TABLE OF CONTENTSSEALMASTERGold Bearing Products.SEALMASTER Gold Mounted Ball Bearings."Good As Gold.No Equal!"Standard Products . Pages 8-84Featured Products . Pages 86-93SEALMASTER Mounted Roller Bearings."Tough As They Come!"See Pages 94-127Ball and Roller Application Problem Solvers.See Pages 129-143SEALMASTER Rod Ends and Spherical Bearings."Sealmaster, Ask For Them By Name!"See Pages 144-175Engineering and Installation.See Pages 176-207Catalog Index, . See Pages 208-210Standard Terms and Conditions . Inside Back Cover3

GOLD LINE PRODUCT OFFERING.TECHNICAL SUPERIORITY.SET SCREW LOCKINGGold Line Mounted Ball Bearings.GOOD AS GOLD! Self Aligning.Abec 1.Wide Inner and Outer Races.Conrad Style.Deep Groove.Expansion Available.Solid Cast Iron Housing. Relubricable.Exclusive Locking Pin and Dimple System.Black Oxide Coating.Felt Labyrinth Seals.Zone Hardened Inner Race.Unique Land Riding Metal Retainer.120 Set Screw Placement. Diamond Faceted Precision Thread Set Screws. Single Set Screw Lock Standard. Double Set Screw Lock Available.The Sealmaster Gold Line bearing platform hasbecome synonymous with problem solving byaddressing many factors of bearing operation.Sealmaster Gold Line Mounted Ball Bearings aredesigned to provide support for radial and thrust loads.Typically, they can achieve higher speeds than tapered rollerbearings. Sealmaster Gold Line Ball Bearings are intended to be slipfit onto a shaft. They have a spherical outer diameter insert and can acceptan external misalignment of 2 . This product line is available in standard andmedium duty series. Medium duty bearings have larger housings, higher loadbearing capabilities, but lower speed ratings.Ball Bearing Set Screw Table of Contents.Page 9SKWEZLOC LOCKINGGold Line Mounted Ball Bearings.GOOD AS GOLD! Self Aligning. Abec 1. Wide Inner andOuter Races. Conrad Style. Deep Groove. ExpansionAvailable. Solid Cast IronHousing. Relubricable. Exclusive LockingPin and DimpleSystem. Black OxideCoating. Felt LabyrinthSeals. Zone HardenedInner Race. Unique LandRiding MetalRetainer. Skwezloc LockingStandard.The unparalleled SKWEZLOC locking collarcenters the shaft in the bearing bore.securesthe shaft with near-perfect concentricity forquieter operation at higher speeds and simplerinstallation. Shafts are protected from deepscoring or burring. This locking device combinedwith the Sealmaster Gold Line ball bearingplatform is an excellent performer. SealmasterGold Line Mounted Ball Bearings are designedto provide support for radial and thrust loads.Typically, they can achieve higher speeds thantapered roller bearings. Sealmaster Gold LineMounted Ball Bearings are intended to be slipfit onto a shaft. They have a spherical outerdiameter insert and can accept an externalmisalignment of 2 . This product line is availablein standard and medium duty series. Mediumduty bearings have larger housings, higher loadbearing capabilities, but lower speed ratings.Ball Bearing SKWEZLOC Section.Pages 64-844

DIFFERENT.BY DESIGN!FOCUSED ON INDUSTRYSET SCREW LOCKINGRPB SeriesGold Line Mounted Roller Bearings.TOUGH AS THEY COME! Self Aligning.Double Row.Split Housing.Cast Iron Housing.Relubricable. Single Set Screw LockAvailable. Double Set Screw LockStandard.Sealmaster Self-Aligning Mounted TaperedRoller Bearings units provide the dependability,flexibility, and ruggedness required to handle highradial and thrust loads. They combine the timetested assurance of TIMKEN double rowtapered roller bearings with patented outer race andhousing features developed by our Engineers. Thecompact split housing and self-aligning bearing cartridge insertwill help in solving difficult application problems while drasticallyreducing downtime when bearing replacement is ultimately required.Typically, they can support higher loads but have lower maximum speedcapability than mounted ball bearings. Sealmaster Self-Aligning Mounted TaperedRoller Bearings are intended to be slip-fit onto a shaft and have a spherical outer insertto accept an external misalignment of 3 .Roller Bearing Table of Contents.Page 95ROD ENDS and SPHERICAL BEARINGS.SEALMASTER Gold Line.ASK FOR THEM BY NAME!Combining years of innovative bearing design experience with an original manufacturing process, our engineershave developed three-piece rod ends with steel and bronze races for enhanced performance. These qualityindustrial grade mounted spherical plain bearings are designed to handle low speeds, oscillation, radial loadsand moderate thrust loads. Sealmaster Spherical Bearings are intended to be assembled onto a shaft and intoa housing. Sealmaster Rod ends can be mounted easily using the threads on the shank. Because of the sphericaldesigns, rod ends and spherical bearings have large misalignment ratings. Spherical Plain Bearings.Improved Rod End Design.Finite Element Analysis Developed.Three-Piece Rod Ends.Two-piece Rod Ends.Self Aligning.Close and Consistent Ball-Fit Race.Re-engineered Self-Lubricating *TEFLON and*DELRIN Rod Ends. Precision and Commercial. Many available Options.SEALMASTER GOLD LINE'S UNIQUE DESIGNPLATFORM AND INDUSTRY KNOW-HOW COUPLEDWITH FLEXIBLE MANUFACTURING TECHNIQUES ANDADVANCED ANALYTICAL CAPABILITIES MAKE AN UNBEATABLECOMBINATION FOR YOUR MOST DEMANDING APPLICATIONS* TEFLON and *DELRIN are trademarks of the DuPontCompany.Rod End Table of Contents.Page 1455

GOLD LINE SOLUTIONS.Solutions fromFEATUREDPRODUCTSPage 86Beverage BearingsSEALMASTER.Page 88Page 122Corrosion DutyBall and Roller Bearings.Has broad experiencedeveloping special end caps andprotective closures along witheffective materials and corrosionresistant coatings for housing,bearing races and small parts. H as knowledge ofspecial greases that can beused in special factorylubricated bearings to suit yourneeds.Page 90Furnace Bearingslocking. U niquedevices have often maximizedbearing reliability in applicationswhere standard bearings didnot perform. Can control fit-upsand clearances with precisionand accuracy to account formaterial expansion and otherapplication dynamics.Page 110RPBXT and ERPBXThave. E ngineersthoroughly studied applicationsand developed distinct productlines for increased and reliablebearing performance.Felt SealPage 85Page 126Metric Bearings6.Special seals andshields can be manufacturedto guard the bearing fromabrasives and corrosivecontamination.Backed Off Seal Web SealX-Seal

FOR CHALLENGING APPLICATIONSSealmaster has years ofexperience solving problems andcan develop new concepts andintegrate existing robust designsinto your applications for optimaloperation efficiency.High TemperaturePages 130-131Air HandlingPages 132-133ConstructionPages 134-135Wet EnvironmentPages 136-137Solutions byCUSTOMIZATIONANDMADE TO ORDERPRODUCTSAggregate/MiningPages 138-139Contact Seal ProGard Seal SafeGard Seal UltraGard SealEccentric DrivesPages 140-141MixersPages 142-1437


TABLE OF CONTENTSPage NumberPictorial Index . 10-13Gold Line Standard Description Information . 14-19Standard Duty Specifications and Dimensions . 20-44Pillow BlocksNP Series-High Base,Setscrew Locking . 20NPL Series-Low Base,Setscrew Locking . 21NPD Series-Double Lock, Setscrew Locking . 22TB Series-Tapped Base, Setscrew Locking . 23SP Series-Heavy Duty Housing, Setscrew Locking . 24SPD Series-Double Lock, Setscrew Locking . 25Flange UnitsSFT Series-Two Bolt Flange, Setscrew Locking . 26FB Series-Three Bolt Flange, Setscrew Locking . 27SF Series-Four Bolt Flange, Setscrew Locking . 28Cartridge UnitsSFC Series-Flange Cartridge, Setscrew Locking . 29SC Series-Cylindrical Cartridge, Setscrew Locking . 33Hanger BearingsSEHB Series-Eccentric Drive, Setscrew Locking . 30SCHB Series-Screw Conveyor, Setscrew Locking . 31Rubber Mounted Stamped Steel Housing UnitsSRP Series-Pillow Block, Setscrew Locking . 34SRF Series-Flange Block, Setscrew Locking . 34SRC Series-Cartridge Unit, Setscrew Locking . 35RB Series-Bearing Assemblies . 35Take Up UnitsST Series-Take Up Units , Setscrew Locking . 32STH Series-Take Up Frame abd Units Style "H" Steel Frame, Setscrew Locking . 36-37NPG & SPG Series-Style "G" Protected Screw Take Up Frame and Units . 38-39Textile BearingsTXP Series-Eccentric Locking, Fixed . 40ETXP Series-Eccentric Locking, Expansion . 40InsertsER Series-Style "A" Extended Inner Ring Assemblies . 41AR Series-Expansion Units, Setscrew Locking . 42Standard Duty Series-Single Lock . 43Standard Duty Series-Double Lock . 44Load Ratings - Normal Duty . 45Gold Line Medium Duty Description Information . 46Medium Duty Specifications and Dimensions . 47-61Pillow BlocksMP Series-Two Bolt Base, Setscrew Locking .EMP Series-Expansion Type, Setscrew Locking .MPD Series-Two Bolt Base, Double Lock, Setscrew Locking .SPM Series-Two Bolt Base, Setscrew Locking .MFP Series-Four Bolt Base, Setscrew Locking .MSPD Series-Two Bolt Base, Double Lock, Setscrew Locking .MSFPD-Series-Four Bolt Base, Double Lock, Setscrew Locking .Flange UnitsMSFT Series-Two Bolt Flange, Setscrew Locking .MSF Series-Four Bolt Flange, Setscrew Locking .Cartridge UnitsMFC Series-Flange Cartridge, Setscrew Locking .MSC Series-Cylindrical Cartridge, Setscrew Locking .Take Up UnitsMST Series-Take Up Units, Setscrew Locking .InsertsAR Series-Expansion Units, Setscrew Locking .Medium Duty Series-Single Lock .Medium Duty Series-Double Lock .Load Ratings - Medium Duty .47484950515253545556575859606162Gold Line SKWEZLOC Description Information . 64-68Standard Duty Specifications and Dimensions . 69-76Load Ratings Standard Duty . 77Medium Duty Specifications and Dimensions . 79-83Load Ratings Medium Duty . 84Gold Line Custom Bearings - Featured Products . 85-93Hard Metric SKWEZLOC . 85Beverage Bearings . 86-87Corrosion-Resistant CR Duty Bearings . 88-89High Temperature HF/HFT Furnace Bearings . 90-91Featured Products Dimensions . 92-93Application Problem Solvers . 129-1439

NPDimensional DataSee Page 20NPLDimensional DataSee Page 21SPDimensional DataSee Page 24NPDDimensional DataSee Page 22SPDDimensional DataSee Page 25TBDimensional DataSee Page 23SFDimensional DataSee Page 28SFTDimensional DataSee Page 26FBDimensional DataSee Page 27SFCDimensional DataSee Page 29SCDimensional DataSee Page 33SEHBDimensional DataSee Page 30SCHBDimensional DataSee Page 31STDimensional DataSee Page 32NPG & SPGDimensional DataSee Page 38-39STHDimensional DataSee Page 36-3710AppliInfor cationmationSelecFact tionorsOthImpoerFeat rtanturesHigh BasePillow BlockSingle120-60Most widely used normal duty pillow blockwith high base to shaft centerline dimensions.Low BasePillow BlockSingle1 2/ - 27/1620-60Generally used where low shaft to centerdimensions exist.Heavy HousingPillow BlockSingle13/16 - 37/1625-80Interchanges shaft to centerline and bolt holedimensions with other competitive designs.High BasePillow BlockDouble7*Normal duty pillow block with extended inner raceand dual locking setscrews.7 8*Same as “SP” except double extended inner raceand dual locking setscrews./2 - 220-50Tapped base units are well suited for applicationswhere shafts are very close together.Heavy Housing DoublePillow Block/2 - 27/16AvaSize ilable Bs (M oreetric)AvaSize ilable Bs (In oreches)LockSTANDARD DUTY SERIESWITH SETSCREW LOCKHouCon singfigurationMOUNTED BALL BEARINGS/8 - 27/16/ - 33/161Tapped BasePillow BlockSingleFour BoltFlange BlockSingle1/2 - 215/1620-75Designed for flush mounting with machined basesand four bolt holes.Two BoltFlange BlockSingle120-55Designed for flush mounting with machined basesfor light loads and two bolt holes.High BracketFlange BlockSingle/ -220-50Narrow housing with three bolt holes on one sideof the housing. Best used in very tight spaces &tail pulleys.CartridgeFlange BlockSingle11/8 - 33/1630-80Four bolt flange with a round piloted surfaceextended from the mounting service. Designedfor heavy loads, vibrating loads or shock loads.CylindricalCartridgeSingle120-75Cartridge units are similar to flange units. Themost noticeable difference is that they are designedto be mounted in a customer’s housing.Eccentric DriveHangar Brgs.Single15 1625-100A Hangar type bearing for eccentric loads withan external lube fitting.Screw Conveyor SingleBrgs.15 16/ -425-100Designed for screw conveyors with lubecapabilities thru the mounting pipe./2 - 23/161 2/2 - 215/16/ -4Wide SlotTake UpsSingle1/2 - 37/1620-80Standard take ups are used with a fabricatedframe for shaft adjustment.Unit & FrameTake UpsSingle7/8 - 215/1625-75Available with standard pillow blocks andprotected take up screws to adjust parallel shafts.Unit & FrameTake UpsSingle7 825-75Wide slot take up frame including standardtake up unit.* Consult SEALMASTER for more information./ - 215/16

ExpansionInsertsSingle*Designed for replacement in all housed units forboth normal and medium duty applications.120-80Cylindrical O.D. designed to mount in customer’shousing.1 220-90Replacement insert for expansion type units.7/8 - 31/2Dimensional DataSee Page 42STANDARD DUTY SERIESWITH SKWEZLOCNP-TDimensional DataSee Page 69NPL-TDimensional DataSee Page 69SP-TDimensional DataSee Page 70TB-TDimensional DataSee Page 71TFT-TDimensional DataSee Page 71SF-TDimensional DataSee Page 72SFT-TDimensional DataSee Page 72FB-TDimensional DataSee Page 74SFC-TDimensional DataSee Page 73SC-TDimensional DataSee Page 73/ - 31/2AvaSize ilable Bs (In oreches)AvaSize ilable Bs (M oreetric)AR/2 - 4LockDimensional DataSee Page 41HouCon singfigurationDimensional DataSee Page 44ERAppliInfor cationmationSingleDesigned for replacement in all housed units forboth normal and medium duty applications.AppliInfor cationmationINSERTSelecFact tionorsStyle “A”Inserts20-90SelecFact tionorsDouble/ - 31/2OthImpoerFeat rtanturesInserts1 2AvaSize ilable Bs (M oreetric)SingleAvaSize ilable Bs (In oreches)InsertsDimensional DataSee Page 43OthImpoerFeat rtanturesINSERTLockSTANDARD DUTY SERIESWITH SETSCREW LOCK(Cont’d.)HouCon singfigurationTYPE, SIZES, AVAILABILITY, SELECTION FACTORSHigh BasePillow BlockSingle3Low BasePillow BlockSingle3Heavy HousingPillow BlockSingle13Tapped BasePillow BlockSingleTwo BoltFlange BlockSingle15Four BoltFlange BlockSingle3Two BoltFlange BlockSingle3 4BracketFlange BlockSingleCartridgeFlange BlockSingle11/8 - 27/16 See page Four bolt flange with a round piloted surface85extended from the mounting service. Designedfor heavy loads, vibrating loads or shock loads.CylindricalCartridgeSingle15* Consult SEALMASTER for more information./4 - 215/16 See page Most widely used normal duty pillow block85with high base to shaft centerline dimensions./4 - 215/16 See page Generally used where low shaft to center85dimensions exist./16 - 37/1