ONLINE SERVICES AGREEMENTUpdated October 17, 2019We suggest you carefully read this document. Please completely review the informationcontained herein; usage of any of the services described herein constitutes your agreement andconsent, allowing you to take advantage of the many benefits of online services.ContentsI.INTRODUCTION . 5a. General Terms Applicable to All Users . 5b. Agreement to Receive Electronic Communications and Consent to the Service . 6c. Account Requirements . 7d. Service Access . 8e. Geographical Constraints . 9II.ONLINE SECURITY GUARANTEE . 9a. Keeping Your Account Information Safe . 9b. Protecting Your Privacy . 9c. Your Responsibilities . 10d. Contact Us . 10III.MOBILE BANKING GUARANTEE . 10IV. BILL PAY SERVICE . 11a. Terms and Conditions of the Bill Pay Service ("terms and conditions") . 11b. Service Definitions . 11c. Bill Pay Service Guarantee. 12d. Bill Payment Scheduling . 12e. Expedited Payment . 12f. Payment Authorization and Remittance . 13g. Payment Methods . 14h. Payment Cancellation Requests . 15i. Stop Payment Requests . 15j. Prohibited Payments . 15k. Exception Payments . 151

l. Bill Delivery and Presentment . 15m. Exclusions of Warranties. 17n. Service Fees and Additional Charges . 17o. Failed or Returned Transactions. 17p. Alterations and Amendments . 18q. Biller Limitation . 18r. Returned Payments . 19s. Information Authorization . 19t. Credit Information . 19V. INTERNAL FUNDS TRANSFER . 19a. Daily Processing Deadlines . 19b. Internal Transfer Limits. 21c. Payment, Advance or Funds Transfer Authorization and Remittance . 21d. Failed or Returned Transactions. 22e. Funds Transfer/Payments Cancellation Requests . 22f. Withdrawal Transaction Limitations . 22g. Your Liability for Unauthorized Transfers . 22VI.EXTERNAL TRANSFERS . 23a. Types of Transfer Requests . 23b. Daily Processing Deadlines . 23c. External Transfers Fees . 24d. External Transfers Dollar Limits . 24e. External Transfers Authorization and Remittance . 25f. External Transfers Cancellation Requests . 26g. Withdrawal Transaction Limitations . 26h. Your Liability for Unauthorized Transfers . 26VII.SEND MONEY WITH ZELLE AND OTHER PAYMENT SERVICES . 27a. Types of Send Money Requests . 28b. Sending Payments . 29c. Receiving Payments . 31d. Requesting Payments . 32e. Service Definitions . 33f. Daily Processing Deadlines . 342

g. Fees . 34h. Zelle and Other Payments Services Dollar Limits . 35i. Payment Authorization and Payment Remittance . 35j. Payment Cancellation, Stop Payment Requests and Refused Payments for OtherPayment Services . 38k. Withdrawal Transaction Limitations . 38j. Your Liability for Unauthorized Zelle Transactions . 39k. Other Liability . 39k. Failed or Returned Transactions. 39l. Information Authorization . 40m. Disclaimer of Warranties. 41n. Consent to Emails and Automated Text Messages . 41o. Mobile Devices. 42p. Consent to Share Information. 42q. Refused Payments; Returned Payments . 43r. Wireless Operator Data . 43s. Limitation of Liability . 44t. Indemnification . 44u. Use of Our Online Banking Site and/or Mobile App . 45v. Service Providers . 45w. Prohibited Payments . 45VIII. MOBILE DEPOSIT SERVICE . 46a. Services . 46b. Acceptance of Terms . 46c. Fees . 46d. Hardware and Software . 47e. Limitations. 47f. Eligible Items . 47g. Image Quality . 48h. Endorsements and Procedures . 48i. Receipt and Crediting of Items . 48j. Availability of Funds . 49k. Geographical Constraints . 493

l. Disposal of Items . 49m. Deposit Limits . 49n. User Warranties and indemnification . 49o. Ownership and License . 50IX.ONLINE STATEMENT DELIVERY SERVICE . 50a. Service Requirements . 50b. Eligible Accounts . 51c. Online Statement Delivery . 51d. Termination Rights . 52e. Receiving Statement Photocopies . 52f. Minimizing Risks . 52X.TEXT BANKING & ALERTS SERVICE . 53a. Text Banking . 53b. Alerts Service . 55XI.DOWNLOAD SERVICES. 58a. Transmission and Storage . 58b. Additional Limitations of Liability . 59XII.PRIVACY AND SECURITY . 59a. Privacy and User Information . 59b. Password and Security Procedures . 60c. Electronic Device Software . 61d. Address of Banking Changes . 61e. Email Address . 62f. Account Information . 62XIII.OTHER GENERAL INFORMATION. 62a. Electronic Mail . 62b. Inactivity . 63c. Errors and Questions . 63d. Service Termination, Cancellation, or Suspension . 64XIV.DISPUTE RESOLUTION AND LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITIES . 64a. Severability . 65b. Mediation. 65c. Jury Trial Waiver. 654

XV. GENERAL PROVISIONS . 65a. Waiver / No Waiver . 65b. Assignment . 65c. Captions . 66d. Governing Law . 66e. Acceptable Use of the Service. 66f. This agreement Amends and Is in Addition to All Other Agreements . 67I.INTRODUCTIONThis Agreement ("Agreement") governs the use of the SunTrust Online Banking, SunTrustMobile Banking, SunTrust Tablet Banking, SunTrust Text Banking and SunTrust PC Bankingservices ("the Service") including the terms and conditions of the Bill Pay Service, the ExternalTransfer Service, the Send Money with Zelle and Other Payments Service, and the OnlineStatement Delivery Service, and is made and entered into by and between SunTrust Bank("Bank") and each person(i)who signs SunTrust's signature card for the Account, OR(ii)who is referenced on the SunTrust's records as an owner of the Account OR(iii)whose signature appears on a card, loan or credit line application, credit card, orinvestment accountEach Customer also referred to as "you" is jointly and individually liable for all transactionsinitiated through the Service, including overdrafts, even if the Customer did not participate inthe transaction that resulted in the transaction.In addition, Online Banking provides a holistic view of your relationship with SunTrust byincorporating banking, investing, trusts, financial planning and educational content. This mayinclude direct access to your SummitView, SunTrust PortfolioView and SunTrust InvestmentServices, INC. and SunTrust Advisory Services, Inc. (including BrightFolio) account(s) and relatedelectronic services. By accessing Online Banking, you are agreeing to the SunTrust OnlineServices Agreement, the additional terms and conditions of: Wealthscape, SunTrustPortfolioView, SunTrust SummitView, Future Advisor, Inc., National Financial Services, Inc.,SunTrust BrightFolio, OneSpan, Inc. and Yodlee, Inc. To read the Terms of Use for SunTrustBrightFolio click here.a.General Terms Applicable to All UsersThe terms and conditions of any deposit Account, rules and regulations, fee schedule,signature card, credit agreement, including any disclosures made pursuant to suchagreements, or authority executed by or made available to Customer and any5

subsequent amendments to any of the foregoing, are incorporated herein by reference.Credit agreements may include credit card agreements you have with SunTrust.However, if there is any conflict or inconsistency between the terms and conditionsstated in the other agreements and those of this Agreement, the terms and conditionsof this Agreement shall control to the extent of such conflict or inconsistency. The termsand conditions of this Agreement may be modified or amended by SunTrust uponwritten notice sent to you or by posting to the (the “Web Site”) andsending you a Communication (defined below) or similar written notice thereof. Yourcontinued use of the Service after such notification of change shall be understood asyour agreement to be bound by all such changes.The Electronic Funds Transfer Act governs some of the transactions permitted under thisAgreement and some terms and conditions included in the Agreement are required bythis Act.b.Agreement to Receive Electronic Communications and Consent tothe ServiceAs used in this Agreement, "Account" means your checking, savings, money market,loan, line of credit, credit card, any prepaid card account, or SunTrust InvestmentServices account you have with SunTrust Bank. "Communication" means any customeragreements, amendments, disclosures, notices, SunTrust’s responses to your claims,transaction history, privacy policies and all other information related to the Account,product or service, including but not limited to, information that we are required by lawto provide to you in writing.By using any of the Services you are agreeing to the following:1. SunTrust may provide all legal or regulatory Communications associated with theAccount or with the