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Expedited Delivery Service: 800.882.8642 (Any time. Any day.)No matter your industry, No matter your application–When youExtraordinary AMI service personnel When you call in to AMI, you get extraordinary servicefrom people who know our products exceptionally well.Our people stay with us so you get the benefitof all of their experience. And they’re great peopleto talk to. Knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly.PersonnelTechnical expertise you can count on From standard configurations to configurations customtailored to your exact application, AMI’s technical expertscan help you make the right choices to achieve optimalbearing performance and longevity.ExpertiseWhat you need is available—NowTens of thousands of possible combinations are onlymeaningful if they are available to you immediately, fromstock. AMI’s warehouses have an ample supply of a widerange of parts so that virtually all of those choices AREavailable to you. Immediately.AvailabilityChoicesYou need choices—We have themNo other mounted ball bearing company offers as manystyles, options and configurations of mounted ball bearingunits. All with the quality that you need and expect.AMI Mounted Ball Bearing UnitsFor more informationClip and mail, or fax to 847.759.0630, or access our on-line resourcesTo:Date:Attn:Shipvia:(Phone # required for all Canada shipments)Item:Qty:CatalogsMounted Ball Bearing UnitsCorrosion Protection Ball Bearing UnitsAMI Bearings, Inc.570 North Wheeling RoadMt. Prospect, IL 60056Phone: 847.759.0620Toll Free: 800.882.8642Fax: 847.759.0630www.amibearings.comBrochures & FlyersProduct OverviewCorrosion Protection Ball Bearing UnitsAir Movement Bearing UnitsFree Spinning Bearing InsertsHeavy Duty Mounted UnitsHigh Temperature UnitsLocking DevicesCorrosion Bearings with RF SealSafety ConcernsSeal OptionsShur-Seal TM Bearing Protection SystemUnderwater Self-Lubricating BearingsAll literature is available on our website at: www.amibearings.comAMI On-line Literature LibraryA complete library of AMI’s literaturein pdf form can be accessed using this QRcode or this URL. It is recommended thatyou check back often, as AMI’s literaturelibrary is being continuously AMI On-line Literature Order FormJust like the form above, but a lotfaster. Use this QR code or this URL,specify the literature items you need,how many, and we’ll get them rightout to you. request.html

Expedited Delivery Service: 800.882.8642 (Any time. Any day.)AMI Mounted Ball Bearing Unitsneed exact specifications, and when you need it fast–We Do That.We customize to your specsAMI has the in-house capacity to custom-tailor yourbearings to exactly fit your needs. Including this exampleof a housing being grooved to accept a safety cap.Customization Assembled to OrderWhether your bearing is an uncommon or common one,large or small, the bearing and housing combination isassembled to your exact specifications.Assembly Same day, out the door to youWhen you place your order by 4:00 pm Central Time,Monday - Friday, we’ll normally have your order shippedout the same day.Expedited Delivery ServiceWhen your need is more urgent than standard shipping,call us: 800.882.8642, night or day, 365 days a year.Ask for AMI’s Expedited Delivery Service and we’ll do ourvery best to get you the bearings you need, fast. Evenfaster than our standard same day shipping services.Same Day ServiceThis service is available in most areas. Delivery methodsmay vary depending on your needs and availabledelivery options. Additional fees may apply.We Do That.

MOUNTED BEARING UNITSGrease fitting for relubricationSet-screw mount shown(also available withadapter sleeves, eccentricand concentric locking collars)Fully self-aligningSingle row deep grooveball bearing with rivetedsteel cage standardSturdy one piece castiron housing, solid basepillow blocks These consist of single row deep groove ball bearings; using world renownedbrandquality bearings manufactured by Asahi Seiko Co., Ltd., Japan, and cast iron, malleable or ductilecast iron, pressed steel, stainless steel or thermoplastic housings of various configurations.The self-contained bearing features a spherical ground outside diameter bearing that is assembledinto a corresponding spherical housing seat, providing full self-alignment of the bearing unit.A set-screw locking mechanism is shown in the bearing cutaway above; this is the most popularmethod of locking the bearing insert onto a shaft. Bearings with adapter sleeves,eccentric and concentric locking collars are also available.For set-screw locking types, the inner ring of the self-contained bearing is hardened in the racewayand surrounding areas, where hardening is necessary, while the extended part where the set-screwsare located is left metallurgically softer and slightlymore flexible. This special heat treatment methodensures maximum bearing performance, whileanti-rotationpreventing the set-screws from loosening duringpinoperation, because the set-screws can betightened as needed without causing destructiveinner ring cracking. is a registered trademark of Asahi Seiko Co., Ltd., Japan;Accu-Loc is a registered trademark of AMI Bearings, Inc.; Browning is aregistered trademark of Regal-Beloit; Transmission ManufacturingL.P.; Dodge is a registered trademark of ABB; Fafnir is a registeredtrademark of The Timken Company; FYH is a registered trademarkof Nippon Pillow Block MFG. Co.; Hub City is a registered trademarkof Regal Beloit Corp.; IPTCI is a registered trademark of PTI International;Link-Belt is a registered trademark of Rexnord Corporation; MB is aregistered trademark of Rexnord Corporation; MRC/SKF is a registeredtrademark of SKF USA Inc.; NTN is a registered trademark of NTNCorporation of Japan; SealMaster is a registered trademark of Regal-Beloit.NOTE: Every effort has been put forth to ensure the accuracy of this catalog,but AMI Bearings, Inc. does not assume responsibility for any errors.hardened areasofter extended area

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1Interchange by ManufacturerPrefix and Suffix NomenclatureDescriptionPillow Block UnitsLow Base Pillow Block UnitsExpansion Pillow Block UnitsPillow Block UnitsPressed Steel Pillow Block UnitsTapped Base Pillow Block UnitsPedestal Base Pillow Block UnitsTwo-Bolt Adjustable Flange UnitsTwo-Bolt Flange UnitsPiloted Two-Bolt Flange UnitsTwo-Bolt Flange UnitsPressed Steel Two-Bolt Flange UnitsThree-Bolt Flange Bracket UnitsThree-Bolt Flange UnitsFour-Bolt Flange UnitsPiloted Flange Cartridge UnitsN O M E N C L AT U R E6I N T E R C H A N G E I N F O R M AT I O NSeries #Locking StyleNORMAL DUTY UNITSUCP200Set-Screw (wide)UGP200Eccentric (wide)BP200Set-Screw (narrow)KHP200Eccentric (narrow)UKP200 HAdapter SleeveUGAKH200Eccentric (wide)UCLP200Set-Screw (wide)BLP200Set-Screw (narrow)KHLP200Eccentric (narrow)UGAK200Eccentric (wide)UCEP200Set-Screw (wide)UCSP200BLLP200Set-Screw (narrow)KHLLP200Eccentric (narrow)BPW200Set-Screw (narrow)KHPW200Eccentric (narrow)BPR200Set-Screw (narrow)KHPR200Eccentric (narrow)BPP200Set-Screw (narrow)KHPP200Eccentric (narrow)UCTB200Set-Screw (wide)UCPA200BSHE200Set-Screw (narrow)KHSHE200Eccentric (narrow)UGSHE200Eccentric (wide)UCSHE200Set-Screw (wide)UCPH200Set-Screw (wide)UCFA200UCFL200Set-Screw (wide)UCFT200BFT200Set-Screw (narrow)KHFT200Eccentric (narrow)UGFJT200Eccentric (wide)UGCJTZ200BLFL200Set-Screw (narrow)KHLFL200Eccentric (narrow)BFX200Set-Screw (narrow)KHFX200Eccentric (narrow)BLCTE200Set-Screw (narrow)KHLCTE200Eccentric (narrow)BPFL200Set-Screw (narrow)KHPFL200Eccentric (narrow)UCFB200Set-Screw (wide)UCFK200BTM200Set-Screw (narrow)KHTM200Eccentric (narrow)BCFTR200Set-Screw (narrow)KHCFTR200Eccentric (narrow)BPF200Set-Screw (narrow)KHPF200Eccentric (narrow)BPFT200Set-Screw (narrow)KHPFT200Eccentric (narrow)UCLF200Set-Screw (wide)UCF200KHLF200Eccentric (narrow)KHF200UGSLF200Eccentric (wide)UKF200 HAdapter SleeveUGGFDR200Eccentric (wide)UCFC200Set-Screw (wide)UCFCS200UCFCF200BME200Set-Screw (narrow)KHME200Eccentric (narrow)UGME200Eccentric (wide)11Dimensional Unitof MeasurementInch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &InchMetricInch &Inch &MetricMetricInch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &InchMetricInchInchInch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &MetricInch &Inch sing Material PageCast IronMalleable CastPressed SteelCast IronCast IronDuctile IronCast IronCast IronPressed SteelCast IronDuctile icMetricMetricMetricMetricMetricMalleable CastMetricMetricCast IronPh: 800-882-8642 Fax: 847-759-0630Cast IronCast IronPressed SteelCast 4343444445454646474849505152535353AMI Bearings, Inc.3

TABLE OF CONTENTS 2DescriptionSeries #Piloted Flange Cartridge UnitsCartridge UnitsCylindrical Rubber Cartridge UnitsWide Slot Take-Up UnitsTake-Up UnitsNarrow Slot Take-Up UnitsHanger Bearing UnitsLocking StyleNORMAL DUTY 0UCT200UCNST200UCECH200Set-Screw (wide)Set-Screw (narrow)Eccentric (narrow)Set-Screw (wide)Set-Screw (wide)Dimensional Unit Housing Material Pageof MeasurementMetricInchMetricInch & MetricInch & MetricInchMetricInchInch & MetricCast IronRubberCast IronDuctile IronNORMAL DUTY UNITS WITH PRESSED STEEL COVERSTwo-Bolt Flange Units w/CoverFour-Bolt Flange Units w/CoverPiloted Flange Cartridge Units w/CoverWide Slot Take-Up Units CE)UCFC200C(CE)UCST200C(CE)Pillow Block Units w/CoverTwo-Bolt Flange Units w/CoverFour-Bolt Flange Units w/CoverPiloted Flange Cartridge Units w/CoverWide Slot Take-Up Units 00C(CE)CUCT200C(CE)Pillow BlockLow Base Pillow Block UnitsPillow Block UnitsLow Base Pillow BlockTapped Base Pillow 200UEPX00UEFLX00UEFX00UEFCSX00UESTX00UELCX00Pillow Block Units w/CoverSet-Screw (wide)MetricMetricMetricMetricMetricMetricCast Iron606060606060Pressed Steel6161616161NORMAL DUTY UNITS WITH CAST IRON COVERSTapped Base Pillow Block UnitsTwo-Bolt Flange UnitsThree-Bolt Flange UnitsThree-Bolt Flange Bracket UnitsFour-Bolt Flange UnitsPiloted Flange Cartridge UnitsCartridge UnitsWide Slot Take-Up UnitsTake-Up UnitsHanger Bearing UnitsPillow Block UnitsTwo-Bolt Flange UnitsFour-Bolt Flange UnitsPiloted Flange Cartridge UnitsWide Slot Take-Up UnitsCartridge UnitsSet-Screw (wide)ACCU-LOC UNITSConcentricMEDIUM DUTY UNITSMetricMetricMetricMetricMetricInch &Inch &Inch &InchInchInchMetricInch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &InchMetricInch &Inch &InchMetricInchMetricInch &Inch &Inch &InchInchInchInchCast IronMetricMetricMetricMetricMetricDuctile IronCast IronDuctile IronCast IronSet-Screw (wide)Adapter SleeveCartridge Units UnitsUCLCX00Set-Screw (locking)Inch90Wide Slot Take-Up UnitsTake-Up UnitsUCSTX00UCTX00Set-Screw (locking)Set-Screw (wide)InchInch & Metric9192Pillow Block UnitsUCP300UGP300UKP-U300 HUGP-U300UCP-U300Set-Screw (wide)Eccentric (wide)Adapter SleeveEccentric (wide)Set-Screw (wide)InchInchInchInchInch9495969798Two-Bolt Flange UnitsFour-Bolt Flange UnitsPiloted Flange Cartridge UnitsSet-Screw (wide)Adapter SleeveSet-Screw (wide)H E AV Y D U T Y U N I T S4 AMI Bearings, 70717273747475767777787879808081818282UCPX00UKPX00 HUCFLX00UCFX00UKFX00 HUCFCSX00UCFCX00Pillow Block UnitsInch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch ricMetric535454555556575859& Metric& Metric& Metric& MetricCast IronCast Iron84858687888989Ph: 800-882-8642 Fax: 847-759-0630

TABLE OF CONTENTS 3DescriptionSeries #Locking StyleH E AV Y D U T Y U N I T SExpansion Pillow Block UnitsPillow Block UnitsTwo-Bolt Flange UnitsFour-Bolt Flange UnitsPiloted Four-Bolt Flange UnitsFour-Bolt Flange UnitsFour-Bolt Flange UnitsExpansion Four-Bolt Flange UnitsFour-Bolt Flange UnitsTake-Up UnitsCartridge UnitsPillow Block UnitsTwo-Bolt Flange UnitsPillow Block UnitsTwo-Bolt Flange UnitsNormal Duty Ball BearingsCylindrical Normal Duty Ball BearingsNormal Duty Ball BearingsAccu-Loc Ball BearingsCylindrical Accu-Loc Ball BearingsMedium Duty Ball BearingsNormal Duty Ball BearingsHeavy Duty Ball BearingsSilver Series Ball BearingsFree-Spinning Bearing UnitsHigh Temperature Bearing UnitsMaterialsTolerancesBearing MountingLubricationLoad Capacity and Life of BearingsAccu-Loc vs. Set-ScrewsTerms & Conditions of SaleLimited WarrantyLiterature RequestCompany AO300UKP300 00UCCJO300UKF300 HUCT300UCC300Eccentric (wide)Set-Screw (wide)Eccentric (wide)Set-Screw (wide)Eccentric (wide)Set-Screw (wide)Adapter SleeveSet-Screw (wide)Set-Screw (wide)Eccentric (wide)Set-Screw (wide)Eccentric (wide)Set-Screw (wide)Adapter SleeveSet-Screw (wide)Dimensional Unit Housing Material Pageof MeasurementInch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &MetricInch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch &Inch etricMetricMetricCast IronMetricMetricMetricMetricMetricMetricS I LV E R S E R I E S C O M P L E T E U N I T SUP000KP000UFL000KFL000MUP000MUFL000Eccentric (extra narrow)Set-Screw (extra narrow)Eccentric (extra narrow)Set-Screw (extra narrow)Eccentric (extra narrow)ALL BEARING 200KHR200SER200UK200 HUE200SUE200UCX00UKX00 HUEX00UC300UG300UK300 MetricInchInchSet-Screw (wide)MetricMetricInch &Inch &Eccentric (wide)InchInch &Set-Screw (narrow)Inch &Inch &Eccentric (narrow)Inch &Set-Screw (wide)Inch &Adapter SleeveInch &Inch &ConcentricInch &Set-Screw (wide)Inch &Adapter SleeveInch &InchSet-Screw (wide)Inch &Eccentric (wide)Inch &Adapter SleeveInch &MetricEccentric (narrow)InchSet-Screw (extra narrow) MetricEccentric (extra narrow) MetricZDC AlloyZDC Alloy withElectroless tricFREE-SPINNING BEARINGSH I G H - T E M P E R AT U R E U N I T ST E C H N I C A L I N F O R M AT I O NC O M PA N Y I N F O R M AT I O NPh: 800-882-8642 Fax: 37137137138140142143144149151153154155156157AMI Bearings, Inc.5

PILLOW 3UGSAO307-23UKP206 HE2306AMI Part #6 AMI Bearings, 216VPE-216P2B-DLEZ-100SHCRP2B-SCEZ-100-PCR ECCP2B-SCEZ-100-PCR SCB-100P2B-SCEZ-100-SHP2B-SC-100CPS-Z216 ECCCPS-Z216 ECOCPS-Z216CPS-216VPS-216VPLS-216CPS-S216 ECCCPS-S216 dgeBrowningUKP206 Wx1PB251CTWx1 CPCCPB251CTWx1 x1PB100Lx1HUB Y1-FA125 FCPB100ZMCPB100ZM ECSY1TFZPB100ZMSYH1TFCPB100SSCPB100SS 16BP-16NP-16CRPC-PN16 ECCCRPC-PN16 ASRPP205-100ASPP205-100ASPB205-100NTNRSAO x 2-7/16RAK1RAKH1RAO x VAS1PB1RPB1GPSD1SAK1SAS1TimkenINTERCHANGES BY MANUFACTURERPh: 800-882-8642 Fax: 847-759-0630

TAPPED ETB205-16UETB205-16NPUETBL205-16MZ20WTAKE -16NPUET205UEWTPL205-16MZ20WBEARING ER205-16MUC205-16MUC205-16RFSER205AMI Part #TB-SC-100DodgePh: 800-882-8642 Fax: 16VTWS-316VTWS-216VTBB-216CTBS-Z216 ECC TB-SCEZ-100-PCR ECCCTBS-Z216 ECO TB-SCEZ-100-PCR BS-216CTBS-S216 ECCCTBS-S216 ECOCTBS-S216BrowningTPB250STWx1UCPAN205-16S6H1AMI Bearings, S6PLUCPAN205-16UCPA205TPB250CTWx1 CPCCTPB250CTWx1 CPOCUCPAN205-16S6PLTPB250CTWx1HUB 5-1NTC-25K1TC-35-1TH3-U216N TC-25-1WTH3-S216E 1100BRRYET205-100F-UC205-100D1ASS205-100AEL205