www.omnilore.orgVolume 16 Issue 6OMNILOREWhat A Hoot!California State UniversityDominguez Hillsby Mary OranOMNILORE NEWSA publication of OMNILORE, a Learning inRetirement Organization affiliated with TheDivision of Extended & International Educationof California State University Dominguez HillsBOARD OF DIRECTORSElected OfficersPresidentRick SpillaneVP - AcademicsMerle CulbertVP - AdministrationCarol SimoneTreasurerTom VincentRecording SecretaryJanet BrownPast PresidentDick JohnsonMember-at-LargeKit BellMember-at-LargeMember-at-LargeRuth HartJanice PlankStanding Committee ChairsMembershipHoward KormanForumDiana CutlerCommunicationsRalph BrownHead CoordinatorLaura GuneauCurriculumDick JohnsonAppointeesNew Member LiaisonEdith GarveyRegistrarRoy SchubertArchivistBob SaundersLaptop Admin.Office ManagerTom VincentCarol JohnsonSuppliesJoAnna KerriganWebmasterMyron PullenOmnilore News is published six timesannually. We welcome short feature articlesand news stories. Please contact the editorwith your contributions.C0-EditorsDiana CutlerStaff MemberCarol KersterJoAnna KerriganNovember 2007The orange and black décor at LosVerdes Country Club greeted the Halloween luncheon attendees. President RickSpillane conducted the Annual Meeting,which consisted of minutes and budget approval, and a brief State of Omnilore speech,which was very informative. In Caesareanrhetoric, Julius Jim O’Neill moved that theslate of 2008 officers be elected, and unanimous “ayes” roared from the crowd.Can words really convey the bigger-than-lifebursts of energy that entertained us that afternoon? James Blackman took the stage andOur Speaker, James Blackman, withgave us some South Bay Civic Light Operathat Twinkle in His Eye beforehistory. From the Ovation Award winners:He Dropped Another One on Us!West Side Story, Dreamgirls, and Crazy ForYou to the eerie backstage happenings (at 12:45 a.m.!) during Titanic, Blackmankept the colorfully-attired audience enthralled. It was literally a laugh a minute,whether he was talking about his student days at Aviation High School, his nervousness and excitement at the Ovation Awards, or June Allyson (don’t ask!).Blackman’s goal, when first forming the theatre group, was to put the South Bayon the map – and he’s done it. Not only has New York taken notice, but next yearhe will be producing a world premiere, Twice Upon a Time, before it goes on toBroadway and London.There is no really accurate way to describe the whirlwind performance we saw atthe luncheon. As my tablemate said, “You had to be there.”What a hoot! What a treat!Omnilore Elects New OfficersOmniloreans elected the following officers to serve them for the 2007-2008 term.For a complete listing of all Omnilore positions, see left-hand column of this page.PresidentVice-President, AcademicsVice-President, AdministrationRecording SecretaryTreasurerMembers At LargeRICK SPILLANEMERLE CULBERTCAROL SIMONEJANET BROWNTOM VINCENTKIT BELLRUTH HARTJANICE PLANKDON’T MISS — IN THIS ISSUEPresident’s MessageIntroducing Omnilore Meeting DatesNew Projectors Are Here16th Annual MeetingThe BookshelfPagePagePagePagePage23347

OMNILORE NEWS Vol 16MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENTby Rick SpillaneOur annual end-of-Omnilore yearHalloween luncheon was onceagain a fun afternoon. The costumeswere great and enjoyed by both thosewearing them and those who saw them.James Blackman, founder and executivedirector of the popular, award-winningRedondo Beach Civic Light Operaregaled us with his great stories ofbackstage events. What drama in thatvenue too.Our new board members were elected.Thanks to all the board members pastand present for volunteering their timeand talents to support Omnilore.Our new equipment (two projectors, twoscreens and a voice-amplifier) hasarrived. Now we need to upgrade ourpresentations to match the newequipment! Training classes have beenset up, so come and learn how to use ournew user friendly equipment to enhanceyour presentations.CSU Dominquez Hills’ Dean MargaretGordon attended the Omnilore Boardmeeting on 13 September 2007; detailedminutes of the meeting are available onthe Omnilore web site.My personal summary of what DeanGordon said and my reaction to it follow.2Issue 6I stress that this is just my personalopinion and that I realize that, while Iview the position Omnilore is being putin as extremely unfair, others may notshare these views, and regardless, westill must determine how best to moveforward in the best interests of ourmembers.Osher Institute for Lifelong Learningcance lle d its gra nt mone y toCSUDH/Omnilore. To successfully apply for any future Osher grant,Omnilore must have 350 members tomeet Osher's definition of a sustainableorganization; to continue to receiveOsher grants or an endowment,Omnilore must grow to 500 members.Dean Gordon wants to re-apply for anOsher grant by January, 2008 soOmnilore would have to have 350members by then. Osher did notapprove of CSUDH's attempts at meeting the 500-member requirement via itsOllie online program with its electronically connected participants; thatprogram has been dropped by CSUDH.CSUDH offered no money or staffhours to assist Omnilore in increasingmembership or to increase the type ofprograms offered; Dean Gordon hasComputerTalksPrintScreenCopying Images for Presentationsby Carol JohnsonComputer keyboards usually have a little-known key labeled"Prt Sc" or so, which stands for "Print Screen", and is near theupper right corner of the keyboard. Have you pressed it andnothing seemed to happen? Well, it actually does a "copyscreen" so that its image can be "pasted" into a file such as aPowerPoint slide or MS Word file. This is useful for capturinganything you can display on the screen, such as digital photos,images scanned in, and web pages. Various techniques can"crop" (select part of the image), change size and rotate.firmly said weneeded to use ourown resources.WithoutOshergrantm o n e y,CSUDH may wellstop its support andaffiliationwithOmnilore.Currently CSUDH supplies our classrooms,liability insurance coverage, and arrangesthe lecture series.We are continuing to meet with CSUDHrepresentatives to try, if possible, tocontinue a relationship between Omniloreand CSUDH. We are also exploring otheroptions. We find that Omnilore is highlyregarded in the surrounding communitiesand we are evaluating offers that wouldsupply the same or better facilities thanthose we presently occupy. Let me assureyou that the Board has the best interest ofOmnilore members at heart and we allwant to maintain our existing types ofprograms in an environment that allows usto meet, make friends, and have interestingdiscussions while learning.A Class at Omnilore Gives MoreThan a Class at Any Edu-Store!by Frances RobertsWe had a course in poetryFor all of three semesters.We looked at line and symmetry,At seers, psychics, jesters.They ran a gamut vast and wide;Ideas flowed from every side.Some read their own with hesitant pride,Others followed a populist tide,And over all we laughed –and sometimes cried.There was no arbitrary rule,No proffered poetic-licensed school.Instead the offerings spread like fire,The boundaries widened to a world entire.All who sampled came awayRealizing a poem is for everyday,For keeping sorrows a bit at bay,For learning that laughter oft saves the day.Lightening our hours in a new wayTwas not class work, but more like play.Winking Owl fromI thank all those who showed us how,Carol Johnson will illustrate these techniques at the noon-time (12-1 p.m.) Com- A poet can lead us, here and now,puter Talks in November, which will be the 3rd Thursday, November 15, because Through a timeless art that’s ever new,the usual fourth Thursday is Thanksgiving Day.That totally enthralled this lucky few.

OMNILORE NEWS Vol 163Issue 6November and December Dates Setfor New“Introducing Omnilore” MeetingsThe New ProjectorsAre Here!by Howard KormanThe new projectors are here! They aresmaller, lighter, and much easier to use.InputSelect is now automatic and imagequality from the Desktop Presenter ismuch, much better. As of November 12,the old projectors will be replaced withthe new ones in the same equipment closets in Rooms 7 and 8. So start enjoyingthe new projectors for your S/DG presentations!The Membership Committee hasscheduled two "IntroducingOmnilore" meetings in November and December for perspective members whomay want to join Omnilore for the Springtrimester. Dates are:Thursday, November 29thandTuesday, December 11thfrom 10 AM to Noon in Room 7 at the Franklin CenterAttendance at one of these meetings is mandatory for new members, so please tellanyone you know who might be interested about these upcoming dates. We knowthat most of our new members join as a result of referrals by current members. Wehave a wonderful organization with a great deal to offer to people who want to beintellectually Tom VincentThere will be one training session at12:30 p.m. on Monday, November 12th.Reservations are required. The first 15people to e-mail Tom Vincent([email protected]) will get into thisonce-only class.Help spread the word!October in New Yorkby Carol KersterEver thrill-seeking, adventurous Omniloreans, led by irrepressible Carol and TonyLopilato, travel guides extraordinaire, spent a week touring the Hudson River Valley. A few impressions of this jam-packed, fun-filled trip follow.‘Twas the month of Halloween, (now past), and all through Hudson Valley,The leaves were changing colors, and we were there to sallyForth among estates, and grounds, and views so very glorious,The abundance of it all could have eas’ly allowed in more of us.(There were 26 exuberant Omniloreans. You know who you are!)There was Saugerties, “Kindred Spirits,” (painting and place), and a HudsonRiver Cruise.The little town of Woodstock, with ‘60’s stuff still much in use.The capitol of Albany, elegant for the state,But barely comparable in “wealth,” to the houses of the greatBusiness barons, collectors, and leaders who didn’t lackFor anything that money could buy;Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, and Roosevelts led this prestigious pack.At the other end of the domestic scene, lived the hardworking Huguenots,In a one room house, with no amenities, lived two adults, and their six tots.(The town is New Paltz.)We viewed classic art by Church & Cole, heard stories about Sleepy Hollow,Boscobel, (Federal architecture), Mohonk Mountain, (great resort), were alltough acts to follow.Still, the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) and West Point, tho’ visitedin haste,Left little doubt that this amazing trip had appeal for any taste!(If YOUR taste for travel has been tickled by this “pome,” please check out “Aprilin France.” What better place to roam?)New-projectorDocumentationby Carol JohnsonThere are light blue notebooks in theequipment closets of room 7 and 8, whichshow how to use the audio/visual equipment. They have been updated forOmnilore's new CP-X253 projectors.These projectors have the same functionality as the older ones, but there are differences in the ways they are set up andadjusted for a good picture. You maywant to see this information beforehandor when the new method is puzzling.The Downsideby George ClarkA man who took road trips in summerDecided to purchase a Hummer.He liked the wide chassis,It looked really classy,But buying the gas was a bummer.

OMNILORE NEWS Vol 164Issue 64121031. Lindie Banks; 2. Margaret Ellis;3. Laura Guneau, posing as the Omnilore owl; 4. Dick Johnson shares a laughwith Ruth Hart; 5. Our President, Rick Spillane; 6. Lori Geittmann; 7. IrmaCohen; 8. Dean Gordon, Jim Bouchard (Sherlock) & Dick Johnson; 9. HelenLeven and Sheila Banken; 10. Janice Plank, one of our more colorful witches;11. Ginger Engstrom; 12. Jim & Mary O’Neill as Caesar & Cleopatra; 13.Penny Stein; 14. George Clark as our own home-grown terrorist with his FBIprofiler, Barbara Johnson; 15. Robert Koch with one of those free persimmons; 16. Bob & Ronnie Saunders; and17. Bob & Elaine Grove, pretending they like each other.9567811121314171615

OMNILORE NEWS Vol 1615Issue 624391. Pat Brown, Peninsula News; 2. Mel Schrier & PhyllisAppel; 3. Carol Johnson; 4. Chuck & Blanche Herring;5. Adele & Al Fletcher; 6. Carol Lopilato & Tom Vincent;7. Anna Jane Lescoe consorting with a terrorist; 8. MaryLouise Mavian; 9. Shirley Bachelder; 10. Mary Jane Borman& Les Berg; 11. Bill & Andrea Gargaro; 12. Lilja Rizzo;13. Sisters Nina Landis & Diana Cutler; 14. GordonKehmeier with his new wife, Anita, and daughter, Brenda;15. Edith Garvey standing over Marty Leveille & TerryHelmy; and 16. Dian Ashley & Teresa Yu.785612111310161514

OMNILORE NEWS Vol 166Issue 61281. Donna Russell; 2. Marilyn & Al Peschel with Joyce Mar; 3. John Vehrencampas hook-handed pirate; 4. Kathleen Fitzgerald; 5. Jim Bouchard & Joanne Zitellifrom CSUDH; 6. Emil Raulin, Hal Simmons & JoAnna Kerrigan; 7. John & LynnTaber; 8. Mimi Lau, attractive even as a green-haired witch; 9. John Stevens withhis ornate mask (the hair was a dead giveaway!); 10. Nancy Shannon, our cardsender on behalf of Omnilore; 11. Howard Korman standing next to Pat Brown ofthe Peninsula News, Dale Korman seated to the left and her mother, HarriettApsel, also a member; 12. Blanche Herring & Mary Oran; 13. Sally Strehlke.34756910121311

OMNILORE NEWS Vol 167Issue 6“The universe is made of stories, not atoms.” Muriel Rukeyser, American poetstated this, and on a metaphorical level, itis true. This month’s selections are allstories of the human experience. Hopefully you will find that at least one ofthem touches your own personal storyline.Going much further backin time, The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant isa delightful piece of historical fiction taking placein 15th century Florence.The Medici Family,Savonarola, and the city’sculture are highlightedthrough the eyes of the daughter of awealthy fabric merchant. In the course ofthe action, the reader sees how thechurch, the diseases, and the politicalevents affect individual lives. If one hasvisited Florence, the descriptions will addto the reading pleasure. A compellingand colorful story offers some insights tothe past.Ivan Doig’s The Whistling Season is setin rural Montana, beginning in the fall of1909. The narrator, an aging state superintendent of schools, must decide the fateof the remaining rural schools in Montana. He is a product of those schools,and relates the experiences of his seventhgrade, his motherless family, and the hardlife in the rural environment. The setting,the characters, the humorous and sadevents that compose the book are beautifully presented. This is perfect readingfor a winter day or evening, and itsscenes will stay with you long after youhave read the last page.Autobiography of an Elderly Woman byAnonymous is a tricky book to classify.Is it fiction or nonfiction? Originallypublished in 1911, it is written from theperspective of an elderly woman whobemoans her existence because of thehovering of her adult children. The bookwas actually the work of 37-year-oldMary Heaton Vorse, a Greenwich Villagebohemian and radical journalist whowrote it in the voice of her mother. Themother rebelled against the constant interference of her overprotective children.“Every moment of our lives we are preparing for age; carving out the faces thatby Mary OranJeanBdirect ardot, French toor parushowa Pow excellence r, willtion oerPoinnOmni the upcom t presentalore AingFrancpe at 1 ril 2008 tr0:00 Aip toTuesdaMRoom y, Novemb one8 at Frankl r 6th inin CeCarolnter.LopilatoComputer TalksThere will be noComputer Talks during December. (If youmiss it, go to the Omnilore website Sounding Board and chat!)New & ImprovedCheck out the Omnilore website Several newand exciting links have been addedfor your research and pleasure!For instance, did you know thatthere are 6,912 living languages inthe world? Go to our Website,click on "More Info" and then"Links." Scroll down and you willfind the site that will give you moreinformation. Impress friends andfamily with your newly acquiredfacts! Link up with our own veryspecial web page.Mary Oranwe are to wear.” Recently republished,the messages and observations are current!A detailed account of the surveying andmapping of the territory that became theUnited States is the focus of The Fabricof America by Andro Linklater. Fromearly colonial times through the postrevolutionary period, and later the expansion and division of the Louisianapurchased territories into individualstates, the book reveals how Andrew Ellicott (self-educated astronomer, mathematician, and surveyor), commissioned byPresident Washington, delineated theboundaries of the capital of the new nation. Later he surveyed and mappedmuch of the northern and southernboundaries of the country and establishedprinciples used in cartography. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark alsocome into play in this fascinating history.On a lighter vein, Michael Tucker andJill Eikenberry (of “LA Law” fame)wrote the memoir Living in a ForeignLanguage. The couple bought a small“rustico” in Umbria. The story is not somuch about the restoration process as it isabout their experiences as they are drawninto the daily life of their community.The descriptions of the food and wine areenough to send the reader to the nearestItalian restaurant – immediately! Additionally, it tells the beautiful story of theirrelationship.Finally, this may be a book you will likeor you will hate – The End of Faith bySam Harris. The subtitle, “Religion, Terror and the Future of Reason” offers agood summary of the content. The authorcontends that faith is the most dangerouselement of modern life. He indicates thatfaith, as contrasted with reliance on evidence, has proved to be a cure worse thanthe disease. He also proposes alternate approaches to the mysteries of life, and hasa comprehensive bibliography for thosewho wish to pursue this fascinating topic.In the spirit of the season, how about giving us some book recommendations?(Our thanks go to Marilyn Denno,Patricia Edie, Chuck Gray and RichMansfield for contributing to our list.Please send your titles, with author nameand a very brief description, [email protected] put“Omnilore Books” as the subject. Welook forward to hearing from you.)

OMNILORE NEWS Vol 16November468121315Daylight Saving Time EndsElection DayBoard of Directors Meeting - 12 Noon - 2 p.m. - Room 7Veteran’s Day ObservedMembership Committee - 12 Noon - 1 p.m. - Room 8Computer Talks - 12 Noon - 1 p.m. - Room 7PrintScreen—Copying Images for Presentations- Carol Johnson (see page 2)December162229Hiking Group - 10 a.m.Thanksgiving DayIntroducing Omnilore Meeting - 10 a.m. - Noon - Room 7(see article, page 3)51111First Day of HanukkahMembership Committee - 12 Noon - 1 p.m. - Room 8Introducing Omnilore Meeting - 10 a.m. - Noon - Room 7(see article, page 3)Last Day of HanukkahBoard of Directors Meeting - 12 Noon - 2 p.m. - Room 7.Input Deadline for January/February NewsletterHiking Group - 10 a.m.First Day of WinterChristmas DayComputer Talks CancelledNew Year’s Eve1213152122252731January28Issue 6Spring Trimester BeginsIMPORTANT:Calendar changes and additions are scheduled withPat Stevens - (310) 548-3253 - [email protected], CSUDHDivision of Extended & International EducationPMB 236P.O. Box 7000Redondo Beach, Ca. 90277-8710OMNILORECALENDAR2007