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Introduction / Eligibility Requirements for Housing Assistance ProgramsINTRODUCTIONThe Federal government, through the U.S. Department of Housingand Urban Development (HUD), funds housing programs operatedby cities and counties. Two of the programs help low-incomefamilies afford a home – the Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8)rental assistance program and publicly owned housing.There are also apartment complexes offering rents below marketrates. That list is included on page 10. While most of these rentalunits have a waiting list, they tend to be shorter than the waiting listfor federal rental assistance and public housing.This directory includes information about housing rehabilitation,shared housing facilities, home purchasing assistance, andemergency shelters. It also contains information and phonenumbers regarding resources in the City of San Diego, the Countyof San Diego, and 18 cities.ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS FOR HOUSINGASSISTANCE PROGRAMSGeographyIf you live in the County of San Diego, but not in the City of San Diegoor any of the cities listed above, you may qualify for help through theCounty’s Department of Housing and Community Development ( for more information).IncomeThe programs in this guide help families with a broad range of incomelevels. Most are restricted to families with incomes at or below 80percent of the Area Median Income (as adjusted by HUD) but manyare restricted to even lower incomes.Rental ApartmentsThe apartments in this guide also differ in income eligibility. Pleasecontact the apartment manager directly for information on rents andincome requirements. Other requirements are listed in the "Clientele"column of the Citywide Affordable Rental Housing chart on page 10.SheltersFor information on homeless shelters, please turn to the CitywideHomeless Shelters chart on page 20. Check the "Clientele" and“Special Needs” columns of the table to see if you are eligible.Eligibility for housing programs depends upon your income, where youlive, and any adjustments in income limits as required by HUD.If you live in the City of San Diego, you may be eligible to participate inprograms administered by the San Diego Housing Commission(SDHC). See page 4.If you live in unincorporated areas of San Diego County, or in the citiesof Coronado, Del Mar, Imperial Beach, Lemon Grove, Poway, SanMarcos or Solana Beach, you may be eligible to participate in theCounty's housing programs. See page 8.3

City of San Diego Housing ProgramsProgram Specific GuidelinesContact2020 San Diego County program income limits based onHUD-adjusted Area Median Income (AMI)*50% of60% of80% of100% of120% rateModerateIncomeIncomeIncomeIncomeIncome12345678 40,450 46,200 52,000 57,750 62,400 67,000 71,650 76,250 48,540 55,440 62,400 69,300 74,880 80,400 85,980 91,500 64,700 73,950 83,200 92,400 99,800 107,200 114,600 122,000 64,900 74,150 83,450 92,700 100,100 107,550 114,950 122,350 77,900 89,000 100,150 111,250 120,150 129,050 137,950 146,850For the application and waiting list information recording, call619.578.7305 (English) or 619.578.7306 (Spanish) or 619.578.7307(Vietnamese). Online application: www.sdhc.orgNote: The waiting list for the SDHC Housing Choice Voucher programis ten years long.SDHC Rental CommunitiesSDHC owns and manages 2,255 rental housing units throughout theCity of San Diego. These well-maintained apartments provideaffordable housing for low-income families, senior citizens and disabledpersons.To see the list of vacant units, go to and click “Rent anApartment from Us.”*Note: Income limits for all programs are subject to change; programs with incomelimits 80 percent AMI and below are based on a HUD-adjusted formula. The full rangeof AMI limits may be viewed at yCITY OF SAN DIEGO HOUSING PROGRAMSTo qualify, you must live or work in the City of San Diego.Income—Gross household annual income must be at or below 50percent or 80 percent of AMI, depending on the rental building. Contactproperty managers for additional details.Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Rental Assistance ProgramContactThe Housing Choice Voucher program provides rent subsidies tolower-income and special needs households. Their housing costs are30 to 40 percent of their adjusted monthly household income.Participants in the program are responsible for finding a housing unitthat complies with program guidelines. The federal program isadministered by SDHC on behalf of HUD. SDHC inspects all assistedunits to ensure they are in decent, safe, and sanitary condition.For application and waiting list information recording, call619.578.7305 (English) or 619.578.7306 (Spanish) or 619.578.7307(Vietnamese).EligibilityShared Housing ProgramTo qualify, applicants must be a very low-income family or a singleperson who is a senior citizen (62 or older), disabled, a U.S. veteran, orhomeless person with a disability.The Shared Housing Program matches persons in need of low-costhousing with residents who have space in their homes to share. Homeproviders supply a private bedroom, shared common space and utilitiesin exchange for the home seeker’s contribution of services or low rent.This program is funded by SDHC and is operated by ElderHelp of SanDiego, a nonprofit agency.Income—Gross household annual gross income must be at or below80 percent of San Diego's Area Median Income (AMI).To qualify, applicants must be a senior citizen (62 or older), have adisability or be homeless, displaced by government action and/or a verylow-income family.Note: The waiting list for SDHC Rental Communities is two to threeyears long (depending on bedroom size). The wait for four or fivebedrooms is considerably longer.4

City of San Diego Housing ProgramsEligibilityMust meet the HUD low-, very-low or extremely-low-incomerequirement (under 29,000). Must be over 18.ContactCall ElderHelp of San Diego at 619.284.9281 for information on theShared Housing Program.Single Room Occupancy (SRO) HotelsSingle Room Occupancy (SRO) hotels are single room units with abed, small refrigerator and microwave. These units usually do notrequire security deposits or first and last months’ rent, and have lowerrents. Refer to page 18 for a list of SRO hotels in the City of San Diego.ContactCall or visit SRO hotels directly (contacts listed on pages 18-19).Minor Home RepairsThe Minor Home Repairs Program provides limited home repair andsome materials to very-low income, seniors (62 years or older), anddisabled homeowners. SDHC contracts with three agencies toadminister this program.Minor Home Repairs ProgramGeographic Eligibility & Contact InformationJFS Fix It Service - 858.637.3354(Available for residents 60 years of age. Call JFS for service areas)MAAC Project - 619.409.7588 (Available to both homeowners and renters)Geography—For City of San Diego residents south of Highway 94 in zipcodes 92102, 92113, 92114, 92139, 92154, 92173San Diego Gas & Electric Energy Savings Assistance Program 866.597.0597Geography—You must live in San Diego CountyEligibilityGeography—Please refer to the chart.Income—Household’s annual gross income must be at or below 50percent of AMI. See chart on page 4 for income guidelines.5

City of San Diego Housing ProgramsOwner-Occupied Residential RehabilitationHome Purchasing Assistance / First Time Homebuyer ProgramThe following programs are administered by SDHC for the City of SanDiego and provide loans for the repair of owner-occupied homes.Mortgage Credit Certificate Program (MCC)Targeted Owner-Occupant RehabilitationHousing Enhancement Loan Programs (HELP) are available forone- or two-unit residential properties in targeted RedevelopmentProject Areas in the City of San Diego consisting of City Heights,College Grove, Crossroads, Linda Vista, North Park, San Ysidroand Southeast San Diego. To qualify, the owner must reside in theproperty that will be renovated. Housing Enhancement Loans range from 20,000 to 30,000depending upon the specific Redevelopment Project Area.They are available to one- and two-unit residential propertieswhose owner-occupants gross household income does notexceed 100 percent AMI. The loan is deferred at 3 percentsimple interest and forgivable over a 10-year period,conditioned on continued owner-occupancy and no further loanencumbrances. If sold or encumbered within the first five years,the borrower would repay full loan amount plus three percentsimple interest per year. In years 6 through 10, 20 percent ofthe principal will be forgiven each year.ContactCall 619.578.7523 for more information on the Targeted OwnerOccupant Rehabilitation programs.First-time homebuyers purchasing houses or condominiums within the Cityof San Diego can receive a tax credit equal to either 15 or 20 percent ofthe mortgage interest they pay each year on their federal income taxes.This increases their income, which helps them make their monthlymortgage payment and qualify for a larger first mortgage. Buyers applythrough a participating lender. In certain targeted census tracts, incomeand purchase price limits are higher, and first-time buyer status is waived.MCC Purchase Price LimitsNon-Targeted Targeted AreaHouse TypeAreaNew/Resale 534,375 653,125MCC Income Eligibility LimitsNon-Targeted Targeted AreaFamily SizeArea1-2 Persons 81,100 97,2003 Persons 93,150 113,400EligibilityGeography – Must purchase in the City of San Diego.Buyer must occupy the property.Visit our website at and click First Time Homebuyersfor more information.Must be a first-time homebuyer. A first-time homebuyer is someone whohas not owned a home in the last three years.6

City of San Diego Housing ProgramsClosing Cost Assistance GrantUnder the City of San Diego’s First Time Homebuyer Program, a buyeralso can apply for a recoverable grant equal to four percent of the purchaseprice, not to exceed 15,000, to be used toward closing cost assistance.The grant is recoverable if the buyer sells or rents the home within the firstsix years. It is available only with first mortgages without a balloonpayment. First-time homebuyers must apply through the participatinglender providing the first mortgage.EligibilityGeography – Must purchase in the City of San Diego.Buyer must occupy the property.Income – Household’s annual gross income must be at or below 100 percentof AMI. See chart on page 4 for income guidelines.Must be a first-time homebuyer. A first-time homebuyer is someone whohas not owned a home in the last three years.Visit our website at and click First Time Homebuyers for moreinformation.Deferred Payment Loan ProgramThis program is available to qualified first-time homebuyers earning 100percent or less of the AMI, as adjusted for family size. This program canhelp a buyer purchase a home in the City of San Diego by providing asecond trust deed loan. The loans carry an interest rate of three percentinterest and require no monthly payments of principal or interest until thebuyer sells the home or the end of 30 years. The loan term is 30 years.The maximum loan amount is 17 percent of the purchase price orappraised value, whichever is less. Buyer must have adequate incomeand an acceptable credit history, plus sufficient funds available for aminimum down payment of three percent and closing costs. Also, buyeris required to attend an eight-hour homebuyer education workshop.Maximum purchase price or appraised value is 394,250. First-timehomebuyers should apply through the participating lender providing thefirst mortgage.Eligibility Geography – Must purchase in the City of San Diego. Buyer must occupy the property. Income – Household’s annual gross income must be at or below 80percent of AMI. See chart on page 4 for income guidelines.Visit our website at and click First Time Homebuyers for moreinformation.Affordable For-Sale HousingThe Affordable For-Sale Housing Program makes it possible for low-andmoderate income families to buy a home at a price that is affordable. Thehome have been built by private developers. The properties meet the City ofSan Diego’s affordability requirements and are available at below marketvalue.There are six developments with long term affordability requirements that willhave units for sale when they are resold by the current owner.In most cases you do not need to be a first time homebuyer to purchase oneof these affordable for-sale homes. However, to receive financial assistancefrom the San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC), you must be a first-timehomebuyer.In most cases you do not need to be a first-time homebuyer to purchase oneof these affordable for-sale homes. However, to receive financial assistancefrom the San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC), you must be a first-timehomebuyer.EligibilityBuyer must occupy the propertyIncome limits range from 60 percent to 120 percent of AMI.Visit our website at and click on First-time Homebuyers thenon Affordable For-Sale Housing7

City of San Diego Housing Programs / Housing Services Quick Contacts ListRental Housing DevelopmentThe San Diego Housing Commission works in partnership with for-profit andnonprofit developers to build affordable rental housing complexes throughoutthe City of San Diego. Target populations are extremely low-, very low-, andlow-income households including families, seniors, and special needspopulations.EligibilityGeography -- All projects must be located in the City of San Diego.Visit our website at and click First Time Homebuyers for moreinformation.Housing Services Quick Contact 4.2810Home PurchasingAssistanceMinor HomeRepair & HomeSecurityMobile homePark OwnershipRentalAssistanceResidentialRehabilitation –homes &mobile homesShared Housing760.434.2810Chula el Mar858.755.9313858.792.7565El 839.4841Imperial Beach858.694.4885La Mesa619.667.1192Lemon Grove619.825.3800National 60.435.3360Poway858.668.4555San Diego City619.231.9400619.578.7302619.578-7521(SDHC general info)(Recorded information)(SDHC general info)EncinitasResidentialRehabilitation –rental 7.1192760.435.3360858.792.7565858.694.4823No mobile homeprogram760.726.4900Ext. .694.4823858.748.9675619.578.7305 Eng619.578.7306 Spn619.578.7307 3619.442.3281760.757.01188

Citywide Affordable Rental HousingServicesSan eHome PurchasingAssistanceMinor HomeRepair & HomeSecurityMobile homePark OwnershipRentalAssistanceResidentialRehabilitation –homes &mobile homesResidentialRehabilitation –rental propertyShared Housing619.442.3281(East .4823858.694.4823760.726.4900Ext. 224(No. County)San Marcos619.258.4100Ext. 133Santee619.258.4100Ext. 133619.476.7055858.694.4801619-578-7497Solana Beach858.694.4885Vista760.639.6191619.258.4100Ext. any jurisdictions, including the City and County of San Diego, also offer incentives and loans to developers for the development of affordable housing. Inaddition, several local jurisdictions and numerous non-profit organizations offer transitional housing programs, emergency shelters and affordable housingunits. For more information, see the Citywide Affordable Housing Inventory (page 10), the listing of SRO Hotels (page 18) and the Homeless Shelter Inventory(page 20).9

Citywide Affordable Rental HousingThis list provides information on housing complexes in San Diego County where some or all of the housing units are affordable for lower incomehouseholds. The “Unit’s” column shows the housing units in the apartment complex that have affordable rents. You will need to contact the housingcomplexes for specific information on rents, income requirements, or