(AUGUST) ARIANA EVENTS CALENDARSunMonTue1Wed23:00 &116:30a.m. Core10:00 a.m.p.m. ShuffleMeeting Water Aerobicsboard1 p.m. Bible6:30 p.m. Table Study GroupGames / Cards6:30 p.m.Texas Hold’em6:30 p.m. TableGames / Cards7 p.m. Bingo6710:00 a.m.Water Aerobics1 to 3 p.m.Crafts Group1314893:00 & 6:3010:00 a.m.p.m. ShuffleWater Aerobics10 a.m. Group 5boardMeeting11a.m. Core1 p.m. Bible5:00 p.m.Meeting Study GroupPot Luck6:30 p.m.Texas Hold’em6:30 p.m. TableGames / Cards7 p.m. Bingo1516ThuFri349 a.m. Shuffleboard10:00 a.m.WaterAerobics3:00 & 6:30 p.m.Shuffleboard6:30 p.m. TableGames / Cards1059 a.m. Shuffleboard6:30 p.m. TableGames / Cards175 p.m.SocialHour1:00 p.m.ActivityGroupMeeting113:00 & 6:30 p.m.ShuffleboardSat10:00 a.m.WaterAerobics18128:00 10:00a,m.Breakfast199 a.m. Shuffleboard10:00 a.m.Water Aerobics1 to 3 p.m.Crafts Group202110:00 a.m.Water Aerobics1 to 3 p.m.Crafts Group10:00 a.m.Water Aerobics11 a.m. LadiesLuncheon Group6:30 p.m.Texas Hold’em3:00 & 6:30 p.m.Shuffleboard7 p.m. Bingo6:30 p.m. TableGames / Cards2223243:00 & 6:30p.m. Shuffleboard10:00 a.m.Water Aerobics3:00 & 6:30p.m. Shuffleboard6;30 p.m. TableGames / Cards\4:30 p.m.Dinner Out282910:00 a.m.Water Aerobics3:00 & 6:30p.m. Shuffleboard1 to 3 p.m.Crafts Group6:30 p.m. TableGames / Cards11:00 a.m.Baked PotatoLuncheon6:30 p.m.Texas Hold’em7 p.m. Bingo6:30 p.m. TableGames / Cards279 a.m. Shuffleboard3:00 & 6:30 p.m.Shuffleboard6:30 p.m. TableGames / Cards303110:00 a.m.Water Aerobics9 a.m. Shuffleboard6:30 p.m.Texas Hold’em7 p.m. Bingo3:00 & 6:30 p.m.Shuffleboard6:30 p.m. TableGames / Cards10:00 a.m.WaterAerobics2510:00 a.m.WaterAerobics7:00 p.m.KaraokeNight26

We Do AllRoof Overs, Roof CoatingsRoof Repairs & Inspectionson all Manufactured Homes

DATERESIDENTADDRESS1Joye Jones1025 Impatiens Avenue2Deborah Swenson1723 Poppy Circle2Joyce Short1011 Impatiens Avenue2Rose Higgins1667 Kale Cove2Treasa Schuler1741 Poppy Circle4Linda Foss1669 Poppy Circle6Richard Davis1217 Ariana Village Blvd8Jean Miller1668 Poppy Circle8Muriel Higgins1645 Poppy Circle8Barbara Magraw1007 Impatiens Avenue8Jerry Mills1775 Poppy Circle9Ann Fleming1605 Poppy Circle10Richard Skidmore1702 Poppy Circle10Dave Gates1707 Poppy Circle10Judy Utzler1042 Clematis Avenue15Velda Scott1047 Clematis Avenue18Connie Braden1627 Poppy Circle18Toni Lawson1020 Cosmos Drive22Russell May1194 Ariana Village Blvd23Nona Schulz1042 Cosmos Drive27Joan Ringle1695 Coleus Cove29Marjorie Cotheman1790 Poppy Circle30Eric Smith1003 Impatiens AvenueDEADLINE FOR INFORMATION FOR THE SEPTNEWSLETTER IS SUNDAY, AUGUST 20TH 2017DATE71010111212222225262831RESIDENTVon & Peggy DennisLou & Joye JonesBill & Judy UtzlerRichard & Linda SkidmoreTed & Betty HamiltonGeorge & Charlene BreedenRick & Dorothy ForemanJoseph & Lorraine BuonoDominick & Gina BuonoHR & Debbie DunhamRobert & Marleen BarclayJohn & Sharon ThomasonADDRESS1274 Ariana Village Blvd.1025 Impatiens Avenue1042 Clematis Avenue1702 Poppy Circle1764 Alyssum Loop1623 Poppy Circle1021 Impatiens Avenue1719 Poppy Circle1624 Poppy Circle1619 Poppy Circle1018 Impatiens Avenue1640 Geranium LoopCover Page PhotoThe month of August, as describedon the cover page, is part of thelazy day’s of summer. It is also a time for us tolook forward to another fall and winter season atAriana. We anticipate the return of our northernneighbors who we can exchange summerexperiences with while looking forward to newand exciting events and activities. Whethersummer, fall or winter, Ariana’s events andactivities are ongoing, thanks to a dedicatedgroup of residents who give their time planning,scheduling and working hard throughout theyear.

I want to thank all those who have worked with management in getting the “Resident updateinformation” completed along with a new color copy ID for all persons living in your home. With thatsaid, there are still many files that need to be completed along with completing the pet agreement.Sellinghome:Residentsaskedadd thisResidentQuestion:Whatthe benefitstoThoseof youryou whohavepets livingin metheirtohomeare in.requiredto havea currentpetareagreementon file.listingstopyourbyhomewith theoffice?is weno appointment necessary,Pleasethe office,emailus orThecalltopandreasonwe willgetaretheavailable,form to you.someone searching for a home can just stop in and we will take them to it. When a home is listedreal estatecompanycannotshow it.Commission:estateatcompanieshaveistoldI withhave aheardfrom somany ofweyouthe reasonyouhave chosenRealto resideAriana Villageduesometo itsof youandtheythearegreatcheaper,thisyouis notalwaystrue.InCancelation:youupchooseto cancel thebeautyfriendshaveall effort to Ifkeepthe appearanceyouagreement,have allwe letaccustomyou withoutpenaltyfollowingthe termsof the contract.we willhelpsoonyou bestage yourgrownto, alongwiththe monthlyinspectionsfrom theStaging:street view,we willhome (declutter/rearrange).Advise: wewillis giveyou ourbasedon whatwewemayhavestartseeingconductinga full home/lot inspection.Thisscheduledto beststartadvise10/1/2017although,in theonmarket.Advertisement:not onlylist on ArianaandstartCraigslist,we haveearlythe homeswe know arewecurrentlyoccupied.PleaseVillage,note, weZillowwill notbefore 9/1/2017,severaltheadvertisingand offernationwidewiththeownSun homename toandseecompanywebsite.givingyear roundareasresidentsa monthto inspecttheirif anythingmay need to beworked on before we start our inspections. During this inspection you may see us doing the followingwe allowyouto sides,have drinksandaroundfood atthetheentirepool,home,pleaseandrememberthey arenot peratPool:yourAlthoughhome: picturesof allfourwalkingtaking noteson yourmittedto be in eitherthe poolor spa atany thattime.doesSmokingis not permittedinside the poolfence&athomeappearance.If thereis anythingfoundnot coincidewith the prospectusand rulesany time. Oncethe gateswillare lockedno withone iseachpermittedto jumpfence. The following things areregulations,managementfollow uphomeowneras thenecessary.some of what we will be looking at but is not limited to: landscaping, cleanliness of the home and lot,Guests: Allitemsguestsstoredmust onbe carportsregisteredandat aroundthe ditionally,home, damagea homethatbeneedsto bethe ownervisitingthe so on. Fora completecopy ofoftheform, you can stop by the office.If you haveforanyallquestions or see anything in our wonderful community that needs addressing,Remindersplease dowhonot hesitateto reachto theArianaare herefor allof homeyou. is not to be usedResidentswish to renttheirouthomesout:This team,is for weextendedstays,yourfor weekly rentals and you may only rent them up to 3 times a year. You must also have a backgroundcheck done on each person renting, no more than 2 renters at a time and they must be over 55. Abackground check must be completed on anyone that has had a break in their stay. This means if theyhave rented before they still need to complete a new one. If they are renting year round then they onlyneeded it done before moving in.(Continued On Page 2 of “August Notes From The Office”)Page 1

(Continued From Page 1 of “August Notes From The Office”)Selling your home: Residents asked me to add this in. Resident Question: What are the benefits tolisting your home with the office? The top reason is we are available, no appointment necessary,someone searching for a home can just stop in and we will take them to it. When a home is listed witha real estate company we cannot show it. Commission: Real estate companies have told some of youthey are cheaper, this is not always true. Cancelation: If you choose to cancel the agreement, we letyou without penalty following the terms of the contract. Staging: we will help you stage your home(de-clutter/rearrange). Advise: we will give you our best advise based on our knowledge of thecurrent market trends. Advertisement: we not only list on Ariana Village, Zillow and Craigslist, wealso have several advertising areas and offer nationwide advertising with the Sun name and companywebsite.Pool: Although we allow you to have drinks and food at the pool, please remember they are notpermitted to be in either the pool or spa at any time. Smoking is not permitted inside the pool fence atany time. Once the gates are locked no one is permitted to jump the fence.Guests: All guests must be registered at the office. Additionally, all guests must be accompanied bythe owner whenever visiting any of the amenities within our community.If you have any questions or see anything in our wonderful community that needs addressing, pleasedo not hesitate to reach out to the Ariana team, we are here for all of you. Thank you.Beth-Ann McCourt, Community ManagerPage 2

Hi everyone,Our article deadline is the 20 of each month for the next issue of our Ariana Village News. I write thatbecause changes do happen in the 11 days until publication. One thing that will not change is oursummer weather. It’s always sunny and 74’ when you wake up. By 10 am it is about 85’ and the cloudsbegin to build. By 1 pm it is 90’ or more and the humidity is high and the sun very hot. The rest of theday may stay that way or, usually, a thunder storm comes thru the area. We’ve had two months of 10” ofrain each this summer.The pool gets quite a bit of use and air-conditioners hum all day. What made me think of this? A winterresident has visited us for the first time in the summer and saw the lush green lawns, flowering trees andshrubs, etc. She noted that it is a different world than in January.If you have friends who would like to buy a home, now is a good time. We have about 20 for sale rightnow. Contact our manager for details. 863-687-3835Our summer activities have hit a snag since we have not been able to cook in the clubhouse kitchen. Ourmanager has kept us up to date as to how Sun Communities is going to meet the fire marshal’srequirements. As I understand it; we will have some kitchen electrical work updated so that we can grillon electric appliances. That is the temporary fix. Then the first of 2018 the budget will include money fora commercial kitchen upgrade. Our grill has been removed and will be converted to propane to be usedon the porch area of the clubhouse. For those who are new or missed the news last month, the LakelandFire Marshal made an inspection in June and noticed we did not have a fire suppression system in ourkitchen. Being a ‘public’ kitchen we must be rated commercial and that requires a system to shut off thegas and suppress any fire. That was not done when the kitchen was renovated back in 2014.In other Lakeland news, the Lakeland Center is now renamed for an investment company who paid a lotof money to put their name on the building. It is now called the RP FUNDING CENTER. With thatname change is a 14.7 million dollar up-grade to the buildings, including hi-tech video scoreboards andthe Orlando Magic NBA team will have their minor league team playing here this winter. More andbetter entertainment is the promise.The newspaper also announced that Florida Hospital (they have branch hospitals all over Florida) isgoing to build a clinic and 200 bed hospital about a mile from the new Polytechnic College in northeastLakeland.As I ride my bike around the area I’ve noticed a lot of commercial building is taking place. Distributionand warehouse centers are the most common. West and East of the city is where most of the building istaking place.Have a great month. Be thinking about joining the HOA and getting involved in making our communitythe best it can be for all of us.thKen Garnsey, HOA President

full pageLOOKEDUNDER YOUR MOBILEHOME LATELY?Insulation Under Your Home Falling Down?Holes and Tears in YourFREEVapor /Moisture Barrier?UNDER HOMEINSPECTIONOnly with this COUPONUnderhomePhotos ProvidedInsulation andVapor Barrier RepairsWeFix SoftFloors Lifetime Vapor Barrier Guaranteed for Life Prevent Soft Floors Lower Your Electric Bills Keep Mold, Mildew, Rats, Snakes, Spiders, Ants, Roaches and Moisture OUT of Your House!Are Your Tie Downs Tight? Hurricane Anchors Tie Downs Leveling Blocking Carport Tie Downs Stabilizing Devices Roof-Over Strapping Replace Rusted Anchors Add Anchors Longitudinal Stabilizing Retro-fit to Current State StandardsIf your home moves even a few inches during a storm your home willsuffer severe damage. Loose tie downs do not protect your home,they must be tightened every 3 to 5 years. Have your tiedowns inspected NOW, before the storms!Licensed by theState of Florida#IH/102549/1 FREE INSPECTIONS & ESTIMATES MILITARY & SENIOR DISCOUNTS FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED863-812-47411-800-681-3772 State Licensed Mobile Home Installer Insured Bonded Workman's Compensation Insurance Member: National Association of Mold ProfessionalsFLORIDA ANCHOR AND BARRIER COMPANY

Kevin Brunk, FMO RepresentativeOne of the benefits of being a Federation of Manufactured Home Owners of Florida (FMO) member isthat you gain access to the electronic resources of the FMO through the FMO website. Members gainaccess to the “Questions and Answers” (Q&A) section as well as the “Legal Archives”, in addition tomany other electronic resources.The Q&A section provides answers to questions of a broad and general nature not, typically, issues oflegal opinion. The “Legal Archives” section is a compilation of legal questions and their answers thathave appeared over the years in the FMO news, the publication of the FMO. To give you an idea of thequality of information you could expect, I’ve included a sample entry from each section below.From the Q&A section:From the “Legal Archives” section:There are numerous topics covered in these sections. The website is a wealth of information for FMOmembers. Become an FMO member if you are not already one. Simply complete the membershipapplication included in this newsletter and mail it directly to the FMO. If you have questions aboutmembership, email or call me. My email is [email protected] and my phonenumber is 863-816-5416 (leave a message if no answer).Members FAQ (n.d.), Rental Communities, question 1, In Federation of Manufactured HomeOwners of Florida, Inc. Retrieved from Archives, March/April 2009, Rent Increase, In Federation of Manufactured Home Owners ofFlorida, Inc. Retrieved from

Summer Activities Group Meeting,Friday, August 4th at 1:00 p.m.Social Hour-Saturday,August 5th 5:00,Pot Luck-Tues00 p.m.August 8th 5:Breakfast-Saturday,August 12th 8 to 10 a.m.(Music)Karaoke Night:00 p.m.7ht91tsuguADinner Out, Tues,August 22nd at 4:30 p.m.ncheonBaked Potato Lua.m. 3.000:011th42tsuAug*****Check Bulletin Board For Additional Details*****

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You know you're a Floridian if.Part2You think a six-foot alligator is actually pretty average.'Down South' means Key West.Flip-flops are everyday wear. Shoes are for business meetings and church, but you HAVE worn flipflops to church before.You have a drawer full of bathing suits, and one sweatshirt.You get annoyed at the tourists who feed seagulls.A mountain is any hill 100 feet above sea level.You know the four seasons really are: Hurricane season, love bug season, tourist season andsummer.You've hosted a hurricane party.You can pronounce Okeechobee, Kissimmee , Withlacoochee , Thonotosassa and Micanopy.You understand why it's better to have a friend with a boat, than have a boat yourself.You were 25 when you first met someone who couldn't swim.You've worn shorts and used the A/C on Christmas and New Years.You recognize Miami-Dade as ' Northern Cuba .


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A Smile Never AgesThe older you get the less you know.Just ask your kids they will say its so.Blood pressure up. Arches flat.Everything you eat just goes to fat.Get out of bed. Move real slow.Three times a night you have to go.Caffeine not only keeps you awake it makes you pee for heaven’s sake.The world keeps changingat a hectic pacecausing more gray hairand a wrinkled face.But as you look in the mirror what catches your eye is your smile never agesas the years go by.

“Do You Remember” is a bit of nostalgia from the past that most of us remember. Wehope that the photos below might be fun to identify and maybe bring back some fondmemories of the past .

My email address is: [email protected] or my phone number is 860-965-1571.Remember if there is anything you would like to know just ask, I hope to hear from you all soon.Everyone stay healthy.CONDOLENCESOur sincere condolences go out to Wanda James and her family for the lossof her Mother, Billie Mack.GET WELL WISHESMarge and Kent Pfremmer have left to go visit the relatives, please still keep their greatgrandson, who is only four and still battling that nasty cancer, in your prayers. We wish him aspeedy recovery.We have several people who have been in the hospital or had surgeryrecently, Carol Barnes, Floyd Wolf, Phyllis Richards and Marlene Nadrash, Ihope I didn’t miss anyone. Please keep all these folks and each and everyone of us in your prayers.Let us try to keep in touch with our neighbors so we can make sure they are doing well with thisHOT weather.I know we have a lot of new folks in the park, if anyone would like to be involved withsummer activities please contact me. We meet on the first Friday of every month at1:00p.m. We are always looking for new ideas.For anyone who is Catholic and would like Communion at their home, you can contact MaeTaylor @ 863-398-9374.Page 1

Quality WorkmanshipHonest Pricing Vapor / Moisture Barrier Underhome Encapsulated Insulation Hurricane Tie-Down Anchors 8 YrsExp.BEFOREWe Keep rodents,snakes, spiders, bugs,mold, mildew, anddamaging