep up the good work. I hope Groupon has bought you lots of long term customers. I willcertainly be recommending your business!April 25, 2014Thank you.April 13, 2014Felt very comfortable, staff are very friendly, explanatory and welcoming. Ill definitely go backApril 12, 2014

Angel Detox has approached the Groupon Voucher as a way to get new cliental which is what Ibelieve it is all about. They did not treat you any differently to one of their regulars.April 06, 2014Very informative visit, relaxing experience.April 02, 2014Professional knowledgeable staff and an amazing experience all round. As a first timer to colonichydrotherapy you certainly made me feel at ease and answered every question I had.March 26, 2014Really liked the naturopath, and loved that she knew her stuff :)March 26, 2014Very patient in explaining how everything worked.March 15, 2014I would recommend this to everyone. Belle explains procedure well and made me feel comfortably.Thank you.March 05, 2014Very professional staff; made me feel at easeMarch 01, 2014It was a very informative experience. Thanks so much for teaching me so much about theimportance of this kind of detox!February 27, 2014Very helpful :)February 07, 2014Really loved being able to watch such an informative documentary during the session. Would'veliked to initially know the questions I was going to be asked at the end so I could keep better trackof specifics. Otherwise was really impressed with the clinic, the treatment and Belle's way of doingthings, abundance of information and beautiful energy.January 23, 2014Thank youJanuary 15, 2014Great client care, felt at ease and relaxed during treatment. Defiantly going back .January 11, 2014Very friendly staffJanuary 11, 2014Thank you for my first treatment. Was a little hesitant to begin with but Belle was veryknowledgeable and provided a safe and comfortable environment.January 10, 2014Thanks for putting my mind at ease and providing me with all the extra information - look forwardsto coming backJanuary 10, 2014Ya'll cleaned my bum so well.August 29, 2013Thank you very much for attention and care! Hope to see you soon!August 23, 2013I am very happy with the treatment and the friendly and informative service.August 16, 2013Thank you Bell ! I will be back. KellJuly 31, 2013Belle, Thank you for your wonderful service and relaxing but professional environment. You mademe feel very comfortable throughout the treatment sessions. I feel great!July 31, 2013A very professional encounter. ThanksJuly 24, 2013Awesome thankyouJune 23, 2013A really lovely and caring clinician who explained the process very well and made us feelcomfortable and relaxed.June 09, 2013