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Company Store Design OptionsWith our Company Store solution,we offer two design packages thatwill accommodate any design needsyou can possibly come up with.Option 1: E-Store Builder PackageOption 2: E-Store Custom Packagewww.bmwcustomprogram.comWhen selecting a Builder Package, youwill have over 100 different professionallydesigned site templates to choose from,or if you’re looking for something extraspecial, select a Custom Package, and wewill have our professional Web Designerscreate a website that matches yourexisting site, colors, and/or identity!

Browsing For Products is Easy Your Company Store willdisplay products professionallyand in a user-friendly format.www.mercersburgstore.comIn addition to this, you willhave the capability tocustomize your productcategories, product layout,descriptions and more to helpsimplify product

Browsing For Products is Easy Your store will also contain detailed product information on every item, sothat your shoppers will know exactly what is available for

Placing An OrderStep 1: Selecting An ItemSelect yourdesired product,and then simplyclick“Add To Cart”

Placing An OrderStep 2: Add Your QuantityAfter logging in,you simply enterin your desiredquantity of eachstyle, color,and/or size.

Placing An OrderStep 3: Shopping Cart/CheckoutWhen you have finished selecting the items you’d like to purchase,simply click “Check Out” from the shopping cart screen to continue.

Placing An OrderStep 4: Shipping and BillingYou will now need toenter your shippingand billinginformation. If youare a returningcustomer, you simplyneed to verify that allyour information iscorrect.Your Company Storecan accommodateseveral differentpayment optionsincluding; CreditCards, E-Checks,Budgets, EFT’s,Purchase Orders, GiftCertificates, Couponsand more!

Placing An OrderStep 5: Verify and Submit OrderAfter verifying thatall information,prices, quantitiesand so on arecorrect, click“Submit Order”to complete yourpurchase.

Online Account InterfaceYour Company Store willcome equipped with a secure“My Account” area for all ofyour users.From here your users caneasily see past orders, pastinvoices, update contact andbilling information, trackorders and much more.

AdministrationYour site also includes a comprehensive Administrative area.With the extensive tools available, you can be confident that allof your orders are being handled quickly, efficiently, andsecurely. Some of the advanced features include: Complete Order Management and Tracking Comprehensive Inventory Management Daily Backups Complete Product Management Complete Reporting Tools Automated Shipping, Handling, and TaxManagement And much more!

Customize Your CompanyStore To Fit Your Needs Display Inventory on theSite, or keep it hiddenfrom end users Customize the checkoutprocess by adding additionalfields Password protect yoursite, or allow access to allvisitors Provide unique access tostore products and pricing byestablishing different useraccess levels Accept Credit Cards,EFT, Purchase Orders,Budgets, Gift Certificates,E-Checks and More! Allow users to view pastorders, trackinginformation, and more Create different customerlevels Use the Manager ApprovalProcess to preventunauthorized ordersAnd Much More!

Core Benefits Enjoy a secure, professional looking Company Store withreliable and easy-to-use functionality Facilitate an efficient process for purchasing Corporate andLogo Merchandise Enjoy streamlined ordering your Promotional Product Provider Customize your Company Store to fit your specific businessneeds, without paying astronomical programming fees, orhaving to wait months or even years for your website to becompleted. Feel confident that your information is secure and protectedby our state of the art security and technology features Utilize a third party interface* to generate custom reports totrack overall store activity*Requires an additional monthly charge

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ConclusionIf you are looking for a Company Store that notonly looks great, but has great functionality andfeatures, you have come to the right place!We have been providing Company Stores tohundreds of businesses since 1999, and through ouryears of experience, have created the mostcomprehensive and feature-rich store available.Look no further, your Company Store solution ishere!